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Having a hard time keeping track of everything Twitter announced this week? Us too. Here's a recap as we roll into the weekend 👇
We launched a global #FollowLocalJournalists campaign on #WorldPressFreedomDay to spotlight and support local journalists, which included print and digital ads in local newspapers across the US.

Check out @Axios’ scoop:
Access to host Spaces expanded, plus we outlined some new @TwitterSpaces features we're working on:

- Ticketed Spaces
- Co-hosting
- Scheduling
- More block labels + warnings
- Improved captions…
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Dans ce thread, on partage avec vous en avant-première les conclusions préliminaires d’une étude sous le titre "Impact du nouveau code de la #presse sur les #médias associatifs au #Maroc à l’heure de la Covid-19.  Une analyse comparative entre le #Maroc et la Tunisie".
La réalité des #médias au #Maroc reste marquée par un contexte globalement peu inclusif pour le tiers-secteur que représentent les #médias communautaires et associatifs. La relative libéralisation de la #presse et de l’audiovisuel ont permis l’émergence d’un secteur privé... détriment du secteur associatif.  Les #médias associatifs étant privés du droit d’émettre sur les ondes FM, malgré plusieurs expériences ponctuelles réussies (Radio Climat pendant la COP22, Radio Migration…), leur développement s’est naturellement poursuivi sur Internet.
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To mark #WorldPressFreedomDay, Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke about a "Khashoggi ban," where the US will impose visa restrictions on those acting on behalf of foreign government who suppress, harass, surveill, threaten, or harm journalists and/or their families.
When will UC Global director David Morales and others involved in the espionage operation against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange while he was in the Ecuador embassy face restrictions?
Agents within the CIA or other US intelligence institutions conspired against Assange and WikiLeaks during the Trump administration. They engaged in activities that involved harassment, surveillance, threats, or harm to Assange and his family. Can they be banned?
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NEW LAWSUIT: This #WorldPressFreedomDay, we sued the U.S. Agency for Global Media, which oversees Voice of America, for records that could shed light on the agency’s politicization and investigations of reporters under former CEO Michael Pack.…
Pack led USAGM under former President Trump from June 2020 to Jan. 2021. Shortly after he was confirmed to the position, he ousted numerous top agency executives in what one former official called a “Wednesday night massacre."…
In August 2020, Pack suspended top executives who warned him that some of his proposals could be illegal. He then contracted a high-profile law firm — at taxpayers’ expense — to investigate those top executives, according to analysis by @GovAcctProj.…
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As an educator, I always think about how to explain the mechanism under which I work to up and coming young journalists. For #WorldPressFreedomDay I’d like to talk about how Allegheny County hasn’t responded to my questions in 70 days.
Covering the jail, questions have to go through the Spokesperson who works directly for the County Executive. In years prior, a question about the jail would be answered by the jail. Today, I cannot ask the ACJ administration anything without going through the County Executive.
Over the summer, the @pghcurrent broke the story about the book ban at the Allegheny County Jail. County Spokesperson Amie Downs called The Current “not a real news source.” After readers started calling her office, she readily provided comment.
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I support #WorldPressFreedomDay.
Legit journalists deserve mad respect.

And also: espionage is not journalism, nor is propaganda.
Hacks, shills, agents of foreign powers, & fuckwits like Assange, John Solomon, Ben Domenech, Hannity, Greenwald, et al, are not journalists.
Espionage is not journalism.
Influence operations in service of foreign intelligence services’ objectives = not journalism.
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Throughout 2020 I reported a series of pieces on a story that flew under the radar: Sect of State Mike Pompeo's radical remaking of USAID as an extremist evangelical operation.

Pompeo Continues Assault on LGBT+ Abroad Via USAID…
As the US was voting to oust Trump, Pompeo was continuing his extremist policy-making at State. He coalesced dozens of rogue nations to create a "pro-family" agenda for the US abroad.

U.S. signs anti-abortion, anti-LGBT declaration…
The work Pompeo was doing via USAID was increasingly far-reaching, yet largely ignored at home due to focus on Trump's excesses. Biden and Blinken have yet to undo any of this.

Pompeo’s Human Rights Panel Subverts LGBT and Women’s Rights…
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Opening arguments for Epic vs. Apple will begin shortly. I'm here in the courtroom and can report that Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has ditched his cargo shorts and t-shirt for a suit. 🕴️

Read our preview of the trial here:…
And given that it's #WorldPressFreedomDay - shoutout to @leah_nylen for pushing to get better press access to this trial given covid restrictions. here we go!
@leah_nylen Epic's lawyers are running through a series of emails between Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Phil Schiller, Eddy Cue and other Apple execs to make the case that the App Store was designed as a "walled garden" that locks people in.
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"Earlier today, the government of the #DRC🇨🇩 announced the end of the most recent #Ebola outbreak, three months after the first case was reported in North Kivu.
I congratulate the govt, health workers, communities & all WHO staff who were involved in the response."-@DrTedros
“This has only been possible thanks to a concerted, comprehensive and consistent approach, using vaccines and therapeutics alongside proven public health measures, with empowered and engaged communities.”-@DrTedros

#Ebola #DRC🇨🇩
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May 3 is #WorldPressFreedomDay

This thread is a reminder about how the regime in #Iran treats journalists.
Iran ranks 174th on RSF’s 2020 World Press Freedom Index.

And yet the @StateDept made no mention of Iran in its annual report
@StateDept @mikepompeo @jakejsullivan @USEnvoyIran @RichardMNephew @RichardGrenell @skb_sara @SaraCarterDC @rising_serpent @CarrollQuigley1 @ProfMJCleveland 2)
"At least 860 journalists and citizen-journalists have been prosecuted, arrested, imprisoned and in some cases executed since the 1979 revolution."
#Iran: Execution of journalist Rouhollah Zam a ‘deadly blow’ to freedom of expression

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A petition to the Supreme Court of Israel was filed to force intelligence agencies to transfer historical documents to State archives after fifty years as per the law. But the secrecy provisions were extended from 50 to 70 years longer than country's...
..history at that time. In Israel, military censor requires the media to add words “according to foreign publications” whenever it mentions secret actions attributed to Israeli intelligence, primarily targeted assassinations even if the sources are from the intelligence.
‘Mossad’ is a unit of prime minister’s office. Under national law, reporting on any of its activities is subject to censorship.

“I’ve reached the conclusion that media is an insatiable monster so there’s no point in maintaining relationship with it.” Meir Dagan, Chief of Mossad
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On #WorldPressFreedomDay, we must remember to prioritise the voices and struggles of local journalists in 🇲🇲 who are risking abduction, prosecution, torture, threats and prosecution to report the facts on the ground. Thank you for all that you do. 🙏🙏🙏
Please read the following thread to learn more about the ongoing challenges facing journalists in Myanmar right now:
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These are the 4 British law firms being used by 4 Russian oligarchs close to Putin in a co-ordinated legal attack against @CatherineBelton, the author of a landmark book, Putin’s People.
This is @TaylorWessingUK. Apparently they’re great supporters on #mentalhealthawarenessweek. Being sued by a Russian oligarch is a noted booster for one’s mental health, of course. Hope you don’t mind me cc-ing you in @Rubywax.
And this is @CMS_law. Strong on diversity & inclusion & empowering women. But not, god forbid, women who happen to be journalists investigating Russian power
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Today is #WorldPressFreedomDay and one cannot overstate its relevance to the #Greece mediascape.
In a country where there is wide distrust of the media (trust in the news overall stands at 30% after decades of undue influence by politicians & businessmen as per Reuters);
where trust in newspapers as a source for the news stands at 13% (as per Palmos Analysis poll); where the relevant Reporters Without Borders’ entry starts with “Press freedom has suffered in Greece in 2020”, highlights censorship, arbitrariness, obstruction and violence
and awards it the 70th place in its Index of World Press Freedom; where the state broadcaster is overseen by the Deputy Minister to the PM; where a journalist of thirty years is forced to resign from one of the most respected newspapers (To Vima) after breaking the story
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1/. Two hundred years ago, a slab of Purbeck stone was set deep into a hillside overlooking London

Called the Free Speech Stone, it is a place where people have gathered whenever their rights were under threat

On #WorldPressFreedomDay it is time to gather there again. #WPFD2021 Image
2/. #WorldPressFreedomDay is a day to remember journalists who've been harassed, intimidated, jailed or even killed

32 were killed in 2020

But it’s also a day to take strength

The truth is powerful

It’s why they fear it

It’s why they try to silence it
3/. “The moment we no longer have a free press, anything can happen. What makes it possible for a totalitarian or any other dictatorship to rule is that people are not informed.” (Hannah Arendt)

These are dark days for press freedom ALL around the globe.
#WorldPressFreedomDay Image
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Nakikiisa ang rebolusyonaryong kilusan sa Sorsogon sa mga kagawad ng media at mamamahayag ngayong Pandaigdigang Araw ng Kalayaan sa Pamamayahag. #WorldPressFreedomDay
Nagpupugay kami sa mga kagawad ng media na buong tapang at giting na gumaganap sa kanilang gawain upang magpahayag ng totoong balita at magsilbing boses ng publiko sa harap ng walang habas na pamamaslang at iba pang atake sa mga mamamahayag at sa mamamayang Pilipino.
Nagpupugay din kami sa mga mamamahayag na nagbuwis ng buhay sa pagpapabatid ng katotohanan sa mamamayan ng Sorsogon -sina Teodoro Escanilla na pinaslang noong Agosto 27, 2015, Jobert Bercasio na pinaslang noong Setyembre 14, 2020 at iba pang bayani ng malayang pamamahayag.
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1/. #WorldPressFreedomDay  is on 3 May

In 2016, @amnesty, @RSF_en, @article19europe, @hrw, @IndexCensorship, @CPJ_Eurasia & set up the @FreeTurkeyMedia campaign

For 5 years, journalists around the world have shown solidarity for their jailed colleagues.
2/. "Journalists who used to observe court cases from the press gallery, now watch them from the dock"

Some of #Turkey's most respected journalists – equivalents of @camanpour @mehdirhasan @andersoncooper - are exiled, facing investigations or in jail.…
3/. Stifling a nation’s media is a willful act of self-harm that we, as journalists, will keep writing about 'til the day they take away our pens

Let's mobilize for Turkish journos like we did when 3 @AlJazeera journos were jailed in Egypt in 2013 #WPFD2021 #WorldPressFreedomDay
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1/. "I will never see the world again"

In 2018 writer & journalist, Mehmet Altan, was sentenced to life-imprisonment in #Turkey on baseless terrorism charges

Tmw the European Court of Human Rights will pass judgment his conviction #FreeTurkeyMedia

3 May = #WorldPressFreedomDay Image
2/. This cartoon👆is by the amazing @channeldraw

In previous years, to mark #WorldPressFreedomDay, @amnesty invited people to tweet their cartoons using the #FreeTurkeyMedia hashtag

Turkey is one of the world's biggest jailer of journalists. #WPFD21
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Tucker: Big Tech censors dissent over coronavirus lockdowns via @YouTube
Has little challenge as do corrupt politicians as long as #FreeSpeech is suppressed. The #NumberOne #HumanRight that made #AmericaGreat. The principle upon which the internet was made to acquire knowledge and exchange ideas. Let’s reflect on that #MothersDay
With out #SydneyPowell speaking up for #GeneralFlynn America wouldn’t know the general Is an American Hero set up by those involved in #ObamaGate. They would still think @POTUS was a Russian Agent when it was @HillaryClinton @DNC aid for and organized #Spygate
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In this interview, Korina Sanchez tells Rappler's @mariaressa what it felt like to watch as ABS-CBN went off-air two days after #WorldPressFreedomDay. #DefendPressFreedom

Handa na ba kayo? Watch #RapplerTalk:
@mariaressa Korina begins with a disclaimer: Whatever I say, whatever my opinions are… these are not reflective of the corporate stand of ABS-CBN.

WATCH #RapplerTalk:
@mariaressa Sanchez: I'm not really surprised. I'm not in disbelief. I mean, we live in times where world leader can actually say you can gulp down Lysol... to kill COVID-19, right?

WATCH #RapplerTalk:
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Thoughts on seeing the ‘know it all anchors’ sinking the discussion on TV reminded me of a talk i gave at QAU, IIUI, Preston, Comwave & others long back!
Any information you have depends on source credibility, bias, placement, expertise & leads to
Misinformation, Disinformation or Propaganda

The last three terms are used interchangeably these days whereas these have totally different meanings which must be distinguished so the information exchange is factual & does not mislead the audience/ publics!
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Language eroding public trust in the news media, while a hallmark of the president’s administration, has increased on Twitter in tandem with the spread of the coronavirus in the U.S. and criticism of the government's handling of it. Read our findings here:…
Trump spent #WorldPressFreedomDay attacking the news media, continuing what is now an 11-day spree decrying specific outlets and journalists by name. Already in May, the president has used the term "enemy of the people" twice.
Explore the live @uspresstracker database tracking Trump's anti-press tweets — including tweets by year, primary target, and terms like "fake news" — here:…
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May 3 was #WorldPressFreedomDay. It is quite interesting that certain Iranians who consider themselves “journalists” did not say a word about the Iranian regime’s crackdown against true journalists inside #Iran.

Why? They are Iran apologists/lobbyists.

One example is @NegarMortazavi. She was more concerned about pushing Tehran’s talking points on U.S. sanctions against Iran.

Of course, nothing else is expected from someone who has such close relations with @JZarif.
Another example is @farnazfassihi. Again, not one word about #Iran’s crackdown against true journalists inside the country. Yet she eagerly RTs anti-Trump tweets to score cheap political points.

And, Fassihi is quite fond of Iran's now dead chief terrorist Qassem Soleimani.
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Daniel Pearl's father @yudapearl tells @TheMediaLine Felice Frieson and @RajaAajtv he is happy his wife's and his court filing for justice in his son's murder fell on the eve of #WorldPressFreedomDay…
Says @yudapearl to @TheMediaLine: "A message of impunity to people who plan to abduct & play games with the lives of innocent journalists will be detrimental to the lives of future journalists." Image
Adds @yudapearl to @TheMediaLine: "The eyes of the world are focusing now on the message that the Supreme Court of Pakistan will send to its citizens and to the rest of the world."
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