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The 10 Most Common Errors in Content Audits.

Many can fall for cheap #SEO advice and get nothing.

I've audited small and large content websites to develop profitable processes.

This thread is for you 🧵
1. Only using one data source to delete articles.

If your website is using multiple channels, you should have other data than GSC.

Wait if one article has 0 clicks but high engagement on Facebook?

Guru advice says to delete it, I would never do that.
2. Using Google Analytics as your bible.

The average GA user looks at sessions or users that are hard to convert into actions.

I'd rather check Search Console first and get the unique query count.

Thinking in terms of queries is an additional step that will save you later.
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Google Dorks - Cloud Storage #2: "example[.]com" "example[.]com" "example[.]com"

Find sensitive data and company assets

#recon #bugbountytips #infosec #seo
Combine: | | "example[.]com"

Add something to narrow the results: "confidential" "privileged" "apikey"
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I worked on my first experiment with ChatGPT Plugins applied to SEO! I created a search engine for an eCommerce site using WordLift's Product Knowledge Graph (PKG) as a starting point. Here is what I learned:

#SEO #ChatGPT #WordLift #eCommerce

🧵 1/6
1. You can use @LangChainAI to experiment with the idea (here is the documentation 📖:…) and choose any of the supported LLM. #Opensource is amazing 🤩.

2. You only need two files: a JSON manifest and the OpenAPI specs.

I built the search engine using @JinaAI_ by indexing schema:Product in the PKG WordLift created by accessing the Google Merchant APIs.

🔎… (you can play with the search engine here)

3. You need all your prompting skill to create the JSON manifest.

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Google Dorks - File Storage: "example[.]com" "example[.]com" inurl:"/d/" "example[.]com"

Find sensitive data and company accounts

#recon #bugbountytips #infosec #seo
Combine: | | "example[.]com"

Add something to narrow the results: "confidential" "privileged" "not for public release"
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Evergreen content is one of my favorite #SEO topics.

It's super crucial for publishers and especially for niche websites.

And yet, there are many ideas you can use 🧵
Evergreen refers to content that is not time-sensitive and is not particularly subject to seasonality or timeframes.

Search demand is constant through the years. They usually tackle recurring problems or super generic topics.
This type of content makes it easy to apply some advanced principles, as you want them to last.

Having good authors, good syntax with proper entities, and clear internal linking is the bare minimum for me.

This is very simple once you know the niche very well.
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Many ask me where to start with coding/data or #Python for #SEO.

I've already covered this topic but...

understanding some concepts is still hard for many.

Let's see why and how 🧵
Excel/Google Sheets are completely fine for smaller projects.

Pivot tables and basic data cleaning operations do the work.

They are the best solutions for quick work and for fast formatting.
The problem is that what you do there can't be replicated easily.

Documented code solves that problem.

If you document everything and list everything, it will be much more useful.

Programming languages also help you to scale processes.
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Fast start for a @TopicalMap client!

- 1st Post Published - Feb. 24th
- 19 total posts today (3/22)
- DR 1, new domain
- Jump started 3/9 (core update released 3/15)
- Core keyword rank #6 already

Here's more info... 👇

#seo #topicalmap #topicalauthority Image
@TopicalMap They're a SaaS with only a homepage when we started working with them.

They're not launched yet either, that's in April. Can you imagine what happens after they launch?

Links start!
@TopicalMap They're going to be a player in their industry and backlinks will come from PR due to their innovative solutions.

Their topical and domain authority will only continue to build and rankings will increase even quicker.

This is what a topical authority approach can do!
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1/🔥Check out this week's #SEO newsletter, where I've curated top SEO news and tips! Don't miss the latest insights from the SEO world.
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2/🎥Join me and @NicheSitePM in our latest video discussing ChatGPT and GPT-4.
Watch here:
Plus explore my newest guides on SEO auditing. Essential for any SEO auditor!…
3/🚀#Google released the March 2023 core update, and @OpenAI launched GPT-4 with greater accuracy and advanced reasoning. Also, Bing Chat answers are now in search results!
More details in the newsletter:…
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What's the actual impact of tools on #SEO work?

Many claim that *some* tools are mandatory to execute a strategy.

I think this is often misleading.

Let's see how to differentiate between planning and execution 🧵
Cause-effect and correlation are different concepts that are often interchanged.

Testimonials and case studies can be tweaked to show a certain outcome.

You don't get rich because you used a keyword research tool.

This is one of the most common tricks used by sales teams.
Strategy involves planning and abstracting the steps, having an overview.

Tactics are the steps you take, what you do to execute a strategy.

Tools can be useful at both stages BUT...

You should never let a tool decide for you.

Strategy is what you normally don't delegate.
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Almost %80 of #SEO strategies are based on ranking blog pages.

The results? poor decisions with no benefit in terms of revenues.

even the most advanced technical SEO checklist won't help you in such a case.

This Thread will help you to get sustainable traffic using on data 🧵 Image
honestly, it's quite embarrassing if you choose some tools over GSC just because "this is how our agency works"

then you'll face the long-term consequences.

To avoid such a situation, you need to know where you should look for legitimate insights

but how?
Start by segmenting your pages based on intent and topics.

So you'll need to measure the SEO metrics for these pages:

-Transactional pages.
-Blog pages.
-"Category_1" pages
-"Category_2" pages

prioritize the transactional pages and the topic pages that's already doing well.
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#SEO tools can't replace insights, strategy, and business acumen.

Analytics is the same, as tools are mere instruments.

Then what's the difference between a good analysis and a bad one?

This is how you generate 💸 and create tons of value 🧵
SEO and Analytics share too many things in common.

Both have professionals obsessed with tools.

And they require having a strong acumen and intuition about business.

It's unthinkable to do excellent SEO in an industry where you have no expertise.
Anyone can pay for a tool, but those won't give you superpowers.

Tools are necessary to achieve goals but they're not your objective.

They should help you in your daily activity and empower your output.

All the rest doesn't matter, YOU make the difference.
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Going to give a super gem right now 💎

Here is a step-by-step thread on how to make $100 day by promoting SurveyJunkie on TikTok with your own branded website 💰

#AffiliateMarketing #SEO #MaxBounty #CPAMarketing #TikTokAds Image
1. Buy a brandable domain.

I thought of one - (this is available to buy now btw)
2. Build or hire someone to build a simple site.

You can make a review site of SurveyJunkie and other companies rating them from 1-10.
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Jangan lewatkan 20 kompetisi SEO yang akan diadakan pada bulan April-Mei 2023 di Indonesia. Berikut daftar tanggal dan cara daftarnya
#webseo #seo #kompetisiSEO…
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⛏️Générateur de filtres Regex avec #ChatGPT - Gratuit dans Google Sheets

Plus besoin de s'arracher les poils à trouver manuellement la bonne expression. L'IA le fait pour vous.


1) Se rendre sur, cliquer sur son icône de profil en haut à droite puis « View API Keys »

2) Sélectionner « Create new secret key » puis copier la clé

3) Revenir sur GSheets, coller la clé sous « Clé API »

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⚡️ #GPT4 est là depuis moins de 24 h et les applications captivantes se multiplient !

Je les liste dans ce thread au fur et à mesure de mes découvertes !

🚨 Évidemment, commençons par l'annonce d'@OpenAI et leur démo vidéo captivante !

🔥 Les essais percutants de @Yeca, orienté #SEO bien sûr ! #SEOEnAction
Que vous pouvez retrouver dans ce thread :
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🚀Ready to take your agency to the next level? Look no further than these top tools. From social media to SEO, these are the must-haves for success in the digital age. #AgencyTools #DigitalMarketing
📊Analytics are key to understanding your audience and measuring your success. Check out @googleanalytics for detailed insights into your website's performance. #Analytics #SEO
👩‍💻Need help managing your social media? Look into @hootsuite for scheduling, monitoring, and reporting. Make sure your content is reaching the right people at the right time. #SocialMediaManagement #ContentMarketing
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🚨 Big news in local SEO: the Services section of your Google Business Profile now impacts your rankings 🤯

New research from @SterlingSkyInc shows that selecting Google's predefined services can improve rankings.

Here's how to make the most of GBP Services 🧵

#localseo #seo Image
Until now, services have NOT been a ranking factor ❌

In fact, they were the #4 local SEO myth in the 2021 Local Search Ranking Factors survey.

But, Services were still valuable because they drove more conversions and they triggered eye-catching justifications 👀 Image
However, Sterling Sky's findings reveal a new local SEO tactic for improving rankings.

In this example, prior to adding "NJ DUI Attorney" to their GBP services, this business only ranked in their immediate area.

But after, they started ranking quite well in a wider radius. Image
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Lecimy z nitką o domain flippingu - systemie, który w zeszłym roku dał mi zarobić ok. 15-20k przy inwestycji rzędu 2500zł.

Opowiemy sobie o tym, dlaczego rynek potrzebuje domen z historią i jak możesz na tym zarobić.

Ciebie proszę tylko o podanie tego posta dalej.

Zaczynamy🔥 Image
Jestem w 100% pewien, że poświęcając na szukanie domen godziny dziennie w ciągu miesiąca znajdziesz przynajmniej 1 wartościową domenę, którą sprzedasz z min. 3-5x przebitką.

Na rynku jest tysiące podmiotów, które wolą kupić dobrą domenę niż bawić się w jej szukanie.
Dlaczego ktoś chciałby od Ciebie kupić domenę?

Dwa słowa #Google i #SEO.

Biznesom zależy na dobrym pozycjonowaniu się w Google. Wysokie pozycje = kasa.

#Google traktuje domeny z historią nieco inaczej niż nowe. Mają większą wartość i lepiej się pozycjonują
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✅🤯11 #SEO auditing best practices to boost your effectiveness as an SEO auditor...⬇️ Image
1⃣✅Disable JavaScript using Chrome Web Developer to check how much the site relies on JavaScript. This helps you understand the site's functionality and what content is added with JavaScript.
2⃣✅Check how Google renders the page and whether it sees all the content. Render JavaScript and compare the differences between the source and rendered code. This helps you identify if there is any content being hidden from Google.
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Using #ChatGPT to create #SEO landing page briefs has been a revelation. It has saved me SO much time and is exceptional at understanding the context needed. Image
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❓ Is Google not approving your images even though they follow the guidelines?

Here are 6 reasons why Google might reject your photos and how to fix the problem. 🧵

These tips are from @mblumenthal's helpful comments in the Google Business Profile help forum.

#localseo #seo Image
1. Google has a bug where photos show as rejected, but if you wait 24-48 hours, they actually publish. 🤦🏻‍♂️

So, as @mblumenthal likes to say, “drink 4 beers and come back on Monday.” It’s likely that the issue will fix itself.
2. If your Profile is less than 2 weeks old or was recently reinstated, you can't publish images. 👶

This is because new GBPs are “sandboxed” for 2 weeks until they have built up some trust.

Wait at least 14 days after you have been verified/reinstated before you upload images.
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How can you apply #Python for #SEO to get outstanding results?

I will show you some examples of what you can do without spending money.

This thread is all about Python and quick wins and insights 🧵
Disclaimer: I am not listing source codes here, I will make separate threads later.

The goal of this thread is to give you the footprint and the direction.

And remember, Analytics is different.

Scripting alone is not doing analysis and who tells you the opposite... is lying.

I recommend the following framework below:
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Four tips to use schema in search optimization!!

1....👑 Quality content come first
2...⭐️ Use markup to inform Search Engines
3...😅 Steal competitor's on-page schema
4...🤯 A proven ranking factor?!?!

(( free code and bulk analysis below 🧵👇 )) #SEO Image
The effectiveness of adding SCHEMA is a hotly debated topic but here is my thinking:

1⃣ Schema saves google resources.
2⃣ Schema helps disambiguate and index
3⃣ The competition is doing it

Lets look at each using code:
Bookmark and use these to validate schema:

Schema validation
Rich results

Advanced on-page analysis - try my tool:
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Tired of the usual boring content website advice?

"Publish more, wait some time"

I give you some tips to actually future-proof your business.

No fluff, only cold facts from an #SEO and Data Analyst 🧵
The generic advice "publish more" isn't wrong per se.

But it's subpar advice and many savvy entrepreneurs already know that.

Just publishing is not enough because you need to maintain your content.

It costs a lot of money and time to update 1K+ articles.
Let's assume you need to update 100 articles every month.

You need to pay someone and while they are at it, they can't do other things.

It's clear that you have to take content management into account.

Who will update the content?
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