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As #SupremeCourt orders no further action on pending #Sedition cases, our year-long investigation of sedition data & stories—used by most petitioners in current case—lays bare how cases rose 28% every year after 2014. 1/n…
25 #Sedition cases filed after anti-#CAA protests, 22 after #Hathras gang rape, 27 after #Pulwama bombings: 519 sedition cases by #Modi govt (2014-2020), against protest movements, journalists, intellectuals. 2/n
96% of sedition cases filed against 405 Indians for criticising politicians & govts between 2010 & 2021 registered after 2014: 149 accused of making “critical” and/or “derogatory” remarks against #NarendraModi, 144 against #YogiAdityanath. 3/n
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THREAD: Organized Conversions Subverting Religious Character of India.

Hon'ble @narendramodi Sir
1. There has been large-scale asymmetric assault on indigenous religions [such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism] by the organized and institutionalised religious conversion +
2. machinery to change the religious demography of the country. Some States and large parts of the country have already become non-indigenous religious majority.

This is accompanied by an increasing interference in our centuries-old religious traditions and cultural practices +
3. that inform beautiful diversity of our ancient civilisation. Deep state narratives are out to destroy our indigenous religions and abrahamise India.

Pertinently, sadly even though Hinduism is 3rd largest religion with more than 1.1 billion Hindus there is no Hindu State.+
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Now CAs are making so much hue & cry about losing the autonomy of ICAI (and formation of IIA's)
(after the possibility of losing Statutory Audits of Small Companies through NFRA consultation Paper, after losing GST Audits & Reduction of Tax Audits, very recently)
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CAs are looking to do Dharnas & petitions for the same
My Humble request to all of you:- Don't resort to all this else you will be called:- AndolanJeevis by our PM
You'll be called Khalistani/Pakistani by IT cell trolls
You'll called Anti-national by IT cell impacted people
Karma' seems to be hitting hard on us because we were the same people who supported Govt when Farmers were called AndolanJeevis #FarmersProtest
We supported when Liberals & Muslims were called Anti National #citizenshipamendmentact #caa
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I see @DrJitendraSingh keeps making statements saying India will take POK. While that is militarily feasible and we have discussed concept of operations ''Manoeuvre in Mountains'' on spaces, it will be a disaster unless we confront reality about Jlh@d

1. POK, GB population-

According to 2017 census POK population is 41 lacs, GB is 20 lacs. Thats 61 lac m'lims we will have to add to our population if we take POK, GB. Remember that in 1947/48 in GB many of the m'lim JK State Forces officers and men murdered their Dogra, Gorkha, Sikh 'brothers'

incl those who had served with them in combat in places like Burma. Just two examples - Capt Raghubir Singh Thapa was tortured to death, Capt Prem Singh was strangled. CO 4 JAK Lt Col Narain Singh was murdered by his own coy commander. Maj Nasarullah Khan, Capt Nek Alam etc

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#விஸ்வரூபம் படத்தில் தங்களை தவறாக சித்தரித்து விட்டதாக சொல்லி பல விதமான ஆர்ப்பாட்டங்கள் நடத்தப்பட்டன.
#திரௌபதி படத்திற்கே ஆயிரக்கணக்கானோர் பலவிதமான விமர்சனங்களை முன் வைத்து எதிர் குரல் எழுப்பினர்.
நடைமுறைக்கு கொண்டு வரப்படாத #CAA சட்டத்திற்கு எதிராக கற்பனையான குற்றச்சாட்டுகளை
முன் வைத்து நாடு முழுவதும் பெரும் போராட்டங்கள் இஸ்லாமியர்களால் நடத்தப்பட்டது. அந்த சட்டத்தின் பிண்ணனி உண்மை இவர்கள் சொல்லுவது போல இல்லை என்று தெரிந்தும், நடுநிலையாளர்களாக காட்டி கொள்ள துடிக்கும் போலி மதச்சார்பின்மை கூட்டங்கள் போராட்டங்களுக்கு ஆதரவாக திரண்டு குரல் எழுப்பினர்.
தங்கள் பங்கிற்கும் வதந்திகளை பரப்பினர்.
அமீர்கானின் #பிகே படத்தில் இந்து மதத்தை இழிவுபடுத்தும் படியான காட்சிகள் இருப்பதாக இந்து அமைப்புகள் புகார் தெரிவித்தபோது, ஏராளமான திரையுலக பிரபலங்கள் அதற்கு எதிர்ப்பு தெரிவித்து தங்கள் கருத்து சுதந்திரம் பறிபோவதாக கதறினர். ஆனால்
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THREAD: A textbook example of #BreakingIndia - how various groups, academics, "human rights" activists paint India & Hinduism as oppressive & undemocratic. "India on the Brink" includes those who have called for dismantling of Hinduism and India. Some examples below. 1/n
#51 - Kancha Ilaiah. P. 212 of Breaking India talks about how Ilaiah wants to "kill Sanskrit" and equates Hinduism with Nazism, calling Hinduism "spiritual fascism." Ilaiah has nothing but pure hatred for Hinduism. 2/n
#14 Kavita Krishan - is on the Politburo (Central Committee) of CPI-ML, which as a history of supporting armed struggles and violence in India. She was supposed to be a keynote speaker in last year's Dismantling Global Hindutva Conference. 3/n…
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#Hinduphobia கூகிளுக்குள் சென்று Beef Violence In India or Muslim Attacked In India என்று டைப் செய்யுங்கள். ஒரு நொடிக்குள் ஆயிரக்கணக்கான பதில்கள் வந்து கொட்டும். 2015 இலிருந்து ஜூலை 2018 வரை பசு சம்பந்தப்பட்ட 17 விஷயங்கள் இதில் ஆவணப் படுத்தப்பட்டுள்ளது. அதில் 7 பேர் கொலை
ஆகியுள்ளனர். இந்த ஒவ்வொரு விஷயமும் மிகப் பெரிய அளவில் மிகக் கடுமையாக ஊடகங்களால் பேசப்பட்டு உள்ளது. ஒவ்வொரு நிகழ்ச்சியையும் நியூயார்க் டைம்ஸ், வாஷிங்டன் போஸ்ட், தி பிபிஸி, அல் ஜஸீரா மற்றும் உலகளாவிய பல சக்திவாய்ந்த ஊடகங்களில் விரிவாக எழுதப்பட்டும் பேசப்பட்டும் உள்ளது. இந்த ஊடகச்
செய்திகளை விரிவாகப் பார்த்தோமானால் இந்த விஷயங்களைப் பற்றி எழுதியது முழுக்க இந்திய ஊடகவியலாளர்கள் மட்டுமே. இவர்கள் இந்தியர்கள். இந்தியாவில் வசித்துக் கொண்டு இருப்பவர்கள். உதாரணமாக வாஷிங்டன் போஸ்டில் உள்ள பெரும்பாலான செய்திகளையும் எழுதியது #பர்கா_தத் (NDTV) இதில் கொடுமை இந்தச்
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Hold the biriyani. Mute the music. Wipe your smiles.
Alleged law handles and @PTI_News are (deliberately?) misreporting UP Govt withdrawing 2019 notices to #CAA vandals for damaging public property.
SC has said damages must be recovered from CAA vandals, but under 2020 law.
UP will now reframe notices under its 2020 law and serve them again on #CAA vandals and quantum etc will be determined by tribunal to be set up under 2020 law.
All those gloating and celebrating that SC has blocked punishments for #CAA vandals, please don’t order biriyani yet.
Here are the details of UP Govt reframing notices under 2020 law to punish #CAA vandals and make them pay damages for destroying public property.
Supreme Court has unequivocally said: “There has to be accountability when public property is damaged…”
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#SupremeCourt to hear plea seeking direction to quash and stay notices sent by Uttar Pradesh Government to recover damages for the public loss caused to public property by alleged protestors on account of protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 [CAA]/#NRC.
#CAA Image
Earlier, the #SupremeCourt had suggested Uttar Pradesh government to withdraw notices and initiate new proceedings for recovering damages for the loss of public property during CAA-NRC protests.…
Senior Advocate Garima Prashad- With your Lordships earlier order, the state government has complied and all the proceedings have been withdrawn with direction to all the magistrate. All these 274 files have been sent to claims tribunal.

Bench- We appreciate this gesture.
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सक्षम भारत जो हिन्दुओं को बचा नहीं सकता
जो उन्हें अपने ही देश में रहने का अधिकार नहीं दे सकता
बांग्लादेश में एक साथ पूरे परिवार के पुरुष सदस्यों को गाड़ी से इसलिए कुचला गया कि उन्होंने मंदिर निर्माण की बात की।और यहां अधिकार चाहिए
जब इस परिवार के एक भी पुरुष सदस्य को नहीं छोड़ा तो क्या इन्हे छोड़ा जाएगा।

कहां मर गए सब मानवता वादी

किसी से आवाज नहीं उठाई
तुम सब फालतू की इन जि
हादियों को बुलाकर डिबेट करते रहना एक दिन जल्दी ही यहां भी होगा
कायर हिन्दुओं अपनी रक्षा के लिए प्रतिकार करना सीखो कोई राजनेता या पार्टी नहीं बचाएगी।

हिम्मत है महिलाओं की जिनको पास से पंडित ना मिलने पर ऐसी स्थिति में नहीं विधि विधान से अंतिम संस्कार किया धमकियों के बाबजूद।

#CAA जल्दी लागू करे सरकार
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Bail arguments of #UmarKhalid, accused in an Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act case connected to #DelhiRiots to resume shortly. The prosecution will continue with its submissions.
Special Public Prosecutor Amit Prasad resumes arguments. He is now doing a recap of his previous arguments. #UmarKhalid #CAA #NRC #DelhiRiots
SPP: To demonstrate the first phase of riots I have prepared a Google map. #UmarKhalid #CAA #NRC #DelhiRiots
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A #DelhiCourt to continue hearing prosecution's arguments over the bail plea of #UmarKhalid, who is currently in jail in an Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) case connected to #DelhiRiots Image
Previously, it was argued by the Special Public Prosecutor that the "issue was not CAA, NRC but to embarrass government in foreign media". #CAA #NRC #DelhiRiots #UmarKhalid

SPP Amit Prasad begins arguments.
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A Delhi Court (Karkardooma Court) will resume hearing arguments on the bail plea of #UmarKhalid, accused in an Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act case connected to #DelhiRiots.
Previously, prosecution argued that it was defense's submission that investigating officer was communal but first conviction in #DelhiRiots was of a Hindu.…
Special Public Prosecutor Amit Prasad begins arguments #DelhiRiots
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Rickshaw pullers, hawkers & daily wagers have been penalised for dissent

This is brazen vindictiveness on the part of govt to witch-hunt anti- #CAA protestors !

By selective interpretation of the law & abuse of power they are trying to terrorise dissenters into silence ++

. Image
++ Over 500 notices had gone out across 10 districts for damages worth an estimated Rs 3.35
++ the first part that appeared yesterday
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A Delhi Court (Karkardooma Court) is likely to resume hearing arguments on the bail plea of #UmarKhalid, accused in an Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act case connected to #DelhiRiots. Image
Senior Advocate Trideep Pais has concluded his arguments on the plea whereas Special Public Prosecutor Amit Prasad is set to begin his submissions on behalf of the state. Read what happening previously:…
SPP Prasad requests the matter to be taken up at 12.30 pm.
Court checks with defense counsel.
Pais: I am just here for this hearing. I just want the hearing to start.
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A young girl posted something against the current govt (during #CAA protests). Though she didn't have many followers, it went viral. But, her father, an influential person, tried a truly
innovative and hitherto unheard narrative by claiming "it's not true" (def NOT under any political pressure)

Multiple users backed up the claim that it actually came from her profile, with screenshots as proof. Her post was deleted (maybe
because her phone fell off a cliff?) and the influential father managed to brush aside the issue.

A courageous girl was silenced by perhaps the first person she grew fond of - her father.

The girl was Sana #Ganguly.
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¿Sabías que matar a amigos ha sido una práctica habitual en ETA?.

#TalDiaComoHoy de 1978 #ETACAA asesinó en #Pasajes al jefe de la policía municipal JUAN JIMÉNEZ, ocho días antes habían asesinado en #SS a tres amigos suyos, uno de ellos además compañero.

Hilo ⤵️ Image
2. Para los que dicen que #ETA y #CAA no eran lo mismo, este atentado que fue cometido por CAA, el comunicado reivindicándolo lo hizo ETA.

Sus asesinos: Larzábal Bastarrika, Expósito Arza, Larrañaga Juaristi y Aldanondo Badiola. ImageImageImageImage
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#DelhiRiots accused Umar Khalid in his arguments in a Delhi Court said that nothing illegal happened at the #CAA protest sites & involvement of PFI was later shown only to make the situation muddier,"

A witness had alleged the involvement of Popular Front of India (PFI). Image
Khalid's lawyer Adv Trideep Pais also argued against the allegation that on Khalid's father's instance 250 #bangladeshi women were called to the protests sites and Khalid made a statement that Bangladeshis should be sensitized.
#DelhiRiots #UmarKhalid
Adv. Pais said that the statements of the witnesses alleging PFI's involvement and 250 Bangladeshi women having been called were fabricated.
He said that there was no physical evidence and it was just prosecution's 'tadka' to the whole story.
#DelhiRiots #Umarkhalid #caa_nrc
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How do you file your @IncomeTaxIndia returns in India without @UIDAI, when you live abroad? It's a saga, and like all good stories, there are several back-stories.
We are in December 2021.
So here is a year-end saga from January 2021 🧵
In Dec 2020, I suddenly remembered I had to file my taxes. Contacted my kind CA. Obviously, instead of partying in pajamas, I was working on my income-expense document. Thankfully, the date was extended to Jan 10, 2021. That's how my first blessing for the New Year went to my CA.
So now, I breezed through with the filing—almost.
CA says #Aadhaar number needed. I didn't have one. Why?
Let's take a detour to the year 2019 B.C. (Before COVID):
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In the pandemonium created by #IndVsPak cricket U may hv missed an IMPORTANT & funny update by #NIA. 😃👇
Y’day NIA arrested a dentist who ws an #lSlS recruiter.
Interesting bit that is not in the PRINT is—-he hd escaped to MIDDLE EAST last yr yet NIA managed to catch him.😄
2/4 Story behind how Tauqir Mahmood (dentist) made it back to India and got arrested may get published later. 😃

This is NIA’s 22nd arrest this month and agency carried out a whopping 55 raids in October itself. APPLAUSE! 👏

The above case is related to #lSlS recruitment…
3/4 …and lsls’s “voice of Hind” magazine, in which NIA has arrested 10+ people so far from #Kashmir, #Kerala, Karnataka etc.
Bt most imp CATCH in the case was a Kashmiri couple👇who hd created trouble during #CAA protests.

Trivia: lSlS magazine’s content ws created in Pak. 🙄
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Chronic Chronology since 2014 LS Polls:-Success Formula & Political Espionage’s r the Key Factor to diminish One & Inflated another. One’PK’made Big & Sent Out made to Accept as the Top Strategists,wt an agenda to Eliminate Congress,Meticulously executed. Who is the HERO? #2024?
My understanding of Indian Politics since 1989 as a @nsui Ldr till date almost 30yrs @RahulGandhi had lost the game before the elections in 2019! Pl recap what all burning issues during 2018 #Demonetisation #GST #TripleTalaq #Article370 #CAA #NRC #PriceRise Etc.Still @RSSorg WON.
Post 2019 WIN the Arrogance of Power which was at its Peak for Ruling BJP as they Bull Dozed everything & anything which the Govt felt they are Right as instructed by RW Bosses. Meanwhile their Nominee & chela was given the Task to ensure BJP is made the Formidable Opposition.
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Adv Tanveer Ahmed Mir rebuts Prosecution's arguments against #SharjeelImam who has sought bail in a case connected to #DelhiRiots before Delhi Court. "Sole indictment on the speech. Incumbent duty upon all of us to look at the speech... If it incident violence"
Mir argues in a case of #Sedition against Imam. On #NRC, Mir argues ultimately his client's speech talks about advocating of a policy like... "In a university if we don't debate public policies, where do we debate?" #sharjeel_imam #CAA_NRC #DelhiRiots
Mir: This is a criminal court. We don't go by inferences. I am not denying my speech. For the speech to fall under #Sedition... My friend can't have discretion to add his own thoughts and inferences. #sharjeel_imam #DelhiRiots
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An internal official note of @CPIMKerala under the heading 'minority communalism' says "efforts are on to lure educated young women into extremism in professional colleges in Kerala" In simple words "Islamist radicalization"! Has #Kerala govt finally woken up to an old reality? Image
For years #Kerala's professional college campuses have been hot-beds of #radicalisation! From Popular Front to off-shoots such as Campus Front & SDPI the narrative has been wonderfully woven around dalit-muslim upliftment which a sure attraction for the educated thinking student!
Students of dental, medical & engineering self financing colleges have been the target! Once a bridge is laid highlighting social issues the more virulent narratives are fed slowly ranging from claims of Islamophobia to alleged persecution of Muslims in India & abroad!
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All accused to appear before a Delhi Court in the conspiracy case in FIR 59/2020 registered under provisions of Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. #DelhiRiots #UAPA Image
Court assembles.
Advocate Adit Pujari for Natasha Narwal and Devangana Kalita says he had filed an application under Section 207 CrPC for electronic evidence on April 8. "Five months have gone by and no reply has been filed."
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