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Today we are attending this event by the @UN and @UNESCO where our founder @mediaghosts will be speaking with experts such as @MelissaFleming, @antonioguterres, @TawfikJelassi, @vrobecco, @SukirtiDwivedi, @nishantlalwani, @ilyseh and more. Read excerpts from the session below: Image
Opening remarks are presented by @MelissaFleming. "In the face of digitally imposed barriers, editorial independence should be preserved," she says. This has become more challenging due to issues such as Covid-19, the war in Ukraine, etc.
In a video message, @UN General Secretary @antonioguterres speaks about how corruption, human rights abuses and other problems are silencing journalists from many sides. Media workers in war zones face physical dangers but also digital threats such as misinformation.
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Hoy en la conmemoración del #DíaMundialDeLaLibertadDePrensa, te traemos un hilo explicador sobre qué busca inicialmente esta fecha. 🧵#PressFreedom #Pressefreiheit #WorldPressFreedomDay
Comencemos... el 3 de mayo de cada año se celebran los principios fundamentales de la libertad de prensa📰🗞
Estos buscan brindar la oportunidad de evaluar la libertad de prensa a nivel mundial, de defender los medios de comunicación de los ataques sobre su independencia, así como de rendir homenaje a los periodistas que han perdido sus vidas en el desempeño de su profesión.
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On #WorldPressFreedomDay, I would like to remind all that in 2014, Justin Trudeau accepted donations to the Trudeau Foundation from CCP officials, putting him into a conflict of interest.

Despite press conferences being held, the story wasn’t exposed until after he was elected.
Remnants of the press conferences announcing this partnership still exist, but the articles can no longer be found.
He was cleared by the Ethics Commissioner on the premise that the donation was not settled until 2016, after Justin had recused himself from the Trudeau Foundation, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
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For the past several months, we have been working with threatened journalists around the world on a new way to defeat impunity for crimes against the press.

It has a name: the #SafeBoxNetwork. On #WorldPressFreedomDay, we are thrilled to introduce it to the world. #thread (1/12)
The #SafeBoxNetwork was founded on one simple premise: to ensure that a journalist's sensitive information does not disappear with them if they are kidnapped, imprisoned or murdered.

Since the beginning of the year, eight journalists have been killed in Mexico alone. (2/12)
How does the #SafeBoxNetwork work?

First, threatened journalists can keep their sensitive information safe by sharing it with our global network of journalists. We store it securely without working on it. (3/12) Image
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Today, ICIJ is releasing its final installment of #PandoraPapers data, adding information from seven offshore providers headquartered in Hong Kong, Belize, the British Virgin Islands, Panama, Switzerland and Dubai to the #OffshoreLeaks Database. #WPFD 🧵
In total, the #OffshoreLeaks Database now boasts information on more than three-quarters of a million people and companies behind secret offshore structures with links to more than 200 countries and territories, spanning five different major leaks.
ICIJ is publishing this information in the public interest and we’re thrilled to make this data freely available to all on #WorldPressFreedomDay, as the #OffshoreLeaks Database has become an essential tool in the global fight to dismantle offshore secrecy.
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On #WorldPressFreedomDay we want to commemorate the journalists who were killed while covering the war in Ukraine.

At least 7 journalists have been killed covering the war in Ukraine

These are their names...

Journalists are #NotATarget!
Journalism is not a crime!

Yevhenii Sakun, a camera operator for Ukrainian TV station LIVE, was killed when Russian forces shelled a television tower in Kyiv on March 1.

Journalists are #NotATarget!

U.S. documentary filmmaker Brent Renaud was shot and killed in Irpin, outside of #Kyiv, on March 13.

Journalists are #NotATarget!

#WorldPressFreedomDay #WPFD2022
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1. redfish is boycotting the IADAS and handing back all our @TheWebbyAwards and @LovieAwards awards and Honours because of the academy’s racist solidarity with victims of war.
2. @TheWebbyAwards shortlisted, honoured and then disqualified our work in a blatant act of media censorship using the IADAS “solidarity” with Ukraine as the justification. #WorldPressFreedomDay
3. While we support the IADAS’ support for Ukraine’s victims of war, we condemn its refusal to publicly support all victims of war, e.g. those in Yemen, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan. See our full statement here:…
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At Sentient Media, we report on an industry that touches all our lives yet operates in secrecy: factory farming.

On #WorldPressFreedomDay, we call on governments to lift #AgGag laws and share 13 findings we could only report thanks to the help of undercover investigators.👇1/17 Image
“Ag-gag” laws punish whistleblowers and investigators for recording footage inside #FactoryFarms.

In 2021, @ALDF released a film on how #AgGag laws conflict with the First Amendment while concealing pollution, food safety threats, and animal cruelty. 2/17…
“These companies keep their practices under wraps because they know that the public would be horrified.”

Former @AnimalOutlook investigator Scott David reports how #AgGag laws enable farmers to conceal the realities of #meat, dairy & egg production. 3/17…
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🤳 Smear campaigns
💻 'Doxxing'
⭕️ Threats

Women reporters are facing an onslaught of abuse online.

Here's how it's impacting their work – and what we can do to help stop it. 🧵
📲 Online harm aims to silence and stigmatise women journalists.

✒️ Mounting abuse can force some to leave the field altogether.

🤳 That's why we're launching TRFilter with @Jigsaw, a new tool for reporters to manage and block harassment as it happens.
⭕️ How does TRFilter work?

▶️ It recognises and flags harmful Twitter posts
▶️ Choose to hide, mute or save comments
▶️ Block abusive users
▶️ Create reports to share with others Image
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As today is #WorldPressFreedomDay I want to take a moment to reflect on the state of journalism in Ireland 🧵

We're lucky enough that in Ireland, journalists can work in relative safety, free from the fear of imprisonment for doing their jobs but we still have a way to go
A strong independent media means greater public accountability and a more resilient democracy, but our defamation laws are stifling and archaic. Huge court costs and uncapped damages can bankrupt an independent organisation and creates a chilling silence
We seriously need to reform our defamation laws so Ireland is no longer a desirable location for libel tourism, and to enshrine in the constitution greater freedom of expression for the media.
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I wanted to do a thread that on the letter C

Which to be honest

Is a bit dangerous given where UK politics is at the moment
So sorry to disappoint you

It's not a 4 letter C word

I try to avoid that in my writing

Although I do occasionally litter my threads with some profanity


I have three C's I want to talk about
My first C is a chemist

My second C is a comedian

I am not sure which to do first

So I will do them in chronological order

The topic is fittingly #WorldPressFreedomDay #WorldPressFreedomDay2022
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Team TrollBusters is at the #WorldPressFreedomDay conference attending this session where experts such as @quinnmck, @silviachocarro, @intlawninja and more will be discussing the protection of journalists from a feminist lens. Read below for excerpts from the @article19org event: Image
Moderator @quinnmck introduces the panelists and @silviachocarro presents some recommendations for the safety of women journalists.
Brazilian Journalist Jéssica Moreira shares the challenges of black women reporters. Many of their voices were not heard, stereotypes held them back - so they created their own platforms to share content. But they still face problems in securing funding and other supports.
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🧵(1/10) Today is #WorldPressFreedomDay and we are joining the celebration by showing you some of our analysis in the last years. Interested? Take a look at our new thread and RT 🙌
(2/10) 🔴Media freedom remains a problem in many Balkan states, with journalists working in highly polarised political environments and encountering threats from criminal groups, says @RSF_inter ' 2022 World Press Freedom Index…
(3/10)🗨️From physical attacks to death threats and home break-ins, journalists from around the Balkans shared their personal stories of the threats that have stayed with them, sometimes years afterward. The video is originally published on this day, 2018.

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🔻30 χρόνια έκανα τη δουλειά του δημοιογράφου. Θα μας λείψουν κάποιοι συνάδελφοι σήμερα που δε μπορούν να τιμήσουν την Παγκόσμια Ημέρα Ελευθερίας του Τύπου. Δάφνη Καρουάνα Γκαλιζία. Γιώργος Καραϊβάζ. Όσοι χάθηκαν στα μέτωπα της Ουκρανίας. Όλοι με το όνομά τους.
@syrizaep @Left_EU
>>>Στην Ευρώπη πλανάται ένα μεγάλο ερώτημα, ποιος εξουσιάζει ποιον; Οι μεγιστάνες των ΜΜΕ μέσω του Τύπου την εκάστοτε πολιτική εξουσία; Ή η πολιτική εξουσία μέσω των ιδιοκτητών προσπαθεί να επιβάλει πολιτικές; >>>

#WorldPressFreedomDay #EPlenary
>>>Από τη νίκη του Μπερλουσκόνι στην Ιταλία φάνηκε καθαρά ότι μια «καμπάνα» χτυπάει, ότι τα οικονομικά συμφέροντα έχουν τον έλεγχο των MME &βεβαίως την εξουσία. Και αυτό είναι σοβαρό θέμα εμπλοκής πολιτικής στη δημοκρατία.>>>

#WorldPressFreedomDay #EPlenary
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#PressFreedom in #Afghanistan has vanished since the #Taliban takeover.
But #Afghan women journalists stand up: I met with them at Radio Begum, which
▶️ produces programmes for women by women
▶️ airs lessons for school girls
and at @TOLOnews.

@RSF_inter #WorldPressFreedomDay
The #PressFreedom Index by Reporters without Borders @RSF_inter can be found here:…

This was surely the most important interview in this regard that I gave in the last 12 months. A joined attempt to figure out how much I can say on air, showing solidarity with Free Media and Women in #Afghanistan.

Thank you Farida and @TOLOnews for making this possible.
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🔻I have been a journalist for 30 years and some of us today, cannot honor the #WorldPressFreedomDay with us. Their names are Daphne Caruana Galizia, Yorgos Karaivaz and many more. >>>

#PressFreedom #EPlenary
@syrizaep @Left_EU
>>>We should call them by their name, those who gave their lives, in Ukraine & elsewhere. >>>

#PressFreedom #EPlenary
@syrizaep @Left_EU
>>>There is a big question hanging over Europe: who controls who. Do the Media moguls exert control over political administrations? Or do the administrations actually impose policies?>>>

#PressFreedom #EPlenary
@syrizaep @Left_EU
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⭕️ Did you know a journalist is now killed every 5 days?

✏️ That means around 73 people a year lose their lives while fighting to tell important stories.

How did the situation become so dire?

Here are the 5⃣ biggest threats facing reporters globally. 🧵 #WorldPressFreedomDay
1⃣ Surging physical violence

⭕️ Holding power to account is increasingly putting the safety of reporters at risk.

⚖️ Yet 87% of these crimes go unpunished, according to @UNESCO.
✏️ For war correspondents, the threat of physical harm can be especially dangerous.

🇺🇦 In fact, 18 have died so far while reporting on Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

🏆 Our #KurtSchork Awards celebrate the heroes covering conflict around the world.
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1/. Two hundred years ago, a slab of Purbeck stone was set deep into a hillside on Hampstead Heath

Called the Stone of Free Speech, it’s a place where people would come to hear ‘Radicals’ like Hunt, Cobbett, Cartwright & Burdett give speeches about the struggle for basic rights
2/. The word radical is often associated with extremism but it derives from the Latin “radix” meaning root

To effect real change, it’s essential to go to the root of a problem

So people would gather here to talk about suffrage, ending child labour & extreme inequality & slavery
3/. In 1816 - amid growing fear among the ruling class - a riot at Spa Fields where people had gathered to hear Henry Hunt talk about electoral reform, gave a pretext for the passing of the “Gagging Acts” suppressing reformist activities & making gatherings of 50+ people illegal.
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Tomorrow, it’s #WorldPressFreedomDay! The theme “Journalism Under Digital Siege” was chosen following the #PegasusProject.

On May 3, 5 PM CEST, we will talk about our #SafeBoxNetwork during the @UNESCO Global Conference:

Learn more about the speakers ⤵️
#WorldPressFreedomDay | Who will be speaking?

🇲🇽 María Teresa Montaño Delgado, founder of @TheObserverMex.

Her investigations on cases of corruption and embezzlement by the state’s administration have earned her many threats. She shares her information with the #SafeBoxNetwork.
#WorldPressFreedomDay | Who will be speaking?

🇵🇾 @GuachireM, independent investigative journalist, specializes on corruption, drug trafficking and smuggling.

In March 2022, he suddenly faced serious threats and has decided to secure his material with the #SafeBoxNetwork.
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We measure the openness of societies by the way journalists are treated. As the world approaches @UNESCO #WorldPressFreedomDay Kenya’s elections are already testing media freedoms + our right to be informed. Some actions:… also… Image
At their very best, journalists are inconvenient truth-tellers and protectors of our public conscience. These standards are stress-tested hardest in moments of elections, coups, and conflict across the world.
Kenya is not among the most dangerous countries but we continue to dip in the #WorldPressFreedomIndex fueled by autocratic laws, a narrow media ownership, active discouraging of journos from joining @KUJ_Kenya and the violence #WorldPressFreedomDay…
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Having a hard time keeping track of everything Twitter announced this week? Us too. Here's a recap as we roll into the weekend 👇
We launched a global #FollowLocalJournalists campaign on #WorldPressFreedomDay to spotlight and support local journalists, which included print and digital ads in local newspapers across the US.

Check out @Axios’ scoop:
Access to host Spaces expanded, plus we outlined some new @TwitterSpaces features we're working on:

- Ticketed Spaces
- Co-hosting
- Scheduling
- More block labels + warnings
- Improved captions…
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Dans ce thread, on partage avec vous en avant-première les conclusions préliminaires d’une étude sous le titre "Impact du nouveau code de la #presse sur les #médias associatifs au #Maroc à l’heure de la Covid-19.  Une analyse comparative entre le #Maroc et la Tunisie".
La réalité des #médias au #Maroc reste marquée par un contexte globalement peu inclusif pour le tiers-secteur que représentent les #médias communautaires et associatifs. La relative libéralisation de la #presse et de l’audiovisuel ont permis l’émergence d’un secteur privé... détriment du secteur associatif.  Les #médias associatifs étant privés du droit d’émettre sur les ondes FM, malgré plusieurs expériences ponctuelles réussies (Radio Climat pendant la COP22, Radio Migration…), leur développement s’est naturellement poursuivi sur Internet.
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To mark #WorldPressFreedomDay, Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke about a "Khashoggi ban," where the US will impose visa restrictions on those acting on behalf of foreign government who suppress, harass, surveill, threaten, or harm journalists and/or their families.
When will UC Global director David Morales and others involved in the espionage operation against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange while he was in the Ecuador embassy face restrictions?
Agents within the CIA or other US intelligence institutions conspired against Assange and WikiLeaks during the Trump administration. They engaged in activities that involved harassment, surveillance, threats, or harm to Assange and his family. Can they be banned?
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