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15 Mar 20
🇪🇺The EU is ramping up measures to get mask, respirators etc to other EU members as quickly as possible🇪🇺
So ...we'll be OK.
Oh ....wait..............
#WhereIsBoris #conservativevirus #ToryBrexit
🇪🇺Now confirmed by BBC that the UK will be treated as a Member State and be able to purchase EU-made ventilators! This will not be the case when #Brexit really happens. In the mean time I say "Thank you EU"
Compare this with @BorisJohnson : 'Cull the oldies'
suggest people write/email their MPs and INSIST UK attends briefings and takes them up on this offer.
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13 Mar 20
Zero interest in the elderly or the infirm. The idea is to apply an untested hypothesis to the whole population. The idea is that by letting the virus run through all of us, we we will build #herdimmunity. In what way is this different from Dr Mengele, Hitler's Doctor Death?
For those who are historically ignorant: here's a link to Mengele and his work at Auschwitz auschwitz.dk/Mengele.htm.

In my opinion,@BorisJohnson & his 'scientists' are experimenting, without your consent, on the whole population.

#herdimmunity #coronaoutbreak #COVID_19uk #jew
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15 Jan 20
🇪🇺🇬🇧🇪🇺🇩🇪🇬🇧🇪🇺🇭🇺🇪🇺 I regularly come across EU citizens living here who tell me they aren't bothering to apply for Settled status/citizenship because they don't believe the UK will leave the EU/they have been here for X years/are married, living with a Brit, so they will be OK.
🇪🇺🇭🇺They are wrong! And I am tweeting this to ask YOU to be proactive in enging EU citizens in conversations: None of their preconception are relevant. After 31/12/2020 they will be in the country ILLEGALLY and could be deported. No EU citizen resident in the UK is OK.
🇩🇪🇬🇧🇭🇺🇪🇺ALL EU citizens living/working here MUST apply for #settledstatus ...yes I KNOW it is vile, but they MUST do so. The Govt will ASK employers/landlords to CHECK the status of their employees ... and they could be sacked/made homeless.
Refer them to Forum for EU Citizens FB
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29 Dec 19
Kristallnacht the Night of Broken Glass, was the start of a violent campaign launched on German Jewish people by Nazis on November 9, 1938.
The violence included torching synagogues, vandalizing homes, schools, and graveyards, destroying thousands of businesses
Hampstead #jews
It continued into November 10, 1938, and culminated with the arrest of 30,0000 Jewish men.The night marked a turning point in violence toward Jewish people in Europe, and foreshadowed the Holocaust, in which 6 million people died.

2019 marks 81st anniversary of Kristallnacht
When I was researching my grandparents (died at Auschwitz) for my German citizenship, I found a reference to my Grandfather Rafaele as a 'warehouseman'. This was what Jews did when their businesses were taken and given to Aryans.
Followed by their houses.
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20 Dec 19
🇪🇺THREAD from KT Parker: 🇬🇧
WEEK 1 of Johnson Dictatorship

☑️accept a report proposing constituency boundary changes that give the Cons 25 more seats

☑️ensure voter suppression of hundreds of thousands of poorer, marginalised voters by a new requirement to present photo ID
🇬🇧THREAD ctd
☑️pack the House of Lords with cronies of no discernible talent other than lying to the British public

☑️prepare the ground to claim #Brexit is done by banning use of the word "Brexit" in official documentation and organising a public news blackout on its progress
🇪🇺THREAD ctd
☑️remove all parliamentary oversight of Brexit

☑️bring in legislation to conduct future trade negotiations, especially with America, in secret

☑️remove promised guarantees on workers' rights from the EUWA
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7 Nov 19
Morning Twitter! Just had email from Conservatives inviting me, on a pension, to 'chip in & help' them win the election.
Quote: 'We invented the steam train. Gave birth to football. There’s nothing as a country we can’t do.'
I have replied.
and said:

Dear Conservatives

I would rather set fire to my right arm, eat my left leg, lie down in front of a bulldozer or die in a ditch than vote for or help out a political party that belongs to the same group of evil rightwing fascists who dragged my German Jewish
grandparents from their Berlin house, shipped them off to Poland and murdered them at Auschwitz.

Carol Hedges.

Think they'll get the message?
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25 Aug 19
@sarahwollaston Trouble is: if they've lived abroad continuously for over 3 yrs, they do not have an automatic right of return. Will have to apply, along with the 88k applying for settled status. Can't access a bank account, rent a house, as won't have *proof*. Never thought of that, did you?
@sarahwollaston "Where a person is absent from the UK for more than 2 years, their indefinite leave
will automatically lapse. UK. Any applications for readmission following a 2 year absence, must be
made at a UK visa application centre."
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14 May 19
🇬🇧Did You Know? 1.🇪🇺
You cannot become a member of The Brexit Party; you can become a registered supporter but not a member (check out their website if you don’t believe me), Yes, it’s a political party but what you may not know is that it’s also a private company ...
🇪🇺Did You Know? 2🇬🇧
Farage has right to“directly or indirectly, to appoint or remove a majority of the board of directors of the company” It’s a company limited by shares (bit.ly/brexit-party-a…), which means that the directors can take any profit out of the company.
🇪🇺Did You Know? 3🇬🇧 By the way, the other director is Richard Tice (badboysofbrexit.com/2018/01/16/ric…), CEO of a £500m asset management group. Men of the people, eh?
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7 Mar 19
🎀Another thread about #cancer and a #nodealbrexit🎀
I remember when I was recalled after my mammogram, and told I had #breastcancer
Your whole world stops
Right there.
Your plans, your future, your hopes, your dreams.
Stopped in a heartbeat.
And replaced by cold fear
You go away, and you try to remember what you were told, about the treatment, what will happen, what will happen after wards, and all you struggle to do is get through the next breath ... and the next... because #CANCER is such a BIG word that it is crushing you
And you look into your partner's face, and he (she) is white, and frightened. And you phone your son/daughter, and there is THAT SILENCE for a few seconds before they speak.
That is what #cancer does: it destroys your body, & your family.
None of you walk on the same ground as BC
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19 Jan 19
🇬🇧My parents came to the UK as German Jewish refugees from a so-called 'civilised' country.🇩🇪

NEVER EVER assume you won't, in some post #Brexit nightmare, find yourself forced to flee the UK , jobless, hungry, desperate, finding yourself in a refugee camp/stuck on some border!
Theresa May is minded to scrap the Human Rights Act post #Brexit
For those unaware of what the Human Rights Act actually is:
Check this out: legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1998/42/…
Read it through carefully.
Hitler also scrapped rights for Jews, Gays, Disabled, Roma & some sects.
🇬🇧The gradual erosion of everything that makes up a civil society has been happening for many years.🇬🇧
The demonization of 'the other' is fuelled by the press, on TV & via our OWN MPs.
citizens of nowhere
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13 Jan 19
🇪🇺I now have a visceral sense of what my German Jewish family felt, as Hitler gradually closed off all their rights and opportunities, denied them their citizenship, and turned the decent civilised German populace against them. #brexit #meaningfulvote #marr #ridge #waton
🇪🇺and no, do not try to tell me I am exaggerating. I repeat what my paternal grandparents said: 'The German people will see though Hitler (#Brexit #Farage #Brexiteers). This is the country of Goethe and Schiller'.
This is the country of cricket, fair play and warm beer.
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16 Oct 18
I am becoming more sure as every twist of the #Brexit knife happens, that the same mindset that was behind Hitler's policies in Nazi Germany are being subtly or will be openly enacted here upon a #nodealbrexit
Let me unpick this .....
Right from the start of the campaign ~ generated to keep Cameron in power and stave off the 'bastards' sic.Major on the right/UKIP, pure racism was allowed and encouraged in the press. A subtle game was played whereby legit EU citizens were turned into 'illegal migrants. #brexit
Outright lies of Leave.EU and Voteleave were never publically opposed by any MPs ~ and indeed, the *crimes* committed by both organisations are not being investigated by the police,nor Govt declared the ref null & void on what has been uncovered by @carolecadwalla
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5 Jul 18
Follow -up from my tweet to @guyverhofstadt & for all the 'doubters'
"Home Office faces legal challenge over UK child citizenship fees" buff.ly/2lUxjpt
#fbpe #citizenship #stopbrexit #immigration #children
These are not, as someone has complained: 'immigrats'flooding in, taking our benefits and driving down wages (sic). They work hard, have NEVER claimed a penny (tho lots of UK families in their street do...). They don't want to go home coz of the Hungarian Govt.
when you hear @sajidjavid going on about a 'compliant' attitude, etc, remember this. I am a pensioner, I earn little from my writing, but I BELIEVE children deserve to live in families. Not in cages. Not in deportation units.
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