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KS5 maths teacher, AST, STEM Lead Practitioner & NCETM PD Lead. Interested in mathematical art & geometric origami. Occasional blogger. STEAM is where it's at.
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Apr 28, 2020 13 tweets 8 min read
Enjoy playing with colour, symmetry and pattern? Love a good circle? Join @MissBowkett and I on our #Maydala challenge and create a #mandala a day in May!

Follow these simple steps to begin, or see more ideas in the thread below: Mandala making is accessible to all and is a wonderfully absorbing and meditative process that results in stunning geometrical patterns.

As long as it’s circular(ish), it counts! So dig out the paper plates, and colour, chop and swap - see @colourful_minds’ lovely idea here:
Apr 15, 2020 8 tweets 4 min read
If you would like to make your own right-way-up version of my upside down (oops!) rainbow hearts window display, instructions follow in the thread below 👇👇👇


#NHSThankYou #LockdownOrigami #StayHomeSaveLives ImageImage 1) Most important tip first: rubbing alcohol (isopropanol) removes glue or sticky tape residue from glass really easily! 😅👍

Vinegar, WD40 and nail varnish remover also work.
Apr 11, 2020 17 tweets 28 min read
Making things with your hands is wonderfully therapeutic - great for stress relief & attaining a state of flow.

With that in mind: a thread of hands-on 3D maths projects for lockdown👇👇👇

#3DMaths #HandsOnMaths #LockdownMaths #ArtfulMaths #Mathsart #MathArt #MakersGonnaMake 1) First off, one of my old favourites: a dodecahedral kusudama flower ball 🌸😍🌸

You could make a daffodil-yellow version for Easter... 🐰🐣💐

Instructions:… &…

#3DMaths #HandsOnMaths #LockdownMaths #ArtfulMaths
Oct 1, 2019 40 tweets 52 min read
One down! Pattern 1 from ‘The #Alhambra With A Ruler And Compass’ by Manuel Martinez Vela: plasterwork from the facade of the Mexuar.

Experimented with a burnt umber wash, but don’t think the sketchbook’s up to it! #wrinkles

#inktober2019 #inktoberAlhambra #inktoberday2 Forgot to post this yesterday! Pattern 2 from ‘The Alhambra With A Ruler And Compass’ by Manuel Martinez Vela: tiles from the south wall interior of the Mexuar.

Nice to be using the Alhambra colours! 🧡💚💙🖤

#inktober2019 #inktoberAlhambra