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#NDTVExclusive | "Maybe the centre thought that things are not going the way they expected them to": Former J&K Chief Minister @MehboobaMufti on PM's outreach to #JammuAndKashmir political leader

#NDTVExclusive | Former J&K Chief Minister @MehboobaMufti on the ground realities in #JammuAndKashmir

#NDTVExclusive | Former #JammuAndKashmir Chief Minister @MehboobaMufti on the meeting of J&K leaders with the Prime Minister.

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.@OnReality_Check | "Didn't go to the meeting with great expectations. I wanted to hear what the Prime Minister and the centre had in mind on the roadmap ahead": @OmarAbdullah, President, National Conference

#JammuAndKashmir Image
.@OnReality_Check | @OmarAbdullah, President, National Conference on the PM's meeting with the Gupkar Alliance.

#JammuAndKashmir Image
.@OnReality_Check | @OmarAbdullah, President, National Conference, on what it was like to meet with the same government that detained him, his father, and many others in J&K after the abrogation of #Article370. Image
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Ideologically speaking, till now West has looked upon India as a country with an imposed Western democracy, a democracy that requires oversight by the West, to make sure India lives up to the liberal democratic ideals as perceived by the West.
West doesn't see India with an own democratic culture as West sees democracy itself as a Western (Greek) invention.

In this regard, it was important that on Feb 8th, 2021, Modi gave this clarification in Indian Parliament.

Check: @ 2:25

PM Modi said, "Our democracy is not a western institution. It's a human institution. India's history is filled with examples of democratic institutions. We find mention of 81 democracies in ancient India."…
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Deradicalisation of #Kashmir Youth, need of the hour. #Thread.

The valley has been bearing the brunt of radicalisation that has the potential to destroy the future generation of #Kashmir. Its a ticking time bomb that needs to be addressed at the earliest.
The gradual erosion of #Sufism is an indicator of the growing radicalisation in #Kashmir. Sufism faces a stiff competition from the Wahhabi brand of Islam as preached in Saudi Arabia & other parts of the world.
Sufi shrines are being burnt and there has hardly been any public outcry regarding the same, indicating the waning influence of the Hanafis. With the abundance of Saudi money, Wahhabi followers are gradually taking over Hanafi masjids in the valley.
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#Propagandists have for long been known to incite hatred with conspiracy.
Flooding social media with #FakeNews against India now appears to be the new means for these elements to inflame their agenda. #thread
#Kashmir Image
#Pakistani #Agents fearful of the rising amity, peace in #Kashmir and of the limited control over people in the #valley are now misusing #SocialMedia to spread #Misinformation and #FakeNews ImageImage
#Pakistan made desperate attempts to spread the propaganda on #Lawaypora encounter. Several #Pakistani #ISPR handles launched campaign within few moments after the conduct of encounter.

@KashmirPolice have proved through ample evidence that the 03 youth killed were #Terrorists Image
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A Thread

♦️Gupkar Gang: Dynasty rule in #Kashmir♦️

#Srinagar's Gupkar Road is #Kashmir's Lutyens’ #Delhi. A 2km long path to power that slopes & curves like a peaceful dream amidst a turbulent landscape. The road ends at the residences of the #Abdullah family.

1/13 Image
The #Abdullah & #Mufti clan occupies 3 sprawling bungalows in this area. It is at these lawns the People's Alliance for #Gupkar Declaration (#PAGD ) was formulated to defend the very existence of Gupkar dynasties, which has been looting #Kashmir for quite some time now.
2/13 Image
After the revocation of #Article370, the Gupkar Gang has been seeking the restoration of the erstwhile state's special status. But the #DDCElections are paving way for a new system which appears to be putting an end to the dynastic rule of the #GupkarAlliance.
3/13 Image
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There is a disturbing tendency among groups in the diaspora to religionize what are fundamentally political reactions to political actions. This religionizing creates a binary where every political actor & policy is necessarily pro-x or anti-y. 1/n
In this paradigm, abrogation #Article370 is anti-Muslim ignoring KP's and its anti-terror ramification. #CAA a pro-persecuted minority amnesty law is anti-Muslim, and the protests glorified. Now the #FarmersBill is portrayed as a anti-Sikh and protests romanticized. 2/
The protests are, in fact, merging, as anti-CAA #Dadi & a Dalit political party head join the farmers. But when roads & highways are blocked for months on end, at some point, commuters will demand roads are opened. But the religionized context-artificially constructed-means 3/
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Rupa, you make my point when you & media orthodoxy conflate Hindu nationalism with Modi, hence India. Ergo, supporting US-India ties (nuclear deal, defense coop) & Indian policies=Hindu nationalism, & any policy disfavored by the ecosystem=anti-Muslim. (thread)
@HinduAmerican was founded in 2003 and promoted U.S-India ties throughout MMS govt.

@HinduAmerican believes that free speech, religious liberty & equality are principles that are good for Hindus in America and around the world are good for all people regardless of faith or none.
Is supporting U.S.-India ties, abrogation #Article370 to fight cross-border terror & promote KP resettlement, amnesty for religious minorities seeking refuge or end to govt. control of temples nationalism or parochial?

Why circumscribe freedom of religion issues as nationalism?
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The unholy alliance of #GupkarDeclaration is a last-ditch effort by the fading “Abdullahs & Muftis” to stay relevant in this #NayaKashmir by playing at what they know best – a politics of hate, fear & shady deals.
A #thread.
The recent outrageous statement from #MehboobaMufti claiming she wont hoist Tricolor until the J&K flag in allowed, just shows how poisonous their politics is for #Jammu & #Kashmir.
These are the same leaders of NC & PDP who were often seen throwing muck at each other, but now when they see their “Dukans” shutting down, they have made a shady alliance, such is the nature of politics in #Kashmir.
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The corrupt leaders of #Kashmir are now “concerned” for its development:
Recently, Farooq Abdullah remarked that “economic development in J&K can’t be achieved unless Aug 5 decisions are reversed”.
Well Abdullahs were in power for more than 5 decades, but what did we get?
The way #FarooqAbdullah criticises the Govt, one would have thought that he must have been an ace administrator. Well we all know that he presided over a Govt which will go down in the #history as one of the most inefficient and #corrupt Govt.
Who was Sheikh Abdullah? A teacher from Soura. What did Omar Abdullah inherit from his grandfather?
Today Abdullah family owns a house in London, a house in southern France, a house in New Delhi, and a house in Gurgaon, besides the houses at Gupkar road.
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Supreme Court to shortly hear Iltija Mufti's plea challenging her mother’s
& People’s Democratic Party (PDP) leader, Mehbooba Mufti's detention order under Public Safety Act (PSA) and its subsequent extensions.

Iltija says the foremost reason cited for continued detention, now under PSA, is that her mother had declined to sign a bond or “surety”.

Further the plea says that despite its order in February, Jammu and Kashmir administration is yet to file a reply.

The Bench of Justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Hrishikesh Roy will take up the matter for hearing shortly.

#SupremeCourt #Article370 @MehboobaMufti
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Just imagine these sort of people with such poisonous mindset ruled the state of Jammu & Kashmir for decade's. Their ideologies are filled with hatred for Bharat & they only wanted to suffice their vested interests & personal gains. (1/n) Image
The Whole family of the Muftis & the Abdullahs had only one agenda that is to fill their pockets by keeping the whole state & its people backward for years. They always wanted that the state & it's people should never progress , so that they can rule for many years to come(2/n)
But their plans were jolted by the Abrogation of article 370 & 35A which came as a bolt from the blue for them, they could never have imagined in their wildest of dreams. Their shops have closed now & hence the desperation & the outcry . (3/n)
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A Thread
Read this attached bit of text. It is taken from a major widely read international newspaper with key geographic details removed. Your task: To guess which part of the world is this about:
North Korea?
Xin Jiang?

Whichever one you guessed, you'd be wrong Image
It is from #Kashmir. It is from @TheEconomist Sept 12th.
"India is still trampling on civil liberties in Kashmir" is the headline. with a picture of a deserted street guarded by armed troops - not to keep the enemy out but to keep the citizens locked in. Image
Read the article here. #India's Kashmir policy is a shambles, an abject failure, if 370 days after the #Article370 #Constitutional change, it takes armed repression rather than a functioning administration to present an outward sense of a deathly calm.…
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How Security Forces are changing the narrative in Kashmir post 5 Aug 2019. A #thread

#Kashmir is witnessing a major decline in #terrorists activities post abrogation of #Article370. A major positive shift is the 42% decline in youth joining terror groups this year.
The strategy was multi-pronged: from sustained pin-point operations to dissuading potential recruits from joining #terrorist ranks to social media monitoring to appealing to the "misguided youth" through their mothers.

@neeraj_rajput @Tiny_Dhillon @AlphaWo40963407
Another positive aspect has been that no stone-pelting incidents are being reported during anti-#terrorist operations this year. Stone-pelting protests at the encounter sites had emerged as a major problem for security forces in #Kashmir since late 2016.
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Indian American is going to play a very critical role in the USA Election post emergence of #KamalaHarris

Let's explore
There are around 11 million Asian-Americans eligible to vote in America this November elections. They comprise five percent of the total electorate.
Of this 11 million Asian-Americans 3.9* million are Indian-American voters

* some other source suggest 1.8 million
In the event of a close contest, this vote bank of influential Indian Origin could make a difference!
and #KamalaHarris is a major deception planned by the Democrats to divide the Indian-American votes.

.. this is where the game of perception starts
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"It is crucial indeed to protect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of India. Yet the question remains – Have the castle walls become more prominent than the human subjects that the castle intends to protect?" @llitcy writes on #JammuAndKashmir…
"If people representing the ‘public’ of #JammuAndKashmir from every walk of life have been arrested in the name of ‘public safety’ and ‘public order’, whose public safety are we really talking about? Who is being protected from whom?" writes @llitcy
Read @AIIndia's situation update after one year of the abrogation of #Article370 in #JammuAndKashmir…
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#Turkey’s President sees himself as a Caliph of the Islamic world. He backs Pakistan, a state sponsor of terror on #Article370. Actor Amir Khan in the eye of a storm now. ⁦@SudhanshuTrived⁩ ⁦@sairashahhalim⁩ Amb Ashok Sajjanhar on #DeshkaGaurav
#Turkey #Pakistan & #Malaysia are desperate to form an alternate Ummah, breaking away from #SaudiArabia. Pak the pauper is riding piggy back on Turkey’s wealth where Recep Erdogan sees himself as the 21st century Caliph. His statements on J&K are not only false but also malicious
Both Pakistan & Turkey want to create fissures in Indian society. Is there a sinister plot to divide our society through certain means, asks Amb Ashok Sajjanhar on #DeshKaGaurav on #Tez. Turkey & Pakistan have both played the religious card to divide the people of India. Beware!!
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Thread on #StandwithKashmir which supports #Nefarious intentions Of #Terror
It is faction quite active on #socialmedia. It supports violent #terrorists and became an essential #voice of the #antiIndian movement in the US after #Abrogation of #article370. Image
Along with regular #posting of #poetry, #drawings, and articles, it also paints #terrorists as #victims .While the #standwithkashmir lists neither founders nor employees on its website, it does offer the names of dozens of its “experts”. Image
Many of these so-called #experts are academicians at #Americanuniversities who #specialise in subjects such as #humanrights, #colonialism, and #genderstudies. How can they comment upon this sensitive issue without even paying a visit to #kashmir. Image
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Abrogation of #Article370 brought many considerable changes in #JammuKashmir. Corruption in the state received the hardest hit; also it was the need of the hour in #Kashmir as it was very much required to curb the illicit practices. Image
Mis-governance and corruption were quiet prevalent in the #Kashmir valley. Things were designed for corruption here. It had collapsed the system from inside and kept filling the pockets of the middle men.The common #Kashmiris suffered as always. Image
With abrogation of #Article370 all anti-corruption central Laws including Whistle Blower Act are applicable in #JammuKashmir and all central agencies and watchdogs can ensure reduced corruption so that the funds reach the needy. #Nayakashmir ImageImage
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۱- جنرل امجد شعیب اسرائیل سے دوستی کے حق ہیں انہوں نے علمائے دین کو جاہل قرار دیا جو اسرائیل کے دشمن ہیں

Spy plane an evidence of Indo-Israeli collaboration: PAF… (11 June 2002)

۲ - جنرل امجد شعیب اسرائیل سے دوستی کے حق ہیں انہوں نے علمائے دین کو جاہل قرار دیا جو اسرائیل کے دشمن ہیں

Spy plane an evidence of Indo-Israeli collaboration: PAF… (11 June 2002)

رٹو طوطے کی جناح کی ۱۱ اگست کی تقریر کو ڈھول پر پیٹنے والے جناح کو اسرائیل پر بھی پڑھ لیں

How India's Muslim backlash, led by Jinnah, thwarted the Balfour

Israel News |…

#UAEStabsMuslims Image
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A year after the abrogation of #Article370, official data accessed exclusively by IANS reveals that the sharp edges of the stones have not only been blunted in Anchar, the epicentre of #Pakistan's war against India in 2019, but in the rest of the #valley too.

The data reveals that civilian casualties due to #stonepelting incidents & the subsequent clashes with #securityforces in 2019,were 94% less than the number in 2016. Similarly, the injured due to stone-pelting incidents were down by 70% in 2019 compared to 2016.

As per the data, the killings in #stonepelting incidents during the nine month period last year came down by 62 per cent compared to the corresponding period in 2018.

#JammuAndKashmir #securityforces #IndianArmy
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Your one vote to @narendramodi got you these

3 Cr Homes
9 Cr Toilets
Stable Govt
#Article370 Removal
Low Inflation
#0Terrorism tolerance
15 new #AIIMS
35 new #Airports
#Transgenders Act
1.8 lakh Km #Roads
Weaponry for forces
7 New #IITs
Reduced #CorporateTax
#PMKisanSammanNidhi for all Farmers
2nd largest #Solar Power
2nd largest #steel producer
2nd largest #mobile manufacturer
4th largest #Automotive market
Fugitive #Economic Offender Act
Converting #post_offices into Banks
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#Thread on #propaganda master
#clairebidwell (1/n)

Claire Bidwell, a #Primary #Teacher from Mull in #scotland, co-founder of truly intrigues me of how low people can stoop for #cheap #popularity putting at stake life of many at discomfort and misery. Image
(2/n) A chance purchase of rugs from a #Kashmiri salesman in #Mumbai last #July had started her #mission for a raising awareness of #kashmir issues which is quite strange as just on hearsay , how can she comment on #Dynamics of the region without even visiting #kashmir. Image
(3/n) Her views on abrogation of article 370 can easily refuted by recent developments in #kashmir which have paved way towards prosperity and development.…
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Post Abrogation of #Article370
•Zero Stone pelting
•High class healthcare facilities
•Scholarship for students
•Free Ration for poor
•Recognition of West Pakistanis
•Electricity Problems solved
•Drop in Terrorism
#kashmirprideofindia Image
Big projects worth 1000 crore in Prime Minister’s J&K development plan.
#Kashmiris Image
Happy & prosperous #Kashmir Paving way towards Enterpreneurship Image
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