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🧵 Passionné d'automatisation depuis 2 ans, j'ai réussi à passer de 500€ à 10K/an en vente de liens sponsorisés via @NextLevelLink, @linksgarden, Ereferer, @RocketLinks_net, etc. Prêt à savoir comment ? Suivez ce thread en 13 étapes 👇
1. J'ai commencé par exploiter les noms de domaine expirés et potentiellement intéressants que j'ai récupérés sur Expired Domains et des .com sur le point d'expirer à 10-12€ grâce à une astuce sur Drop Catch 🔗
2. Ma stratégie a été de tester différentes "combinaisons" sur @WordPress via plusieurs thèmes, plugins, etc... jusqu'à ce que je trouve les plus vendeuses sur ces plateformes, avec les meilleures optimisations SEO/Performances 💻 Image
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:: Crowded Content ::

In many cases, there are competitors for topic(s) you want to target

You have several options:
1) Find terms that aren't competed
2) Find terms that are weakly competed
3) Provide more value
4) Produce multiple inter-supporting pieces


#SEO #Content

: Non-competed :
This is often harder than it sounds.
It's also complicated by semantic-clustering.
(the "exact" phrase may not be competed, but there are likely umpteen variations that are!).

Further, in the vast majority of cases,
these will be (very!) low volume


: Weak competition :
The problem you'll often find here is that they are often a mix of both low-volume and low-value terms.
(It's logical - it's not like people will ignore high-value, high-traffic terms :D)

You'll have to cover many to make it worth while.

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:: ROI - You're doing it Wrong! ::

Not aimed at anyone specific,
but just been reminded of it...

1) You don't include costs
2) You don't factor in time (to implement/effect)
3) People push the %, but don't provide the "actuals"


#SEO #Marketing

Relative figures (grown by X%, gain by N%, return of Y%)
don't mean squat unless there is a real figure provided alongside (ideally, the initial/base figure - failing that, the final, and people can do the number crunching).

Why is it important?


Perceptual skew.

Go from 10 to 100
Go from 100 to 500
Go from 5,000 to 6,000

Each of those is increasing at a lower %,
but the actual figure increases.

It's easy to have impressive relative figures (such as ROI), when you start with a low figure!

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4️⃣ ... it's for the right audience
5️⃣ ... it's something that contributes to your business goals
6️⃣ ... it's a relevant topic that aligns with your site

Or - do it properly/better.

#Parrot #SEO

Simply copying is Not a good move
(nor is it a "strategy"!).

Most sites already have a load of content that ranks for a ton of irrelevant terms that do Nothing for the business!

Which means you're wasting resources
(at the least, time and effort, maybe money)


Investing a modicum of time/effort at the start,
to check the topic/intent, nature/purpose and suitability of the pieces could help you avoid such wastage.

It's this sort of shit that has lead to the internet being filled with highly similar, largely redundant crap!

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:: It's not about the AI ::

You will see the same sort of pattern whenever there is a mass ingestion of content,
and usually when it fails to get traction/acquire links,
often due to being low quality (inc. cookie-cutter/dupes)


#SEO #AIContent #LowQualityContent

Typically, the sequence of events is:

1) New content is added
2) G discovers new content
3) G crawls new content
4) G indexes new content
5) G ranks the new content for X number of terms


6) Site gets a huge uplift in traffic
7) G see's little traction/satisfaction
8) G see's little/no link acquisition
9) G starts to tag content as questionable
10) Pages start to drop in rankings
11) Pages start to get deindexed
12) Traffic falls

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🎺New Article on Neuro-Symbolic AI and #SEO🎺

💡 Neuro-Symbolic AI is a way to combine the power of knowledge graphs with deep learning techniques using *Retrieval Augmented Generation*.

🔗 Article:…
💬 AskMe: a widget inside the article

1/4 🧵
💬 AskMe is the first experiment to let readers "talk" with the article's author and ask questions.

⚠️ It is a WIP and requires your patience 🐌

It has been developed by the wonderful @wordliftit team using the KG behind the blog, @llama_index, @LangChainAI and @JinaAI_

💬 AskMe is using in this implementation:

1⃣ The latest 10 articles I wrote on the blog.
2⃣ My entity page (as *system message*).
3⃣The article the user is reading.
4⃣A combination of the two indices above (a graph index).

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This is how we got a link in Huffington Post (DR 88) with ChatGPT, in 5 simple steps:

#digitalpr #seo 👇 🧵 Image
✅ We asked ChatGPT to solve the school tests that year 6 students take in the UK (SATs)

✅ Out of 36 arithmetic questions for a total of 40 points, the AI managed to solve 32, totalling 34 points, which corresponds to 85% of the test

✅ We concluded that 10 to 11-year-olds were handed a test that not even an Artificial Intelligence has managed to complete to its fullest

✅ We wrote up a report that explained our findings and results

✅ We sent it to journalists who write about education

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This is how we got a link in Forbes, with four simple steps:

#digitalpr #seo

👇🧵 Image
✅ We analysed 10 years of data between 2011 and 2020, from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

✅ We determined which state has the highest average pedestrian deaths per 100,000 residents

✅ We wrote a report email, and put our lawyer client forward as the entity that commissioned the research

✅ We sent the email to national and regional journalists from the US

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🧵Unleashing the Keyword Golden Ratio & Traffic Tiers: Dominate the Game! 🚀💥 Keyword Golden Ratio
1️⃣ Ready to unleash the power of the Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) & traffic tiers? Buckle up!

The KGR uncovers low-competition keywords, your "golden" gems.

Divide search results by avg. monthly searches, <0.25 = JACKPOT! Traffic tiers categorize keywords based on search volume Good example of keyword gol...
2️⃣ Pay attention; this is serious! KGR formula: Divide search results by avg. Monthly searches.

Below 0.25?

You've hit the jackpot, my friends! Now, let's talk traffic tiers.
Tier 1: Big boys play, 250-1,000 monthly searches, low competition.
Tier 2: Warriors thrive, 50-250 Ok example of keyword golde...
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Ayyyyyy Eyeeeee: The lie that raced around the world before the truth got its boots on…

AI #ArtificialIntelligence #PumpAndDump #CritiHype EvilSorcerersVsOrdinaryMediocrities A portrait of OpenAI founde...
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Life is Fast!

We all feel like we never have enough time, so i bring you:

15 Mind-Blowing AI Tools to Revolutionize Your Life and Save You Time!

Let's get to it! 👇 15 Mind-Blowing AI Tools to...
1. Text Blaze

🔸 Revolutionizing Typing and Automation!
🔸 Say goodbye to repetitive typing and errors with Text Blaze!

#TextBlaze #AITool #Automation #Writing
2. Loopin

🔸 Enhancing Meetings with AI Assistance!
🔸Revolutionize your meetings with Loopin’s AI meeting assistant!

#Loopin #AITool #AIAssistant #AI
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Reporter le chargement de fichiers CSS inutilisés ?

Gain de performance assuré, à condition de ne pas troquer un problème pour un autre.

Une erreur fréquente est de « defer » certains CSS entiers, ce qui bloque souvent le rendu.

Astuce :🧵👇

#SEO #Google Image
1) Ouvrir Chrome Dev Tools avec clic droit > Inspecter ou F12 ou ctrl+shift+I

2) Cliquer sur les 3 points en haut à droite > More tools > Coverage Image
3) Cliquer sur le bouton « Record » puis recharger la page Image
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🧵 [hilo] Vender en #PrintOnDemand implica más que buenos diseños.

La #OptimizaciónSEO en tus fichas de producto es crucial para atraer compradores. Veamos cómo mejorar tus fichas de producto.

1/10 Image
Las plataformas de Print on Demand, como Redbubble o Teespring, tienen sus propios motores de búsqueda.

Así que, al optimizar tus fichas de producto para el SEO, tienes que pensar en estas plataformas y en los buscadores web.

La clave está en las palabras clave. Investiga qué términos usan los clientes para encontrar productos similares al tuyo.

Usa estas palabras en los títulos, descripciones y etiquetas de tus productos.

3/10 Image
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countries. His company developed "Death From Above."

"We deliberately made a simple game that anyone can play, and in which we take a clear position," Lesser said. "To a certain extent, we deal with the subject humorously." #BANGYEDAM #MSDhoni𓃵 #SEO The game's plot: A player takes on the role of a Ukrainian soldier who pilots a drone, bombs Russian war machinery and fighters, and in the end restores radio communication.… The first version of the game is bilingual and comes in English and Ukrainian. You play a Ukrainian soldier for 90 minutes and drop bombs on Russian tanks marked with the letters "V" and "Z", but also on people called "Russian occupation forces."
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Great #SEO requires you to have a solid value proposition.

I have seen too many projects fail for the wrong reasons.

Want some common sense?

Here it is 🧵
Don't start a project without knowing the budget.

It's fine to explore topics and ideas but don't exaggerate.

You can't compete in some niches without the proper resources.

This is why some projects fail. They forgot to estimate costs and revenues...
Now, financial estimation isn't SEO but something an investor should do.

Some domains are clearly money sinks and you as an SEO may help in finding such opportunities.

I recommend avoiding projects that are destined to fail.

It's a waste of time for either party involved.
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The call data in your GBP Performance section is wrong.

Google only records calls when people tap the call button on mobile. Desktop calls aren't captured.

Solve this problem by using a call tracking number on your GBP.

Here's what you need to know 🧵

#localseo #seo Image
A call tracking number is a unique phone number that you can use on your GBP (or on any marketing campaigns).

It lets you see various metrics:
🔸 source (GBP, Ads, website, etc.)
🔸 caller's location
🔸 time of the call
🔸 duration of the call
Depending on your industry, calls may be the primary form of lead generation for your business.

As Google is trying to keep users on search result pages, tracking calls from your GBP is super valuable.

There's plenty of call-tracking software. We use @CallRail at @whitespark.
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Do you know where many content websites struggle?

Processes because neither tools nor the #SEO industry talks about them.

It's all about abstraction and shiny objects, right?

Let's see some practical steps for ROI and 💸 🧵
The first recommendation is to always label your data.

If you have a content plan (you should), it needs to contain:

- The cluster(s) an article belongs to

- Additional information like author, date published

You add what you can't scrape or see elsewhere.
Once you have decent data, we are ready for all the other steps.

Data quality and organization are not the future because they are the present.

You can see who is struggling by looking at their management.

Many organizations are not as organized as you think.
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In the midst of AI hype, many #SEO practitioners get lost.

Some underrated topics are much more valuable than others.

Here are my personal recommendations 🧵
NLP concepts aren't that hard and it takes you like 2 weeks to learn most of them.

The basics alone do the trick.

Understanding how can machines process text is a big plus when explaining On-Page SEO.

Again, you only need some theory and that's it.
Content Marketing isn't simply creating content that ranks.

Embracing different perspectives and ideas is useful if you plan on creating content for multiple channels.

This is where you should be if you want to build a solid brand.
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Moyen simple de trouver l'ID d'une entité :

Aller sur Google Trends et effectuer une recherche.

Si sous la requête, quelque chose d'autre que « Terme de recherche » apparaît, la fin de l'URL est votre MREID.

Exemple : Jean Dujardin - /m/03wfnsp


#SEO #Google Image
Les %2F indiqués sont des « / ». Dans ce cas, %2Fm%2F03wfnsp&hl=fr peut-être lu /m/03wfnsp&hl=fr.

Il ne reste plus qu'à enlever les paramètres de langue « &hl=fr » et vous obtenez /m/03wfnsp.

Rendez-vous sur Wikidata, collez l'id dans le champ de recherche et voilà 👇

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Hier in diesem Thread ein paar lustige, informative & erhellende Fakten zur KI und ChatGPT in der digitalen Marketingwelt präsentieren!

Seid gespannt! #DigitalMarketing #Thread
Fakt 1: KI & ChatGPT können die Erstellung von Inhalten enorm beschleunigen.

Vorbei sind die Zeiten, in denen Copywriter wie Detlef Schreibtisch stundenlang über einer Überschrift brüteten. 😅

Heute erstellt KI knackige Headlines in Sekundenschnelle! ⏱️ #Copywriting #KI
Pro: Schnellere und effizientere Erstellung von Inhalten.

Con: Potentielle Entmenschlichung der Kommunikation.

Unsere charmante Detlef Schreibtisch muss seine Kreativität in anderen Bereichen entfalten. 🎨 #Inhalte #Kreativität
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Everyone knows that title tags are important for SEO, but I still see so many people doing them wrong.

Here are my tips for crafting the perfect title tag for local SEO 🧵

One of them is particularly controversial 🧐

#localseo #seo
Just in case you're not sure, title tags are the blue, clickable links that appear in the search results.

They are not the same as your headings. They are defined in the HTML source code of your website.

Most website platforms allow you to edit them for SEO. Image
If you put your mouse over your browser's tab, the title tag will show up.

It breaks my heart when I see a title tag that just says "Home" because for small businesses, the home page is the most important page to optimize. Image
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5 + 1 Underrated Things Content Websites Should Consider:

1. Custom images
2. Newsletter
3. A decent design just for branding
4. Internal Linking (in the body)
5. Informative About Us page
6. ???

Let's see how and why 🧵
Custom images are necessary to differentiate yourself and steal some spots for Images.

This is even more pressing in niches such as travel.

Canva is often enough unless you want to do professional infographics.
The reason why I recommend infographics is because they are easy to share.

This implies you could get some nice backlinks and more og content for your articles.

Don't underestimate the impact of images.
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:: Google - using NLP and LLMs ::

So, G have invested Millions into advancing their algorithms, developing cutting edge approaches to parsing content and identifying important information.

But …

… rather than using it for "Ranking"
… they chose to steal Traffic.


And this isn't the first time Google have committed such an offence.

Every few years, they make changes to the SERPs,
to benefit "their users".

> Knowledge Panel
> Featured Snippets
> People Also Ask
> FAQs

Each such addition - reduces traffic ...


... from the very sites that G are obtaining that content from!

And the plans for their AI addition (#Magi) is no different.
It will utilise content from 1+ sources,
and present it to "their users",
(similar to a FS, but a generated composite).

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We can always try asking

Hey, anyone at @googlesearchc, or maybe @JohnMu or @searchliaison ...

Does Google actually try to verify experience or expertise,
or is it based on linguistics/phrasing?

My money is on it being linguistics/phrasing.

G simply cannot know if Bob bought the giant pink 18" floppy dragon pillow (yeah, some of you went there!), or is simply making it up.

(Note: they may be able to guess if Bob's full of shit though, due to 34K reviews in a week ;))
For example ... you're a person, not a machine.
You have good judgement, right?

So you know I made this up...
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