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The abuse Johnny describes includes gaslighting, & seems most similar to "narcissistic abuse".

In his everyday life, Johnny is surrounded by people who observe him & his environments, & his interactions with others. Video footage of his movements is the norm.

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➡️ These daily life differences are providing Johnny with the opportunity to move beyond "he said, she said".
Truth can be manipulated by the person recording or recalling (even unconsciously), but surveillance footage is very helpful.

Usually victims are helpless.

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➡️ The majority of victims of narc abuse will say that people around them did see the truth for themselves, and many experience rejection or further loss for trying to speak their truth.
It is a very insidious form of abuse that leaves one feeling isolated and alone.
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I'm sorry if I am tagging the wrong @SpecialReport but I need to add this to the #TonisArmy #fightforjustice for the family of murdered #AmbroseGGBall for over 7 and half years leaving his mum Toni aka Ruth Lovell @annelovell743 and her sister @ginalovell545
with a body in @HaringeyToday over 7 years #MSMLies with the same #CorruptMedia keeping the #TruthAtAllCosts buried to protect @MetTaskforce who are worse today than they were over 20 years ago with #rodneyking as @WhiteHouse @BarackObama @POTUS45 and now @JoeBiden
who we have been tagging over the years because @DavidLammy and his wife @nicolagreenart who has painted #Obama many times being the same couple #DavidLammy being a key player in what has been blocked at all levels from his mother having her voice and #TruthMatters heard.
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I believe @GOVUK knows they are about to deal with the worse #publichumiliation to date @Michell55125993 .

To much has and to many @publicexp have witnessed what needs to made a #PublicExposure or @cricketworldcup @YorkshireCCC @CricketersTrust @LordsTaverners Will
be a thing of the past who are not trusted now following #CindyButts being #exposedinpublic if @RL_Cricket @KentCricket @TheCricketerMag @TheCricketPaper do as everyone else has done in the ongoing cover up of the #TruthMatters when @AzeemRafiq30 should be jumping
on your side so should many who have suffered at the hands of a #RacistInChief #corrupttothecore #MetPoliceUk @AP_Sports as @SkySports @SkySportsPL @SkySportsBoxing @SkySportsNBA @SkySportsDarts @SkySportsRacing @SkyFootball @SkyCricket who should most definitely not
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I mean, just how much does one person have to take before someone steps up
@Towno10 you played for @ManUtd where Ambrose was born who remained a
true #ManUtd #footballforpeace who showed #loyalty to the end as the #Corruption that continues @forambrose1984
@Towno10 @ManUtd @forambrose1984 leaving his mother Toni aka Ruth Lovell @annelovell743 and her sister @ginalovell545 fighting just to have their #TruthMatters addressed to be ignored
left with a body in @HaringeyToday over 7 years as #cindybutts ex @CPSUK ex @policeconduct ex @ccrcupdate
@Towno10 @ManUtd @forambrose1984 @annelovell743 @ginalovell545 @HaringeyToday @CPSUK @policeconduct @ccrcupdate who is now one of the #CommissionSheet who is now dealing with #racism involved in what @AzeemRafiq30 has been fighting to #endracism @ECB_cricket is the main reason

why this family have never been able to move on who has moving around attempting to help
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#Suicide by Clinic-Referred #Transgender #Adolescents in the United Kingdom. Great piece here urging us to reflect upon & think about, if evidence based #science is still your thing. Biggs (2022) conclusion asks us to question #medical responsibility.…
How do we know if we are acting responsibly when we are offering ‘information’? What information are we offering? What if that information is on risk for #selfharm & #suicide? As a part of our daily #dutyofcare part of the #safeguarding process?
What about if that information is relied upon when we obtain parental consent for intervention with #children & #adolescents? What if that information isn’t true, is inaccurate, exaggerated, inflated, distorted? #science
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We need to go through what has taken place ignored by the professionals who failed this family, as @ukhomeoffice @pritipatel allows @IOPC_Help Mr Lovett who was the line manager to #CindyButts and Butts manager to Jennifer Gillian.

@CPSUK @MaxHillQC has been involved ImageImage
in just about everything in reference to @BarCouncilChair @thebarcouncil @barstandards @sra_solicitors #RuleOfLaw , am I correct in assuming this is the case @factchecknet?

@MayorofLondon @SadiqKhan am I to assume you meant what you said surrounding @KidsMatterUK ImageImage
as I am assuming the @EduPolicyInst would also agree it's your jobs #MayorofLondon #MaxHill #cps to ensure the @VictimRightsLaw @GoodLawProject @JolyonMaugham who had a hell of a lot to say in the @grenfellinquiry as @DLawrenceOBE has who both are a strong team
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How a Powerful Company Convinced Georgia to Let It Bury Toxic Waste in Groundwater

@propublica: Georgia Power & GOP leaders in GA have been working for years to bend the rules

is there no limit to their greed & reckless disregard for the environment?…
"Georgia Power reps argued that state regulators could narrowly interpret the definition of a single word — “infiltration” — in the federal coal ash rule. The company believed this interpretation would allow millions of tons of waste to be left submerged in groundwater."
"Georgia Power hoped to store coal ash in a way that only prevented water — such as rain falling from the sky — from seeping through a cover over the dry ash. They hoped regulators would disregard the presence of any groundwater that would soak the dry ash..."
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@newsinblack @BlackNews
@Blackbirds how can so many not only do not know of the case surrounding the death of #AmbroseGGBall with @ukhomeoffice insisting on attempting to bury #thetruthuntold leaving Toni aka Ruth Lovell @garymason479 and her @TRUTHTIMEPLS without
unadressed as #Twitter #TikTok #Facebook simultaneously block, mute and or remove her posts without the @goodblacknews @blacknewsalerts @BlackNewsUK @BlackNews4Real stepping up to correct what @BBC @ctvc @clarehjohns @DavidLammy @VpoDr @MPSHaringey
had set up for the sole purpose of covering up the #TruthMatters leaving a mother in the situation that #thisistottenham aired a month before the @INQUEST_ORG started against the familys wishes as it was made known to all involved

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We, the #Jews , are the #INDIGENOUS people of Erets Yisrael (The land of #Israel ) . No one can deny it. Here are some interesting articles I found about the subject. MUST READ!
#Israel #Zionism #natives #Antisemitism #Jerusalem #Palestine #TruthMatters @dailyjewish
The second article is a gem from 1919 (believe it or not) published in @TheAtlantic by Harry Sacher:
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Perspective: Drug Laws
1/12 Prior to being thrust into this fight for reasonable access to pain meds, I assumed all non-medical users of drugs were PWUDs, basically slaves to the drugs, lives ruined. It wasn't something I thought about critically having never done it.
2/12 It never occurred to me that someone would obtain the drugs illegally on an intermittent basis and not be addicted. Why? As I began researching, I learned that there are many who like to use the drugs recreationally but do not fit the definition of SUD.
3/12 It really shocked me this never occurred to me. I'm smart. I am prescribed meds and I am not addicted. Why would I think everyone who obtains drugs illegally is addicted? Many people drink alcohol and are not alcoholics. Why is everyone who takes drugs considered a PWUD?
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@camanpour Jones was wrong in her premise for #CriticalRaceTheory which is based on Marxist theory, & her own misunderstanding of genomics. #CRT is antithetical to Dr MLK's dream of NOT being judged by skin color. It asserts that "whiteness is the source of all racial injustice"
2 The police are NOT the source of the violence against black people, although the media definitely conveys that impression. #FactsMatter. Below are facts about the sources of violence against black people, from peer reviewed sources and the original databases quoted in them.
3 #FactsMatter Criminologist Dr. Richard R. Johnson Crime data sources from the FBI’s Supplementary Homicide Reports & CDC, found that an average of 4,472 black men were killed by other black men between Jan. 1, 2009, and Dec. 31, 2012. THESE #BlackLivesMatter too!
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Nina Turner Says: "We need a stable environment. We need Mother Nature – we need Mother Earth – to be well, and we are making her sick."

NIna Turner Does: Becomes a lobbyist with a firm that blocked the Climate Debate at the DNC last August.

Nina Turner Says: "Medicare for All"

Nina Turner Does: Nina hires Juan Peñalosa who was responsible for allowing health insurance to lapse leaving some staff unable to pay medical bills - an act the new FL DNC Chair called "both mismanagement and inhumane.”
Nina Turner Says: her opponent has begged for Super Pac $.

Nina Turner Does: She ran a dark money Super Pac organization and has used her connections to raise more than $2million for her campaign - nearly 3x as much as her opponent.

Also how much does Mercury pay her?

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ICYMI: over a year ago I warned the American public how corrupt Bill Barr was! Now the truth is coming out!
Lev Parnas: 'Attorney General Barr was basically on the team.' #LevRemembers…
Ask yourselves -
1. who would it benefit the most from me be discredited by being arrested and not being able to testify in front of congress.
2. Why did Barr visit SDNY and then have a private meeting with Rupert Murdoch on the day of my arrest.
3. @RudyGiuliani and @VicToensing were supposed to be on the flight with me to Vienna. Why did they decide to go the next day????
4. Why did house intelligence committee chair @DevinNunes who was presiding over the impeachment trial of Donald Trump pretend not to know me?
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Tonight I discuss the #GQP & how we must remain unified to help drive the right wing extremists out in order to #SaveOurDemocracy

#TheResistance is fighting 3 fronts; those in Power struggling to maintain their stronghold, chaos agents online & rightwing propaganda outlets like fox news spreading misinfo, & weak minded Cult45 members who cant think for themselves.

So what do we do?
1st: weak minded cult45 members
Some of these sowers of discord dont realise they are agents of chaos

They mostly offer distractions while spreading misinfo & conspiracy theories.

My advice is to expose the misinfo & counter it with truth then move along.
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1. The @Our_DA and the @IRR_SouthAfrica are running grifter campaigns. Using fear-mongering and outright lies they are encouraging peeps to sign petitions to oppose the 2020 Expropriation Bill. They are simply capturing your data & will solicit a donation soon. Here are the lies:
2. #BIGLIE 1: The 2020 Bill introduces #expropriation into our law and if you can stop this bill you can stop expropriation.

#TruthMatters: Expropriations have happened across SA for over 50 years currently under the 1975 Expropriation Act. Prior to that under a 1965 Act.
3. #BIGLIE 2: The 2020 Expropriation Bill expands the definition of property to include movables. "They are coming for your car"!

#TruthMatters: The current expropriation law already includes movable property.

The 1975 Expropriation Act defines property as immovable and movable
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If, when I tell you my story of abuse, you respond with “there are two sides to every story”, that immediately infers that my side of the story is untrue, unacceptable, and inaccurate. If you believe me, you will say something like “I am so sorry that happened to you”. 1/5
If you cannot say those words because you are so deeply enmeshed with an abusive community or culture, I get it. The Kool-Aid is potent, sweet, and satisfying. As a matter of fact, I had my own damn tumbler. I understand the undying loyalty you feel, 2/5
the veil of protection you wear, and the silence you commit to. I did all those things myself. I thought I was “protecting the bride” when all I was doing was perpetuating a lie. So when you tell me there are two sides to every story, I know what you’re doing & I forgive you. 3/5
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What evidence do we have that a legislative branch that did nothing after 20 6yo’s were murdered at #sandyhook will do anything substantive about #January6th? The playbook has already been actuated. 1/
First, some will condemn the event and place accurate blame, but others will give passionate speeches that stop short of identifying or admitting the root cause, and still others will remain silent. #ThoughtsAndPrayers will be offered. 2/
This will be followed by a period of various forms of delay - slow responses, meetings, congressional schedules, legal maneuvers, etc. - to allow raw emotions to quell, and inurement to do its work. 3/
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Lasciato il tempo a #FakeNewsMedia e attori del deep state per sbraitare le loro menzogne, ecco che inizia a venire fuori la verità [insurrezione organizzata].

L'hanno già detta i TG🤡?

#FactsMatter #TruthMatters #CapitolRiots #Trump

FBI Arrests Antifa Leader John Sullivan in Utah After Storming US Capitol …Update: With FBI Affidavit
ANTlFA, democratici, BLM, ... ma ma ma come?!
Ma i media non ci avevano raccontato che erano tutti Trump supporters?
Perché serviva l'FBI (😂) per capire che erano rivoltosi travestiti da MAGA, vero?


#FactsMatter #Trump #CapitolRiots
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Where are you getting your news? This graph is a great guide. At the top of the pyramid is the most truthful and least biased reporting.

Now I know the top of this pyramid is boring & has no drama, but the truth matters. Human beings matter. /1
I hate to have to tell all y’all this, but you have not educated yourself so much about politics on Twitter, Fox, Facebook and YouTube that you know more than every news reporter in this country. /2
Please think about our future and our children’s future when you think about overthrowing our United States government. Is this what you want them to remember you for- tearing down our democracy? I can tell you from personal experience /3
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“It’s important to make clear for all the world what really happened in Syria. No one can say this is a fake court.”The remarkable #Syrian human rights lawyer @anwaralbounni re #Koblenz trial. #truthmatters (Thread)…
'Syria’s war has now raged for nearly a decade, and in the course of its struggle to stay in power the government of Bashar al-Assad has repeatedly broken international law, using torture and chemical weapons attacks, targeting hospitals and other civilian infrastructure. /2
"I didn’t want to believe that Europe would spend all this time standing by and watching. This really shocked me"/3
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@ClarenceHouse @KensingtonRoyal PLEASE help #police re #MI5 group wrecking State victims' lives-you know who 'sees off' victims as per your 1997 letters protecting Peter Ball; I + my family suffer the same #harassment #policebrutality @churchofengland

Just as Charles defamed Diana as 'mentally ill' my brother, father, mother and I have all dealt with the same kind of brother 'detained' 1986-87 as Harvey Proctor convicted for abusing underage boys and Leon Brittan's #surveillance removed;…
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@ClarenceHouse @KensingtonRoyal PLEASE help #police re #MI5 group wrecking State victims' lives-you know who 'sees off' victims as per your 1997 letters protecting Peter Ball; I+my family suffer WORSE #harassment #PoliceBrutality @JustinWelby @AppgCsa
Just as Charles defamed Diana as 'mentally ill' my brother, father, mother and I have all dealt with the same kind of brother 'detained' 1986-87 as Harvey Proctor convicted for abusing underage boys and Leon Brittan's #surveillance removed;…
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