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10 Oct
Rank Google No 1, Tanpa Tulis Content.

Bagaimana, website yg tiada backlink dan dibina dalam 2 minggu boleh mendapat tempat tertinggi di Google?

Apa trick nya? Apa thought process? Apa dibuat?

Saya kupas satu2. (thread)
Page ini SIMPLE gile.

Almost tiada content, kecuali kita interact dengan input dan cuba masukkan data.

Ini rupa page tersebut.
Berikut adalah Action Plan

1. Bina tools
2. Paling mudah guna
3. Tulis SEO Meta.
4. Copywriting direct.
5. Paksa visitor 'stay lama'.
6. Promote di Twitter
7. Paksa Google Index.
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8 Oct
"Kenapa Website Saya Tak Convert?"

⚡️ Apa patut saya buat?
⚡️ Apa patut designer saya ubah?
⚡️ Apa punca sebenar?

Ada banyak sebab website tak convert.
Kita boleh susun secara chronology,

⚡️ Dari Mana visitors datang?
⚡️ Kenapa mereka datang?
⚡️ Ke mana mereka harus pergi.

Dari sini kita boleh korek dan faham masalah website kita.
1. Salah Target Audience

Jika kita target pada terlalu umum dan kita tahu, orang itu tidak ada duit lebihan yg banyak, sudah pasti dia tidak akan bertindak.

Target orang ada duit (lepas gaji)
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30 Sep
Kerja Marketing ada 3 Je.


Selebihnya bidang lain.
⚡Market adalah memahami apa yg orang perlukan.

👉 Apa bermain dalam kepala.
👉 Kerisauan & Keinginan
👉 Sizeable demand
👉 Kesanggupan utk bayar.

Jika ini tak jumpa, jangan mulakan stage seterusnya.
⚡Mesej - Apa nak disampaikan?

Tawaran membeli mesti membuat Market cakap "kena sangatlah dgn aku".

Tapi ramai yg salah. 😡

Mesej dia buatkan market bertanya "so what? Kalau tak beli, mati ke?"

Tawaran mesti ngam dgn kerisauan dan keinginan mereka.
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29 Sep
How to Sell a Service?

Unlike products, the problem with service is we can't see it.

Which makes it even harder to explain what it would be like.

Taking up service is a gamble.

What is Service Anyway?

At its basic principles, service is doing the work for customer.

⚡You work for your boss.

If you're in the Service industry, keep reading.
Rules to Sell Service.

1. Never assume - Always be asking.

2. Never be arrogant - No matter how dumbass the prospect is, never have malice intent for their stupidity.

3. Not everyone will be your customer - You can't and shouldn't close everyone.
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28 Sep
How I built This Website?

I'll show my thought process.
1. I don't really know who my target audience are. They could be IT people, corp comm, sales or people looking to find a job.

2. Because I don't know, I have to remove all jargons. Focus on 1 thing, "website is story telling that leads to purchase".
3. Once I have some basic idea, I planned the flow.

General > Narrower > Tight topic.

Brand Positioning > USP > FAB.

I wrote the entire copywriting before I started designing.
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16 Sep
SEO - Is it worth the hassle?

I'm sure you have asked this before. I asked myself so many times.

Is 2 hours daily working on SEO worth it?

Check out yourself siteux.co/seo-roi-calcul…
What you'll figure out ...

⚡️ How much you'll spend on Google ads if you don't do SEO
⚡️ How much potential traffic you can bring.
⚡️ Expected revenue
⚡️ Expected ROI
⚡️ Expected nett profit
⚡️ Customers to handle etc.
Here's what you need to do,

1. Adjust the numbers based on your findings (using SEO tools or Google Keyword Planner)

2. Enter your data (roughly)

3. Don't hit Submit (because there's none). JK. It'll automatically tabulate all the data for you.

Good enough to decide ...
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16 Sep
Signs of Good Company.

1. Listen to customer
1. Admit their mistake
2. Implement change

And so CEO of @Delyva_MY called me after my lengthy rant yesterday.

Here are some key points.
1. Change in Policy - Credit will Never Expire.

The initial goal was to get customers to finish the credit quickly, which translates to more revenue.

However, introducing the 'stick' without carrots is harmful. Instead, teach customers to sell recurring.

⬆️ Sales = ⬆️ Delivery
2. Refund is Subject to Change.

I was made to understand that it deters abuse in the credit card point system. (ie Top-up and withdraw, collect points.)

While the abuse may be by a few, the majority uses the platform diligently.

Refund will be, case to case basis.
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15 Sep
"Berapa banyak duit nak bakar kt ads untuk dapatkan jualan sebanyak X?"

Kita guna Reverse Funnel.

RF akan bantu anda dapatkan ...
⚡️ Expected ROAS
⚡️ Ads Impression
⚡️ Click to Website
⚡️ Become leads
⚡️ Become buyer
⚡️ $ ads spend

Asalnya nak buat di JsFiddle je.

In the end buat full version kt website.

Click link pertama.

Test² tukar variable. Screenshot dan jadikan part of your exploratory funnel.

Salah takpe, boleh adjust.

By the way, best viewed on desktop. Mobile not ready.
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15 Sep
The Dark Side of @Delyva_MY .

Topup RM 20. Pakai RM 7.9 x 2(max). Balance RM4.20.

Balance non refundable. Cukup setahun, RM4.20 dia telan. 1,000 orang, RM4.2k.

Dah kes saya, ada baki RM 28.60. Saya bukan peniaga. Cuma malas nak tulis tangan nak pos barang.
Ya. Credit expired. Burn RM28.6

Point of argument.
❌ Service not rendered
❌ No postage

Jadi kita dapatkan kepastian daripada mereka.
"Kenapa credit boleh expired?"
"Ke mana pergi duit credit tu?"
Saya tanya kenapa, dia jawap ...

Sebab ada dalam terms.
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14 Sep
SEO for New Website?

Website baru tiada authority. Kebiasaannya mengambil masa 2-3 bulan sebelum nampak hasil.

Harap bersabar. Tapi ada langkah2 kita boleh ambil untuk cepatkan ranking.
Before we go into the steps, let's look at a bigger picture.


⚡️SEO is Long Term. Meaning memang takkan happen over night.

⚡️ SEO is Free Traffic, but not Free Effort. In fact ambil masa dan tenaga sangat banyak.
1. Connect to Google Search Console.

Ini benda basic first sekali kena buat.
⚡️ Validate di GSC
⚡️ Submit sitemap
⚡️ Request for Indexing

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13 Sep
Without traffic, your funnel is dead.

How do you get traffic?

1. SEM - Google ads.

The quickest way to test is Google ads. Search ads help you to find intent.

It might take a week (sometimes 2) to experiment.
2. Facebook Pixel.

Be sure to fire pixel every time people land on your website.

With FB Pixel, create a lookalike audience <5%.

Create 3-4 ads. Run it. Experiment again.
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9 Sep
7 Blog Jenis Blogpost Untuk Hasilkan Content Yg Boleh Dapat Ranking Tinggi Dengan Lebih Cepat.

Common problem.
- Tak tahu nak tulis apa.
- Takut tulis syiok sendiri.

Both are legit concerns. Let's go
1. How-To Guide.

Topik ini paling hangat.

"Tak tahu? Google je"

Tulisan kita mesti membantu selesaikan masalah audiens. Yg kecil boleh settle sendiri, yg besar mungkin kena cari expert. Kita la tu.

How-to membantu position kita sebagai expert.

Seth Godin ada 7000 blogpost.
2. Infographic.

Driven by curiosity. Tunjukkan semua data secara berstruktur.

Yg best infographic, orang rajin dan suka nak share.

Himpun data -> Digest -> Arrange


Plan story -> Find data -> Arrange
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29 Aug
Business is solving problem at minimum risk.

Anything in business has risks.

👉 Marketing
👉 Ads
👉 Hiring
👉 System
👉 Branding
👉 Operation
👉 Logistics
👉 Process

1. Every business must take risks. Without risk, it's not a business,
it's a scam.

⬇️ Risk, ⬇️ Reward.

⬆️ Risk, ⬆️ Reward.
2. Spending

Big budget for Branding.
If you succeed, you get multifold return. If you fail, you loss all your money.

Small budget for Ads.
If it works, you earn a little. If it doesn't, it wont hurt you.
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28 Aug
Communication 101.

- People don’t understand us.
- People don’t take action.
- People don’t react the way we expect them to.
- We can’t persuade people.

1. Sender - Who says it?

I tell my daughters to eat their veggies, but they don’t want to. When Blippi tells them to eat their veggies, they do it.

It’s about who has the most influence over the receiver.

People would listen more to doctor vs listening to @edwinmasripan
2. Receiver - Who are you taking to?

“Who” will determine how the conversation and language to be used.

Tune the terms to fit the receiver.
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21 Aug
"Sell anything but your product".

Mind fucked?

Let me elaborate.
1. What We Buy.

Things or services that we paid for, is never meant as-is.

Quality Keyboard ▶️ To type faster with lesser error.

Quality Office Chair ▶️ So sweat don't go down my ass crack.

Repair the Toilet ▶️ So I have fun popping and staring at the wall.
2. We buy things that either

⚡Has performance built in

⚡To reduce risk and avoid failure
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20 Aug
Building a website EASY. Sure, my 8-year-old can code HTML. Ensuring the Best Outcome is Difficult.

In the creative field (or any field), you must follow the right process to achieve the desired result.

Input -> Process -> Outcome

Thread 🔽🔽🔽

1. Input

Input is not only the Media and Copywriting but also the VALUE.

Values are what you stand for?

👉 If you're a pride-driven company, your website will scream "look at me" and will all be about you.

👉 Customer-driven will accommodate your target audience.
2. Give what society wants, they will give you money.

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19 Aug
"5 Minutes for Politics and Trending Issues."

That's my daily rules.

Here's why you should do it too.
1. It's Not Revenue-Generating.

By know about current happening, you can't make money. For people like (you and) me, time is money.

Even if we knew what they did wrong, we can't change the outcome because we're not in the 'game'.
2. Emotionally Draining.

These topics are controversial, thought-provoking, and demands your emotion and attention.

People do stupid things. So do we, by allowing ourselves to get emotionally attached to it.
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4 Aug
A few weeks back I suffered from poor sales performance. Collection down to near Zero for a few months.

Here's how I handle it.

1. Write the Problem Down.

Elaborate on a piece of paper so that I remember the problems until I could feel my own pain.

I call this outsourcing emotional baggage.
2. Do Other Creative Things

I spent my weekend fixing chairs, table, plumbing, repaint the door. While doing it, I let my mind drift. Just let it flow.

The problem is always going to be there unless we act on it. Most of the time, we are emotionally invested. Let that slide.
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2 Aug
"Have the Courage to be Wrong,
Have the Fear of Being Right."

"Berani untuk Salah,
Takut untuk Betul."

Mind f*ck skit petang ni.

Maksudnya begini.
Sepanjang kita bersekolah, setiap kali salah, kita dapat markah kurang.

Lama-kelamaan kita takut untuk buat salah.

Hakikat sebenar,

Lepas sekolah, tiada siapa kisah kita salah. Kita je punish diri sendiri lebih2.
Tapi kenapa takut untuk betul?

Bila kita rasa betul setiap masa,
❌ kita pantang ditegur
❌ kita tak belajar benda baru
❌ kita berhenti mencuba
❌ kita tak terima pendapat orang lain.
❌ kita stuck dan tak berkembang
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20 Jul
Growth Hacker.

Ini thread rumusan buku.

1. What is growth hacker?

In my own words:

The practice of using the cheapest way to get the words around without doing ads.
2. It starts with Product-Market Fit.

Product yg dibina atas permintaan, permasalahan targeted yg sekumpulan orang hadapi.

Contoh dalam buku, Dropbox.

It's more of engineering than marketing. Knowing how it works and hacking for virality.

Dropbox, +500Mb for every referral.
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17 Jul
Mindset Usahawan

Ini adalah thread
Inilah nasihat saya akan berikan to my young self if I ever get to travel back in time.
1. Ikhlas.

Jual dgn penuh kasih sayang.
Jangan jual kalau barang rosak, inferior quality.
Selesaikan masalah orang.

Customer naik Sheikh?
Buang, cari lain.

Bila kita ikhlas, mana mungkin kita nak kelepet orang.
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