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.#MAGA[ts], this is how you get played.

@EliseStefanik (and @kayleighmcenany, of course) apparently thinks that #leadership is complaining and #lying and shrieking and NOT about proposing solutions.

But then, she's a #Republican. #Governing is NOT what the @GOP does.
.#MAGA[ts], so what's ACTUALLY going on.

@POTUS @JoeBiden spend some time with @FLOTUS because it was her birthday.

No one has a right to begrudge them that. If you have a problem with it, sit and spin. Not everything is about you nor is it always your business.
.#MAGA[ts], the deal with #gasprices, as has been explained, many times, is that we are seeing a seasonal rise in prices that were, for a time, aggravated by the recent #ColonialPipeline hack that resulted in the closing of the pipeline.
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A grandson of slaves, a boy was born in a poor neighborhood of New Orleans known as the "Back of Town." His father abandoned the family when the child was an infant. His mother became a prostitute and the boy and his sister had to live with their grandmother.
Early in life he proved to be gifted for music and with three other kids he sang in the streets of New Orleans. His first gains were coins that were thrown to them.
A Jewish family, Karnofsky, who had emigrated from Lithuania to the #USA,
had pity for the 7-year-old boy and brought him into their home. Initially giving 'work' in the house, to feed this hungry child. There he remained and slept in this Jewish family's home where, for one of the first times in his life, he was treated with kindness and tenderness.
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#Vedic texts suggest that #Hindus originally did not worship idols and build #temples, and it is quite likely that both Hindus and #Buddhists got the idea from the #Greeks.
#India accounted for 33% of the #World economy in AD 1.
#China's share was 26% of World GDP.
India was by far the World's economic superpower at that time.
#Indians sold textiles, spices and demanded precious metals in payment.
Not a year passed in which #India did not take 50 million sesterces away from #Rome.
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We are being told that we should separate Jewish people from #Jewish state of #Israel. The same people refuse to separate Muslims from Al Quida, ISIS, etc. who refuse to separate #Palestinians from #Hamas, Islamic Jihad, or separate progressive #left from China, Russia, et
> Their argument for the above is, all Muslims have same religion & sympathise with ISIS, Al-Quida objectives. They say #Palestinians elected #Hamas so they're all terrorists. They call left #Antisemitic for supporting #Palestinian struggle & opposing Israeli #apartheid system
> practiced in Israel & occupied territories, siege of #Gaza, continuous encroachment on Palestinian land, houses & religious sites by fundamentalist/ extremist Western #settlers. Furthermore, they dislike Left's opposition to sanctions on #Iran as it hurts ordinary people.
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CAA is aware of a convoy of #FreePalestine vehicles driving through London issuing antisemitic threats and incitement.

This must will be met with the full force of the law.

Please call the police if you are a witness and send recordings to
If you are a witness, once you have spoken to the police, please contact When speaking to the police, you may wish to have reference to the following section of our guidance on antisemitic crime:….
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Do you know why every mauzie on this earth is taught to hate #Jews ?

The richest #Jewish tribe Banu Qaynuqa, who were craftsmen, goldsmiths, money lenders & traders lived in two fortresses in the south-western part of Yathrib, now called Medina.
These #Jews were in close contact with Meccan merchants, supported pre izlamic Arab tribe Khazraj & others in Yathrib in their conflicts with their Arab rivals & hence resented Mohmmad’s attack on the Quraishs of Mecca in December 623, on 17th day of Ramadan (battle of badr)
To get rid of opposing #Jews , Prophet in 624, raided & besieged fortesses of Banu Qaynuqa for 15 days & expelled them from Yathrib…confiscated & divided their property, arms & tools etc among his followers & took for himself, 1/5 share of the spoils.. “
- Ibn Hisham.
3/n Image
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80 years ago #OTD on the night of 16-17 April 1941, one of the worst of the #London #Blitz, a landmine fell on Alfred Place, east of Tottenham Court Rd, destroying the West Central #Jewish Girls Club (which housed the West Central Liberal Synagogue). Its 27 occupants were killed
One of them, writing to her parents on 12 Dec1940 had described a 'very bad land last night, the whole of London seemed on fire & the city was a heartbreaking sight, I had to wade through rubble & rivers of water . . if one could only see an end to all this futile destruction'
Her name was Donya, a telephone operator, born in UK in 1905 to #Russian immigrant parents fleeing #pogroms, here with her beloved violin, she spoke English well, corrected her little brother's cockney slang, & took him to his first opera, Samson & Delilah
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Jewish Mafia/#KosherNostra - There were a lot of prominent Jewish Gangsters that had a lot to do with the formation of La Cosa Nostra... Amongst them were Arnold Rothstein, Meyer Lansky, Lefty Rosenthal and Bugsy Siegal.
(video by Michael Franzese)
"...that is a matter of fact and public record... while on the other hand... the Jews lead in all fields of criminal activity. Arson. Rape. Dope peddling. Fake Bankruptcy. Political bribery and corruption. smuggling and White Slavery..."
Moses Annenberg - Newspaperman and organized crime figure. Hired and directed criminal gangs on behalf of the #Hearst Corporation. He purchased The Philadelphia Inquirer and found the Annenberg Foundation(socmedia factcheckers😉)…

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Ancient Deity of the Week - Hermes 🧚📨💪

(1/8) One of the twelve Olympians and the herald of the gods, Hermes also played the role of protector of human heralds, travellers, thieves and merchants.

#Classics #Hermes #Greek #Myth #Gods #Religion
(2/8) In Greek mythology, Hermes was the son of Zeus and Maia. In reality, he appears to have emerged in Mycenaean Greece in the Late Bronze Age. His name first appears in Linear B syllabic script as "hermāhās", and he may have been adopted from Mesopotamia.
(3/8) Beyond his role as messenger, Hermes was also able to freely move between the realms of mortals and the divine. As such, he also played the role of psychopomp, or "soul guide", directing the souls of the dead into Hades.
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In 1920, the "Nabi Musa" celebrations took place on April 4, coinciding with #Passover and the Greek Orthodox #Easter.
Amin al-Husseini, who was then at the beginning of his career, and Araf al-Araf stirred up the celebrating crowd with enthusiastic hate speech that day.
As a result, after the traditional prayer at the end of the holiday, the incited #Arab crowd marched from the mosque in the Judean Desert, 20 kilometers from #Jerusalem, to the homes of the #Jews in Old Jerusalem, shouting "Adbah al-Yehud" (Slaughter the Jews).
And a call that later turned out to be correct - "a-Daula Mana" ("The (British) government is with us").
The #Arab crowd shouted "Independence Independence" & sang: "#Palestine is our land - the #Jews are our dogs." During all this time, #Arab
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We filed an amicus brief on behalf of @brandeiscenter and @svcaf2020 in the #Harvard case asking the @USSupremeCourt to take the case. The discrimination against #AsianAmericans in admissions is no different than the discrimination against #Jewish applicants in the 1920s & 1930s.
“What happened to Jewish applicants in the 1920s and 1930s at Harvard is happening all over again to Asian-American applicants today. . . . As with the Jewish students of the past, Asian-American students became too plentiful for Harvard.”
“In the 1920s & 1930s, Harvard’s method of reducing its number of Jews was its 'character and fitness' rationale. [It] maintained that it simply sought students of sufficient character . . . and Jews generally did not meet that standard.”
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1/8 Hell yeah, let’s redefine #antisemitism in such a way that everything not mentioning explicit #Jews or compares #Israel with the worlds worst atrocities is NOT #antisemitic.

Ripping The Jerusalem Declaration on Antisemitism (JDA) apart.
2/8 -12: Criticizing or opposing Zionism as a form of nationalism. Sure. Where is the bond between #Judaism & #Zionism? Forgotten and completely whipped of the table. I even suspect that the eternal bond between #Jews and #Israel is completely ignored.
3/8 -13: Racial discrimination. Settler-colonialism. Apartheid.
Nice sum-up. This implies that all 3 occur in #Israel and is an open house for the #Jew hating bunch.

Racial discrimination. Any country where it’s not? Hint – black face a worldwide phenomenon. BLM movement?
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Holocaust denial was already taking root in Britain during WWII
UK author Dr. Joe Mulhall, author of 'British #Fascism After the #Holocaust,' claims his country's Nazi sympathizers created the 'blueprint' for today's anti-Semitic historical revisionists…
Could there be anything more twisted than #Holocaust fantasists?
(Note: holocaust deniers are locked up and their livelihood destroyed, why don't we lock up fantasists too?). A little thread on the The Holocaust Industry 🤗…
Zionist, London based Illuminati jews, sacrificed Jews to the Holocaust
Even the 1944 notorious top-secret mission "trucks-for-Jews deal" in Hungary was sabotaged.
As a result the state of Israel was born. The rest is bitter history 🙈…  (Hungarian jews)
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Second 🧵👇on why 🇦🇿 #Azerbaijan is tохiс, dangerous, dеstrսсtivе, хепорновiк & why you should never set foot there, but should boycotted & condemn! 👇👇👇 #BoycottAzerbaijan
2/ In #Baku petty crime has given way to more violent attacks that also involve travelers. Attacks are more likely to happen at night in a "jumping" type of an approach involving a group of men... #BoycottAzerbaijan
3/ The bar scam: Men report being attacked at expat & tourist bars, where a woman approaches them & asks for a drink & leaves the man with a very high bar tab. If he doesn't pay, a group of men demand that he pays up by using the threat of physical force. #BoycottAzerbaijan
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1/15 Self-loathing (self-hating) #Jews and the existence of #Israel. After WW2 a lot of #Jewish survivors denied their #Jewishness all together. Converted to Protestantism, became hardcore socialists or even communists. Pretending to by one of the many, instead one of the few.
2/15 Examples in my little family. Another hiding place was to marry non-Jews. Male Jew & non-Jewish woman broke the bloodline. Female #Jew & non-Jewish male was a reason to not follow Jewish traditions. No Brit Milah, no Bar/Bat Mitswah, nada. Also examples in my little family.
3/15 Remember this was in the early 1950/60’s and the man of the house decided most. The deeper thought, no, the huge fear that something like the #Holocaust could happen again was the reason for this. Don’t show the outside world you’re a #Jew, you could be round up next time.
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Exactly 365 years ago, on 24 January 1656, a physician and farmer from Portugal, Jacob Lumbrozo, landed in #Maryland, becoming the first documented #Jewish resident of the state. He only lived in the New World for about a decade, but it was quite interesting <THREAD>
Jacob Lumbrozo, the first documented Jew in Maryland, was a successful doctor and businessman in America, given a commission to trade with the Native Indians in 1665, not long before he died, and had trade relations to England and the Netherlands. He did run into trouble, though.
In 1658, Jacob Lumbrozo, the first documented Jew in Maryland, was charged under the state Toleration Act, passed in 1649, three months after King Charles I was executed, for blasphemy, i.e. denying the divinity of Christ.
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1) Let’s talk about #Nakhichevan - a lost homeland. ImageImageImageImage
2) The the name "Nakhichevan" in #Armenian literally means "the place of first descent", a Biblical reference to the descent of Noah's Ark on the adjacent Mount #Ararat. Armenian tradition says that Nakhichevan was founded by Noah. Image
3) The region was at the center of the ancient Kingdom of #Armenia (858 BC-428 CE). During the invasion by Sassanid #Persian Shah Shapur II (r. 309-379) he removed 2,000 Armenian and 16,000 #Jewish families from #Nakhichevan (360-370 CE). ImageImage
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🔻Ok, so this is quite incredible.🔻

A law that was enacted by the Jordanians in 1953 that prohibits selling land in Judea & Samaria to Jews is still in place. Yes, you read that right.

“Law 40” was enacted during Jordan’s illegal occupation of J&S, preventing non-Arabs from purchasing private lands in the area. In 1971, Military Ruler issued an order that allows companies registered in Judea & Samaria to purchase lands, under certain conditions.
But individual Jews still aren't able to buy land in parts of their ancestral homeland - simply because they’re Jewish. Instead of cancelling the law, Military Ruler merely bypassed it. AGs of Defense Ministry & J&S have agreed on need to change this piece of legislation.
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@Josh731_ Berl Lazar: Indiërs zijn op de goede koers
Euraziërs en joden voor traditionalisme en tegen Oekraïens staatsfascisme…
@Josh731_ It seems to be a Ukrainian ex-nazi who was supported by the US government.
It is huuuge, the #ADL play's a Ukrainian role too 🤓😉
ADL 🇮🇱 and Simon Wiesenthal Center refused to block U.S. funding to neo-#Nazis in #Ukraine…
@Josh731_ Human rights activists are hoping to use the courts to expose Israeli arms exports and security know-how to neo-Nazi militias fighting in Ukraine.…
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12182020 will probably be our last days scrolling the feeds.
Inbetween now + then will be sharing @onedrive pdfs of conversations and information I have shared on here the past 7years.
95% of the content is original + mine, minus pictures + other documents4Explainations.
We have reached out to all of u for over 7years now, and as this year comes to an end, so does our open door policy.
If u have any questions u can always tag us by our 3 accounts, this one @Kaidone2 + @Karbonkoppi and ask those questions.
If u ask after 12312020 we may b
On another platform by then.
If u are one of the people who we blessed, but u denied our blessing through a lack of faith, a simple apology will remedy the situation and a true act faith will restore the blessing.
We will list those we blessed + lost in their own pdf.
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#China's crackdown on its tiny congregation of #Jews. ~100 practising in a community of ~1,000. That such a small group can attract the #CommunistParty’s ire shows how far the suppression goes @TelegraphWorld @Telegraph… #religiousfreedom #Hanukkah
Ancestors of those in #China claiming Jewish heritage – prob merchants from Persia – settled >1,000 yrs ago in Kaifeng, then a bustling imperial capital during Northern Song Dynasty. Through dynasties, wars, natural disasters, Cultural Revolution, they kept their history alive
Pressure now renewed under Chinese leader Xi Jinping's campaign against foreign influence, unsanctioned religions - all part of push to 'Sinicise' faith in #China. But the Kaifeng #Jews are a resilient bunch - as I discovered on a recent visit
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De Americaensche (ook joodse)zee-roovers (1678, editie 1931)
Beschreven door A. O. Exquemelin
"Die self alle dese Roveryen, door noodt, bygewoont heeft.
Met schoone Figuren, Kaerten, en Conterfeytsels, alle na't leven geteeckent, versien."…
Jewish pirates of the Caribbean
The skull and crossbones on the #jamaican tombstones? It's believed that the tombstones with carvings of skulls and crossbones likely belonged to “licensed maritime terrorists.”…
New Findings at the Old Jewish cemetery of Hunts Bay, Jamaica
Jewish merchants, in coded correspondence with Converso merchants in the Spanish colonies, were able to ascertain what ship was sailing when, ....
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1928, The two largest regular contributors to the #Nazi Party were the general managers of two of the largest Berlin banks, both of #Jewish faith and one of them the leader of #Zionism in Germany."
(Note: why would they do a thing like that?🤔)…
#Zionists funded both #Hitler & #Churchill
Most of our political leaders are sponsored by the Illuminati Jewish central banking syndicate.
Their (MSM) pundits and professors put lipstick on these pigs.…
IGFarben, Auschwitz, #Hitler & WallStreet
Several of its key leaders and major shareholders were jewish, ended up being the "largest single contribution" to the successful Nazi election campaign of 1933, there is evidence of "secret contributions" too.
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Over 90 Witness Testimonies Concerning #Maidan Snipers in #Ukraine - Ivan Katchanovski
(Note to EU/Twitter censors: contains damaging info on NATO narrative 😂🙈)…
Evidence: #Maidan snipers confess they were under orders from Coup leaders to shoot police AND protesters. Sputnik "we have finally identified the snipers, they were Georgian, and their accounts will shock you." #ukraine…
Article is actively blocked by the EU / Twitter Stasi, it must be the truth 😂
"How the Western Press Lied About the 2014 Coup in Ukraine, Pretending a Revolution
The hidden truths about #Ukraine, after 2009, will be documented and proven here."
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