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29 Jun
What's more degrading than being forced to demolish your own home or else pay your oppressors to do it for you? That's the decision Palestinians in #Silwan have been forced to make. Today, those who couldn't bear to demolish their home will watch as Israel demolishes it for them.
Approximately 1,500 Palestinians, including an estimated 930 children, in Silwan face violent forced displacement by Israeli authorities. Many of the dispossessed Palestinian families have lived in their Silwan homes for generations. #SaveSilwan
The US and much of the world remain silent as Israel *illegally* demolishes Palestinian homes and ruins Palestinian lives to make way for a religious theme park.

This is ethnic cleansing– plain and simple. And it must END. #FreePalestine
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29 Jun
"Moderate" Democrats who don't think spending $753 billion on the Pentagon budget is enough also happened to...

💰Take an avg. of $50K from military contractors last election cycle.

Let's put @POTUS $753,000,000,000 Pentagon budget request into some historical context for these representatives:

We're spending more on the Pentagon budget now than peak spending for the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Reagan buildup
This is why we joined 39 other groups earlier this year to demand that withdrawing from Afghanistan should mean a significant reduction in Pentagon spending…
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28 Jun
There’s no #Pride in war profiteering! @HRC recently lauded weapons manufacturer @RaytheonTech for its commitment to “ensuring equal rights” for LGBTQ+ employees. While advocating for equal rights is great, using LGBTQ+ rights to pinkwash US crimes of war is not. 🧵
As then 2nd-largest weapons maker in the US, Raytheon supplies weapons to the Saudi-led coalition to use in the brutal war on Yemen. Despite its complicity in the "world's worst humanitarian crisis," Raytheon has gone to great lengths to ensure they continue to turn a profit 😠
I don't know about you, but a corporation that makes its money off the murder of innocent Yemenis should not be celebrated for anything– let alone its so-called “corporate social responsibility efforts.”…
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25 Mar
On this day six years ago, the Saudi-led coalition launched its assault on the Yemeni people. The past six years have been years of loss, hardship, famine, & heartbreak. 💔 Today we remember Yemen & renew our dedication to ending US-backed war crimes. #YemenCantWait
Foreign intervention in Yemen started as a resume builder for the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), who is now the de facto leader of the Kingdom.

MBS thought this war would last a couple weeks at most. Now thousands of Yemeni are dead, and millions are starving.
From the beginning of the war until now, Saudi Arabia has enjoyed support from the United States, the UK, Canada, & other Western countries. Despite ending “offensive” support for the war, the US CONTINUES to aid Saudi Arabia in its brutal assault on…
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15 Mar
"The Biden presidency is still in its early days, but it’s not too early to point to areas in the foreign policy realm where we, as progressives, have been disappointed– or even infuriated."

Let's count the ways, shall we? @medeabenjamin @NicolasJSDavies…
1⃣ Biden has failed to quickly rejoin the Iran Nuclear Deal, something he could– and should– have done his first day in the White House.

What happened to all those promises of "diplomacy," @JoeBiden? #PeaceWithIran
2⃣ Biden is following in the footsteps of warmongers by continuing attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, and Syria.

A little tip for @JoeBiden: you can't bomb for peace.
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12 Mar
Today and every day, we recognize and honor female political prisoners across the globe, who've given their freedom in the name of truth and justice. #FreeTheWomen #LibresLasQueremos @feministforpol
Palestinian activist & lawmaker Khalida Jarrar has been under Israeli administrative detention since Oct 2019.

There are no charges against her. There has been no trial.

Join us in solidarity with Jarrar & all political prisoners. #FreeTheWomen…
Can you imagine facing 20 years in prison for advocating for women’s rights?

That’s what’s happened to Saudi activist Sama Badawi, who's been imprisoned by the Saudi regime since 2018. We stand in solidarity with women political prisoners today & every day. #FreeTheWomen
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2 Apr 20
During his #COVID19 press conference, Trump announced that he's deploying the Navy to #Venezuela. Wait, what? What's #coronavirus got to do with Venezuela?


Trump is distracting us from his incompetence by threatening war. #HandsOffVenezuela
Trump's justification for the naval deployment is cocaine trafficking. But guess what?? #Venezuela doesn't even produce cocaine! This is just another one of Trump's attempts to #WagTheDog. Check out this map of maritime drug routes. 👇👇👇
Let's take a further look at this map, shall we?
#Venezuela is barely a blip on the map.

If Trump's excuse for deploying ships was truly about drugs, then why isn't the US imposing sanctions & threatening war on Colombia? #WagTheDog
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4 Jul 19
Baby Trump has arrived! Come visit our president in his true form all day on the National Mall, right next to the World War II Memorial, and join us from 2-6pm for our rally & other activities #BabyTrumpBlimp
Our Trump tweeting on a toilet has joined Baby Trump Blimp on the mall!
Trump on a toilet says he’s a very stable genius, among other things. We say a stable genius wouldn’t have us on the brink of war with Iran
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14 May 19
(1/X) Let’s talk about the shameful op-ed @thehill published on Sunday by @RepTipton (a climate change-denying, anti-abortion homophobe) smearing the peace activists outside the Venezuelan embassy in DC. So many lies we’re going to need a whole thread:…
@thehill @RepTipton (2/X) We’re legal tenants of the building with permission from the democratically-elected, UN-recognized Venezuelan government. No matter how many times pro-coup politicians claim we are 'squatting,' we were given the keys by the representatives of the legitimate government.
@thehill @RepTipton (3/X) Our 'ties' to the govts of Cuba & Venezuela were created by an opposition smear campaign against @medeabenjamin that claimed she had been paid millions by Maduro (though they haven’t decided if it’s $15M or $26M). Shame on @RepTipton for regurgitating blatant propaganda.
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10 May 19
THREAD: voices of peace activists outside of the Venezuelan embassy. #HandsOffVenezuela…
This man traveled from Florida to say #HandsOffVenezuela!
This veteran for peace was disgusted when he saw the video of the @SecretService slamming @VFPNational President Gerry Condon’s face into the ground, and then decided to come support the Embassy Protection Collective and to resist US imperialism here in DC. #HandsOffVenezuela
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26 Apr 19
Sportswear manufacturer @PUMA is the main sponsor for the Israeli Football Association (IFA). The IFA has football clubs in illegal Israeli settlements, where trainings and matches take place on stolen Palestinian land. #BDS
@PUMA For Palestinians living under military occupation, even the simple act of engaging in sports becomes a dangerous activity and a political struggle. #BDS
@PUMA On 7/22/09, Israeli soldiers arrested Palestinian football player Mahmoud Sarsak as he tried to cross from Gaza to the West Bank for a match. Despite unsubstantiated or proven evidence, he was accused of being a "terrorist" and imprisoned for three years. #BDS
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