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Angel Mom of Tiffany Leigh Robertson. Founder P-A-I-N Parents Against Illicit Narcotics. I fight to keep your children safe because Tiffany would want me to.
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28 Mar
When I see you, I acknowledge your skin color because it's an obvious attribute. What I can't see is who you are under the surface and my judgements are reserved until I do. You know who DOESN'T reserve judgment and look beneath the surface? Liberals & they advertise it everyday
2) When legislators pander to you in the gross manner that happened during the last election pretending to take up your torch you should run the other way. They aren't your friend, they just need you for a photo op. Your friends are the people in the trenches fighting for you.
3) When the media panders to you for clicks they don't care. They just want to be the one who gets the most clicks & makes the most money. When that media is interwoven with our leadership in a substantial way, they are a propaganda network & they definitely aren't your friends.
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13 Mar
If you think border and immigration are not directly tied to this illegal drug epidemic & the massive influx of illicit fentanyl into the U.S. think again.

Educate yourself on the illicit fentanyl epidemic and prepare to be appalled beyond words at what our gov't is supporting
2) China is the SOLE manufacturer of the illicit fentanyl chemicals killing our children. In 2019 it was uncovered that the gov't of China was giving subsidies to their companies manufacturing illegal fentanyl for U.S. distribution.…
3) After being called out in 2019 China agreed to ban illicit fentanyl production. But moved the subsidies from the finished product to the chemical compounds instead. This shipment of 25.7 tons was intercepted only months after China agreed to stop.…
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1 Jan
While people are going bankrupt from COVID and parents continue to bury their children by the hundreds of thousands to the drug epidemic our politicians turn a blind eye showing more concern about political grandstanding & funding foreign nations than dead & suffering American's
2) This is supposed to be a gov't by the people FOR the people. This message has been lost to most of our nation as we watch groups burning our cities to the ground, district attorneys refusing to prosecute crimes and politicians freeing convicted felons by the thousands.
3) Lady Justice has been blinded by social activism groups who believe in the inherent goodness in people but not the inherent evil we are all capable of in the right circumstances. They refuse to accept that some people are just evil and those people are dangerous to us all.
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6 Oct 20
I've been off Twitter a few days and I want to share why. My youngest son in his extreme grief over losing my daughter fell into addiction. He nearly died on Saturday from illicit fentanyl. I refuse to bury two children to this we HAVE to stop this illicit fentanyl NOW!
2) Zack had no intention of using fentanyl, he relapsed for the first time in over 90 days & intended to use meth. The illicit fentanyl was narcan resistant and he spent the entire weekend in ICU on a narcan drip to keep him alive.
3) I can't ever explain the toll these drugs have taken on my family. Our lives are forever changed because of 1 counterfeit pill given to my daughter which claimed her life. Every day families all over this nation are living with the same stress I do waiting for that phone call
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26 Aug 20
@CNN @thedailybeast @WaPo While you and others in the media are gloating in ink about the removal of Mary Ann Mendoza's speech last night I would like to remind you of the over 800,000 grieving families across this nation whom you chose to have cancelled last night with her.
2) While Mary Ann did make a mistake in retweeting that article attached to a lengthy thread that she didn't open and fully read, intent means everything and there was no intent to be antisemitic, it was in every form an honest mistake.
3) I've known Mary Ann for 3 years, she was the first person to reach down into the pit of despair that surrounded me after my daughter's tragic death and lifted me up and gave me hope we could effect positive change and save other family's from our tragedies.
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24 Aug 20
Socialism in Theory But Not in Practice

As New Yorkers are standing in 1/4 mile lines for groceries there is little effort by the wealthy celebrities or liberal politicians to offer relief. For them socialism isn't about sharing their money, it's about taking YOURS.
2) We have a living breathing testimony to democrat policies at work in NYC. As it's businesses remained closed, their debt grows out of control and the Mayor wastes tax payer dollars painting Black Lives Matter on roadways it's people are starving and losing everything.
3) Not ONE wealthy Trump hating celebrity has stepped up to give their money to help New Yorker's. Not ONE socialist politician has made any effort to provide relief to the people of NYC suffering. Instead they offer platitudes & anti-Trump rhetoric but that doesn't feed families
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23 Aug 20
Excellent point made by Charlie Kirk The left has brought politics into EVERYTHING. This means WE ALL have to be 24/7 activists and not support it. This means pay attention to where you shop, what you buy, who makes it and what you watch and DO NOT support them.
2) Being an activist isn't easy, sometimes it's inconvenient other times its darn hard. BUT we have too much to lose so when you feel tired pull yourselves up by the bootstraps & drive the extra mile to the store down the road. We can't ignore their behavior or accept in silence.
3) We don't have to act as they have to make our point. But we also should NOT stand by & let them get away with what they are doing in silence. If we don't speak up now this will be our normal all the time. WE decide what we want not the media, corporations or bullying liberals!
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8 Aug 20
Dear Democrats,

While you were "resisting" border wall construction denying my family's safety, the Sinaloa cartel moved into my state.
2) They set up their drug operations in earnest, terrorize the people who live here and they have blanketed our communities with brutal violence, shootings & deadly poisons killing our children, protected & even emboldened by your sanctuary policies. They killed my only daughter.
3) While you are "resisting" mothers are walking into their children's bedrooms and finding them dead from overdoses.

While you are "resisting" children are unable to wake up their parents unaware that they are dead from the cartel drugs
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1 Aug 20
If you are a Christian voting democrat, just remember that on Judgement day you will be standing before God and you will have to answer to Him on why you supported those who stood in direct opposition of His Word and murdered His creations calling it "healthcare".
2) Abortion is an incredibly horrific choice in a world where birth control is available everywhere and should be reserved to only the most extreme cases of rape, incest or health endangerment of the mother. Abortion solely for planned parenting should not be an option, EVER.
3) I have a serious spiritual struggle with the practice even in cases of rape, incest or health endangerment, which is why I think that those cases should be left up to the individual and then they can answer for their choices to God Himself when the time comes.
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29 Jul 20
In only 4 days authorities have seized enough illicit fentanyl in major busts to have killed 4,450,000 people.

U.S. Border Crossing in Pine Valley California - 13.2 pounds
Lynwood, Washington - 1,500 grams
Black Disciples in Chicago, Illinois - 750 grams
2) Article links follow:…
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13 Jul 20
Meet the newest members of YOUR neighborhoods the Mexican drug cartels brought to you and your family by the democrat party.

These are scenes from the town of Culican Mexico, when police had the audacity to arrest the son of El Chapo. It's hell on earth.
2) The citizens of Mexico are held hostage by these brutal cartels who murdered over 150 politicians who could not be bought in their last election cycle. Shootings, human beheading, dismemberment and cartel kidnappings are everyday occurrences in Mexico.
3) The rise of heroin, illicit fentanyl and cartel meth in the U.S. began in earnest in 2014, only months after democrats reinstated catch and release and the cartel foot soldiers flooded the U.S. hiding in and among the people running from their violence.
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28 Jun 20
All people need purpose for a healthy life. When you take purpose OUT of the equation for humanity, humanity can and will find other ways to fill that time most often in non-productive and sometimes even destructive ways.

Take a good look around.
2) Instead of having purposes driven by survival in our modern world, our youth are now consumed by shallow vain pursuits of self promotion, gossip, mob mentality and take their guidance from celebrities and social media stars with the moral compasses of eggshells.
3) Liberals suggest that by taking purpose and jobs away from humanity that it will give them time to pursue science, literature and acquire higher thinking. But it doesn't, instead people fill that time with gossip, vanity, crime, substance abuse, domestic violence and chaos.
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11 Jun 20
I'm going to just say it

To those of you questioning Trump he is ONE MAN and he has delivered more promises than ANY President in our history.

WE are the problem and if WE would start WORKING TOGETHER like the liberals do we would have already WON THIS FIGHT A LONG TIME AGO!
2) IF YOU want to see the conservative groups focusing more on Angel Families and the cartels to stop the death and human suffering then start demanding that they focus on it.

They pander to YOU & if YOU demand it they will deliver.

Call them out and start using your power!
3) If you want to see legislators focusing more on Angel Families and the cartels to stop the death and human suffering then CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES, it's an election year, they pander to YOU. If you demand it they will deliver.

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25 May 20
“We simply cannot allow people to pour into the U.S. undocumented, undetected, unchecked, circumventing the people who are waiting patiently, diligently, lawfully to become immigrants in this country.” - Barack Obama
2) “I voted numerous times when I was a senator to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in and I do think you have to control your borders.” - Hillary Clinton
3) “People who enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who enter the U.S. legally." - Chuck Schumer
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14 May 20
I will never forget returning home already upset from visiting my only daughter's grave that day, turning on the television and the first thing I saw was this...

I quite literally cried myself to sleep.…
2) It really felt at that moment like he was dancing on my beautiful daughter's grave and the graves of the children of thousands of others who have lost their children due to the criminal illegal aliens he continues protect and enable.
3) Child rapist released back into the public to harm more children due to this mayor's policy.…
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13 May 20
The role of a judge is to interpret law in cases presented by the prosecutor.

It is NOT the role of a judge to decide which cases should or should not be prosecuted.

That authority rests with the prosecutor.

Does this judge intend to be both the judge & the prosecutor?
2) IF this judge feels that there is any sign of impropriety with the DOJ in their handling of the Flynn case he should be filing complaints through the proper channels.

He does not however get to create his own courtroom drama for public consumption. #AbuseofPower
2) The SCOTUS precedents in this case are very clear:

Rule 48(a). "the D.C. Circuit stated, decisions to dismiss pending criminal charges fall within the prosecutorial discretion of the executive branch"

in other words the DOJ has sole discretion on prosecuting cases.
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12 May 20
Over 700,000 American's are dead due to failed border and immigration policies in only 7 years.

I just want to know how many more innocent people have to die to pay for the left's false virtue signaling and feel good moments..
2) The left cries about gun violence, yet they promote sanctuary cities and fight border security necessary to stop the brutal drug cartels and their associated gangs responsible for the most gun related deaths in our nation.
3) The left cries about children in cages while ignoring OUR children who are permanently caged IN CASKETS. They don't give a second thought to the grieving children of American victims of the drugs and illegal immigrant criminals who are permanently separated from their parents
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9 May 20
There is nothing worse than burying your child due to failed border policies.

Except when your fellow American's refuse to stand with you then go on national television and magnify your pain of loss tenfold by denying that it even exists. @jimmykimmel…
2) Hollywood and the majority of mainstream media have CHOSEN to take a stand against Angel Families their own family and fellow citizens without ever even ASKING US how WE FEEL about what is going on with the border.
3) WE'VE PAID for our opinions with the blood of our children the very least they can do is listen to them and respect our viewpoints.
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8 May 20
For thousands of yrs doctors believed that bloodletting cured everything from fevers to plague. Only through clinical research & debate did medical science advance. Today Youtube is preventing this by removing videos of any licensed practicing physicians who disagree with the WHO
2) These social media companies with no medical training are now actively silencing the voices of medical professionals solely because they disagree with the WHO, this despite the fact that the WHO has ALREADY been wrong about the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.
3) We have now come to a point where corporate entities with no expertise are dictating what information YOU the public are allowed to learn about clinical research findings that directly affect YOUR health and wellbeing.…
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7 May 20
@TwitterSupport Just to clarify, "wishing or hoping" in words that someone experiences physical harm is wrong.

But we CAN create look-alike effigy's of people, make a video of that effigy being violently attacked and it's a-ok?

2) According to Twitter's own words in this violation notification "wishing or hoping that someone experiences physical harm" is a violation of their terms of service. Yet they have hosted a video of a look-alike effigy of the President being violently attacked since April 18th.
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6 May 20
This is how low the party of social justice has sunken in their quest to "win'.

For them, justice only exists if it falls within the realm of their political aspirations.

If not victims of sexual assault become the grime embedded on bottom of their chosen one's shoes.
@MeTooMVMT @MeToo_Academia @Alyssa_Milano @womensmarch you are either FOR ALL women and victims of sexual assault or

you are NOT for ALL women and victims of sexual assault.

There is NO in between. Silence is NOT an option.

Pick a side and stand up for ALL women! #TaraReade
3) IF the women's movement allows this mentality to stand and doesn't address this claim with the same level of veracity with which they approached Blasey-Ford they have made themselves completely irrelevant in the realm of women's rights and lost our cause for equality forever.
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