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BuildĪžr @AaveAave, https://t.co/8FvJaInEJM. #WearAFuckingMask
4 Feb 20
I created the first 'Collateral Swap': Swapping the underlying collateral in a @MakerDAO Vault/CDP with another asset, using @AaveAave 's flash loan feature and @UniswapExchange for collateral conversion, all in one transaction w/o liquidation. šŸ˜‡

#DeFi #composability #ethereum
Use case: swap the underlying collateral of a debt position for a better performing asset, without needing to payback the loan / lose your DAI position(s)
Example: if ETH price ā¬‡ļø, BAT price ā«, then it's safer to have your collateral in BAT.

There's probably an arbitrage use case as well ...šŸ¤”
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