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We are all Mother Nature's 🐢 Children. I use #1stVoiceWisdom to inspire care for each other & planet with #Humility1st Founder: @ACEsCanada2020 @PACEsCanada1
Oct 3, 2020 • 13 tweets • 12 min read
My system has been firing for hours since I first saw this thread show up in my feed. I feel absolutely furious that people are misrepresenting #ACEsScience as determinant & dismissing it as unethical & faulty. No one with any reputability is saying "I am my ACEs." #WhyITalkACEs Maybe you haven't been affected by your experience of #ACEs Maybe you had enough mitigating experiences of #BCEs or #PCEs Maybe you pulled yourself up by your bootstraps. Maybe you were able to access resources in early adulthood to prevent or redirect long term effects.
Jul 30, 2020 • 6 tweets • 4 min read
Finally have the time to listen to @suzannezeedyk & @DrJessTaylor talking about language use and the power involved in access to knowledge. One of my favourite topics. Why do we as a society invest in research that is then hoarded by the privileged? "Those institutions feel very insecure." @DrJessTaylor Oh yeah. Intellectual arrogance is one of the most common compensations for social and emotional vulnerability. Which is #WhyITalkACEs Because the privileged are the walking wounded believing they're optimal humans.
Jul 17, 2020 • 4 tweets • 6 min read
OMG! I just heard @PovertyEdge speak for the first time on @ACEsConnection with @healWRITEnow for #ABetterNormal series.
I want you to come to my community, Rebecca!
Listen to the ones most affected.
Give them the leadership.
Provide resources.
Stop trying to fix people. My favourite quote from @PovertyEdge today:
"If you can get to me as a mother and help me get what I need and want, I'll get to my kids."
This is #WhyITalkACEs It's about the adults and helping them see it's not their fault, and ensuring access to resources so they can heal.
Jun 9, 2020 • 4 tweets • 3 min read
Here's a comparative synopisis of solutions to policing.
Reform or Abolish?
What could we do with money from #DefundPolice ?
#InvestInCommunities to address #PairofACEs #SDoH
#ACEs & criminogenic factors are highly related, within police & population.
#MeetNeeds #PreventACEs "as long as we have prisons and prison reforms more and bigger and better prisons will appear, as history is proving, and society will keep on using them as an escape from its own responsibilities of correcting the economic and social failures that make crime possible."
Mar 30, 2020 • 4 tweets • 4 min read
Currently watching @ThomasHuebl and @ottoscharmer1 in conversation about Global Social Witnessing.
Live on You Tube
@knees57 @dr_treisman @angiyo58 "The blindspot of western science is our experience." Huh, That's why #1stVoice is becoming more prominent. We need to hear our experience, not just our cognitive theories, both individually and collectively.
Phew, our consciousness is evolving ;-) There is #Hope