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Since the IRA became law, my students and I have been tracking the response in the US #EV supply chain:

48 new projects 🏗️
$50B in planned investments 💵
37,000 potential jobs

A 🧵with 6 charts… Graphic showing post-IRA in...
Investments in the EV supply chain have continued to grow in the past month:

3 new projects
$3.8 billion in capital investment
2,218 new jobs

This includes new projects announced by GM Samsung, Anovion, and Rivian. 2/9 Graphic showing post-IRA in...
US EV manufacturing capacity is now on track for 5.4 million EVs per year in 2030, with more projects in the pipeline. Once preliminary plans are finalized, production levels could meet the Biden administration’s goal of 50% EV sales by 2030. 3/9 Graphic showing planned EV ...
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Tack @Kvalitetsaktie för er ovärderliga utbildning och inspiration. Satt i helgen lyssnade, antecknade & njöt när ni diskuterade er filosofi (avs 108), världsklass! Tänkte dela med mig av en summering av KAP-filosofin. OBS: är en glad amatör så res för div fel & misstolkningar Image
KAP citat #1

"The basic ideas of investing are to look at stocks as business, use the market's fluctuations to your advantage, and seek a margin of safety. That's what Ben Graham taught us. A hundred years from now, they will still be the cornerstones of investing," /Buffett Image
Marknaden är på kort sikt irrationell men rationell på lång. Detta använder man till sin fördel och utnyttjar felprissättningar. Sen tillkommer trender, flockbeteende och indexvikt. "Vem vill du helst sälja dina aktier till, en indexfond som automatiskt viktar upp eller Ola?" Image
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Marine Electricals - Can this be a 10X story ?

A thread
#retweet #marine #StocksToBuy Image
Marine Electricals India Pvt Ltd is an Indian company specializing in the field of marine electrical and automation systems.
They over four decades of experience in providing electrical solutions for the marine industry.
They cater to a wide range of clients, including shipyards, offshore installations, naval vessels, and merchant ships.
Their main products and services are as follows
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Nathan nagged his narwhal that nabbing nickels out of Nancy’s nightstand was not the norm.

…No? 🤨 Well, we tried with the alliteration.

But it’s #InfrastructureWeek so if your state starts with an “N”, check out Bipartisan Infrastructure Law investments in your state. ⬇️

💵 $1.4B in BIL funding announced for the state.
🗂 212 projects identified for funding.
🍃$24.5M to weatherize buildings and make them more energy efficient.…

💵 $1.9B in BIL funding announced for the state.
🗂 145 projects identified for funding.
🍃$107.7M to help strengthen the #battery supply chain.…
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“M” is for...

If your home state starts with an “M” you don’t want to Miss this.

See how much of President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL) funding has been flowing to your state + a preview into a clean energy/energy saving investment.


💵 $1.2B in BIL funding announced for the state.
🗂 141 projects identified for funding.
🍃$31.2M to weatherize buildings and make them more energy efficient.…

💵 $3B in BIL funding announced for the state.
🗂 81 projects identified for funding.
🍃$69.6M for clean energy, energy efficiency, and power.…
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For us at the Energy Department this week, the letter “I” stands for #InfrastructureWeek. ✨

If your state starts with an “I” and you want to know what Bipartisan Infrastructure Law investments have been coming to you, look below 👀👇

💵 $1.3B in BIL funding announced for the state
🗂 186 projects identified for funding.
🍃 $37.3M for clean energy, energy efficiency, and power.…

💵 $9B in BIL announced for the state.
🗂 263 projects identified for funding.
🍃 $48.3 million awarded to schools for clean school buses.…
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1/ 🇦🇺 Australian electricians are evaluating which #EV chargers to offer going forward, and surprisingly, Tesla's wall charger isn't a top contender. Let's dive into the current landscape of EV chargers in this thread. ⚡🚘
2/ Bi-directional charging: Currently, the only available option is a CHAdeMO-equipped vehicle paired with a Wallbox Quasar, limited to South Australian residents. Tesla plans to enable bi-directional charging around 2025, but we'll have to see it to believe it. 🔌🔄
3/ What do electricians look for in an EV charger? Quality! The @froniussolar Wattpilot is a popular choice for its smart features, WiFi connectivity, and optional portability. The @myenergiuk Zappi 2 is another well-regarded option among Aussie solar installers. 🏆🔋
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1/ Last week, CATL announced a new high-specific-energy battery. So, what makes this battery special?
2/ CATL says it can store "up to" 0.5 kWh/kg. That's a big claim, but they're confident about mass production soon. And hey, they're not just moo-ing around – they've got a track record to back it up! 🐄
3/ Confused by energy density vs. specific energy? Energy density is kWh/litre, while specific energy is kWh/kg. CATL's new battery is all about specific energy, so let's avoid mixing those terms! 🔋⚡
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Tesla’s Master Plan 3 believes it will take $1.4 Trillion dollars to invest in critical mineral mining, refining and cathode / anode making for the energy transition.

ie 240TWh of deployed batteries around the world.

$2Tr in gigafactories and battery recycling
All in all to reach net zero with the technologies we have today Tesla and Elon Musk have laid down a $3.5 Trillion dollar gauntlet for the energy transition
The numbers are almost bang on the low end what we have at @benchmarkmin - we estimate $3.5 to $5bn

We anticipate that mining will need the lions share of this investment

Mining, Refining, Chemicals: ~$2.5 to $3Trillion

Battery making / Recycling: $1.5 Tr to $2Trillion
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🇨🇳 #RosemontSenecaBohai= #CCP CO-MINGLED
🚩 #FollowTheMoney expose how COMPROMISED
+FBI verified
#Bobulinski's claims of CEFC+China ties
#Burisma $83,333.33 pmts
in co-mingled
Bank Statement⬇️… ImageImageImage
WHY Benefit #CCP 🇨🇳not 🇺🇸 ?
#HunterBiden sold US owned #COBALT Mine in Congo to #CCPChina

¬BIDEN puts 20 YEAR BAN on
Mining of US RenewableEnergy MINERALS

¬US passed #ChipsAct #Infrastructure rely ON MINED Materials…… ImageImageImageImage
🚩UnConstitional #ESJ #ESG
Uses SocialJustice

#SocialScore DigitalID:
+LIMITS EV #GeoFence
+BANS Bank loan
👋NO #2ndAm
+Reports #CarbonFootprint
Pay #PerMileTax
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1) Bu coğrafyanın insanı olarak, duygularımızı uçlarda yaşamayı seviyoruz. Tuttuğumuz takım 2 galibiyet alınca, "Bu sene kesin şampiyonuz" diyoruz veya 2 mağlubiyet olunca da, "yönetim istifa" diyoruz.

Sevdiğimiz zaman da böyle olmuyor mu?
2) Sevdiğimizi düşündüğümüz zaman, karşımızdaki insanın özeline müdahaleyi bir hak olarak görüyoruz, O'nun düşüncelerini değil kendi duygularımızı önemsiyoruz ve sevgimizle karşımızdakini boğuyoruz.

Tam tersi sevmiyorsak da, nefret boyutunda sevmeyebiliyoruz.
3) Karşımızdakinden nefret ediyorsak, O'nun sürekli mutsuz olmasını istiyoruz. "Benden sonra bir daha gülmedi, mutlu olamadı" demeyi o kadar çok istiyoruz ki...

Duygularımızı uçlarda yaşıyoruz.

Sevgimizle (bazen) karşımızdakini sıkıyoruz, boğuyoruz, öldürüyoruz.
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Since the IRA become law, we’ve been tracking how the US #EV supply chain has responded.

My students and I have inventoried publicly announced projects, capital investment, target production and employment levels, and more.

Here is what we’ve learned so far in 8 charts. 1/8
Not surprisingly, the IRA has accelerated investments in the domestic EV supply chain. More than 25 major new projects add up to a potential $32 billion in capital investment and 20,000 new jobs. 2/8 Image
US EV manufacturing is now on track to reach 4.5 million vehicles a year, with more projects in the pipeline. Once preliminary plans announced by Ford, Honda, Volvo, and BMW are finalized, production levels could meet the Biden administration’s goal of 50% EV sales by 2030. 3/8 Image
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#ClimateChange is a virtue signal.

🔴 No… climate change by one degree wouldn’t end humanity
🔴 UN, #WEF #KlausSchwab #GretaThunberg #BillGates argue the end is near… as they seek to profit by billions while enslaving us in digital 15 minute prisons
🔴 No… eating insects……
Here’s a prev thread on climate change
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The great #EV transition is one of the the biggest disruptive shifts of the 21st century. Here's Richa Agarwal on how this is playing out right now... Image
To understand the triggers for this shift, we need to go back in history. In the late 19th century, one-third of American cars were electric. However, the discovery of cheap oil and mass production of internal combustion engine (ICE) shrunk the share from 33% to almost nil.
Well, the wheels are turning again. And this time, it’s EVs that will propel and dominate the auto sector. I’m not just counting on the policy push, which is helping the transition for sure. Nor I’m betting on the pollution control commitments.
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“Children in my village refused to go to school, citing distance as the reason", says Gursaurabh Singh


#StartUp #Entrepreneurs #Innovation #Sustainability #GoGreen #EcoFriendly #Haryana #SharkTankIndiaS2 #SharkTank Image
"When the pandemic broke out, I realised that being on foot restricts your world to just 4-5 Km maximum. This mobility issue inspired me to design the kit," he added, whose indigenous innovation can convert any bicycle into an #EV.
The kit, known as #DVECK, enhances the features of a bicycle or rickshaw by giving it a speed of 25 kph, a weight capacity of 170 kilograms, and a range of 40 kilometres per charge.
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"In India, from carrying goods to setting up shops on two wheels, many people use their two-wheelers for more than just mobility, risking their own safety," says EV,” says Pritesh Mahajan.

#EV #Sustainable #EcoFriendly #SharkTankIndiaS2
He, along with Jayesh Tope and Pushkaraj Salunke in January 2021, launched #RevampMoto which provides swappable attachments catering to customers' needs, making our vehicles truly transformable vehicles.⁠
A ‘Made in India’ product, the Nashik-based startup 'RM Buddie 25' is accompanied by swiftly swappable attachments like a child seat, saddle stay and saddle bags, insulated box, carrier, base plate and base rack.⁠
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If you share some stats about China, make sure to update it often! 😂 Like the chart below with 2021 data.

Now, China has 1.8 million public chargers and 3.4 million private chargers for electric vehicles! Total 5.2 million.

That’s 2x the figure from a year ago!

In 2022 alone, China added:

🔹600,000 public chargers, and
🔹2 million private chargers!

Source for private chargers:…
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$PLL was around US$6 in 2020. Announced North Carolina Lithium offtake deal with #Tesla on 28 September 2020. Spiked 13x to $80.…
$PLL was around US$6 in 2020. Announced North Carolina Lithium offtake deal with #Tesla on 28 September 2020. Spiked 13x to $80. It raised US$122.5 million on 24 March 2021 at US$70 per share.…
After spiking 13x from US$6 per share in 2020 to $80 per share, $PLL did another cap raise for US$113.75 million at $65 per share on 22 March 2022. Total of US$236 million raised after the stock pumped 13x on the original “binding” #Tesla offtake.…
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#ClimateChange is one of the easiest selling points for your woke politicians to spend money they don’t have on weather problems they can’t fix and keep y’all in a state of fear on an impending doom.

The reality is all those experts, scientists, politicians follow the money Image
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🔋🔋2023 the TWh year🔋🔋

Our what to watch in 2023 briefing and roundtable is now available! Highlights in the thread below

Request the full briefing here:

#battery #energystorage #EV #Batteryrecycling #EVCharging #EVmotors
Our headline figure for 2023 will see EV
sales rise to over 14 million units, up
from 10.2 million in 2022. #EV #EVsales
Battery Deployment across all markets is set to exceed 1TWh for the first time. The EV market making up over 2/3 of this. We expect to see LFP growth continue in 2023, with the first deployments of high manganese chemistries expected #EVBattery
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Tesla’s goal has been to drive prices down and increase #EV adoption. At Investor Day (3/1), Elon could announce a step-function drop in pricing, much like he did for the Model 3, to ~$25,000 for the next gen EV. Gas-powered vehicles boomed at that price point.
Based on the historical demand response to a $25,000 price point in gas-powered vehicles, ARK’s forecast that EVs will scale from ~8.5 million in 2022 to 60 million units - 75% of the market - during the next five years could be too conservative.
Moreover, in our view, Tesla remains 3-4+ years ahead of the competition in battery costs and is in a world of its own in chip design and data assets for autonomous mobility: think Apple chip design for smart phones vis a vis Nokia, Motorola, Ericsson, and Blackberry. New world.
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"The proliferation of many EVs in #Jaipur inspired us to start our venture,"says Nikhil Gunda and Meher Sai, who have launched #GearHeadMotors (GHM) that builds low-cost e-bikes that can charge in 45 minutes. @ev_ghm

#StartUp #Entrepreneurs #EV #GoGreen #Sustainable #EcoFriendly Image
“We made our own detachable battery box made of aluminium alloy. It’s anodised, which acts as a cooling paint. In Indian temperatures, when the battery heats up, the battery box absorbs and transmits the heat outside.
Our 5.8 Ah battery charges from 0 to 80% in 45 minutes with our 6 A fast charger."

Today, the startup manufactures #ebikes with 80% of the components developed in-house and has sold more than 100 units while raising an amount of 1 crore at #SharkTankIndia.
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🧵PART 1🧵
SELLING-OUT #AmericanTaxpayer's
¬RUSH COAL phase-out
¬PUSH invest in EVs/renewables
¬US commit $100B
¬Honor OLD #ClimateChange Agreements
@WEF @WHO want #Democrat POWER GRAB of #AMERICA
#KlausSchwab of #WEF
Violates #InalienableRights
ForcedGunControl #Biden's
#ExecutiveOrder 14067
Using Race/Bias/Belief/Credit
a Subjective
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