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Do know that no post mortem was carried out after mysterious deaths of two great Indian leaders? #DrSPMookerjee #LalBahadurShastri
#Article370 #JLNehru
1. Dr Shyama Prasad Mookerjee the founder of Bhartiya Jana Sangh, was India's first Minister for Industry and Supply ..cont2.. Image
2. (currently known as Ministry of Commerce and Industry) in Jawaharlal Nehru's cabinet. As per the special status granted to J&K by Article 370 by Nehru, not even India’s President could enter J&K without the permission of the Prime Minister (not Chief minister) of J&K. ..cont 3
3. “Ek desh mein do Vidhan, do Pradhan aur Do Nishan nahi chalega,” roared Dr Mookerjee and campaigned against separation of J&K from India. He entered J& K to observe a hunger strike. He was illegally arrested by Sheikh Abdullah’s government on May 11, 1953. A month later ..4..
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I wrote this to a #BJP supporter who wanted to know my political position. I am expanding and sharing it here.

1. BJP is as corrupt and inefficient as #Congress, but it gets a free pass because it is successfully advancing the cause of #Hindu #majoritarianism.

2. Examples are #Rammandir, #kashivishvanathtemple, #Article370, #TripleTalaq, #UCC, #CAANRC, #Cowslaughter bans, random #lynchings of Muslims, ban on #Azan in public, etc. A majority of Hindus in India support these, as they believe these will "put Muslims in their place."

3. In fact, #Corruption under the BJP is likely to be far worse than under Congress rule, because the media (which is now entirely under the control of Modi's corporate cronies like A&A) simply refuses to investigate any BJP corruption scams. Examples: #Vyapam, #Rafale...

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🔴Thread: Indian Right Wing Think Tanks

In the Book Saffron Republic by @ChatterjiAngana. Thomas Blom Hansen examines the role of right-wing think tanks in shaping and promoting the ideology of #Hindutva in India.
The chapter argues that think tanks like the #RSS and its affiliates have played a critical role in the mainstreaming of #Hindutva ideology in Indian politics and society. These think tanks have provided a platform for the articulation and dissemination of #Hindutva ideas...,
...and have helped to build a network of activists and supporters who promote the ideology through various means. It argues that the #BJP has been successful in implementing #Hindutva policies and initiatives through its of the #Indian government, and that the think tanks...
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B.R Ambedkar's View of Article 370 Replying to Sheikh Abdullah

>>Barely had India recovered from Pakistani aggression in Kashmir, when it created yet another complication for itself.

>> This, despite the warning by Babasaheb Ambedkar and the reluctance of Sardar Patel to be associated with what came to be known as Article 370 of the Indian constitution on 17 October 1949.

We tend to forget some important markers from our past; otherwise, we should have set in stone these words spoken wisely by B.R. Ambedkar when he refused to draft Article 370.

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“This is dangerous. What happened to J&K sets a precedent for other states.”
@AdnanAshrafMir of @JKPC_, petitioner in challenge to removal of #Article370 in #Jammu & #Kashmir. Case pending before #SupremeCourt for 1115 days. Last hearing: 2.5 yrs ago
In April 2022, a petitioner in J&K #Article370 abrogation case requested Chief Justice N V Ramana’s bench for a hearing.
His answer: “We’ll see”.
He said he would reconstitute 5-judge bench & hear case “after the vacation”, which ended on 10 July. There was no hearing
“The judges must show some willingness to hear this case or they must give an explanation as to why they can’t hear the case on priority despite (sic) 3 years,” Mir told @OfficialSauravD
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Chief Justice N V Ramana retires on 26 Aug, delivering during his tenure 29 lectures on guarding/improving #India’s laws & #Constitution. Yet, as @OfficialSauravD’s analysis found, he did not walk his talk, providing no hearings for vital cases. 1/11…
Instead of 5-6 days, it’s been 159 days since a special petition was filed against #Karnataka HC ruling upholding govt hijab ban in state educational institutions. “It just shows #SupremeCourt is reluctant to hear the matter:” Fauzia Shakil, case lawyer. 2/11
2 requests to urgently list the #hijabban case were made before Chief Justice’s bench. On 26 April, Chief Justice Ramana said, “Wait for two days.” On 13 July, he said, “Wait till next week.” The case has not yet been listed. The #hijabban continues. 3/11
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A few thoughts on the third anniversary of the revocation of #Article370 in Kashmir: militancy is at its lowest ebb. Every house, every shop in South Kashmir is on excel sheet of SFs. Every militant movement is tracked, every OGW is known. Who he meets, what he does is tracked
But isolated terror attacks cannot be prevented all time. For example, two days ago, SFs in Pulwama were tracking new OGWs who they thought might get active. One of them did last evening, causing one death of a labourer by hand-grenade attack
The Islamist deep state is cautious and a little nervous of being identified. There is nervousness about dismissal from jobs, about attaching of property, about NIA raids. However, the deep state is still intact and very little has been done to dismantle it
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What has changed after abrogation of #Article370?
A thread brought by a #Kashmiri to readers of the world

Prior to 2019, 3 Medical Colleges, 20 district hospitals
Today, 2 new AIIMS, 7 new Medical Colleges, Cancer Institutions and Nursing schools.
#NayaKashmir @AartiTikoo
Ayushman Bharat Health Insurance Scheme provides free universal health coverage up to ₹5 lakh per household per year for all residents of UT of J&K & Ladakh.
New ₹28,400Crore scheme for industrialisation of J&K in 2021. Creation of 4.50Lakh new jobs
Qazigund-Banihal tunnel section of the Srinagar-Jammu National Highway completed which reduce traveling time by 6.5 hours.
Completion of 4 national highway projects & agreements for 10 new road/tunnel projects.
@Imam_A_Siddique @GeneralBakshi @Tiny_Dhillon @AskSheikhAadil
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A thread👇🏻
On one hand,we are celebrating birth anniversary of Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar ji,who was against the inclusion of #Article370 granting special status to Jammu & Kashmir.

But look what is being said going against the wishes&values of Dr.Ambedkar ji!…
And we’ve been hearing various statements by @NCPspeaks President @PawarSpeaks ji on #TheKashmiriFiles & it’s not surprising at all.
In fact,they are totally in line with NCP’s decades old track record of appeasement policy & politics and polarising the society on communal basis.
Here’s a recent example of what was said by him when his own Minister @nawabmalikncp got arrested for money-laundering linked with the activities of underworld criminal Dawood Ibrahim.…
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Never new I would meet such ignorant parents. Atleast 10 parents had brought their 2-8 year old kids to watch Kashmir files. The movie clearly has a 18+ A certificate. Not a 14UA.

Honest Review.

I was pleasantly surprised by how effective the movie was in conveying what it started out doing. I had a very low bar after Tashkent files.
Some would take umbrage to the Loud direction at times. Personally I think that was @vivekagnihotri s choice and overall the Loudness has the desired effect.
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Chinmay Mandlekar is the actor who has played the role of terrorist JKLF Chief Yasin Malik & JKLF leader Bitta Karate aka Farooq Ahmed Dar in one character so real.

Thread on Bitta Karate & Yasin Malik

1/8 ImageImageImage
1989 in Kashmir, Yasin Malik killed Justice Neelkanth Ganju, in 1989 he kidnapped Rubaiya Sayeed. He killed 4 Indian Airforce officers & 2 women in 1989 , he wounded 40 ppl in 1990 but considered Youth Icon under UPA government Video of his confession
The question is what were the intentions of India Today in projecting Yasin Malik as youth icon in youth conclave and justifying the genocide of pandits by Madam Barkha Dutt under the pretext of economic dominance of pandits in kashmir.

3/8 Image
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Chronic Chronology since 2014 LS Polls:-Success Formula & Political Espionage’s r the Key Factor to diminish One & Inflated another. One’PK’made Big & Sent Out made to Accept as the Top Strategists,wt an agenda to Eliminate Congress,Meticulously executed. Who is the HERO? #2024?
My understanding of Indian Politics since 1989 as a @nsui Ldr till date almost 30yrs @RahulGandhi had lost the game before the elections in 2019! Pl recap what all burning issues during 2018 #Demonetisation #GST #TripleTalaq #Article370 #CAA #NRC #PriceRise Etc.Still @RSSorg WON.
Post 2019 WIN the Arrogance of Power which was at its Peak for Ruling BJP as they Bull Dozed everything & anything which the Govt felt they are Right as instructed by RW Bosses. Meanwhile their Nominee & chela was given the Task to ensure BJP is made the Formidable Opposition.
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An internal official note of @CPIMKerala under the heading 'minority communalism' says "efforts are on to lure educated young women into extremism in professional colleges in Kerala" In simple words "Islamist radicalization"! Has #Kerala govt finally woken up to an old reality? Image
For years #Kerala's professional college campuses have been hot-beds of #radicalisation! From Popular Front to off-shoots such as Campus Front & SDPI the narrative has been wonderfully woven around dalit-muslim upliftment which a sure attraction for the educated thinking student!
Students of dental, medical & engineering self financing colleges have been the target! Once a bridge is laid highlighting social issues the more virulent narratives are fed slowly ranging from claims of Islamophobia to alleged persecution of Muslims in India & abroad!
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श्रीमान @rautsanjay61 विचारतायत की, नेहरूंशी वैर का? राऊतांनी विचारलेल्या प्रश्नाचे उत्तर मी या थ्रेडमध्ये देतोय,
नेहरूंनी त्यांच्या कारकीर्दीत अभिव्यक्ती स्वातंत्र्याची आणि लोकशाही मूल्यांची अनेकदा गळचेपी केली. त्याची ही काही उदाहरणे (१/n)
नेहरूंनी केंद्रीय कायदामंत्री #बाबासाहेब #आंबेडकर यांना डावलून गोपालस्वामी अय्यंगार यांच्या हातून कलम ३७०चा मसुदा तयार करून घेतला आणि लोकसभेत बळजबरीने मंजूरही करून घेतला. देशाच्या कायदामंत्र्याला डावलून घटनादुरुस्ती झाल्याची ही भारतातली एकमेव घटना आहे. (२/n)
कलम ३७० हे भारत आणि भारतीयांवर अन्याय करणारे आहे असे #बाबासाहेब #आंबेडकर यांचे ठाम मत होते. कारण, नेहरूंनी जम्मू-काश्मीर विधानसभेला अमर्याद अधिकार देऊ केले होते. (३/n)
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1/ As dawn broke in London today, members of the diaspora and friends of India in the UK dropped a huge banner reading #ResignModi from Westminster Bridge. #indiaIndependenceday #IndependenceDayIndia #IndependenceDay2021
2/ Earlier they held a candlelit vigil at the Indian High Commission to remember all those killed under the Modi regime #ResignModi #IndependenceDay #IndependenceDayIndia2021
3/ They have released a statement explaining the reasons for the action ( thread) #ResignModi #indiaIndependenceday #IndependenceDay2021
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#JammuAndKashmir ची एक नवी झेप घेण्याच्या दिशेने वाटचाल

मोफत आणि सार्वत्रिक आरोग्य विमा योजना

#Article370 Image
#JammuAndKashmir ची एक नवी झेप घेण्याच्या दिशेने वाटचाल

माहिती तंत्रज्ञान पार्क Image
#JammuAndKashmir ची एक नवी झेप घेण्याच्या दिशेने वाटचाल

निशुल्क आणि सार्वजनिक आरोग्य विमा योजना Image
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#Thread | Today marks two years since the central government abrogated Kashmir’s special status by reading down #Article370 of the Constitution.

In “State Subjects,” The Caravan featured a collection of voices from various parts of the erstwhile state:
Replug | Kargil is closer to Srinagar than it is to Leh. Most of the region’s life essentials—from groceries to daily supplies—come from Kashmir. The people of Kargil have always endorsed the unity of the state.

Mustafa Haji writes. #Article370
Replug | Our union territory would have been welcome by everyone if the government had brought it in a democratic way, via dialogue. How will we justify this to our future generations?

Rigzin Yangdol, a Ladakhi professional, writes. #Article370
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#Article370 | Today marks two years since the Indian government abrogated Kashmir’s special status by reading down Article 370 of the Constitution.

The Caravan’s ground reports from #Kashmir:
“The bottom line is that they cannot accept it and swallow that there is a Muslim-majority state in India. So, they want to change the demography of the state,” Arif said.

Praveen Donthi’s dispatch from August 2019:
Archives | “Yahan kisiko bhool hai ki is qaum ko daba liya hai”—Some people here have the wrong impression that they have silenced this community, Abdul Qadir Bhat Pathan said. “There is a lava building here. It will explode like a bomb one day.”
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Former Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad addresses media along with BJP Leader Sambit Patra

@rsprasad @sambitswaraj
"Has anyone given a complaint regarding their phone has been tapped. No prima facie evidence, just before onset of parliamentary session an orchestrated complaint comes up." @rsprasad @sambitswaraj
"They also said a Supreme Court judge's name also came up. But he has surrendered his phone in 2014"

(This is wrt to Justice Arun Mishra)

@rsprasad @sambitswaraj #PegasusSnoopgate
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#NDTVExclusive | "Maybe the centre thought that things are not going the way they expected them to": Former J&K Chief Minister @MehboobaMufti on PM's outreach to #JammuAndKashmir political leader

#NDTVExclusive | Former J&K Chief Minister @MehboobaMufti on the ground realities in #JammuAndKashmir

#NDTVExclusive | Former #JammuAndKashmir Chief Minister @MehboobaMufti on the meeting of J&K leaders with the Prime Minister.

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.@OnReality_Check | "Didn't go to the meeting with great expectations. I wanted to hear what the Prime Minister and the centre had in mind on the roadmap ahead": @OmarAbdullah, President, National Conference

#JammuAndKashmir Image
.@OnReality_Check | @OmarAbdullah, President, National Conference on the PM's meeting with the Gupkar Alliance.

#JammuAndKashmir Image
.@OnReality_Check | @OmarAbdullah, President, National Conference, on what it was like to meet with the same government that detained him, his father, and many others in J&K after the abrogation of #Article370. Image
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Ideologically speaking, till now West has looked upon India as a country with an imposed Western democracy, a democracy that requires oversight by the West, to make sure India lives up to the liberal democratic ideals as perceived by the West.
West doesn't see India with an own democratic culture as West sees democracy itself as a Western (Greek) invention.

In this regard, it was important that on Feb 8th, 2021, Modi gave this clarification in Indian Parliament.

Check: @ 2:25

PM Modi said, "Our democracy is not a western institution. It's a human institution. India's history is filled with examples of democratic institutions. We find mention of 81 democracies in ancient India."…
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Deradicalisation of #Kashmir Youth, need of the hour. #Thread.

The valley has been bearing the brunt of radicalisation that has the potential to destroy the future generation of #Kashmir. Its a ticking time bomb that needs to be addressed at the earliest.
The gradual erosion of #Sufism is an indicator of the growing radicalisation in #Kashmir. Sufism faces a stiff competition from the Wahhabi brand of Islam as preached in Saudi Arabia & other parts of the world.
Sufi shrines are being burnt and there has hardly been any public outcry regarding the same, indicating the waning influence of the Hanafis. With the abundance of Saudi money, Wahhabi followers are gradually taking over Hanafi masjids in the valley.
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#Propagandists have for long been known to incite hatred with conspiracy.
Flooding social media with #FakeNews against India now appears to be the new means for these elements to inflame their agenda. #thread
#Kashmir Image
#Pakistani #Agents fearful of the rising amity, peace in #Kashmir and of the limited control over people in the #valley are now misusing #SocialMedia to spread #Misinformation and #FakeNews ImageImage
#Pakistan made desperate attempts to spread the propaganda on #Lawaypora encounter. Several #Pakistani #ISPR handles launched campaign within few moments after the conduct of encounter.

@KashmirPolice have proved through ample evidence that the 03 youth killed were #Terrorists Image
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