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There are some factors to take into account when creating content.

Content outlines, briefs and templates give you a good way to minimize misunderstandings.

A short thread about processes in #SEO content creation.
Let's explain what all these terms are plus some examples.

Content briefs are essentially an overview, you define the purpose, audience and general guidelines for an article.

A good template is this one (by @danielkcheung):

@danielkcheung So briefs are your war strategy, and what you need to succeed.

The example I provided before is a very good one.

One problem is when you have to work with 100+ articles and of course, no way I am going to do it 100 times.
Read 14 tweets's time to hire an SEO pro. How do you make sure you get a good one?🧵…

@RyanJones knows a thing or two about hiring & job interviews. He has shared not just a list of questions to ask, but also why he asks them & what to look for in the answer.
"Tell me about your personal projects, side hustles, etc..."

Sounds like an innocent enough question. But it can also help you identify conflicts of interest and someone who is motivated.…

#HumanResource #BusinessAdvice #SEOAdvice Image
Another question to ask? "Suppose the client wants to do something you think is a terrible idea. What's your game plan?"

Ryan watches potential #SEO hires for an "ego response." What does that mean?

Get the answer here:…

#HumanResources #OnlineMarketing
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3 Quick SaaS content marketing tips🧵

(FYI: You can download the ebook for more… )

#ContentMarketing #OnlineMarketingTips #MarketingStrategy
1. When analyzing an audience for the first time, choose the largest sample window possible to bolster your statistical significance.

Then, resample the audience at the same time every year afterward to see how the audience has evolved.

#ConsumerBehavior #ConversionOptimization
2. Make sure you choose the right channels and the right content for the right segments of the funnel.

#OnlineMarketing #DigitalMarketing #MarketingAndSales Image
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I'll find keywords by accident because I'm often exploring new opportunities. I've always loved writing my thoughts in a notebook, so stationery seems like a worthwhile niche to pursue one day. #seo #blog

One keyword idea I wrote was "writing equipment"
here is what I found
1/8 ahrefs keyword report for w...
Doing this alone has opened the door to several micro-niches. "Adaptive writing equipment" is a niche that can stand on its own two feet. The products don't look like they're worth much, but it's interesting enough.

Let's look at expired domains.
2/8 adaptive writing equipment
I entered the word "adaptive" to see what comes up. Clearly, this niche has been scoped out and people see some value in it. If you look near the bottom, there is a great .com domain name that isn't taken, adaptivechild.
Let's pop it into ahrefs to see if it's any good.
3/8 finding expired domains
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Scraping is super important for a lot of tasks.

#SEO Specialists usually crawl their websites but scraping is not always one of the tools in their arsenal.

A short thread on what you can do with scraping and what's the difference with crawling. 🧵
In plain English, crawling is the act of discovering URLs on a website, so following the links on a page is extremely important.

Scraping is the extraction of data from a website, not all of them of course, just those of interest to achieve a goal.
As we know, crawling is aimed at creating indices of pages.

We care about scraping because we may be interested in extracting specific information from a page.
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In just over 6 months, I’ve published 120 long-form informational posts, and surpassed 38,000 pageviews/mo. 🚀

I’ve been able to achieve this, with a demanding full-time job, due in large part to a single strategy…


🧵👇 #SEO #blog
@NicheDown detailed this process on his recent @nichepursuits podcast.

I’m going to keep beating the hell out of this drum, because I think it’s a game changer for niche site content creators. 🤝

It’s allowed me to scale at a nice pace, WITHOUT the need to outsource.
Brand Swapping is as simple as it sounds.

Take @nichedown’s example:

“Yamaha dirt bike won’t start”.

After writing the HIGHEST QUALITY piece of content you can, you then swap out ‘Yamaha’ with other leading dirt bike brand names. 🏍
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A quick recap for those #SEO professionals still lacking some motivation to study Semantic SEO.

The future of search engines lies in innovation, we're talking about corporations, after all.

This thread will show you some concepts and valid reasons. 🧵
Google is already using such technologies and we know it for sure.

Even if we were given the benefit of doubt, there wouldn't be any discussion either.

Innovation drives profit and we know that Google wants good-enough search results.

You cannot optimize your content for BERT/MUM/any other NLP algorithm.

The reason is quite simple, these models/algos are trying to understand and replicate how we humans interact.

Nonetheless, you can use a better syntax and put entities in a good position.
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⚡️Hustles & Work-Life Balance In The Content + Site Game ⚡️

Want to say something about hustle & work life balance, as it pertains to #SEO and #blogging. This came up elsewhere.

A 🧵

I know it’s a little cliche to talk work-life balance.

Grab a ☕️
Obviously, it’s important.

Especially in this game where everyone wants to get to a point where they work as little as they want. 😎

First off, people saying you can build something worthwhile with 5 hour weeks are trying to sell something.
I know this to be true.

I know from personal experience.

And I know the people selling courses based around Ferriss’ 4-hour work week, who work 18-hour days regularly.

Smoke and mirrors 🪞. Standard course selling model. Sell the dream.

But I don’t need to tell you that.👊
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Establishing TOPICAL AUTHORITY doesn’t happen by accident. 📣

You should be INTENTIONAL about how you attack content clusters.

I achieve this with the help of 2 primary documents:

1️⃣ Content strategy plan
2️⃣ Keyword ‘hit-list’

Here’s my EXACT process.

🧵👇 #SEO #blog
First, some important points. 👊🏼

🟢 These are LIVING documents.

They are constantly changing and evolving.

🟢 My content strategy plan informs my keyword hit-list…

…AND my keyword hit-list informs my content strategy. 🔄
1️⃣ Content strategy plan. ♟

Just hearing the words ‘content strategy plan’ will immediately put some folks off.

But, this is NOT something you need to over-engineer.

You can keep it SIMPLE!

I think of my plan as the 30,000 foot view of the ARCHITECTURE of my site.
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Hi, I'm Dan.

Here are a few things about me:
• born🇭🇰
• raised🇦🇺
• married to🇰🇷

I share things to do with #SEO and my DMs are open so if you have a question about search or working in search, ask me!

Here are a few of my threads👇
Copy my 🦺 technical SEO checklist to audit your next Wordpress website 👇

How to using a 🌊 rising tide strategy of long tail keywords to rank your website for competitive head terms👇

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What is one thing hiring managers look for when recruiting for a junior SEO position?
✔️ Transferrable skills + experience
✖️ College degree
✔️ Direct experience

But you may not have direct experience - let's solve that right now!

A 🧵 for those of you who are thinking of moving joining the SEO profession 👇
Having your own website teaches you empathy.

Eg, when you realise GoDaddy/Bluehost is a 💩 and need to migrate to another host.

You will realise that it is not so easy.

Can you imagine how confusing and frustrating it is for non-tech business owners?
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One of my first "SEO learner" sites has 120+ articles in a broad niche. These articles cover all kinds of topics in the niche, but nothing specific. #seo #blog

I just did a content audit for this site and found that these articles are covering 10+ sub-niches.

Don't do this.
So, how can I fix it?

First is the content audit. Get every article into a spreadsheet. Include page titles if it helps. Map out every topic you cover and sort them into clusters (or buckets, whatever helps you to visualize).
Each topic (or bucket) is essentially the sub-niche for the niche site. Write down all the sub-niches. Pick one to be the focus.

All content for this site is now about this sub-niche and links to all other articles in this sub-niche.
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Some other tips that I think are good for aspirant #SEO Specialists.

This will be a short thread for beginners or anyone that wants to start exploring the SEO realm. 🧵
Learn some popular tools but acknowledge that they don't give you a competitive advantage as a professional.

Everyone can buy them, it's how you use them that makes a difference.

I suggest you start with Semrush/Ahrefs and Screaming Frog/Sitebulb.
Experience different flavors of SEO and pick your favorite.

Content, PR outreach or Technical are just some of the choices you have.

Pick whatever suits you the best, don't over-optimize your career.
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How to rank for a head term keyword via long tail keywords, without link-building, for new niche websites, service-based businesses, and any type of website.

🎁Plus a bonus FREE @googledocs content brief template.

First of all, head terms are popular searches.

For example:
▪️ wedding dress
▪️ bitcoin
▪️ credit card
▪️ iPhone
▪️ SEO freelancer
▪️ dentist near me
▪️ jeans

But here's the thing: ranking for head terms are f*cking competitive. Like seriously 💀😅
Eg, using @semrush, "wedding dresses" has a global search volume of 1.2 million PER MONTH and the regional breakdowns are *very* respectable.
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Taking keywords from "not ranking" to "page one ranking" in one shot is possible. I did this for a client last month with a few simple tricks. #seo #ecommerce
1/5 getting page 1 ranking in t...
First, I made sure the new vendor had its own collection page.

It's much cleaner to have a URL that reads:


than to have:


This also allows you to set a title and description.
I created an article that introduces the vendor: "We now sell vendor-name products!".

Introduce that vendor and why they're great. Link to the vendor page that was just created. List each product, write a short description, and link to the product pages individually.
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People & resources that helped me out a lot when I was learning:

Pat Flynn - Would be remiss not to mention him. I think a lot of folks started out reading his work. 👊

Is it cliche to mention Pat Flynn first in a roundup? Maybe.

He's one of the very first I found. 😊
Yaro Starak (@yarostarak) - If you’re been around, you’ll know that Yaro was one of the pioneers of the whole write about #blogging and the wonders of making money from your blog thing.

Plenty to learn from his journey. 🗺️
Neil Patel - Slightly controversial, but definitely learned a lot from him and his sites.

And @ubersuggest_seo is an awesome endeavor. 🔥
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I've spent years studying content and understanding how to improve it.

This short thread is about common #SEO (and non) misconceptions that block your traffic growth. 🧵
The first mistake I see is being picky. Great idea, don't write listicles, comparisons and reviews so that your competitors can take it all!

A business blog/website is for what people want, not for your ego.
Lack of internal links. The capital sin of content maintenance, forgetting to link to your old content.

Viceversa is also true, you should always link to your newly-published articles.
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Today my niche site is exactly 6 months old and just surpassed 33,000 pageviews/month. 📈

All this time, I’ve been learning and iterating on how to write the best INFORMATIONAL POST 📝 possible.

Here’s 6 MONTHS of learning, distilled down to 10 MINUTES. ⏳

🧵👇 #SEO #blog
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How to create 4.5 years' worth of LinkedIn content from 1 blog post [so your #contentmarketing and #SEO team can distribute 4ever!] 🧵

Aka how we turned one of our blogs into 55 separate LI opportunities.

(I'm aware we're on Twitter, right now.)

Let's take it step-by-step.
Additionally, I'm going to show you exactly how we did this for one of our posts.

If you'd like to follow along, here is the blog URL I'll be breaking down for the rest of the thread:…
Step 1️⃣) Identify which parts of a blog can be formatted like the highest performing types of LinkedIn posts

It’s helpful to zoom out and look at the entirety of a blog post.

We recommend keeping an eye out for lists or overview headers with multiple subsections.
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How to differentiate yourself as an #SEO professional?

What I've learned so far can be your fortune, who knows.

A short thread about YOUR value proposition. 🧵
Focus on one area of SEO rather than doing it all.

It's easier to pick something you like and collaborate with others to solve problems.

I picked content, data and strategy because I feel comfortable with them.
Ignore trends if they are not suitable for what you want to do.

Of course, you have to be updated but you don't need to learn new skills if they're totally unrelated to what you want to achieve.
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Twitter is one of the best places to Learn SEO, Content & Marketing.

Here is the compilation of 🔥 Top 🔥 10 SEO, Content & Marketing Threads of this Week in case you missed them.

A 🧵 of threads
#SEO #contentmarketing
1️⃣ @ErinBalsa has 3 years of experience to manage writers. In this thread, she explains how getting the writing job done faster from the writers

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A quick recap on why coding (#Python) may help some #SEO professionals or some people pursuing their goals.

A short thread for those folks looking for motivation 🧵
🐍 Scrape competitors to get their headings and optimize accordingly.

Check their sitemaps/RSS feeds to find articles and understand their content frequency.
🐍 Analyze SERPs and find keywords with the same pages.

Analyze titles, get the most common words and visualize them.
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#SEO tip for finding content topics for your topic cluster if you ever hit a creative block [Thread 🧵]

How to effectively visualize the internal links of your competitors to understand how they're establishing relationships between topics, themes, and entities. (w/ 🐸)
1️⃣ Grab a keyword target that you're interested in ranking for and throw that into Google's search bar.

Example: "what do goldfish eat"

Make a list of the top domains that are ranking for that keyword:
2️⃣ Take those domains and plug them into @screamingfrog's tool and let it crawl!

Once the crawl is finished - search for the URL of the blog that was ranking for your keyword target.
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Twitter writing challenge for #SEO, #copywriting, and #contentmarketing professionals:

Shape the block of text from a blog post (in the next few tweets) into a thread with an enticing hook!
Blog text (1/3):

"Additionally, some SEOs take advantage of exact title matching anchor text. Instead of utilizing an anchor text that works through your paragraphs naturally, you might simply end a specific section with a CTA hyperlink of the other page’s exact title...
(2/3) For example, if we wanted to send a reader to check out our recent blog post with the title “Short-Form Content vs. Long Form Content: Which Is Better?” then we would add a prompt after a relevant section that used that exact title as the anchor text - it might look like:
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