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A byproduct of ‘clarity’ is peace: Joy is peace dancing. Academic | Psychologist | Human Rights Activist | PhD in Psychology. Emergency: 000. Lifeline: 131114.
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18 Apr
My Recovery from Psychosis: People ask how I tirelessly campaign for Tharnicaa, Kopika and #Justice4Australia. People also thank me for being transparent about my lived experience of Psychosis. I have some beautiful insights I would like to share to explain how and why. 1/50
Firstly, there is no tireless effort on my part. It is my passion to share the truth for justice. Secondly, I am transparent about my experience of Psychosis because individuals can not only recover; Psychology now has a phenomenon known as Post-Traumatic Growth. 2/50
This week Christine Holgate powerfully shared her truth for justice; she was also transparent that she found the past six months deeply traumatising. Tony Wright, from The Sydney Morning Herald reported: “Ms Holgate’s evidence that she had become suicidal in the 3/50
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14 Apr
Knowledge is Power: Education is not intended to fill a container with knowledge. It is intended to light the fire of justice within you. The term ‘Philosophy’ in Doctor of Philosophy does not mean the field or academic discipline of Philosophy; 1/75 #Justice4Australia
it means in the broadest sense, with its original Greek meaning, ‘love of wisdom.’ I write this NOT as a Psychologist as there is limits within any profession. I write this as a human being in the broadest sense in accordance with love of wisdom. 2/75
Throughout history it was been a privilege and more importantly a responsibility to share the truth for justice. For example, ‘homosexuality’ was recently considered an illness in Psychiatry; listed in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. 3/75
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12 Apr
‘What are the causes of Indigenous suicides?’ Dr @TracyWesterman (2019): “As an Indigenous clinical psychologist who has spent the better part of the past twenty years working solidly in Aboriginal suicide, I keep getting asked “What are the causes of Indigenous suicides?” 1/35
ANSWER: I have long been concerned by public commentary on the causes of suicide & the impacts of this in finding evidence-based solutions. Simply put, suicide risk factors are being incorrectly and consistently stated as CAUSES of suicide. So: 2/35
• Poverty is not the cause of suicide
• Abuse is not the cause of suicide
• Alcohol is not the cause of suicide, nor is Foetal Alcohol Syndrome by the way!
• They are all very likely risk factors, but they are not CAUSES. 3/35
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11 Apr
“Exit Here: Ignorance is Bliss!”: You see some whales in the ocean. That is a fact. You wonder if they are a family. You will need evidence to know the truth. So you gather some and determine they are. This now becomes a truth for you. 1/22 #Justice4Australia
However, not all truths can be measured. For example, we cannot measure the end of existence. We’re not even absolutely sure there’s a glass wall with a sign that says, “Exit Here.” Another problem is that we can only ever be 99.9% confident that A caused B. 2/22
Every scientific fact must be falsifiable. This just means it must have the opportunity to be disproved. It was designed this way because a lot of what we considered to be true 100 years ago we no longer consider it to be the truth today. 3/22
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10 Apr
“My heart breaks when I think of the more than 450 Black families who have lost their sons and daughters, mums and dads, brothers and sisters at the hands of the Australian justice system. As an Aboriginal person, I feel pain of every one of these deaths. #Justice4Australia 1/13
I am angry that we continue to call for accountability and action. Deaths in prison cells, deaths in the back of police cars, deaths at the hands of police and prison guards: none of them should have happened. 2/13
Since 1991 - 30 years ago - more than 450 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have died in custody. Why is 1991 important? Because that is when the Royal Commission into Deaths in Custody made 339 recommendations to governments, 3/13
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10 Apr
2021 Suicide Prevention Summit. 14-16 May. Entirely Free: To equip every practicing mental health professional in Australia with global best-practice knowledge and skills on suicide prevention, thereby making a tangible reduction on suicide rates.👇🏼#Justice4Australia 1/18
Who can register: Community Worker, Counsellor, GP/Medical Practitioner, Nurse, Occupational Therapist, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Social Worker, Student, Teacher/Educator, Other. 2/18
Dear Mental Health Professional,
Suicide remains the leading cause of death for Australians aged between 15 and 44. As a mental health professional, you are the frontline of defence, and you will be required to work with suicidality. 3/18
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9 Apr
Enlightenment: Do we experience reality as an illusion and are we are all hallucinating? What does it mean to “break the glass wall”? Well perception is like ‘a map of Earth’. It’s not the exact picture. However, it works. #Justice4Australia 1/50
The intellect is like that. It cannot see the whole truth but it works. It has been said that to “break the glass wall” is to taste truth so to speak. But it can be too much to experience all at once. That’s why practices, like yoga, were for people to experience it slowly. 2/50
Spontaneous enlightenment can be dangerous: like psychosis. Now if you have read my thread on the ‘Window of Tolerance’, about snakes 🐍 and ladders 🪜, it’s like going from zero to hero, in intensity of arousal. You hit the roof of the attic. The body cannot go further. 3/50
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7 Apr
Dark Side of Psychology: Excerpts from the following paper highlight the need to challenge the ‘status quo’. This is an inspiring piece on how healthy skepticism and activism achieves cultural change: ‘Out of DSM: Depathologizing Homosexuality.’ #Justice4Australia #Auspol 1/43
In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed the diagnosis of “homosexuality” from the second edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM). This resulted after comparing competing theories,
those that pathologized homosexuality and 2/43
those that viewed it as normal. Theories of pathology: viewed homosexuality as a sign of a defect, or even as morally bad, with some of these theorists being quite open about their belief that homosexuality is a social evil. For example, 3/43
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6 Apr
‘Support through connection’ for survivors: “Learning to feel safe ‘enough’ with another person, or within a group, can be an important part of a survivor’s journey. For many survivors it can be hard to identify a person with whom you do feel safe. #Justice4Australia 1/47
It can be hard to begin to trust them. It is important to try and identify your safe person or people. The following are possible people or groups who can provide you with support: Family; Friends, neighbours or work colleagues; 2/47
Peer groups: like a local drop-in centre, support group or sports club; Counsellor or therapist, case worker, support worker, GP or other professional; Therapeutic groups; Groups with activities you enjoy e.g. sport, hobbies, music, singing, dancing; 3/47
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6 Apr
Dedicated to Australia’s First Nations people: Over-represented in Custody. Deaths in Custody. Children aged 10+ in Custody. Parents 10 x more likely have children removed from home. Health, mental health, suicide crisis. More.👇🏼#Justice4Australia #Auspol
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5 Apr
I am Australian:
I came from the dream-time
From the dusty red-soil plains
I am the ancient heart
The keeper of the flame
I stood upon the rocky shores
I watched the tall ships come
For forty thousand years I've been
The first Australian
❤️ #Justice4Australia #Auspol 1/8 Image
I came upon the prison ship
Bowed down by iron chains
I bought the land, endured the lash
And waited for the rains
I'm a settler, I'm a farmer's wife
On a dry and barren run
A convict, then a free man
I became Australian
❤️ #Justice4Australia #Auspol 2/8
I'm the daughter of a digger
Who sought the mother lode
The girl became a woman
On the long and dusty road
I'm a child of the Depression
I saw the good times come
I'm a bushie, I'm a battler
I am Australian
❤️ #Justice4Australia #Auspol 3/8
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5 Apr
Self-care for survivors: "Self-care" means looking after yourself. It means treating yourself as person who deserves care. Caring for yourself is often challenging for people who experienced child abuse or childhood trauma. #Justice4Australia 1/11
That’s because you were harmed by another person. Sometimes it was done on purpose. Other times it happened because that person had their own issues which stopped them caring for you. 2/11
When an adult neglects, hits, insults, abuses or ignores a child, the child comes to understanding that they aren’t worth much. Often this happens time and again. This often means that the child grows up believing that they don’t deserve to be loved or cared for – 3/11
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5 Apr
Complex Trauma Treatment: “Complex trauma is different to the trauma of a single incident. Single incident trauma is associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Survivors of complex trauma may experience PTSD and are at increased risk of PTSD. 1/24 #Justice4Australia
Yet the impacts of complex trauma are more extensive and debilitating than those of PTSD alone. People with complex trauma often develop complex post-traumatic stress disorder (C –PTSD). This is to be included in the upcoming ICD11. 2/24
What is complex trauma treatment? `[T]here is no one perfect trauma therapy’ (Shapiro, 2010). The core features of complex trauma treatment reflect clinical and neurobiological insights, including the role of the body. They have been informed by psychodynamic 3/24
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5 Apr
An Indigenous Man has died: 5 Deaths In Custody In 4 Weeks. A week from the 30th anniversary of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Report. All of Australia’s violations of abuse are here: 2021 Human Rights Watch World Report.👇🏼#Justice4Australia #Auspol
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5 Apr
1) You absolutely can “redesign people’s brains” or I’d have no job: Neuroplasticity. They must desire to change first. 2) He said “the adversarial nature of parliament, empathy was not always key, your goal was to “take out” your opponent.” - Is ‘self-esteem’👇🏼1/2 #Auspol
Self-esteem’s competition (i.e. ‘to be special and above average’ aka ‘survival of the fittest’). Self-compassion’s collaboration (i.e. ‘kindness, common humanity, mindfulness’ aka ‘enlightenment’). Self-compassion is far more mature than self-esteem. Only that must change.👇🏼
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5 Apr
What is a Sociopath? Anti-Social Personality Disorder (ASPD): Part 4. This thread is a response from an anonymous person with ASPD to an original thread (Parts 1,2,3 below). The person is sharing his lived experience to help raise some awareness and break stigma with ASPD: 1/20
The person previously shared that his partner and he use a ‘card system’ for high risk situations, such as social ones, to prevent it turning into a disaster. Several asked if he could share the card system and what advice he has for how to deal with someone like him. 2/20
Important: This thread is NOT psychological advice from myself as a Psychologist. However, I will advise, that for any emergency call: 000. For Mental Health or Suicide Crisis Support call Lifeline: 131114. 3/20
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3 Apr
Australians: The brave have always fought for truth. Neuroscience finally confirms all wisdom traditions: awareness, compassion and action benefits us all. Now there’s no excuse for injustice. Only ignorance or the deliberate negative use of power. #Justice4Australia #Auspol 👇🏼
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3 Apr
#March4Justice worked: Goggle Box has delivered a clear message to Australians. Your efforts are changing Australia’s landscape. Morrison Government have not released Tharnicaa and Kopika #HomeToBilo. However, we can go to them: CI tourist hotspot. 1/2 #Justice4Australia #Auspol
CIConference2021: Date TBA. Attend CI with advocates to remind the world stage of Australia’s cruel and unlawful refugee crisis. Same-day city protests across the nation. If you can support this idea in anyway please DM this genius: @p3pp3rtr33z. #Justice4Australia #Auspol 2/2
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2 Apr
Healing Trauma: “The prevailing brain-disease model overlooks four fundamental truths: (1) our capacity to destroy one another is matched by our capacity to heal one another. Restoring relationships and community is central to restoring well-being; #Justice4Australia #Auspol 1/30
(2) language gives us the power to change ourselves and others by communicating our experiences, helping us to define what we know, and finding a common sense of meaning; 2/30
(3) we have the ability to regulate our own physiology, including some of the so-called involuntary functions of the body and brain, through such basic activities as breathing, moving, and touching; and 3/30
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1 Apr
A toxic culture: Why I switched from the ‘intellect’ to ‘intelligence’? There’s a time and place for the critic. Otherwise, it’s toxic. If you people please, you’ll waste your life, others’ and the planet, for someone who cares not for this: the ‘critic’. #Justice4Australia 1/23
The critic said to me: Find highest pay job. I was a ‘permanent student’. I care ‘too much’ about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Refugees. People with a disability. My partner’s from a ‘third world country’: Is using me for money. Or get his kids to Australia. 2/23
When I worked as a disability support worker, the critic asked: why do you hang around with people who slow you down? After my first episode of psychosis, I put on 30kg from meds. The critic noted: gee you’ve had a good winter. Which I later learnt meant I was fat. 3/23
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31 Mar
‘Bookmark’ this tweet for threads on ‘clarity’ for ‘integrity’ (i.e. integration). I wrote some. The rest are classics: Carl Sagan, Oliver Sacks, Gabor Maté, Sir Ken Robinson, Sadhguru, Kristen Neff and Brené Brown. They go perfect together. Enjoy.👇🏼#Justice4Australia #Auspol
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