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Where are we?

1. Trump is impeached.

2. He just announced that he can do ANYTHING he wants without consulting Congress. He can ignore a subpoena and any US laws.

3. He just said he can commit troops to any assassination or act of war WITHOUT consulting or notifying Congress.
Where are we? <continued>

4. Trump is quietly gutting tax law while Americans are distracted, simultaneously bankrupting the country and setting up the #oligarchy !

5. Trump is creating one of the largest deficits and adding many trillions of dollars to the national debt.
Where are we? <continued>

6. Trump's war on science continues (more ignorance) ... especially attacks on #ClimateAction attempts, almost as if he's trying to accelerate #GlobalWarming !

7. Trump lies about protecting the environment, simultaneously removing all protection.
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🔥TREASON🔥 Trump is aiding and abetting the transfer of a strategic base in Syria, under US control, to Russia, because Turkey, a NATO ally, wants to seize it after Trump gave them a green light, for a land grab & battle Putin and Turkey masterminded‼️…
💥@realDonaldTrump has spent his entire presidency upending our existing alliances, agreements and allies to align US policies that ultimately reward Putin. Remember 18mo ago when Syria and Russian mercenaries attacked us⁉️ @GOP - WTF ?…
#TrumpTreason : “We have secured the oil” LIE‼️@realDonaldTrump gifted the oil and infrastructure to Putin‼️…
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.@TheDemocrats @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @SpeakerPelosi @tedlieu @SenSchumer @SenWarren @RepAdamSchiff @RepMaxineWaters @RepCummings: The longer you allow Trump & @GOP to remain unchallenged w/o publicly releasing evidence of their crimes/corruption, the more you endanger us.
By "us" I mean not only the nation, the Republic, the Constitution, or all citizens: by "us" I mean the nation and the world. You't allow this corruption to continue. You *must* act now to publicly expose the corruption by ALL those who are #ComplicitAccomplices to #TrumpTreason.
To date, @realDonaldTrump has publicly lied over 10,000 times. @senatemajldr has seriously undermined the right & proper functioning of government to undermine checks & balances, to protect Trump from Constitutionally defined oversight, to obstruct investigations, & to facilitate
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"Unfortunately, Trump didn't reach the level of Abraham Lincoln & didn't drive the US to civil war. That's sad. Hopefully, he'll become Herbert Hoover and at least drive them into a Great Depression."

- Andrey Sidorov
Head of Dept of World Politics
Moscow State University
I think #Putin was holding out hope that his Divider In Chief puppet could lead us into a Civil War. They're a bit disappointed, but now hope that the #TrumpShutdown will destroy the American economy. #Mitch seems to be giving Putin a hand.

As #Putin & #Trump stuff his treason down our throats so that no amount of cognitive dissonance will allow us to pretend that we're still a free country ...

Eventually, we must ...
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Well, the fight for 2020 begins now.

Coincidence that there is a sudden and recordable uptick in Maga and Sanders trolls flooding the field of every reasonably critical tweet or thread about Trump or Sanders, or positive tweets about Clinton or Democrats?


Dig in your heels folks.

What worked so well in 2016 is about to get doubled down on for 2020.
The fake news is going to get faker and there is going to be a bell of a lot more of it.

The attacks on progressive women will be more intense. @KamalaHarris, stay strong.

We need to get the message out to every good, thoughtful American that the Democratic Party, while not perfect, not the enemy.

We must tell the media we will not tolerate in the next two years what we were forced to swallow in 2016. We will aggressively push back this time.

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Manafort lawyers were the last to know #TrumpTreason
• Jul 31 Manafort Trial 1 begins
• Aug 16 Mueller gives Manafort defense evidence for Trial 2; "Oh shit!"
• Aug 16 Jury in Trial 1 begins deliberations
• Aug 17 Lawyers approach Mueller for a deal…
Bottom line:
• Manafort never told his attorneys about his liaison roll between Russia and Trump via GRU agent Kilimnik.
• Aug 16; Mueller gives Manafort's lawyers evidence for Trial 2.
• "Oh, shit!" Manafort's lawyers tell him to plead. Treason is the reason.
• Jan 2018; Giuliani spends a couple of weeks in Ukraine trying to sew up mouths & intimidate Ukraine government officials, Manafort's years old enemies.
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Russia hacking our elections is a threat to our national security.

Trump & GOP ignore/do Nothing while even more sinister attacks continue.

Since 2015 Russia has breached, hacked & attacked U.S.:
🔹Nuclear plants
🔹Power grids
December 2016 Report: In Aug 2015, Russian hackers struck at the heart of the U.S. military by seizing the e-mail system. “Russian hack almost brought the U.S. military to its knees”



July 2017 Report: Russians Are Suspects in several U.S. Nuclear Site Hackings


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JDN: “The plan was for Trump to invoke the indictment both in private meetings &

in the public news conference afterward, toshove it in Putin’s face and look strong doing it...

He did the exact opposite.”

An agreement to hand over Assange to the UK is close.

Trump Signals Consequences for Michael Cohen Over Secret Recording.

Unconfirmed: The withdrawal of asylum & physical ejection of Assange could come as early as this week.

More than 100 separated children reunited with parents in Phoenix🤗

Mossad Says It Helped Foil an Iranian Terror Attack in France

@GOP Bow to White House on Chinese Telecom Firm ZTE, thus condone giving China the ability to spy on Americans via ZTE electronics.

Inside Bannon's Plan to Hijack Europe for the Far-Right
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There’s a major, fundamental ignorance about all this talk of #TrumpTreason:

Elected officials are meant to represent the body of the people, to whom they’re meant to be accountable.

The intel community is *not* accountable to us. They’re accountable to the Executive (Trump)
There is no reason whatsoever that elected officials should be loyal to the intel community. That’s backward. And *anybody* saying they don’t support the intel community is not “treasonous.”

Nor is saying you believe another world leader is correct over our own IC.
The IC does not represent the people. The IC does not work for the people. The IC does not answer to the people. The IC is not accountable to the people.

It’s actually easier to make a coherent, logical argument that elected officials being loyal to the IC is treasonous.
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We are scared. We are angry. We are outraged. You had a chance to elect the finest most competent candidate of a generation – yes I am talking about @hillaryclinton but your flawed electoral system did not allow this to happen. Your “President”....
...refused to release his tax returns, mocked the disabled, incited racially offensive comments about the Mexicans. He managed to “brush off” the Billy Bush bombshell where he said that he was able to grab women by the p**** had a fake University where he ripped off millions..
...and had been bankrupt a number of times stiffing small businesses and yet millions upon millions of you voted for him. The record job growths and financial recovery since the GFC of 2008 and the progressive socially uplifting 8 years of President Barrack Obama simply wasn’t..
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This is what #CollusionGate looks like it’s documented in the library of Congress that @BillClinton and Yeltsin helped each other win re-election. If only @realDonaldTrump were a Democrat he and Putin could call out #fakenews and everyone would laugh and clap #TrumpPutin
Maybe Trump should’ve used this zinger from Clinton when everyone asked why he wasn’t more harsh on Putin🙄
You remember don’t you @TIME you did an extensive story about America meddling in the Russian election, guess #ClintonYeltsin is sexier than #TrumpPutin whole story here👇…
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#Batman world’s greatest detective here to pull the @freedomcaucus out of the shadows and highlight their enablement of #TrumpTreason and other crimes.

But first who are they?
@pewresearch shows how far outside of the median these reps fall.…
2. Last week the #FreedomCaucus was busy on a two pronged approach.

First they circled their wagons to defend #GymJordan (like they will for @RepDavid as well) contradicting themselves from last year when they demanded Senator Frankin step down.…
3. Freedom Caucus had a busy week attacking FBI and launching a new effort to impeach Rosenstein.…
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