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Did you know 14,800 people in the USA google "how to rotate video" EVERY month?!

Now that a lot of people shooting videos the wrong way around.
Yet, only a few find VEED.IO and we want to change that.

The challenge is:

How do we let each and every one of those lovely people know that can do it with just two clicks with us?

Get to the top of Google!

#SEO #MarketingDigital #SearchEngineOptimization
1. We create videos and post them on youtube explaining how to roate your video with VEED.IO - Like this
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Paying For Law Firm SEO & Not Seeing Results? - *THREAD* - There are a million shades of SEO techniques, ranging from standard to spammy. Algorithm updates hold us captive, success is for sale, and the page rank is the status symbol dujour for lawyers online. (1) #SEO #legal
We think the true benefit of SEO is typically enjoyed by law firm marketers with a balanced understanding of time, long-term & short-term strategy, and the strongest command of their brand. What do we mean by that? Take a look at an 18 mo. snapshot for an SEO client; (2)
👆Taken as a whole, the picture is good. However, experiencing those dips & rises as the algorithms changed, and then deploying corrections or fixes, and then waiting to see if it all took hold, is not for the faint of heart. With every Google Update, every piece of...(3)
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Hoy enseñare un poquito más sobre esta webs:

Tanto lo gastado, lo generado, el trafico esperado, la estrategia de enlaces, donde se están comprando y cuanto en textos. Antes de nada se trata de una pagina con información scrapeada, spineada y contenidos originales. #seo
Referente a los gastos, se han comprado un total de 18 reseñas, 4 periódicos entorno los 70e cada uno, 6 blogs temáticos de unos 150e cada uno, 8 blogs de nivel bajo de entre 10/30 euros. los enlaces fueron comprados en @Publisuites y @Unancorcom
Actualmente en este proyecto ya no se van a comprar mas enlaces. Se han buscado reseñas que tuvieran un alto trafico, obl bajo. Y una estructura bien realizada.
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There was a mention @Google might looking into scientific consensus to rank sites. I think it would be a terrible signal, but why? Look at these two links

The American Heart Assoc…

And Healthline…

They contradict - kind of.
Polyunsaturated fats are highly present in the American diet.
Was only recently they tied the PUFA Omega 6s to serious incidence of disease.

So while the AHA is not wrong - Omegas (3) ARE good the high incidence of Omega 6 in the American Diet is highly inflammatory & not.
But the AHA site does not mention this, they do not even break down the difference. Why? Because the Omega 6 research is fairly new and you DO Need it, but in very small quantities in a 1:1 ratio w Omega 3s.

The American Diet? Usually as high as 13:1 Omega 6s to 3s
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👀 Ojo a este post de @CyrusShepard en @Moz para entender mejor cómo valora Google los enlaces:… #SEO

Le pedí si podía traducir las imágenes (al castellano de mi tierra...) y me dio su visto bueno, así que, ¡ahí van! (hilo)…
1. PageRank: Los Enlaces Desde Páginas Más Populares Emiten Votos Más Fuertes
2. Los Enlaces "Dentro" del Contenido Principal y Único Pasan Más Valor que Los Patrones de Enlaces Repetidos en Cada Página (boilerplate)
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1/ Today I’m nervously hitting the publish button on a big project. For the past month I’ve been obsessively analyzing over 150,000 small business websites to find out what makes them tick. That’s roughly 1% of all small businesses in the US.…
2/ I call it the 150k Small Business Website Teardown 2019. A lot of folks helped out with this gigantic project. Special thanks to @danaditomaso, @darrenshaw_, @davidmihm, @JoyanneHawkins, @lauratroyani, @randfish and @RobOusbey for putting up with my questions.
3/ To complement the crawl I ran hundreds of Google searches to see how these websites stack up in the rankings. I fetched #PageSpeed scores to see which sites were speedy and which were slow. Ultimately I collected over 300 data points for each website.
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The SEO community is pretty thrilled with the FAQ schema.

I wonder if the #ia #ux #contentstrategy (anti-FAQ) vs #seo (pro-FAQ) debate is really a zero sum game.

Can both approaches coexist?…
FAQs seem like a dimension of topic-based content. So, there's the content & then the question forms about the content. Who does a good job of coexisting well-organized topical content alongside Q&A variation? Without major UX probs?

Seems like the AWS docs team does this well.
"There’s No Right Answer for Users vs. Google bot"

... is another exploration of this same UX vs SEO question via @erinbschroeder
with @carriehd in a nicely framed article I just ran across -…
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The response from @LyricFind (…) to the accusation of copying lyrics from Genius is odd in a lot of ways. #seo #lyricsgate
First, lyrics from Genius did wind up in a LyricsBox. That's been proven with the watermark that they used. So whether LyricFind and Google say this isn't the case is immaterial. It's a fact.
This paragraph is interesting because it makes it clear that lyrics are not a commodity. Many corrections are necessary to get the the lyrics right. So one site's lyrics might differ from another. There's added value in getting them right.
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Up at 5am to start my Blogging for Business course with @timsoulo and @ahrefs! Will be tweeting my takeaways from this course! Excited to start!

#GetAfterIt #Blogging #SEO
#1: Primary Goal for #BloggingforBusiness should be acquiring customers and growing business. Traffic is a vanity metric. No point going viral if no one buys anything. #AGREE!!
#2: Why blogs fail: If you rely solely on "spikes of hope", your blog will become a "flatline of nope" <- LOVE THIS @randfish!

Aim for the compound effect of #contentmarketing and build passive, consistent, targeted traffic that does not fade

#SEO #bloggingforbusiness @ahrefs
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Until now, the only SEO space where AMP was kind of "mandatory" was on news: if you want to appear on the "Top stories" box, you kind of need to have your articles to use AMP. You can appear there withouth AMP, but you don't get the same visual benefits #AMP #SEO .
Now Google is bringing "Stories" (like Instagram Stories, Snapchat Stories, etc.) to search results. They just announced it at #ampconf (see ) #AMP #SEO
This means that for certain kind of queries (by now: travel, and later also gaming, movies, tv and fashion) the first result will get another "special box" called "Visual Stories" where you can only appear using not only AMP, but AMP stories #AMP #SEO
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A few days behind this #SEO study written by @timsoulo: it's fairly short, so let's dive in!…

Good usage of highlighting the potential pitfalls of their data and noting why its important. Honestly appreciate studies that start off this way.

We see the common use of Spearman Correlation which is disappointing given the topic of analyzing very similar metrics, but what I like is that the correlation talk is relative to the other factors. It's not about what has a H/M/L correlation, but which is higher among them.

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Nouveau thread #Search du vendredi aprèm :

Les facteurs visuels qui encouragent le CTR sur les résultats de la SERP de Google. #SEO #Visibilité #Acquisition

Avec des chiffres dedans ! ⬇⬇⬇ 1/10
Quel SEO n’a jamais eu de discussion du type “si tu augmentes la meta description de 30 caractères, tu peux augmenter ton CTR de 10% !!” ou autres joyeusetés ?

Ca peut faire sourir. Reste qu’au fond, la question est : quels critères visuels dans les SERPs impactent le CTR ? 2/10
Une multitude de tests indépendants ont été effectués depuis des années, avec des méthodes allant du très hasardeux au solide ! :D
Je laisserai chacun se forger son opinion.

Mais j’aimerais mettre en avant aujourd'hui deux chiffres qui viennent directement de Google :

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~ Domain NAMES ONLY ~
I Can Transfer The Domains For Free To Your GoDaddy_com Account, will Transfer Immediately after Your Payment Clears!
Pay with * #Cryptocurrency (*PREFERRED* $BTC $LTC $ETH) Will Accept #PayPal , F.B. Pay or Bank Transfer..
2/ Open To Offers On Individual domains or Buy All Domains for a Discounted Price.

Don't be Shy and Send Me Offers ! I'm Fair and Worst I can say is no or give you a counter offer!

3/ Also Willing to Collaborate on Any of the domains as a partner / develop into a working site ( if it makes sense to me, both project or deal wise). If Partnering then I Will Ask an Upfront Investment on Your part to show Your Commitment...
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Hi friends, happy new year 🥳🙌🧚 my New Year's resolution is to tweet about a person from an underrepresented group in science & technology every day, celebrating their contributions 🥰 if you know people that should be on my list, please let me know ❤️
First up is @anialdam 🤗 Madlaina is an amazing game designer, software engineer and community organizer. I have the pleasure to work with her as @wtm_ch leads. I know few people that are as passionate about the community as she is. She is a true leader and a great friend ☺️❤️
Today, it's time to celebrate @salad_milk_soup 🙌 she is an awesome software engineer, a great speaker and a true unicorn 🦄 I feel so lucky to have her as a friend and mentor. I love her no-bs attitude and at the same time her kind heart ❤️
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THE JOURNEY OF #AfricaTweetChat

1. ATC, @AfricaTweetChat, was launched on 1st February 2018 by @janetmachuka_ & the co-founder, @barryonyango as a platform to bring African individual brands and start-ups to one #digitalmarketing learning space.
2. The second chat was led by @Ugaman01 on 8th February on "How can #Startups leverage on #socialmedia to cost effective #marketing." The chat was successful drawing in a new audience from Uganda. #AfricaTweetChat
3. Name: @Komana_MN from Zambia. She is a charming heart and as pretty as she is, she is a Digital Marketing specialist and founder of @IdeaBizDM. She handled the topic: "Why Building a #brand needs #Content."

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The slides of our #TechSEOBoost presentation "Search and Spam Fighting in the Age of Deep Learning" are live! All the research papers we referenced should be easy to find through @Bing but feel free to ping me if you need direct links. #SEO #TechnicalSEO…
Actually I'm thinking it will be more fun if I share the links directly in thread over the next couple of days, along with some commentary 🙂. Starting with "A Statistical Approach to Mechanized Encoding and Searching of Literary Information" by H. P. Luhn…
This paper from 1957 introduces the concept of Term Frequency (a.k.a. TF), the simple (yet powerful) idea that the more often a keyword appears in a document, the more relevant that document is in relation to that keyword. #InformationRetrieval #SEO #TechnicalSEO #HistoryOfSearch
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El 4 de septiembre #Google cumplió oficialmente 20 años. He creado este "pequeño" hilo con claves y anécdotas de los inicios de Google y cómo se convirtió en el buscador más importante del mundo.

Espero que sea de interés para SEOs y no SEOs -->
1996. Larry Page se está doctorando en Computer Science en Stanford y busca tema para su tesis mientras surfea por internet. La web es una masa de páginas enlazadas entre sí, pero sin ninguna jerarquía. Page idea un sistema para ponerlas en orden, similar a la citación académica.
El análisis de citaciones se usa en el sistema académico desde los años 60, para calcular la importancia de un ensayo científico. Cuanto más lo citan otros trabajos, más importante. Y en eso se basa el PageRank, el algoritmo original de Google para rankear documentos.
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Undercurrent #1 from @VoiceSummitAI #voice18 - what most people get wrong about "voice" is that it's not a single technology, but many, that come together to create a new conversational experience. The vocabulary, and hashtags are nascent. #voicefirst #voicetech #vui #vux
Undercurrent #2 from @VoiceSummitAI #voice18 - Why are there are a lot of old school #SEO people here? Because they have done this before. The #voice opportunity will have similar organizational, tech, design, product, and mkg challenges as Web 1.0, search, social & mobile.
Undercurrent #3 at @VoiceSummitAI #voice18 - Venue is @njit, a public research university in Newark known for being #1 in upward mobility. Surprise! @thedavedev Chief Evangelist for #Alexa at @Amazon, is an alum! Why is this impt? Voicetech jobs are abt to be high in demand.
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