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I am going to write the speech I would have given on 19th June 2023 in Parliament

In response to the Privileges Committee report

You see

I think there were many good contributions from MPs

But none quite reached the level I wanted to see
As this is their *ONE* chance

To put in Hansard a record

Of exactly who and what Boris Johnson was and is

So let's begin
I want you to close your eyes.

Now this is a lesson for school children as much as it is for adults.

I want to set up a leadership laboratory.

I want you to consider the question.

Why would someone follow you?
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9 March. The latest ONS weekly death figures improved, 2914 people dead from #Covid19UK

We must keep #lockdown3 and #TestTraceIsolate the virus to eliminate it in the UK.
W/e 26 February, 1066 people above the 5-year average deaths number.
The % figures show the increase/decrease over the 'normal' death rate
Deaths are 9.2% above the 'normal' number
This is a 9.6% decrease from the previous week
w/e 26 February. The above-average deaths figure does not mean that they were the only #Covid19UK deaths.

2914 deaths were due to the #Covid19UK virus though some others may be still due to #COVID19 but excluded as they died more than 28 days after testing positive.
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2 March. The latest ONS weekly death figures improved, 4079 people dead from #Covid19UK

We must keep #lockdown3 and #TestTraceIsolate the virus to eliminate it in the UK. Image
W/e 19 February, 2182 people above the 5-year average deaths number.
The % figures show the increase/decrease over the 'normal' death rate
Deaths are 18.8% above the 'normal' number
This is a 10% decrease from the previous week Image
w/e 19 February. The above-average deaths figure does not mean that they were the only #Covid19UK deaths.

4079 deaths were due to the #Covid19UK virus though some others may be still due to #COVID19 but excluded as they died more than 28 days after testing positive.
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Hopefully security services have started monitoring closely the inauguration perimeter and people involved in the insurrection
As it’d be surprising if some of those who weren’t arrested and others emboldened by lack of consequences of such actions weren’t planning something
I’d dragged this guy there whether or not he’s OK with it, to lower the risk of radicalised morons considering another armed riot or worse things like an explosive device
To QAnon this is invitation: He states he disagrees / no risk to potentially harm him
Best deterrent to prevent more trouble/escalation still would be to hold those responsible to account fast -including those at the top
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Here are my top 12 photos of 2020. Most of what I shot this year was either from my old house in West Seattle or the new house in Queen Anne. I managed to get out a few times, but the theme was mainly #StayHomeSaveLives. Thank you all for the support this year! #Seattle
1 - When the new year started with a cancelled fireworks at the #SpaceNeedle, we should've known we were in trouble 🙂 The laser show and the private fireworks that people set off made for a colorful photo anyway.
2 - March's #fullmoon was my most controversial photo of the year. The long lens shot from Bainbridge island making the moon look larger than life had people all over the country (it got some national media coverage) crying Photoshop 🙂 Trust me, it is a single shot.
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A thread: about ICUs and Covid19Ab.

My husband and I were talking about why people aren’t really getting the message about how taxed the hospital system is right now and we are trying to understand why that is.
He thinks it’s because most people (fortunately) will never have to experience being hospitalized for anything serious, let alone end up in and ICU. They just don’t get it. #Covid19AB
So the whole concept of people that sick feels very removed for them. And no amount of Grey’s Anatomy watching will ever get people to really understand the gravity of things in a real ICU.
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My college roommate/BFF just told me she decided to home school her kids (ages 7 & 5) b/c school starts on 8/6 but her idiotic district in Germantown, TN STILL hasn’t announced a coherent/virtual reopening plan. WTAF, Tennessee?! 🤷🏾‍♀️ Procrastination for DT AIN’T self-preservation.
She was like “how the hell is anyone supposed to make an informed decision?!” and all I could say was they expect us to make uninformed, political decisions from the gut, per Trump’s request. The GOP’s dishing out cult kool aid & just waiting to see how many deplorables drink it.
My friend’s 39 & White and has met plenty of like minded, liberal friends in her neighborhood, so to hear her process this moment really crystallized the battle being waged in the burbs between the 53% & 47% for me. Imagine being sent to slaughter by White MAGAt peer pressure. 🥴
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My attention has been drawn to the existence of more than 30 Facebook accounts in my name and several on Instagram, operated by some unscrupulous members of the society who are using them to defraud unsuspecting members of the public by soliciting for funds.
I do not have or operate any FACEBOOK page or INSTAGRAM account. The only social media account i have and operate is this verified Twitter account.
Please do not accept any "friend request" from these accounts and note
this has been reported to the appropriate authorities and is currently being investigated. #StayHomeSaveLives #COVID19 @NigeriaGov @DigiCommsNG @NigeriaMFA @FMICNigeria @Facebook @instagram @OfficialAPCNg
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.@DCHHS reports 403 cases & 6 deaths. Today’s numbers continue the trend of increasing hospitalizations and new #COVID19 positive cases. Additionally, we are beginning to see more spread amongst children in daycare & young people who attend bars or work in the service industries.
Today the Governor stopped elective surgeries in hospitals in @DallasCountyTx and this will increase hospital capacity, as less people will need beds to recuperate from elective surgery.
This move was necessary due to the wave of new #COVID19 cases we're seeing that are beginning to fill up the hospitals. Additionally, I am encouraging our surrounding counties to institute a requirement on businesses to ensure the wearing of face masks...
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.@DCHHS reports 454 cases and 3 deaths. Today we’ve seen the largest number of new #COVID19 cases ever reported in Dallas County, a 10% jump from our past highest day. Some of this could be because of increased testing.
We know that we’re seeing many more cases out in the community based on the fact that our hospitalizations have jumped a whopping 54% since June 1st. As I’ve said before, think of hospitalizations like the tip of the iceberg you see above the water...
... and know that for that tip to grow by 54% since the beginning of this month, the iceberg below it must have grown exponentially.
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40,819 individuals have been infected with #Covid19 in Punjab till 10pm June 8, 2020. 1,916 new #coronavirus cases have been detected, 9,023 tests performed while 58 more lives have been lost in last 24 hours. 773 lives in total have been lost while 8,294 people have recovered.
20,173 individuals have been infected with #covid19 in Lahore including 967 in last 24 hrs, while 283 lives have been lost in the city till date including 15 in 24hrs

3,226 people have been infected in Rawalpindi & 157 lives have been lost in the district including 15 in 24hrs
299,097 #coronavirus tests have been conducted in Punjab till date. The current testing capacity in the province now stands at 9,500.
If possible #StayHome #StaySafeStayHealthy
Maintain at least 6 feet distance with others
#WashYourHands every 2 hours
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From the beginning of this #COVIDー19 crisis, the idea that british people would not adhere to lockdown rules if applied too early was the start of the confusion caused by government but what is extraordinary is the idea that the UK is any different to anywhere else in Europe. 1
It’s not been easy for citizens of nations like Spain and Italy to have undergone the sacrifices they have made these last 3 months. The cultures are gregarious, outgoing, noisy, loving and warm. 2
Southern Europeans love crowds and enjoy brushing shoulders with strangers and friends alike in big events and fiestas. Yet somehow their governments managed to get the broad support of the people to put those instincts aside and sacrifice their closeness for the greater good. 3
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⚠️WARNING ⚠️Do NOT become a casualty in Trump’s race war‼️ @realDonaldTrump will allow White Supremacists to incite violence tonight at George Floyd #protests and then blame YOU when he arrests you. Do not lose your right to vote‼️ #MAGANIGHT #StayHomeSaveLives
🤔What are the odds⁉️This is Russia’s goal as well. 🔥U.S. Inteligence reports that Putin wants to incite a race war using white supremacists👇…
🔥Don’t head to Trump Tower Chicago‼️They will make an example out of you‼️…
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1/3 Almost 11,000 #FluWatchers reporting this week. Keeping it steady 4 weeks in a row with only 0.2% reporting symptoms of cough and fever. #PhysicalDistancing #StayHomeSaveLives Image
2/3 Special shout out to communities with postal codes starting with K1S and K2J with over 100 #FluWatchers reporting this week! Can your community join this elite group? The more participants in your community, the more accurate the data.
3/3 Sign up and help Canada track #COVID19. Together we can #CrushTheCurve of this pandemic!
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There seems to be confusion about the very clear monitoring that UK govt has put in place to adjust lockdown measures in the near future.
So I clarified the clear graph that was provided.
In case more clarity is needed, here is the formula provided by the govt applied to another one of its clear graph.
It clearly says encouraging people to get back to work now is willingly deciding to risk their health and overwhelm the NHS.
Joke aside, what govt clearly said is
It doesn't understand science, not even a bit
It lacks info about on the epidemic, so can't "monitor" anything
2nd peak is coming, it's going to be bloody awful
And it won't be science's or people's fault, but govt's
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***Important News***

If any doctor or clinic or hospital is looking for N95 masks please DM me.

I have access to 2million masks that have cleared customs and have all the necessary certifications and proof they passed all quality checks and tests.

#PPE #Masks
So glad I was able to connect a few hospitals. They purchased a bunch! I’m so happy they are going to people who need them!
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#Pakistan 🇵🇰
#COVID19 confirmed cases ..
👉🏻What is the total number of confirmed cases?
👉🏻Total confirmed cases: how rapidly have they increased?
👉🏻What is the daily number of confirmed cases?
👉🏻Confirmed cases: How did the total and daily number change over time?
#Pakistan 🇵🇰
#COVID19 confirmed deaths ..
👉🏻Total confirmed COVID-19 deaths: how rapidly are they increasing?
👉🏻Daily confirmed COVID-19 deaths
👉🏻Daily confirmed COVID-19 deaths per million: are we bending the curve?
👉🏻Daily COVID-19 tests per thousand people
#Pakistan 🇵🇰 can’t afford #LockdownEnd and the data analysis doesn’t justify to lift the #lockdown measures.
Case fatality rate of the ongoing
COVID-19 pandemic ..
The Case Fatality Rate (CFR) is the ratio between confirmed deaths and confirmed cases.
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On 29th August 2004, Vanderlai De Lima had almost won the men’s marathon at the Athens Olympics.

Then, something unbelievable happened.

It’s time for another #Coronavirus history lesson from Doncaster Council.
Picture the scene.

You’ve trained for years to become your country’s first ever Olympic gold medallist in the men’s marathon.
You’re 22 miles in to the 26.2 mile race, and you’ve got a lead of almost half a minute.
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COVID Update May 4: We’ve been lied to about the potential death toll in this country & it matters. 1/
The warping of the conversation about death tolls is problematic. People who warn of dire consequences get labeled fear mongers or worse. Some are accused of wanting to be right at all costs.

All this wrangling cheapens our losses. 2/
It wasn’t a month ago that the IHME, touted by Trump, released a 60,000 estimated death forecast. 3/
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1/8 This weekend I am reflecting on what 🇨🇦’s #COVID19 cases and deaths mean in human terms. There is so much behind these daily numbers, it is almost impossible to encapsulate in words.
2/8 Each one of the cases counted has been an illness, striking fear and concern in a person and their family, friends and community. Each death has been an incalculable tragedy – requiring goodbyes from a distance. #COVID19
3/8 It is in these unimaginable tragic situations, that we are most thankful for everyone on the frontlines of this crisis. Offering comforting words, human connection & healing touches. #COVID19
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RM0. Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Bersyarat (PKPB). Sila rujuk / telegram MKN untuk semak Garis Panduan (SOP) perkhidmatan yang dibenarkan.
RM0. PKP masih dilanjutkan sehingga 12 Mei 2020. Kelonggaran PKPB hanya diberikan kepada sektor perkhidmatan yang dibenarkan dengan perlu mematuhi SOP.
RM0. PKPB - Tindakan undang - undang akan diambil terhadap mereka yang ingkar PKP walaupun bermula 4 Mei hampir semua aktiviti perniagaan dibenarkan beroperasi.
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