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The highest goal of all human beings, as far as they have not been damaged in soul and spirit, is a life in peace, in community and in love.
In contrast, there are numerous conflicts in all areas ...
According to @JohanGaltung "conflicts do not lie on a higher or lower level. All conflicts "are born free and equal in dignity and rights". They have the right to be dealt with, through "transcendence (transgression) & transformation" so that the parties can live with it.
Geopolitical conflicts [like the US/NATO Ukraine proxy war with Russia] are not on a "higher plane" just because statesmen and diplomats occupy a higher social position."
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A State Department bot is accusing me of being a Russian bot!
I think that's literally a bot. I read about it. If I'm not mistaken, it's a multimillion dollar project that harasses you if you disagree with the State Department.
This idea that if you disagree with imprisoning journalists and whistleblowers you're a Russia agent is insidious. Russia is the enemy of the State Department, therefore anything they don't like is from Russia, therefore no American can ever disagree with the government.
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NEW Cathy O'Brien & David Icke Interview Dec. 1st 22
David Icke banned from Netherlands
Cathy O'Brien MK ULTRA Human trafficking swamp
2.… #Odysee
Conspiracy Of Silence
Banned Documentary
A.I. is being trained in Sexual Trauma Psychological based torture on #TargetedIndividuals for mass role out?
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Warum ist Julian Assange noch nicht frei?
Aus meiner Sicht, weil nicht alle "Journalisten" mit ihrem Kollegen Julian Assange solidarisch sind, sondern sich die Mehrheit in den großen Medien von der herrschenden Klasse der riesigen Vermögen hat kaufen, erpressen und manipulieren haben lassen und weiterhin lässt.
Bestrafe einen, erziehe hunderte (oder gar Tausende)...
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Cet escroc qui a volé des milliards devrait être en prison.

Au lieu de cela, il annonce participer à une conférence organisée par le @nytimes la semaine prochaine.

En finançant le parti démocrate avec l'argent des déposants, il semble s'être acheté une immunité !
Le journaliste du @nytimes confirme la participation (à distance) de #SBF, un des plus grands escrocs de l'histoire.

Qui le protège ?
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Das höchste Ziel aller Menschen, soweit sie in der Seele und im Geist keinen Schaden genommen haben, ist ein Leben im Frieden, in der Gemeinschaft und in der Liebe.
Demgegenüber stehen zahlreiche Konflikte in allen Bereichen ...
Was läuft falsch in der westlichen Werte-/Staatengemeinschaft, wenn aufrechte Menschen mit Zivilcourage wie Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden ... von "unseren" Regierungen verfolgt werden als Staatsfeinde? Image
Warum gibt es eigentlich auch 2022 immer noch Kriege auf der Welt? Image
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Why are there ppl in western countries still crying so much about white ppl in general even after Obama w/o realizing POC elites esp in non-western countries treat their POC lessers just as bad? Ultimately race matters less compared to elites vs all of us.
After globalist elites destroyed many non-western nations they’re now out to destroy western countries w/c will kill many white ppl to stay in control. Why do ppl forget that although race matters it was never the primary contradiction? It’s always been a class struggle.
This evil cabal will throw anyone under the bus like #FreeAssange as long as they/them imperialists stay safe, secure & in power.
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In my view, a government should not have the right to kill their citizens, period. It's too "big government" for my taste, personally.

Republicans seem to favor big government in this instance, whereas Democrats prefer small (less-empowered) government.

A small thread.🧵
Do I really care about whether an actual murderer gets life in prison or death sentence? No.

What I care about, is the misuse of this power by the government.

I know way too many governments around the world that are happy to use this authority to kill people they don't like.
In other words, I don't want to grant the power of life-vs-death to the government. I want that off the table.

Guilty people go to prison but can still communicate. Sometimes the evidence changes, and years or decades later it turns out they are not guilty and they are let free.
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Ai posteri del Giorno Dopo (Zombie) l'ardua sentenza...! #TheDayAfter
Il 20 Novembre 1983 in circa 100 mln vedono il film #TheDayAfter di Nicholas Meyer che narra dell'inizio della guerra #nucleare tra Usa e Urss. Il colossal è controverso dal punto di vista politico ma è tecnicamente apprezzato per la fedele ricostruzione della #guerra nucleare.
🇷🇺🎖️⚡️💥 Briefing del Ministero della Difesa russo sullo stato di avanzamento dell'Operazione militare speciale #Zhukov in Ucràina. Come risultato della sconfitta dell'offensiva ucraina su ordine personale di (Z)elensky a Nikolaev-Krivoi Rog e in altre direzioni, il regime
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I have pledged to be link number 2521 in the Human Chain to #FreeAssange on October 8th. Register: #SurroundParliament
#FreeAssange der name #JulianAssange ist seit einem jahrzehnt das symbol geworden, wie die ideen von #humanismus #neuzeit #aufklärung #modern ihr ende gefunden hat.

für den deutschsprachigen raum, war vorher #holocaust zur erfahrung von #Zivilisationsbruch...
#Holocaust steht für das ausweiden und ausmerzen von menschen. faschistische ideen können erklären, warum es für diese überflüssigen menschen besser ist, dass sie weggemacht werden: sie ermöglichen damit eine arische, eine reine, eine bessere menschheit.

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Sir Salman Rushdie liegt nach dem Mordanschlag auf ihn im Krankenhaus. Die Meldungen über seinen Zustand und die zu erwartenden Folgeschäden sind unterschiedlich. Die Reaktionen unserer "Oberen" auch.

1. Kanzler #Scholz und Außenministerin Baerbock schweigen. Kein Wunder,

ist doch aktuell der "Atom"-Deal mit #Iran noch immer in der Schwebe. Jedes Statement gibt sofort Ärger mit denen, die seit Jahrzehnten #Rushdie auf der Todesliste halten.

2. Chrischy #Lindner retweeted seinen Generalsekretär @DjirSarai , seit seinem 11ten Lebensjahr in Image
Deutschland, Exil-Iraner

3. Marco #Buschmann "justizministert" mit einem Standard Tweet

4. Die Libertären feiern eine Party, kann man doch einmal mehr Image
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There will never be any significant help for Assange as long as Aust in part of ‘Five Eyes’.

Under its provisions ‘their information’ is ‘our information’, such that we have to consider Assange a criminal as well, no matter what crime he uncovered.
The Five Eyes ruling concept, that ‘once you are in, there is no difference between individual int services, just diff nationalities serving the same goal’, means that the US were even consulted in my prosecution, as if it was ‘their information’.
They pushed for prosecution.
‘Five Eyes’ is a misleading name because it implies a collective but it’s actually simply four nations collecting Int for the US. We get to see their stuff, if it suits them. But there is only one ‘decision maker’. and it’s not us.
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Head Of The Snake Mossad, Maxwell, Epstein, Mega Group & The Les Wexner Connection

#FreeAssange #Assange
Compromised: Genie Energy & the Murdoch media’s climate denial…
Murdoch, Scaife & CIA Propaganda…
Attached: Quid pro quo Murdoch assists CIA Coup
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Of, Julian Assange (#FreeAssange)


IMPORTANT STUFF: please see the two videos in tweet 1 & 2 (below)...I will make comments in tweet 3 and onwards.

See one Australian Senator David Shoebridge ask the Minister representing PM Albanese a question or two on Julian's case.

Comments: isn't this example ripe!

I mean in the UK I would term this 'Soft Soaping' or 'giving the flannel'.

I mean, it's a brush - off.

Now, I'm aware of #Assange and much of the case. This example is extremely & especially worrying.

Not that in this case the three
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It is a measure of the success of ‘Information Operations’ when actors are universally lauded as heroes, and true heroes who sacrifice their lives bringing the world truth are regarded as terrorists.
The US could unilaterally bomb Russia with nuclear weapons and most of the western world would celebrate, @TheEconomist declaring ‘Finally NATO has the Lebensraum its deserves: inside this issue, a guide to the rich new European territories opening up!’
Who would complain? No one
There is no shame, and no limits, to the US led propaganda operations, in the same way there are no limits to the selling of hamburgers, and cola.

Every nation who is not aligned with the US must be destroyed. English (US) the only language, the US dollar the only currency
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This is not a drill. Tonight I’m a music fan in Milwaukee for @RogerWaters concert.

Had to stop by the #FreeAssange table and meet the good people from the Milwaukee area, who are here to get the word out about this case to attendees.
The show intro where Roger told anyone who doesn’t like his politics to fuck off to the bar - and we all cheered. Then he launched into an incredible reworking of “Comfortably Numb.”

Aren’t we all a little too comfortably numb?
And then here’s the part, where Roger and the band showed clip from “Collateral Murder” video, told the audience what it was and where it came from, and got the crowd on board with freeing Julian Assange before performing “Déjà Vu”
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If you are worried about your kids vaping, watch a few episodes of Euphoria.
What does a Foreign Policy of:
‘we don’t really like the Americans, and we know they break the law, but we publicly support them because they will protect us, and we all want an easy life?’
say about us, in the eyes of our kids?
We teach our kids not to be fearful. We teach them to be ethical. We teach them to stand up to bullies, and not make friends who exploit us.

Yet we do something different. Very very different. In our jobs, in our Govt.
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Last Friday, home secretary @pritipatel gave her approval for the UK to send my husband, #JulianAssange, to the country that plotted his assassination. @StellaMoris1
"Patel’s decision to extradite Julian has sent shockwaves across the journalism community. The home secretary flouted calls from representatives of the Council of Europe, the OSCE, almost 2000 journalists and 300 doctors for the extradition to be halted." #FreeAssange
“Who is @mikepompeo, @CIA?”
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#Livorno #excinemaAurora stiamo per incominciare.
Presentazione del libro "Il potere segreto", con l'autrice @SMaurizi .
#Assange #FreeAssange
Siamo tutti Julian #Assange
Precede l'esposizione il racconto terribile di superstiti a stragi nazifasciste.
Ma quelle storie tragiche, dice @SMaurizi agghiaccianti, sono le stesse delle guerre immonde che
#Assange ha svelato.
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“Murderers, torturers and war criminals will be toasting the British home secretary, Priti Patel, tonight. Her decision to approve the extradition of Julian Assange turns investigative journalism into a criminal act,.."Peter Oborne - The Guardian Friday 17th June 2022
The ultimate international whistleblower is to be handed over to the US,where he will get anything but justice, for his ‘crimes’ of exposing the US for murder and incarcenation of innocents breaching internationally upheld laws to protect the most basic human rights.
If investigative journalism is now a crime,we have turned a very dark corner in a post truth age.
A Tory government colluding is hardly surprising but what are citizens going to do? Accept & fail to maintain standards of human rights we assert as the basis of our civilisation?
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Action 4 Assange (@action_4assange):

[145] HUGE announcement #FreeAssange

Presented by

Major David McBride
@CathyVoganSPK of @Consortiumnews

Video ~2:18:24hrs


Follow the chat and see these links below, for helpful information.


On Joshua Shulte
from 15 June

Consortium News (@Consortiumnews)

JOHN KIRIAKOU: A Whistleblower’s Agony…

On Joshua Shulte


From 16 June

See @innercitypress. And Recommended to Follow

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The Assange case is ultimately about whether we have the right to know what the institution we call our government is doing. It’s a case about democracy, transparency and accountability. The US knows that if ordinary Americans were fully aware, it would threaten the whole system.
It’s a system whose name has been repeated so often that it’s become boring to us: the military-industrial complex. Eisenhower knew whereof he spoke, and he understood the spiritual aspect of the military-industrial complex’s malign influence on civic life. For a free, democratic
…society to be possible, we have to be able to see what our government is doing. That’s what the Assange case means, the right for the truth to be known—not sucked into the memory hole, so that nothing ever changes. #FreeAssangeNOW #FreeJulianAssange #FreeAssange #AntiWar
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In diesen Tagen kann die 🇬🇧Innenministerin entscheiden, ob #Assange an die USA ausgeliefert wird - oder nicht. Falls ja, gibt es noch Einspruchsmöglichkeiten. Am Ende entscheidet vermutlich der Menschenrechts-Gerichtshof des Europarates (#EGMR) in Strasbourg. #FreeAssange Andrej Hunko mit einem Schild, auf dem steht: "Assange'
Völlig zurecht hat der Whistleblower der #PentagonPapers, Daniel Ellsberg, auf die immense Gefahr für die #Pressefreiheit hingewiesen:
"Wenn #Assange ausgeliefert wird, ist kein Journalist der Welt vor einer lebenslangen Haftstrafe in den Vereinigten Staaten sicher." Bild von Daniel Ellsberg mit dem im Tweet erwähnten Zitat
Es ist deshalb wichtig, dass die Parlamentarische Versammlung des Europarates und auch seine Menschenrechtskommisarin @Dunja_Mijatovic sich deutlich gegen die Auslieferung ausgesprochen haben. Die Bundesregierung hingegen schweigt.……
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