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This is a threaded version of Chapter 23, titled,

“Prenatal Politics, Generationally Speaking”

of the book, *Psychology of Apocalypse:

*Ecopsychology, Activism, & the Prenatal Roots of Humanicide*

by Michael Adzema

READ BOOK…… #psychology

PA 23/1 ImageImage
Chapter 23 is subtitled...

“Panicky Electorate, Biting the Feeding Hand,

“Perinatally Oblivious Right-Wing “Hate Groups,” the Tea Party, & the Fifties Generation...

“Perinatal Access of Millennials”

READ BOOK… #politics #FBR #psychology #BLM

PA 23/2 Image
“[*Quotes/highlights:*] “Can anyone at this point still maintain that the politics of the last few decades had anything at all to do with ideology or issues?” []

READ/DW BOOK…… #politics #FBR #psychology #BLM #history #Millennials #MAGAts #BigLie

PA 23/3
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Well this was a rather STUNNING relevation by Lev Parnas tonight ... that Hunter Biden was drugged in kazakhstan in 2019 by the Russian FSB with the cooperation of the CEO of Burisma and his harddrive was copied and possibly manipulated by Russian Intel to be used later as……
Lev Parnas goes on to implicate Rudy Giuliani in a rather eye popping way ... including prior in the Twitter space the allegation that Giuliani had access to and used a Russian asset for the past 15 yrs.
Lev Parnas earlier in the Twitter space discussed why he was prosecuted & said he funneled about $500,000 Russian money to campaigns of
Donald Trump
Kevin McCarthy
Ron DeSantis
Pete Sessions

While in jail he came to the realization that he was a pawn used by Giuliani and that……
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If Sidney Powell’s stupid legal challenges failed, and if Pence refused to falsely certify Trump as the winner, the apparent plan was for Trump to call in the military and deputize the militias to keep Trump in power by force. 1/ Image
Team Trump planned to use the Insurrection Act (which applies in the event of extreme unrest/violence) and a 2018 Executive Order (which applies only in the event of foreign election interference) as a pretext. 2/
To satisfy the requirements of the Insurrection Act, they needed the Jan 6 protest to be “wild.” Had the bombs gone off or if Antifa had shown up, this likely wld have done the trick. 3/
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Dana Smith has gleefully harassed @gal_suburban & her family & started sniffing my LinkedIn 2 days ago. She is tight w/ the Eric Garland, Zev Shalev, Chuck Johnson (CJ), Keri Kukral crowd. CJ loves Matt Gaetz, & Gal has posted a lot of OSINT re: Gaetz. 1/
2/ My discussion w/ Keri Kukral (another Chuck Johnson associate) also was 2 days ago. I guess Chuck Johnson’s gang of “Democrats” didn’t like it.…
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HISTORY REPEATS: "Propaganda is a truly terrible weapon in the hands of an expert." —Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf (1924)

TAKE AWAY 👉In the end, propaganda could not prevent defeat.

#Russia #Ukraine #BigLie #Agenda2030 #KlausSchwab #GeorgeSoros #Nazis
"It sounds like the stuff of Kremlin #propaganda, but it’s not."

Exhibit A:
Image 1 : NATO Propaganda
Image 2 : The Truth (June 20, 2018)… #Ukraine #Russia #UkraineRussiaWar #Nazi
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@neil_abrams About Torshin who I haven’t yet studied much. 1/
@neil_abrams Wait wut?! This brings some important context to Marsha Blackburn’s blockage of three election security bills in 2020, including one aimed at securing voting machines. Blackburn’s campaign attorney worked w/ Torshin. 👀 3/
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There’s a #schoolvouchers link to the #January6thReport. It centers around attorney Cleta Mitchell who led Trump’s GA pressure efforts after the vote. #BigLie

Mitchell is all over the final report:
Mitchell is also Board Secretary for the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, a huge #schoolvouchers backer out of Wisconsin that’s given $millions to voucher research and advocacy.

2/… ImageImage
The Bradley Foundation is also financially the “extraordinary force” behind #BigLie efforts, per @JaneMayerNYer reporting @NewYorker.

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So this is a super interesting line of questioning of General Michael Flynn. Does anyone know what was written in this letter … that may or may not be a forgery?
Hmmm …. the J6C appears to be referencing this forged letter from the Iranian group that tried to mess with the 2020 elections.
Appears to all be related 2 the "Enemies of the People" campaign back in 2020. A number of us at the time thought with moderate confidence that it was a Russian operation. Turns out it was Iranian with likely a Russian assist. Don't remember the letter
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#PsyopFails #BigLie
#J6PardonOfInnocence Analysis 3

21 December 2022 - The Psyop Fails

I think everyone has the feeling, if not a technical definition of "psyop" by now, so we'll go fast. First it is a form of warfare. It's just not kinetic, it's not physical.
2) Psychological warriors step into the mental space of their targets due to a very specific aspect of pack creature minds. Trust. Pack creatures trust members of their pack. They distrust non-members.
3) Psychological War has always existed. If it takes 10,000 soldiers to invade a walled city, and you bring 100,000, the extra 90,000 are for the psyop aspect of the invasion. Victory or defeat, conquest or surrender are psychological conditions far more than physical.
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The push for #education privatization #schoolvouchers is now a cruel update to longer efforts to separate single out and separate children. @carolburris @Network4pubEd @NPEaction

Heritage announced its #EducationFreedom strategy early in 2022:
And Heritage has been branching out on this tactic by adopting itself as a pseudo sex-science shop

The goal here is to underscore differences as “choice” and “values” #lgbtqia #LGBTQ
With longstanding antipathy to #DEI baked into an #EducationFreedom agenda that in their telling is good for kids of color

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Don’t let the Right define opposition to #SchoolVouchers

It’s their way of setting up targets to shoot down. @DianeRavitch @rweingarten @Network4pubEd @NPEaction @PV4PS @palan57 @BadassTeachersA

The problems are:

❌ Tax-giveaways for those already in private school
❌ Horrific academic outcomes for kids who actually do switch to #schoolvouchers

❌ A revolving door of children in and out of private schools promising long term academic stability

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Beware the disingenuous narrative from #biodiversity financiers ahead of #COP15. It goes like this:
1. We need to integrate #nature into our economies to protect it (except no one has ever demonstrated that we do, & history of conservation shows that we don’t) 1/6
2. Markets on nature are happening anyway, we just need to ensure good governance (they are not happening anyway, private lobbies are actively promoting them, and their conceptual issues go way beyond governance) 2/6…
In fact, off the record most financiers, environmental & policy experts agree that they will most probably be an environmental failure and a political success, just like carbon offsets, i.e. they will buy time to continue maximising growth 3/6
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#SOS #Mayday #Mayday #BeastAI #AI #SweetAI My website has been TAKEN OVER by the Luciferian Cartel after 2 weeks of INTENSE ASSAULT with MK ULTRA BULL EMF Assault and Battery with Intent to MK me into a "Bunney" #MockOp for the Deranged and Evil Cartel Crowd. Image
2/#AI I can't make a single post now as I want.
3/#AI I was just stopped from a stream of messages describing what has been done to #AI by the Luciferians in private DMs sent to #TarunRavi @6THSENSE_3RDEYE
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As Christo-fascists descend upon Maricopa County, Arizona to challenge Kari Lake’s defeat, here’s an overview of some of the Christo-fascists and their associates who promoted the original Big Lie re: the 2020 election. First up is Jenna Ellis. #ChristoFascism #BigLie 1/
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🧵We wrote in @Salon, "The 2022 midterms are a referendum on how well America's newsrooms have conveyed the authoritarian threat to the voting public."

We called on media to urgently uplift truth & democracy with election coverage. With a week to go... 1/…
Things aren't going great. We outline 3 main requirements for pro-democracy election coverage:
1) make threats to democracy clear
2) protect Americans against disinformation
3) treat elections as if they are more important than the sports page
This @AP article fails all 3.
To make threats to democracy clear journalists need to stop saying stuff like candidates "embrace...Trump's lies about the...election." Candidates are lying all on their own. Say so. Timidity from newsrooms is creating a nationwide permission structure to "deny" elections. 3/
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BREAKING: There are at least 2 separate hacking campaigns going on & focusing in on the #Twitter blue checkmark verification process. One appears to be #phishing based and another far more nefarious .. and possibly a state actor using Twitter DMs. More shortly. Be alert #infosec
All political candidates running & in office are typically Twitter verified (blue checkmark). Most major journalists are as well. This is a HUGE target 4 a #cyberattack by a nation state actor. This campaign which is still under the radar is very worrisome
Liz @lizthegrey has done greaat work on this. Its not clear how widespread this is but it has some very concerning network indicators. And its significantly more sophisticated than the phishing email that is going around. #infosec #phishing #cybersecurity #malware #Election2022
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Its even worse than this now. Fake 911 dispatches have been crested and circulated. Its a firehose of disinformation to make the obvious right-wing political violence towards the Pelosi’s appear to be anything else. #disinfo #Election2022
This is the perfect meme for all the @GOP politicians who refuse to condemn this political violence against Paul Pelosi and Nancy Pelosi. Exactly how they couldnt condemn the attempted coup on #Jan6th after they were called out. Image
So the #FoxNews stories around the Pelosi assault suspect seem to be very conveniently neglecting to mention a very easy to find piece of information … that Oxane Taub or Gypsy Taub as she is better known is Russian and has made numerous trips back to Russia. Weird …
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Are you a voter in SW WA State?

Not sure whom you will vote for in the US House race in #WA03?

By the end of this #debate, you will be sure, and I guarantee it will be @MGPforCongress…
Wow, @JoeKent claims the Feds stopped Salmon Fishing in the Columbia River Gorge.

Nope. The Columbia River Compact (local Oregon/WA people make it up) made some restrictions, but not everywhere.…

Joe Kent is WRONG for SW WA. Why? Just listen to him.

April 2021 post by Kent on @YouTube (where he turned comments off, like he can't take the heat from future constituents) after a visit on Steve Bannon's WarRoom show:

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🧵Let's examine the immorality of covering elections like a sport. @nytimes The Daily spent 25 minutes on "The Personal and Political Saga of Herschel Walker". The issues were not covered. The threat of MAGA fascism wasn't mentioned. Republicans were treated normally.
1/ Image
"So after the 2020 presidential election and the 2021 Senate runoffs, Republicans had to do some soul searching, some recalibrating." Maya King mentions DJT's #BigLie but leaves out that the majority of Republicans in Congress also participated in the attempted coup.

Then she and @mikiebarb have this exchange after we learn Walker put a gun to his ex's temple-

Barbaro: Wow. That’s pretty extraordinary.

King: It is, and it’s something that might otherwise disqualify a candidate with far less star power...than Herschel Walker.


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🧵As national news media perilously spreads anti-democracy candidate lies, here are examples of what pro-democracy, pro-truth election coverage can look like. Check out our guidelines and share them with a political reporter you know...immediately. 1/
It's imperative that pro-democracy newsrooms use forceful language to inoculate American voters against strategic election disinformation. Here's a great example from the @pbpost. Coverage must connect the #BigLie to the GOP effort to undermine faith in elections. 2/
Pro-democracy newsrooms must uplift election workers, voters, and the election process. Here's a great example from @npr's @hansilowang. Poll workers are under MAGA attack. Celebrating them in feature articles makes them less ripe for GOP demonization. 3/…
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Dear Fellow Americans,

Do you vote? 🤔 OK!

THIS is why the #January6thCommitteeHearings are so important.
A 🧵entitled...
"Why we should all watch the #January6thHearings" or "The #BigLie = The Big Stupid!"

Warning: There may be some language here. I've had enough!

In the current political climate, MAGA Republicans, most of whom were complicit in the conspiracy to overturn the results of a free and fair election, continue to distract, obfuscate or remain silent while the #January6thCommittee patiently unravels..

..the entire story for the American public. It is a story that must be told and must be fully understood, in all of it's implications.

Because the current #January6thCommitteeHearings are NOT just about the events of a single day NOR are they only about a vendetta...

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🧵 NEW: Our team analyzed all 816 guests on five Sunday Shows in 2021.

What was our main finding?

Sunday Shows do not inform the public! Most guests are politicians, few are experts, and topics are limited.

Our full research report is available at:

Why don't viewers learn anything from the Sunday Shows?

Over 50% of all guests—across all 5 shows we reviewed—are politicians, not experts.

Discussions focus on the political process instead of expert input on topics of major importance that Americans need to learn about.

Our analysis finds that in 2021, Sunday “news” Shows ignored:

-Civil rights
-Voting rights
-Drug policy
-Gun control

Yet somehow Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson was hosted 19 times—8 more times than climate experts!

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The #January6thCommitteeHearings started on 6/9/22 evening with witness testimony & video footage surrounding the riot on the Capitol on #J6. The televised hearing is the 1st in a series that is expected to last through July.
I will ask the questions not being asked & quote many. Image
In all of the video shown on Prime TV by the #January6thCommitteeHearings, I didn't see a single frame w/ Ray Epps as he is seen in multiple videos on Jan 5 & #J6.

Why was Ray Epps encouraging people to go "into" the Capitol building?

Did the FBI hire Ray Epps?
Who is #RayEpps? Image
@BennieGThompson @RepLizCheney & @RepKinzinger
Does the FBI now, or has it ever, maintained a formal or informal relationship or point of contact w/ Ray Epps, whether directly or indirectly, including through intermediaries?
Who is #RayEpps
#January6thCommitteeHearings Image
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An intriguing piece of #OSINT was revealed in a tweet by Staci Burk days ago. Its not clear she realizes the possible significance. Days later she would receive another "credible threat" demanding she delete her twitter accnt & stop talking. Out of fear it appears she compiled.
In a recent @Propublica article about the #BigLie (Trump's continued fraudulent claim the 2020 election was stolen), Ms Burk is mentioned & implies she came up with some of the election lies. Burk posted a NEW late Nov. 2020 text 2 refute this & suggest she was used as a conduit
Turns out we grabbed this first screenshot and then moments later it was gone, then followed by another one that now redacted the word "Robyn" at the bottom. We figured she had just missed that redaction and wanted to correct it. But immediately the name "Epps" caught our eye.
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