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Tucker: Big Tech censors dissent over coronavirus lockdowns via @YouTube
Has little challenge as do corrupt politicians as long as #FreeSpeech is suppressed. The #NumberOne #HumanRight that made #AmericaGreat. The principle upon which the internet was made to acquire knowledge and exchange ideas. Let’s reflect on that #MothersDay
With out #SydneyPowell speaking up for #GeneralFlynn America wouldn’t know the general Is an American Hero set up by those involved in #ObamaGate. They would still think @POTUS was a Russian Agent when it was @HillaryClinton @DNC aid for and organized #Spygate
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In this interview, Korina Sanchez tells Rappler's @mariaressa what it felt like to watch as ABS-CBN went off-air two days after #WorldPressFreedomDay. #DefendPressFreedom

Handa na ba kayo? Watch #RapplerTalk:
@mariaressa Korina begins with a disclaimer: Whatever I say, whatever my opinions are… these are not reflective of the corporate stand of ABS-CBN.

WATCH #RapplerTalk:
@mariaressa Sanchez: I'm not really surprised. I'm not in disbelief. I mean, we live in times where world leader can actually say you can gulp down Lysol... to kill COVID-19, right?

WATCH #RapplerTalk:
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May 3 was #WorldPressFreedomDay. It is quite interesting that certain Iranians who consider themselves “journalists” did not say a word about the Iranian regime’s crackdown against true journalists inside #Iran.

Why? They are Iran apologists/lobbyists.

One example is @NegarMortazavi. She was more concerned about pushing Tehran’s talking points on U.S. sanctions against Iran.

Of course, nothing else is expected from someone who has such close relations with @JZarif.
Another example is @farnazfassihi. Again, not one word about #Iran’s crackdown against true journalists inside the country. Yet she eagerly RTs anti-Trump tweets to score cheap political points.

And, Fassihi is quite fond of Iran's now dead chief terrorist Qassem Soleimani.
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[THREAD] This #WorldPressFreedomDay, a thread acknowledging our brave colleagues in media, #journalism and #satire in southern Africa. 🌍

Our producer @SteveSince91 met a few at a digital activism & internet freedom (un)conference in Lusaka in March. Press Freedom is Democracy ...ImageImage
First up, the amazing Zimbabwean satirist, and host of The Week on @MagambaTV , @ComradeFatsooo. The most passionate giving person who wants to grow the SADC satirical community, he works on cheeky political satire in Zim 🇿🇼 under tough conditions. ImageImage
It was he who first reached out to us on Twitter. He later suggested we join an African satire network he was forming alongside the likes of @KagisoLediga @iampilato @bustoptv @xyzshow and a few other huge satirists, artists & activists! We were honoured to be included! 🤩😎
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May 3 is #WorldPressFreedomDay

This thread is a reminder of how the regime in #Iran treats journalists.

Iran ranked 173rd out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2020 World Press Freedom Index.

"State control of news & information is unrelenting & at least 860 journalists & citizen-journalists have been imprisoned or executed since 1979."
Iran’s Cyber Police has arrested thousands of Iranians during the coronavirus epidemic for exposing the regime’s mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis.…
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A free press is essential to a free society. That's why attacking the press and attempting to intimidate independent media is a standard part of the authoritarian playbook around the world. And it’s why Donald Trump’s efforts to demonize the media put us on such a dangerous path.
Trump deflects legitimate questions with attacks. He bullies members of the press, instead of taking responsibility for his failures. His efforts to undermine public confidence in the integrity of reporting violate our core values and threaten our very system of government.
This #WorldPressFreedomDay, support for an independent press at home and around the world matters more than ever. We must vote Trump out this November and assure that attacks on our free press are never again acceptable — especially not in the White House.…
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Local news is a vital resource — it is critical to the safety, security and knowledge of our communities, never more so than in these difficult times. We encourage you to find a local news outlet you trust and support it. #worldpressfreedomday
Our database is provided by @INN, @LIONPubs, @NAHJ, @newsalliance and @BlackPressUSA. These associations represent outlets that produce original reporting. A publisher is eligible if it provides general interest news for a community, city, state or localized region.
If you do not see your news organization listed in this database, please contact INN, LION, NAHP, NMA or NNPA. If you would like to edit an existing listing or have another inquiry for @nytimes, please complete the form on…
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کہا جارہا ہے کہ میر شکیل الرحمان کو مبینہ طور پر یہ کہا گیا کہ شاہ زیب خانزادہ کو نوکری سے نکالو یا پھر جیل میں رہو ۔ ۱۹۹۷ تا ۱۹۹۹ کے درمیان یہ بات کامران خان کے لیے کی گئ تھی ۔۔ جاری ہے/۲

جی یہی بات بقول میر شکیل الرحمان کی کراچی پریس کلب میں پریس کانفرنس (۱۹۹۷ تا ۱۹۹۹) میں تھی کہ اس وقت سینیٹر سیف الرحمان نے مطالبہ کیا تھا کہ کامران خان کو نکالیں ۔

امید ہے کہ شاہزیب خانزادہ کامران مخبر خان نہیں بنیں گے
جنگ گروپ / جیو کے “خطیب” حضرات آزادی صحافت کا مطالبہ ضرور کریں اور میر شکیل کی رہائ کا بھی مگر ۲۰۰۸ تا ۲۰۱۳ کے درمیان جو انہوں نے صحافت کا بیڑہ غرق کیا ہے اس پر معافی بھی مانگیں . حواس باختہ افتخار چوہدری کیساتھ مل کر گند پھیلایا ہے جنگ گروپ نے

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Let me tell you a fictional story...

There is this news company building which is standing on 7 pillars. All of these pillars are sponsored by different companies. Patanjuli, DenturyPly, Amool etc.

One day, the media house reports on a scam which upsets the government.

The gormint starts putting pressure on these companies to pull out their pillars. 5 pillars just disappear overnight.

Whattodo, they have a business to run and Gormint will help them run it or screw them over.

The building becomes shaky and starts tilting to the side.

Desperate building overs plead the Gormint to help them. Gormint is like, "fine, take two pillars from us. But mind you, these pillars can also disappear."

*Nudge nudge wink wink*

"So be good! Report good news, ok?"

Building owners nod vigorously, "We'll be good."

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🔴Oggi esce un mio reportage su come giornalisti, media e attivisti sono sempre + attaccati online, e in modo + sofisticato, dal phishing a furti d’identità a censura. Con tante voci, delle vittime e di chi le aiuta. Su @valigiablu.
Crescono ad esempio gli attacchi di phishing in Azerbaigian, insieme ai DDoS che mandano offline i siti dei media, e i blocchi e le censure governative. Spesso si simulano le identità di attivisti, giornalisti e politici noti per colpire altri attivisti.
A subire attacchi online fu anche Daphne Caruana Galizia, la giornalista maltese uccisa nell’ottobre 2017. Ancora pochi mesi prima subì DDoS al sito e tentativi di rubare le credenziali dello stesso. E poi molestie, diffamazione online.
Un grazie speciale a @mcaruanagalizia
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On this #WorldPressFreedomDay, let me bring your attention to #Kashmir: Here the job of journalists has become extremely difficult due to unprecedented level of harassment, intimidation and surveillance by the state.

Recently, three colleagues — Masrat Zahra, Peerzada Ashiq and Gowhar Geelani — were booked by police, two of them under a draconian anti-terrorism law that could result in imprisonment for up to seven years.
In September 2018, Asif Sultan (31), the assistant editor of a local magazine, Kashmir Narrator, was booked under same stringent anti-terrorism law and is still in the jail.

He was awarded the Press Freedom Award by American National Press Club in August last year.
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Happy World Press Freedom Day!

I have been summoned to Bukit Aman this Wednesday for questioning over my reporting of the immigration raid on the downtown KL red zone on #MayDay.
According to PDRM, I am being investigated under Sek 504 of the Penal Code and Sek 233 of the Communications & Multimedia Act.

Many of you heard the news super quick (can jadi reporter yourselves wei) and sent messages of support. I want to say thank you so much <3
My dear friend @CitizenNades wrote a column questioning the allegation that (as per the relevant section in law) I/my piece "intentionally insults, and thereby gives provocation to any person". He pointed out that #Malaysia had climbed 22 spots in the World Press Freedom report.
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REMINDER: The @1100Penn newsletter—reports on who's spending at Trump businesses—*is free* (🚫💰) for government employees and military members.

Automatic for .gov or .mil addresses; get in touch if you want to use a personal email. Thanks!
A theory about why The MyPillow Guy was allowed to deliver an address in the Rose Garden—

💰Since 2015, Mike Lindell has donated at least $370,000 to GOP causes

💰Like an extravagant chandelier, Lindell’s a fixture at Trump properties

via @1100Penn
So confused!

@DonaldJTrumpJr is a businessman, walled off from his father's administration, so surely "team" can't be referencing anything political

✅But @realDonaldTrump is walled off from his businesses, so "team" can't refer to those either.

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Stand by for news.
NEW: This weekend at Mar-a-Lago, President Trump and Vice President Pence posed for a photo with a Brazilian government official who, according to a local media report, has since developed coronavirus-like symptoms.

via @1100Penn
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@1100Penn And Eduardo Bolsonaro appears to have fallen in love with Trump properties: he's been spotted at Mar-a-Lago and the DC hotel. Repeat visit this week?

via @1100Penn

@1100Penn Eric Trump—a businessperson walled off from his father's administration—apparently has been talking to his father about campaign fundraising. Again.

@1100Penn Last I knew, the digital edition of The New York Times was complimentary for guests at the Trump Hotel DC. Image
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F*ck you @facebook and @instagram and @twitter - I'll use my platforms as long as I have my platforms to support my friends and allies. #freespeechfriday #worldpressfreedomday…
So this just happened to me on @facebook The shadow of the Valley of the Banned looms. Contingency plans in place.
#fightthecensors @RonColeman @alx @LibertarianBlue @RaheemKassam @willchamberlain @pdabrosca @gatewaypundit @minds @bitchute
I know my days here are numbered. You know Twitter goons already put me on notice for my Mo Cartoons posts. Now @facebook - Instagram's next. Stay in touch for my next big projects via my newsletter sign-up. Always have a back-up plan or 2 or 3==>
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It was Justice Hugo Black who said, “In the First Amendment, the Founding Fathers gave the free press the protection it must have to fulfill its essential role in our democracy. The press was to serve the governed, not the governors.” #WorldPressFreedomDay #WPFD2019
George Mason said: “The freedom of the press is one of the greatest bulwarks of liberty, and can never be restrained but by despotic governments.” #WorldPressFreedomDay
Senator John McCain said: “That’s how dictators get started. When you look at history, the first thing that dictators do is shut down the press.” #WorldPressFreedomDay
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#Censorship - #Zensur:
- #NetzDG
- #Uploadfilter (#Article13, #Article17 will be used to filter out opinions!)
- New #Internet-#Filter in #Russia (this week)

#Journalists: Killed or prosecuted:
- #Khashoggi
- #DaphneGalizia (#Malta)
- #Assange
2. #WorldPressFreedomDay - Russian #Journalists killed just in 2018:
- #MaksimBorodin (reports on RUS mercenaries in Syria)
- #DenisSuvorov
- #SergeiGrachyov
- #YegorOrlov

#FreePress #Russia #Putin
3. #WorldPressFreedomDay - Russian #Journalists killed just in 2017:
- #YevgenyKhamaganov
- #NikolayAndrushchenko (like many beaten to death)
- #DmitryPopkov (shot after report on police corruption)
- #AndreyRuskov

#FreePress #Russia #Putin
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Today is #WorldPressFreedomDay.

Every day our journalists work hard to bring you the stories that matter to South Florida.
Journalists like @elizabethrkoh in Tallahassee, who is covering Florida's legislative session and what it means for your healthcare. #WorldPressFreedomDay.
Journalists like @NickNehamas, @Blaskey_S and @ceostroff, who have been reporting on #TrumpTourism out of Mar-a-Lago, and breaking news with national implications left and right. #WorldPressFreedomDay
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There is NO #FreePress in the West.
There is only Establishment sycophancy and lies.
The Corporate media is owned & controlled by the Oligarchs.

Actual Truth Tellers are fired, blacklisted, censored, smeared and jailed.
M$M doesn't want any Truth.

The secret of successful propaganda is to have seemingly diverse media all telling the same lies - Joseph Goebbels

There is NO #FreePress in the West - there is only organized propaganda and lies.
Successful propaganda relies on endlessly repeating the same short phrases and slogans until they become "Truth" - Joseph Goebbels.

There is NO #FreePress in the West - there is only organized propaganda and lies.
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Press freedom is under assault across the globe—including in the US. As journalists fight to advance truth and objectivity, far too many governments and non-state actors are targeting them. #WorldPressFreedomDay
In Slovakia, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia, journalists have been recently killed in retaliation for spreading news and information.

Others have been imprisoned in Burma, Nicaragua, and around the world. #WorldPressFreedomDay
From Turkey to the Philippines, Venezuela to Sudan, governments around the world are trying to silence the press. But the threat to press freedom isn’t limited to foreign lands—it’s something we’ve had to increasingly contend with here in the U.S. #WorldPressFreedomDay
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Friendly advice from the New York Times: How to carry out a coup…
This article is pure gold propaganda. "We tend to think of coups as driven by angry protesters or rogue officers. But, in practice, they are almost always brought about by the country’s dominant political, military and business elite."
"Those power brokers, after all, have the final say over whether a leader stays or goes. But they can only remove a leader if they act together—making any coup what Singh, a leader scholar of coups, called a 'coordination game.'" I wonder how one becomes a scholar of coups?
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We’re excited to announce the launch of #HerStory, Twitter’s new, monthly original video series highlighting the work and personal stories of women journalists around the world. Here’s a sneak peak:

Women journalists are essential to the storytelling landscape, and far too often face obstacles while doing their jobs that their male counterparts do not.
We need to highlight this gender inequality as often as possible, but especially on #WorldPressFreedomDay, when so many are celebrating journalism and the indispensable work that reporters do for society.
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