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In my area, what's left of #mentalhealth services only seems to work for patients who have MONEY

The money to make up for gaps in services that used to be provided by the State

My friend with money has done very well - whereas I'm treated as a hopeless case, toxic, & excluded
My friend was able to self-fund things she needed (eg stable housing, supported exercise, art classes, wholesome prepared food, cleaner, transport)

This meant that what was available from #mentalhealth services landed on fertile ground - & services found her a pleasure to help
I'm very happy my friend has had such success with local #mentalhealth services, & that professionals find her so rewarding to help

It's important that staff enjoy their jobs

But that does not mean it is okay for staff to pathologise patients who are poor & lack other supports
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1/3 #Gratitude: I Know What It Is Like…
To Overcome:

* #Homelessness
* Profound #Grief at the loss of hopes and dreams for a loved one
* #Failure - personal and professional
* #TBI, #CPTSD. #Anxiety Disorder and other #MentalHealth-related labels that no longer define me
2/3 * Intense isolation due to #stigma
* Being misunderstood in my intentions
* A sense of loss of self and purpose
* Over-inflation of my own ego
* Soul crushing #poverty
* Compassion fatigue - profound in its depth
* Asking God, “Why?”
* Turning too far inward
3/3 * Lack of simple #forgiveness
* Numbness
* Shit being placed in my mailbox

What have you overcome that you would add to this list? 🙏❤️🙏
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The first day of the 2022 White House Tribal Nations Summit is about to begin.

Tribal leaders will hear from Secretary Deb Haaland, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Tune in!

#TribalNationsSummit #WHTNS @SecDebHaaland @POTUS @VP…
The announcer just gave the two minute warning.

The 2022 White House Tribal Nations Summit will start with the posting of the colors and an opening prayer.

The event is taking place at the Department of the Interior headquarters in Washington, D.C.

#TribalNationsSummit #WHTNS
Presentation of the colors by the Native American Women Warriors.

Honor song by Showtime Singers.

#NativeVeterans Presentation of the colors by the Native American Women Warr
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Sign of growing discomfort with media exposure of serious problems w Canada's #MAID law/practice: @picardonhealth, MAID expansionist day 1, goes on all-out editorial defence MAID & government approach, with frankly extraordinary denial of any potential problem... 1/
2/ Some examples 1: Expert Panel on MAID Mental Illness, widely criticized for failing to impose any additional safeguards #mentalhealth (contrary to B & Nl, other liberal regimes), had 2 members resign in protest-- Picard: panel made “19 thoughtful recommendations”
3/ e.g. 2: Gov strongly criticized for not appealing lower court Quebec decision and caving in without defense of law broadly supported by parliament—Picard: law was “predictably struck down by court’
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Someone here said that some patients just don't want to engage. OP's bio says they're a consultant #psychiatrist. I hope not but this sort of arrogant statement is rife among MHPs (mental health professionals) and absolutely boils my piss.

Let's break it down.

Firstly, I'm talking as a parent regarding inpatient treatment but this transfers to other settings.

My child was first referred to CAMHS in 2019 and has had 4 inpatient admissions. They've probably been in contact with 100 - 200 MHPs.


My child has been variously described as 'hard to reach', 'not engaging' and unable to communicate their needs.

(Yes, yes, they are #autistic - something these MHPs denied in favour of emotional dysregulation etc but that's a story for another time)


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Freedumb Corps & Brian Fox: Lies, lunacy & lawyers 🧵

Like many of my fellow #Canadians, I watched the #POECommission into the use of the #EmergenciesAct by @JustinTrudeau. For me, it further validated the necessity for the decision.

It was not without controversy however.
During the testimony of Public Safety Minister @marcomendicino, Brian Miller, lawyer for the #FreeDumbConvoy, made the accusation that the individual carrying the #Nazi flag near #RideauHall during the occupation was Brian Fox.

By now you've all seen the video or read the news.
The day of this testimony was November 22nd, 2022. During his claim that Brian Fox was the man, he claimed to have a first hand eye witness who had given an affidavit naming Mr Fox as the individual. He claimed that this was new information. He lied or tampered with the witness.
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BREAKING: #BNNCanada Reports.

The "crisis" in Canada's emergency rooms is being caused, in part, by a lack of urgency to improve & expand access to mental health & addictions care across the nation, #MentalHealth #ER #Canada #Health #Social Image
... according to advocates. Mental health patients in need of assistance frequently have nowhere else to turn but an ER.

The Liberals promised a new $4.5 billion mental health transfer during the last federal election,
but it has since stalled, according to a group of more than 35 organisations that represent doctors, mental health professionals, and organisations that support Canadians suffering from mental health, addictions, and poverty-related issues.
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Business Insider openly admitting that they don’t care (or check) whether what they’re publishing is true or not because they said “reportedly” in the headline ImageImage
News organization in which SBF is a major shareholder claims that SBF owns $100 million of Twitter.

Owner of Twitter says this isn’t true.

Headline: “SBF is reportedly a shareholder in Twitter.”

Zero attempt to actually determine what is accurate.
The Verge did 100% the same thing to us.

A student told them we plagiarized our curriculum from Medium.

Turns out someone had stolen and republished our curriculum on Medium.

We showed that clearly, with time stamps.

What was published? “Students claim curriculum was stolen.”
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This #WorldCup, health and sport are teaming up to celebrate champions 🏆 who are scoring goals and saving lives every day!

#ThanksHealthHeroes for all your commitment, sacrifices and compassion in promoting and protecting people's health around the world 🙌

Sports and health go hand in hand.


#Qatar, you have a challenge. Can you bring some traditional dancing into your #WorldCup opening match? We want to see you #BringTheMoves!
#Ecuador, will you answer to this #WorldCup move challenge?

Be active and keep practicing and the biggest football stars will #BringTheMoves.
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I have worked extremely hard to get where I am, and I’m not even close to where I want to go.

As Twitter workers complain of Elon Musk being too demanding, he asked for 40 hours a week or more. (Thread)

I know he is a controversial figure, and he often speaks impulsively, part of what it is to be autistic.

that aside, why is working 40+hours a week on a company you’re passionate about a bad thing?

(My longest stretch of work without a day off was 1,496 days. No vacation or 2/
… holiday)

I had to do it, because I didn’t have a fancy degree, and I was on another medication to knock out a horse.

I don’t understand why everyone feels they should be able to make a lot of money without working.

FYI, $TWTR was losing 4 million a day.

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One thing that adds to mental health stigma is people demanding that we need special treatment, when we are every bit as able-bodied as a Neuro-typical.

I like Lisa, but this adds to #stigma. I dislike excuses. I don’t get to make them. No one does. #mentalHealth

More proof!

@BipolarBattle, how do you feel about people utilizing their disability to sue?

do you think this empowers others to believe that you can raise your children?

Seriously. 👇 is NOT something to celebrate. #MentalHealth @MHChat @Autism

I used a small account to confront the individual, but he blocked, because he is more interested in free money than helping and the stigma on disabilities.

I am livid.

I fight each and every day to end preconceptions, misconceptions, and discrimination.

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I received a speaking invitation today. I had to decline. Here is my response:

#BringBackMasks #Ethics #COVIDisAirborne #LongCOVID #MentalHealth #HumanRights

2/ Thank you very much for the invitation. Unfortunately, I am off work for the foreseeable future to the failure of every institution to stand up to public health and put measures in place to reduce COVID-19 transmission, which is proven to transmit via aerosols (airborne).
3/ As an immunocompromised parent of two children for whom I would like to live long enough to see them to adulthood, this has been a harrowing time. Due to unsafe schools, I have no reliable childcare. I have to pull my kids every day to eat lunch outdoors...
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The Earth’s climate is in crisis, and we must act now. During #COP27, world leaders are discussing how to address the challenges posed by #climatechange. A new Focus issue by @NatureHumBehav and @NatureClimate highlights the role of human behaviour in adaptation & mitigation. 🧵 Image
In 12 original pieces, our authors discuss some of the aspects that are central for mitigation of and adaptation to #climatechange. We have also curated a collection of research articles from across @NaturePortfolio:…
Our two editorials offer an introduction and an overview of all pieces.

Editorial in @NatureHumBehav:…
Editorial in @NatureClimate:…
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Today is #WorldDiabetesDay!

Language around diabetes is critical to end #diabetes stigma, blame and shame.

It's #WorldDiabetesDay!

There are too many rumours and misinformation around #diabetes.

We need to adapt how the media, organisations, policy makers and the wider public talk about it.

📌 Illustration of a woman from Argentina saying: "There sIllustration of a woman from Argentina saying: "There s
In the first effort of its kind, WHO has surveyed more than 900 people with lived experiences of #diabetes, to learn about what effective diabetes language means for them.

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#HoCoMd #Election2022 - I am supporting @DanNewberger & @JackyMcCoyBOE in the non-partisan race for @HCPSS Board of Ed. I have spent a lot of time reading about all of the candidates. McCoy & Newberger, endorsed by @MomsDemand, are committed to ending #GunViolence in our schools.
.@JackyMcCoyBOE has been a teacher for decades & is endorsed by our local educators. She has dyslexia & achieved a graduate level-degree so understands what supports make it possible for students with learning differences to be academically successful.
.@DanNewberger is a parent of HCPSS students & a Navy veteran with a Master in Public Policy who has worked in military, corporate, and non-profit sectors. In those roles, he has had to achieve consensus among people w/ widely divergent opinions, a critical skill at this time. /3
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@D_M_Clark_ In the 1960’s there were many dark and gruesome experiments as it were as you would know. But #psychology #psychiatry had significant standing. The standards across #publichealth have dropped. It’s important to note to the advisory body for Victoria (OCP) (Coventry)has no power.
@D_M_Clark_ 2/to act in favour or dissent over practices or possible new practices - even basic Jungian thought — or Freud frankly. @Headspace one of the few that are not coveting money and meds over patient health.
But back to OCP. Why have an Office Of Chief Psychiatrist without teeth?3/
@D_M_Clark_ @Headspace 3/ As you would also know, there is accountability of practice and practices by #law.
So advice via an OCP sounds fine?
Unfortunately like all areas of #Health someone has to supervise accountability and usefulness of treatments within those laws. @DanielAndrewsMP /4
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SLEEP is not the only way to REST.

6 ways to recover your body and energy.

How to recharge your body and mind!

- Thread -

#selfcare #mentalhealth #body #mind #recharge
1. Physical rest, which can be passive or active, i.e. sleeping, napping, yoga or work out to improve your body circulation and flexibility.

Hence, even at night when you do not fall asleep immediately you are resting and recharging.
2. Mental rest to shut down your monkey mind and to slow down your mind.

It can be walks in nature or just sitting and self-reflecting!
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I’m so inspired by recent stories of famous folks dropping the facade and discussing their own #mentalhealth and trauma as we continue the work to de-stigmatize mental illness.
Here are a few I want to highlight:
@jennettemccurdy wrote the book I needed as a kid. Before going the doctor route I was a performer kid - and also had a mom w/ narcissistic personality disorder. She was a doctor too proud to get help and died of her alcoholism last month.
Shit’s raw.
@JohnWall talked openly about his own suicidal thoughts. Black men struggle with mental health. We all do. Access to care falls short of the country’s needs - no more than in minority populations thanks to systemic inequity.
This was powerful:…
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We’ve only got a few days before #ElectionDay, so let’s have a look at some of the recent bills that were put up for a vote this past session of Congress.

I think you’ll see which politicians are working for the people, and which are working for wealthy.

🧵 incoming…
Oil and Gas price gouging, Republicans voted…

Yes: 0
No: 203
NV: 5

Oil companies posted record profits in Q3

Exxon: $20B
Chevron: $11.2B
Shell: $9.5B
BP: $8.2B

So, how exactly are President Biden and the Democrats screwing Americans?
Domestic Terrorism Prevention Bill, Republicans voted…

Yes: 1
No: 203
NV: 4

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Manston, “invasion”, turning back boats, Rwanda. Complex issues like migration, involving vulnerable people, are rarely solved by getting tough, let alone talking tough.

Example from #mentalhealth. 10yrs ago prison policy was made more severe (remember the ban on books?). 1/6
This was meant to appeal to a section of the electorate who, misled by the media, saw prisons as too soft.

“Privileges” were curtailed.

What happened next may not have been cause & effect. Other factors may have played a part. But the timing was exact. 2/6
The number of suicides by prisoners doubled from 2012-16. Just 4 years. 135 “extra” deaths, which by the previous trend would not have occurred.

Self-harm too. A fall in self-harm by female prisoners over several years was reversed. 3/6
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NEWS! 📰 This year’s @BBCRadio4 show “Love, Spit and Valve Oil” got shortlisted for the @theaibstv Awards:…

I had to make a “best of” for this exciting moment, and reflected on six reasons for you why brass bands REALLY DO matter:

Brass bands are a safe and creative place for many people.

EP1 focuses on how, if you don’t feel secure at home, rehearsals can become a vital space of comfort.

(For a related anecdote, hear Keli’s story — the audio drama we released @lyceumtheatre: )
The standard of playing is UNFATHOMABLY high.

Many of the top seats of the top orchestras’ (e.g. @londonsymphony) brass sections come from brass banding.

This is one of the few routes that make these orchestras accessible to players from lower-income areas.
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I'm trying but it's really hard. Hard to focus. So tired. Years of this. Feels like stolen years.
I know I'm not alone when I say the isolation is a big part of this, and it really adds to the pain.

#mentalhealth #chronicillness #chronicdisorder #chronicpain #fibro #health
I'm making some improvements: pretty organized (more so than ever before), and have improved with some elements of my life. But it's really difficult. I would really appreciate more people to regularly talk honestly about it all sometimes. It's tricky to reach out & meet others.
I have some bad mental health experiences that still have residue in my mind and with that I know I am among millions who would GET that. It's a complex topic. Easy to get a spiraling down feeling and lose focus and sense of calm, especially with various sources of stress.
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This mornings rant will be about sexual assault, how to support your friends, where to get help, how lonely it is, how prevalent it is and how common it will be when ppl walk away.

I was assaulted recently. Unfortunately this is coming out on social media. Here goes. #trauma
What is really unfortunate is that those of us who have a history with trauma can often have unpredictable responses to another traumatic event. Our nervous systems are pretty shot once we’ve experienced a lot.
#PTSD survivors specifically have a low stress tolerance.
This is why you check on your ‘strong friends’ - which I probably am in every friendship.

It’s honestly embarrassing when you realize your stress threshold is so thin that just can’t handle stress you could before. You makes you feel really bad.…
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