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He/Him 🤓Freelance Technical #SEO Consultant (at @funnelpunk) 💻 Digital Nomad + Remoter #remotework ✈️ Travelling @RandomTrip_Blog 🐙 From Cambados (Galiza)
Nov 21, 2019 16 tweets 8 min read
I recently had to deal with some robots.txt behaviour that "didn't make sense" and made me feel confused, until I discovered some things I didn't know, so I will share them here in case they're useful for anybody #SEO The robots.txt file was something similar to this:
- A disallow for /directory/
- Two lines allowing Googlebot to crawl any .css or .js file

But, when testing it with the robots.txt tester, it allowed Googlebot to crawl /directory/ Image
Oct 26, 2019 75 tweets 56 min read
Hoy estamos en #RemoteShift , un evento sobre el trabajo en remoto en Portugal #remoteshifter (spoiler: igual que en España, el trabajo en remoto aquí todavía es casi una utopía) Los que tienen más flexibilidad en cuanto a horarios (que aquí es poder llegar 30min tarde) son puestos de dirección, hombres, mayores de 46.
#remoteshift #remotework
Apr 18, 2019 14 tweets 10 min read
Until now, the only SEO space where AMP was kind of "mandatory" was on news: if you want to appear on the "Top stories" box, you kind of need to have your articles to use AMP. You can appear there withouth AMP, but you don't get the same visual benefits #AMP #SEO . Now Google is bringing "Stories" (like Instagram Stories, Snapchat Stories, etc.) to search results. They just announced it at #ampconf (see ) #AMP #SEO