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स तु भवति दरिद्रो यस्य तृष्णा विशाला मनसि च परितुष्टे कोऽर्थवान्को दरिद्रः॥
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Apr 28, 2022 • 5 tweets • 1 min read
Almost 8 years into @narendramodi's regime, the seeds of definitive changes that he had sown in 2014 are invisibly but surely bearing fruit across a variety of spheres. All spheres are united by one profound strand: civilisational self-confidence. The infinite pity is that this point is missed by our antiquated commentariat because their knowledge of their own civilisation is synonymous with ignorance.
Mar 17, 2022 • 5 tweets • 1 min read
Basharat Peer, scriptwriter of the anti-Hindu movie, "Haider," is married to Ananya Vajpeyi, daughter of Kailash Vajpeyi, who served on the Sahitya Akademi Council for 5 years. Basharat Peer's Wiki page calls him a Pakistani American journalist. He ran the short-lived India Ink blog, an arm of NYT. An important piece it ran was on the Modi visa denial: india.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/12/05/u-s…
Sep 14, 2021 • 12 tweets • 2 min read
At the height of Kashmir tension after Article 370, the New Yorker did a hit job against Narendra Modi. Entirely expected. But guess who fed the US journo? Rana Ayyub who actually managed to travel to Kashmir and "report" from there.
Totally sinister.
newyorker.com/magazine/2019/… Here are some excerpts from that piece.
1. On the phone, she invited me to meet her in Mumbai and try to get into Kashmir.
2. When I arrived, she handed me a pair of scarves & told me to buy a kurta “I am ninety-nine per cent sure you will be caught, but you should come anyway."
Sep 11, 2021 • 4 tweets • 1 min read
As I join the upcoming conference on dismantling global J1had and Communism, please contribute to our work at The Dharma Dispatch which is engaged in a sustained counter of this evil nexus. To support, please click the link below:
pages.razorpay.com/supportDD Huge thank you for your kind contribution to The Dharma Dispatch Sri 773311 Patel ji. Your support is very important for our humble initiative. Sri Rama Jayam 🕉️
Jun 28, 2021 • 7 tweets • 2 min read
Nawab Nehru's Nawabi love for seculars and the languages of invaders. On the floor of the House. Circa 1949. Ostensibly, he was opposed to Hindustani as India's national language. Ostensibly. This is what he said. "Do not conceive for a moment that I am a communal-minded man. When I oppose Hindustani I do so, not on account of my lack of love for those people, but because of my love and affection for them"
Jun 22, 2021 • 5 tweets • 1 min read
It might sound unbelievable today but for about
four decades, Delhi was held hostage by Imam of the Jama Masjid. He would play Indira Gandhi like a fine-tuned fiddle. The other organisation that brought down the Delhi administration to its knees was the fanatical Jamaat-e-Islami. It would marshal 1000s of the faithful for intimidating street-marches waving green flags if some "demand" was not met.
May 14, 2021 • 7 tweets • 1 min read
Found this on the National Institute of Open Schooling, under Ministry of Education. This is from the chapter on the Guptas for Senior Secondary students. Ready? Here's a tidbit from "Literature" during the Guptas. Kavikulaguru Kalidasa gets less just 4 sentences. And how!
"The greatest of all the poets was Kalidasa...The notable feature of his works is that the characters of higher caste speak in Sanskrit while those of lower caste and women speak in
Jul 28, 2020 • 15 tweets • 3 min read
Those here from the old days will remember the kind of "debates" Rajdeep used to run on his dog-and-pony shows first on NDTV and then in his own kirana shop, CNN-IBN for more than a decade. Before we proceed, we need to remember how naive the Vajpayee govt was. But for NDA 1.0 which opened up private players in TV news, crooks & fixers like Prannoy, Barkha, Rajdeep, et al would be unable to inflict the irreparable damage they've done on public discourse
Jun 16, 2020 • 14 tweets • 2 min read
Short thread on the Indian enablers, defenders, and apologists of Chinese incursions into India. Needless, its foundations were laid by India's first Prime Minister, Nawab Nehru. Little did we know back then that the Red Rose on his dress was the colour of Communism. Nehru's fascination and addiction with Communism & before China backstabbed India created a huge, flourishing market for India-betrayers at all levels: largely in the academia & media apart from our Communist parties. Let's quickly fast forward.
Jun 6, 2020 • 7 tweets • 1 min read
There's a reason our wise, spirited Aryan ancestors used the terms Mleccha & Yavana as pejoratives. Very early, they spotted their basic nature: unclean, ill-mannered, uncultured & barbaric & fundamentally untrustworthy. Centuries of ravage made us forget this wisdom. The assessment has stood the test of time. No Jimmy Wales, no Bill Gates, no Warren Buffets are worthy of emulation. They do it via the garb of business or benevolence or both. By the time Hindus wake up to the embedded deception, substantial damage would've occurred.
Mar 30, 2020 • 8 tweets • 2 min read
By the close of the 90s & a few years thereafter, one section of middle class Indians who had travelled to the West, especially US wrote copious blogs on what made the US so great. "Rule of law" would invariably top these reasons. Their condemnation of their own country which enabled to go there was stunning, bordering on hatred.
Mar 5, 2020 • 6 tweets • 2 min read
Qutub minar built by a genocidal alien invader after demolishing 27 Hindu and Jain temples.

"Tower of victory." WHAT victory? Over whom?

Who even runs these handles? Here's how a historian describes the "victory." Paraphrasing.

"The blood of the infidels flowed like a river and the Yamuna became discolored."
Feb 25, 2020 • 5 tweets • 2 min read
Always remember this: it's not about #CAA or #NRC or #AyodhyaVerdict or #Article370. It's about the solid Sanatana civilization slowly reasserting itself. The greatest hope that the Indian National Congress (Pakistan) party banked on was a repeat of 2004 in 2019 - a shock loss of the BJP at the elections.
Feb 16, 2020 • 5 tweets • 2 min read
[SUNDAY READING 1] Sri Krishnadevaraya Reduced to a Footnote: It’s Time to Bury Such Politics of History || dharmadispatch.in/history/sri-kr… [SUNDAY READING 2]

"No single figure has moulded and influenced the history of these years more than Marshal Stalin. He became almost a legendary figure. He proved himself great in peace and in war" -- Nawab Nehru

Oct 16, 2019 • 7 tweets • 2 min read
Factually incorrect. He wrote a series of essays in Vol 1 of the 2-volume "Hindu temples: What happened to them" under the editorship of his mentor, Rishi Sita Ram Goel.

Now you see why the people of India don't trust journalists? Because I'm in the mood to educate you, here goes: One of the superb essays Shourie wrote in Vol 1 is: "Fabrications on the way to the Funeral," first published as an article in The Indian Express, June 26, 1998 where he predicted the impending funeral of secular discourse.
Sep 22, 2019 • 5 tweets • 2 min read
Throughout @realDonaldTrump's 2016 campaign, the max crowd he attracted was less than 10000 people. Just ONE event by a foreigner, Sri @narendramodi in #Houston brought 50000 Indians in one stadium.

Think about it. These 50000 folks didn't drop out of the sky. Why did they come there? Sure, for @narendramodi. But what brought them there is that subconscious Sanatana gene which identifies with him. THIS is why we are the ONLY civilization.
Sep 6, 2019 • 4 tweets • 1 min read
Does our educational system give children the unfettered flight of imagination that allows them to summon Balagopala at will? That "education" used to be given by grandmothers. A handful of such grandmothers are still around I guess and hope.
Aug 22, 2019 • 5 tweets • 1 min read
On the midnight of August 15 1947 when Nawab Nehru was spouting unintelligible nonsense in English in Delhi, a 60-year old man quietly sat down at his desk as usual in Bangalore and began to write. A poem. In what's today called classical Kannada. It was a poem and a song. A stava, a stuti. To Bharatavarsha & BharatavarshA. A national song. A song celebrating freedom as a festival, as a parva.
Aug 20, 2019 • 7 tweets • 2 min read
If there's some kind of research team in @BJP4India it needs to collect data regarding the Xian converts among tribals in the Vizianagaram, Vizag etc areas who "voted" for Jagan. Andhra now resembles the north east of 1950s. Hope @BJP4India knows what it's doing in AP. Including taking support from former crony capitalists of @ncbn.

Sri Rama Krupakataksha Siddhirastu 🙏🏻🕉️
Aug 12, 2019 • 11 tweets • 3 min read
Shall we celebrate Abheri or Bhim Palasi? Gold standard is Nagumomu. Timeless rendition by Vidwan Balamuralikrishna.

Aug 11, 2019 • 7 tweets • 1 min read
Basic question:
Why did India even allow the BBC into Srinagar in the first place? I'm sure the fine minds at the top would've anticipated the propaganda that would follow. Which is entirely predictable. For example, even tiny Sri Lanka did not allow the BBC into the war zone during the civil war. Look how they managed the media after passing the burqa ban law recently.