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President, @WFDeaf_org Professor of Deaf Studies at Gallaudet, views= my own.
16 May
My 2nd all-nighter as a #Russebil driver for my teen’s #russegruppe Here’s a (charmed +astonished) USA Dad’s #THREAD of the one month-long #Russefeiring graduation party for Norwegian🇳🇴seniors. Here are my stories from...inside the van!
1st- the iconic red vans. Rich kids in cities pay +100.000kr (per person)for a bus but here in #Hallingdal vans are 1st choice. Old Dodge or Chrysler vans from the 80s = 🥰 #DadNostalgia- manual odometers!! Side stick shifts! “Power” steering! “Power” Windows!
The kids buy ‘em from last years seniors, paint them in their names, w/ a group name/logo, wire up light and sound systems, and basically get a mobile party base ready for the month.
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22 Jan
Cpt Hall's #PledgeofAllegiance in #AmericanSignLanguage on #InaugurationDay has rightfully seized our attention. In this thread, I want to analyse where this came from, what we can learn from it, and what we should NOT learn from it. Read more on this longish THREAD 1/20
When Cpt Hall starting signing, social media exploded with deaf people seeing fluency in her signs and wondering, as @NeilMcD did with his CODA son, if she was also a CODA. And she is! CODAs may grow up with a national sign language as one of their family languages @codaintl /2
Cpt Hall seemed to decide on her own to use #ASL (remember, sign languages are not universal- they are as distinct as spoken languages. The @WFDeaf_org estimates 200+ signed languages around the world. And only 50+ have been legally recognized.… /3
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18 Jan
Many thanks to @jahochcam for mobilizing us to respond to shoddy research on deaf peoples. Today, let's highlight the good researchers doing important (and solid!) work on deaf communities and sign languages. And who better to highlight today than Dr. Hochgesang?
Dr. Hochgesang has done so many interesting things! If you've seen @jahochcam present, you know she does amazingly informative and wonderfully visual presentations. Luckily for us, some of her presentations are available via video here
And @jahochcam has an exciting range of research topics on sign language documentation, sign language corpus creation, and methodological and ethical questions in sign language research. Check out her research here: #SignLanguages
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2 Oct 19
In this @WHOBulletin special issue @wyattehall @KristinSnoddon + I write language acquisition is human rights issue for deaf people + urge policymakers ensure deaf children gain access to natural signed languages to promote their healthy development. (1/9)
Some quotes from the article in this thread: "Global reports … highlight a stark picture, with an estimated less than 2% of 34 million deaf children worldwide receiving access to a signed language in early childhood." 2/9 @KristinSnoddon
"Early, immersive exposure to a natural language is important for timely neurocognitive and linguistic development of any child. For most deaf children, access to a signed language is an important precondition for this development" @wyattehall (video in ASL) 3/9
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