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20 Mar
1/n HDFC Bank: Story of 2 analyst reports received today morning.

One from Bernstein with a sell rating & the other from UBS with a buy rating. Target Price 750 & 1480 respectively. Just some personal thoughts now.
2/n Before we rely on any analyst reports we must look at the stance & history of their previous predictions of the writer. I would not like to proceed further without this know how.
3/n Bernstein (BRNSTN) analyst Gautam is a crypto fan. He believes 'The only real money will in the coming days will be BTC. Rest is just Uncle Sam's printing press'.
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7 Feb
1/ A thread about how Swiss Watches are used a currency & some interesting facts 😊

This article is across WA groups & Social Media. I wanted to share what I learnt & 'saw' how Swiss Luxury Watches are used in Europe specifically Italy.
2/ After WW2 in which Italy was a part of the Axis group it was in economic shambles. But in late 50s a golden period for the economy began. This period lasted perhaps into the late 70s & 80s. It was called 'miracolo economico' meaning the Miracle Economy!
3/ A person who spent over a decade once told me - It's easier to pull money out of a crocodile's mouth than from the pocket of an Italian. In many sense they are one of the most street smart people out there. A passionate lot in whatever they do be it good or bad!
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3 Dec 19

This year I think I will share the books which I found either useless or a waste of time for me. They could have been great books for someone else but for me they were not worth the time.

Ultralearning: This book deserves not more than 30 mins of anyone's time. Repetitive to the core. The first few pages are enough.

Think Python

This is actually a great book. And I am going to read it once again after I get over my current Python book.
A very good book to solve if you have some background in computer science. But not the right time for me to have read this cover to cover.
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21 Jul 19
#EV (1/n) What fraction will be India's contribution to the global electric vehicle market. Any guesses?
We are a part of the top dark grey region consisting of 150 countries. Yes we are the largest in that perhaps.
#EV (2/n) In the US EVs cost more & will continue to do so for over half a decade than ICE. The battery cost when it drops as a % to car cost to 20% does EV make acquisition sense for a consumer(not including TCO).
How will this play out in India? How will v control r costs?
#EV (3/n) Incentives from a regulatory perspective will drive the initial thrust of EV adoption followed by economic sense in ownership. In India are we treading on the same path?
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