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Ever wonder how deep, comfortable, and cozy the incredibly illegal corruption is between CIA+ DOJ? BREAKING:IP addresses prove the head of UC Global was contacting the Eastern District of Virginia directly, while also spying on Julian Assange illegally at the behest of the CIA 1/
This means the CIA ordered a spying operation that was funneling material directly into the Court handling Assange's case, while simultaneously plotting to murder Assange.
2/ #FreeAssange #Fight4Julian
They bugged the embassy, spied on conversations with his lawyers + provided that directly to the US Government in violation of a multitude of international and domestic laws.
#FreeAssange #Fight4Julian
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I often hear from misinformed people, that Julian Assange & Wikileaks endangered the lives of our men and women in uniform with their release of war documents.

But here is the truth:

In July 2010, when WikiLeaks began revealing secret documents about the war in Afghanistan...1/
the Pentagon immediately accused Assange + Wikileaks of having blood on their hands, because their publication would put Afghan translators and informants at risk, those who collaborated with American and Western coalition troops... 2/
Pentagon + CIA created large task forces of intelligence analysts to sift through every single name that came out of those documents to try to find out if any of them had been killed, injured or imprisoned b/c of Wikileaks publication.... 3/
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We began calling the Eastern District of Virginia over the Assange case a few weeks ago now. And what began as a few hundred calls a day, ballooned into thousands and thousands of them 24/7. #FreeAssange 1/
Today, the EDVA has begun to actively attempt to discourage people from calling over the case because public pressure has become a massive issue.
As such, we have begun recording these negative live interactions and compiling these calls. #FreeAssange 2/
If you would like to be a part of that effort, join the thousands of others actively fighting this fight in The Silent War Room ( ).
#FreeAssange 3/
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"There is a chance.

But it relies on a lot.

We do not know yet, if the British courts will take into consideration the evidence of the CIA plotting to kill him, or Siggi's confession of manufactured charges (and his subsequent arrest) etc etc."

"The US governent has 5 specific points they can appeal. If they win on even one, extradition might be granted.

Short of it being tossed and Assange walking free, we must contend with either extradition, "

"or a scenario wherein the High court rules that the judge made a legal error somewhere,"

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@jlorains1 @newsmax William @KensingtonRoyal: Queen @RoyalFamily protects #PrinceAndrew @TheDukeOfYork= "threat to monarchy." Someone could go to the jail IF @metpoliceuk did their job

@MetCC, @FBI: #IlluminatiSacrifice of #Prince. Queen was dressed in #PurpleRain🎸she KNEW
@jlorains1 @newsmax @KensingtonRoyal @RoyalFamily @TheDukeOfYork @metpoliceuk @MetCC @FBI 2/ Her Excellency @EmbassyCat= H👑MP @hmpbelmarsh prisoner, award-winning publisher #JulianAssange, wishes Her Majesty a happy 90th birthday. The official, not real=April 21, the day #Prince died & Queen wore #PurpleRain☂ dress
#FreeAssange🚔SHE KNEW🚨
@jlorains1 @newsmax @KensingtonRoyal @RoyalFamily @TheDukeOfYork @metpoliceuk @MetCC @FBI @EmbassyCat @hmpbelmarsh 3/ My reply to above @wikileaks publisher #FreeAssangeNOW. At the end of this thread, Mr. #Assange should walk free. Someone can have his #torture cell. #PrinceAndrew? Her🎉Majesty☂? #WarrenBuffett? Whoever else planned #IluminatiSacrifice of #Prince, MET
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"The biggest source of corruption in Afghanistan", one American official said, "was the United States."

We knew that in 2013

If you read the 2013 story about Afghanistan, it doesn’t take much imagination to think the CIA may do similar things in other countries.
How did the US come to ‘own’ Australia as the result of a few key figures?
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This is a great review of recent media censorship on the #ASSANGE case. We need to draw some hard conclusions about what the hell is going on here. It's not good!

Here's a short thread with some highlights... #FreeASSANGE…
BBC totally ignored the CIA assassination plot except for this story from BBC Somalia. Not a single @BBCNews tweet about #Assange or #WikiLeaks for over 9 months. No tweets from @BBCWorld since April 2020.
Neither the New York Times or Washington Post have published any articles about Assange since July 2021. Australia's @abcnews ignored the CIA murder plot (and Siggi's retraction/jailing) but published this story about angry supporters.…
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"This video is not available."…

Why not, @abcnews? #FreeASSANGE

NB: At least the transcript is still there... #WLhistory
Maybe too embarrassing for @leighsales?

"Australia shares intelligence with its allies all the time, you're the subject of a Justice Department investigation in the USA. What's wrong with Australia sharing what intelligence it has?"

There used to be a thing called a TRIAL...
SALES: You've come from a suburban upbringing, to at times sleeping rough on the streets of Melbourne, to being Time magazine's Person of the Year... Does it feel unreal?

ASSANGE: Well it does feel unreal because I've never slept rough on the streets of Melbourne.
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On the ground at Beverly Hills checking out this rally in support of firefighters at risk of losing their job with the vaccine mandate.

Lots of families of the firefighters here with them.

#Covid_19 #protest
This dude was doing laps around the whole civic center with the flag and Rocky music, was pretty fun to watch no cap lol. I caught him for a few seconds on his 4th or 5th lap.
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@Europarl_EN 14 Jan⏰1999 @Europarl_EN
Report on environment, #security & #foreignpolicy.
Committee on #Environment, Public #Health & #Consumer Protection🔔▶…🔔 #HAARP disrupts❕ #climate

#ClimateCrisis😱 #MADEinUSA ® HAARP #DEW

@Europarl_EN @TimmermansEU @EU_Commission @EUCouncilPress @EU_Consumer @EUCourtPress @eu_echo @EUClimateAction @fvdemocratie @coe @PieterOmtzigt #FreemanDyson💎math physicist. Worked in the same building @Princeton as #Einstein💭when Einstein was there "big brain"💭
Knew the guy who designed 1st #ClimateCrisis👎model"

"EU using #ClimateChange to justify its own existence"
- #PaulNuttall @ukipmeps
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@stoneagegirl88 💙 inspiring 😇 thanks

Hair🎹🎼 ▶…
@stoneagegirl88 I used to have a pretty long hair but now what grows back goes under the scissors, so my hairbstays semi-long👆less benefits. Need to load myself w/ #Selenium & #Zinc

How about men w/ long hair?
@stoneagegirl88 If you watched @davidgilmour🎹 #Murder until the end👆you noticed 📺more💦✈on autoplay

aka #chemtrails

What they put up👆there rains👇☔down on you👪🛀incl.your hair🚿, on🐝wildlife💧water🍶🏊🏄🌊🐳🐙🐟

@FBI Chief:
"it's murder by @UN"
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Hero💎 He should not be locked & tortured. He exposed crimes of those who want to silence him for the past decade. Diplomats @AusHouseLondon won't help cause Amb.@AusHCUK wears CIA cufflings😙

JA has 2 little boys who miss him. #FreeAssange @StellaMoris1…
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@blckbxnews @georgevanhouts RIP Barry Jennings, key 9/11 whistleblower. Segments feat. Jason Bermas & Dylan Avery (Loose Change 9/11 movies)

@blckbxnews @georgevanhouts #911Truth Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld knew in April 2001. @CIA asset @SLindauer2011 tried to stop 9/11 via @congressdotgov #McCain. 30 days later, @FBI picks her up w/arrest warrant on the #PatriotAct; 9/11 had to happen? Perfect pretext for war.

#WTC7 next..
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@BillHog15360397 Fall😂Empire😂fall😂

Brilliant pre-Obama lecture by my fav historian @WebsterGTarpley

@BillHog15360397 @WebsterGTarpley I recommend this beauty. Obama death count 1,2,3,. incl. Larry Sinclair testimony

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@khrafnsson Secretary @mikepompeo should do sthg for Julian. Show the world that he stands by his words.
@khrafnsson @mikepompeo @wikileaks @AusHCUK Australian Ambassador Hon. George Brandis once said this.. Mr. Assange broke no Aussie and US laws. So why is Biden's @TheJusticeDept not letting Julian go?

@khrafnsson @mikepompeo @wikileaks @AusHCUK @TheJusticeDept @AusHouseLondon @MoJGovUK They (USA & UK) make it too complicated. The simple truth is that Julian Assange is innocent and they are war criminals. Orwell laughing!

Presidential candidate Dr.@RonPaul explains:

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It is ironic that no one responsible for war crimes in #Afghanistan & #Iraq has been punished

And yet the man who helped exposed these crimes is in the dock

Next month, #JulianAssange will have his final extradition appeal hearing in London. #Assange Image
2/. Assange created the technology that allowed outsiders to get a glimpse within

If extradited, @wikileaks founder #JulianAssange faces detention conditions that could amount to torture, the possibility of an unfair trial & a sentence of up to 175 years
3/. “Populations don’t like wars. They have to be fooled into wars. Nearly every war that has started in the past 50 years has been a result of media lies” #JulianAssange

Obama opened the investigation

Trump brought charges

Biden admin should drop them
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#FriendlyFire @SommMarkus @laura_zme @nebelspalter grossartige inszenierung von #Impfframing @BAG_OFSP_UFSP @operationlibero

ob @MNebelspalter diese show schon dekonstruiert hat? das wäre eine hübsche fingerübeng ;-)))

wie kannstu im namen der #grundrechte die #denkblockaden so installieren, dass es zu einer selbstgewählten moralischen pflicht wird, sich impfen zu lassen?

prof. dr. #MarkusZimmermann @unifr zu dekonstruieren ist vermutlich relativ einfach.
wenn aber eine junge pr-frau - welche in einer werbeagentur für das @BAG_OFSP_UFSP arbeitet - von @SommMarkus unterstützt wird ists komplizierter🤪

komm @MNebelspalter @DieOstschweiz zeig mal, wie das gehen könnte ;-)))

ethik für dummies | #philosophie für gymnasiasten (so?)
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⚠️Il video in cui presento il libro di @SMaurizi "IL POTERE SEGRETO: PERCHÉ VOGLIONO DISTRUGGERE JULIAN ASSANGE E WIKILEAKS", è stato censurato da @YouTube e quindi rimosso, perché "viola le norme sulle organizzazioni criminali violente."

#AllertaMedia #FreeAssange #FreePress
Farò ricorso contro quello che spero sia solo un errore da parte di @YouTube.
Ma non mi arrendo e continuerò a pubblicare in ogni angolo della rete il mio video, a partire proprio da Twitter.

Segue il video originale, tagliato in 2 parti per ragioni di spazio.


Video Presentazione - PARTE 1

#AllertaMedia #FreeAssange #FreePress
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OK a massive thread with some stuff about Afghanistan and imperialism that you may not have heard despite all that you have heard. It's going to be long, I'll just say that in advance.
This thread begins with a quintessential imperialist regime change operation. In 1839. Yes, the same year Britain was committing the atrocities of the Opium War in China, it also invaded Afghanistan.

(Opium War history is covered in the podcast here:…)
The regime change operation in Afghanistan in 1839 was written up nicely in the Afghan patriot Farukh Husain's book, Afghanistan in the Age of Empires. Image
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