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The Power of Hope in Challenging Times

1/4 “For this reason, therefore, I requested to see you and to speak with you, since I am wearing this chain for the sake of the hope of Israel” - Acts 28:20
2/4 Just like the Apostle Paul, who wore chains but held onto hope, we too can find inspiration in challenging times. The presence of oppression doesn’t diminish the power of hope.
3/4 We identify with our country based on its potential for freedom and liberty, even when those ideals are yet to be fully realized. This belief fuels our determination to create positive change and work towards a better future.
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1/10 从2020到现在经历的多次极端行情,促使DeFi借贷协议对清算方案进行不断优化,逐渐成熟。


一个🧵,以下,enjoy source: https://ethereum.or...
a - 抵押率的设计
目前主流的借贷协议,如MakerDAO, AAVE, Compound, 对于不同抵押品,其抵押率有所不同,一般主流资产,例如ETH, WBTC因为共识程度高,流动性好,波动相对较小会有相对低的抵押率(或者相对高的贷款价值比),而非主流币的抵押率则会更高。
3/10 MakerDAO对于同一抵押物还有不同抵押率的Vault,更高抵押率的Vault给予更优惠的费率,以鼓励高抵押行为,降低清算风险。

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Does @MichaelKantro's #HOPE framework indicate that we're in a recession?

Short answer: YES.

And we believe the model points to NEW LOWS in the S&P 500 before the end of this cycle.
Our prior analyses of the #HOPE framework showed that it was a powerful indicative model of leading, coincident, and lagging recessionary indicators.

2007-09 analysis:
1973-75 analysis:
So what about now?

Every downturn has its sequencing "flavor" but the leading recessionary markers are clear:

✅ A huge drop in consumer confidence.

✅ Sharp fall in housing permits.

✅ Rapid rise in Fed Funds Rate.
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Medicine needs #hope in a big way. Here’s an interesting framework about hope coming from a sense of #agency from positive psychology’s Charles Richard Snyder:

🧵/x Image
Hope Theory:

“the perceived capability to derive pathways to desired goals, and motivate oneself via agency thinking to use those pathways,”
a higher level of hope “consistently is related to better outcomes in academics, athletics, physical health, psychological adjustment, and psychotherapy.”
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I feel like maybe the whole world is going to be getting some good news soon—I've wanted to believe in #hope, and I'm starting to feel it more often. soon, I hope, the Pnictogen Wing will have important things to do than kick @NateSilver538 or @elonmusk around in public.

I feel moved to thank some particular people. probably a LOT of people. thousands, millions! I'm not sure where to start.

my family here in Seattle—Daria, Gravislizard, @KaylinEvergreen, and all the pretty cats and reptiles of the Bramble House—they've been so patient.

they've had to put up with *years* of us being Too Much™, especially online; now it looks like it might have finally paid off and hopefully this means working on the garden and being more useful around the house.

I thank my longer-distance family, too. there's many.

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Science > Religion
Knowledge > Ignorance
Love > Hate
Acceptance > Intolerance
Friendship > Adversary
Life > Death
Humility > Elitism

I hope one day humanity experiences real peace & tranquility without a small group of evil people always brain washing us to serve them 🙏 #Hope
A guy can wish, right?
It turns out that it's so much easier to commit atrocities against your fellow humans for your own selfish personal gain when you can point to a book and claim your actions as your birthright or claim it was the devil that made you do it and give yourself infinite forgiveness.
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"Doctor, the cancer has spread to the brain. Would he be alive for atleast 3-4months? There are so many things we want to do for him " 2 children enquiring about their elderly father brought in with seizures
Read on this miraculous story.
#CancerAwareness #oncology #MedTwitter
An elderly patient who was diagnosed as #lungcancer 2 years back presented to the ER at 5 pm with multiple episodes of seizures. He couldnt speak, recognise his daughters and was having slurring of speech. His consciousness levels were low
#CancerAwareness #oncology #MedTwitter
A MRI of the brain done showed one of the most tragic sights-multiple areas of the brain affected by Cancer deposits. In the image you can see them as the fluffy white spots.
#lungcancer #MedTwitter #oncology
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These cycles repeat - near the end of EVERY tightening cycle..

1) yields decline, stocks rally (P/E)
2) housing stocks rally; data bounce
3) soft landing is priced in (yes, every time)
4) credit spreads tighten
5) job market looks ok

All repeating in ‘2023

#macro #hope
Last 4 cycles …
Next 4 cycles …
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"When we (@Metabolic_Mind) mention mental illness we're referring to severe
#depression #bipolar disorder or
#schizophrenia. But everything we say also may have applied to #ADD #OCD #anxiety moderate depression, #PTSD and more." (1/12)
@Metabolic_Mind I have seen it SIGNIFICANTLY improve or lead to remission in literally all of these disorders in my private practice and via my online Brain Fog Recovery Program. (2/12) #therapists #counselors #mentalhealthcounselor
@Metabolic_Mind It's ok to have hope that you can feel better. When you are suffering from any of these disorders, hope is a little scary. You don't want to be disappointed. Sometimes it's easier to practice acceptance of how you are feeling. (3/12) #hope #spoons #chronicillness
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1/10 Something to celebrate:

New research gives #hope for *EVERYONE* with type 2 diabetes🎉

Our study finds that >3/4 of people with #T2D diagnosed in the previous 12 months can achieve drug-free remission simply by improving their diet

A Twitter thread on our findings...
2/10 This "real world" study covers 8 years and looked at 186 people with T2D in a typical 🇬🇧general practice who decided to try a low carbohydrate approach

Mean duration of low carb diet was 33 months although many have continued to cut out carbs for years more
3/10 The paper is published today in @BMJNutrition
Authors: @lowcarbGP (Lead), @jen_unwin , @ChrisDLDN , @DocRunner1 and Prof Roy Taylor (world-leading expert on reversing T2D and an author of #DiRECT study)

Here's a link to the paper 👇…
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What predicts drug free remission of T2D on a low carb diet and what happens to those who don’t achieve remission? We publish today here… 97% of participants who chose low carb improved their diabetic control 51% achieved drug free remission #hope 😊
The very famous Professor Roy Taylor was our senior author He and I have a shared belief that by improving diet drugs are very often not needed to improve diabetic control as this pie chart shows @DiabetesUK #hope
So after nearly three years on a low carb diet for their #T2D what happened to the markers of cardiovascular risk ? Significant improvements in blood pressure, weight cholesterol and triglyceride 👍
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So #GainOfFunction started in 2003 then went silent until a 2012 #biolabs story #linked Hawaii bio center to #coronavirus #SARS #monkeypox also it explains how the @CDCgov ships the viruses in every day moving box’s on planes and trains , other nations have patients on it as well… Image
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What's happening? Image
A moral society puts people first.
Not wealth.
Not power.
Not nation states.
Not archaic forms of govt or law.
Not royal families or venerable castes.
Ordinary people.

Intelligent Ethics by Luke Andreski…

#humanism #environmentalism #hope
Neoliberal propaganda?
Corporate lies?
Media bias?
Had enough of it yet?

Ethical Intelligence
Luke Andreski…
#understanding #reality #perception #truth
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There will be times when the struggle seems impossible
I know this already.
Alone, unsure, dwarved by the scale of the enemy
Remember This!

Freedom is a pure idea
It occurs spontaneously and without instruction.
Random acts of insurrection are occuring constantly... Image
...througout the galaxy
There are whole armies, battalions that have no idea that they´ve already enlisted in the cause.
Remember that the frontier of the Rebellion is everywhere.
And even the smallest act of insurrection pushes our lines forward.

And then remember...
The Imperial need for control is so desperate because it´s so unnatural.
Tyranny requires constant effort.
It breaks, it leaks.
Authority is brittle.
Oppression is the mask of fear.
Remember that.

And know this:
The day will come, when all these...
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Un petit LT bouquin ? ça fait longtemps non ? Ok, j'ai arrêté avec la perte de l'ancien compte, mais show must go on comme on dit (j'attends toujours le mail d'@elonmusk ceci dit #Hope #BelieveInYourDreams)
Pour cette reprise de l'activité littéraire, et en attendant la reprise des LT expos (noon, ne fuyez pas tous) voici un roman que j'ai adoré, pour changer ^^ un auteur que j'aime et admire depuis que je l'ai découvert avec son Histoire du monde en 10 chapitres et demi
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👇#JeremyMackenzie posted in 2021. Most of U were not paying attention then. Many of U STILL R not bloody paying attention, EVEN NOW

(And you who think UR awake...

He’s now a #PoliticalPrisoner in #Canada🇨🇦

WE NEED U2 join us‼️

👆It’s time 4 my #Diagolon & #JeremyMacKenzie thread 🧵🪡
It’s going 2B a long one. I have a lot 2 say about the state of #Canada & the antics I’ve witnessed take place concerning this #CombatVeteran & #Comedian. People should B ashamed & fighting like hell, yet so few are. 2/ Image
👆Many are becoming spectators & consumers as they wake up & begin 2 see some of the truth about our lost & broken world 🌎 yet many others - who have been awake 2 many things 4 awhile - are still on the sidelines watching & waiting.

Well, friends, it is time 2 MOBILIZE‼️
/3 Image
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*EMERGENCY* The landlord of #RonsPlace is selling the building, meaning this unique #artenvironment loved by our patron #JarvisCocker may soon be smashed apart and lost forever. We can’t let that happen, and need your help to make sure it doesn’t…1/4 Plz RT Ron's Place patron #JarvisC...
#RonsPace is an internationally acclaimed #OutsiderArt #ArtBrut environment with huge potential to contribute to the cultural life of #Birkenhead, #Wirral #Liverpool and beyond. 2/4 The spectacular Lion Room d...
We want to use Ron’s Place to inspire #creativity and enrich lives. Times are becoming increasingly grim in the UK. Making and engaging with #art can help us all navigate these changes, giving a sense of #hope, #community, #empowerment +#wellbeing 3/4 This artwork created by Iai...
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On #WorldKindnessDay, I wanted to give serious consideration to HOW @JohnLewisRetail Christmas ad #TheBeginner communicates its message of welcome & love, which has proven to mean so much to the Care Experienced Community but others have mocked. So here's a THREAD. @whocaresscot
2. I had thought maybe it wd be overkill to offer one of my analyses of #TheBeginner - a bit obvious, a bit overegging t story - until I read t depressing analysis frm @stuheritage in @guardian, which @RebekahPierre92 found so hurtful. Changed my mind.
3. HOW do they manage to pull heart strings? What components are needed to tell a story abt welcomng relatnships?Maybe its not so obvious.
Well, first: EFFORT. At .06, ths new foster dad is willing to put himself out, endure pain, for a child. Lots of childrn never expernce that.
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*EMERGENCY* The landlord of #RonsPlace is selling the building, meaning this unique #artenvironment may soon be lost forever, smashed apart and magnolia'd. We can’t let that happen, and need your help to make sure it doesn’t…1/4 Plz RT The spectacular Lion Room dominated by a fearsome roaring li
We want to use Ron’s Place to inspire #creativity and enrich lives. Times are becoming increasingly grim in the UK. Making and engaging with #art can help us all navigate these changes, giving a sense of #hope, #community, #empowerment +#wellbeing 2/3 Egyptian scenes and hieroglyphs adorn the hallway. The hall
#RonsPace is an internationally acclaimed #OutsiderArt environment with huge potential to contribute to the cultural life of #Birkenhead, #Wirral #Liverpool and beyond. 3/4 This artwork created by Iain Jackson was inspired by motifs
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Today we start a countdown. The World Health Organization's opportunity to amend errors runs out at midnight December 23, 2022 (1 day before Christmas and 1 year after the @WHO recognized #COVIDisAirborne!).

🧵 1/4…
We hope you'll recommend the correct multilayer application of "vaccines PLUS" non-pharmaceutical interventions with quality standards (🟢) –valid for respiratory aerosols– which effectively prevent COVID/LongCOVID, cutting both near and distant contagion chains in public spaces.…
Best Christmas gift that we children and citizens of the world could receive is #hope on the fact that our States will teach, regulate and facilitate #the7layers for all, since only with quality, equity and precautionary actions will we able to control Pandemic/Syndemic in 2023.…
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“In search of Ruhani” A Vision filled with Strategy & Faith to make a real difference…

It Begins Today…

Thank you @mandolinaes for the wonderful picture & your support, much love.

#ProjectRuhani #motivation #inspiration #faith #hope
Day 133:

What a beautiful day. A bright morning with hardcore legs training.

Took some photos of padma pukur. Back home I worked on A.W Pitch and created some text designs as well.

In the evening I played some piano and worked with Designer.

Uploaded an IG tutorial.

Day 134:

Spent the entire day trying to create some new designs for the A.W samples pack.

Made floor plan for my studio. Went to purchase tiles in the evening and got some sweets for maa as well.

Watched Pathaan.

Tomorrow I gotta train.

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1. Wednesdays 🧵thanks for your patience. Had a busy day 😐. Hope this is worth the wait. Today, we are going to talk about the Burrishoole population of Salmo salar, the mighty Atlantic salmon
📽️Ger Rogan
2. From the outset, we are talking about Atlantic salmon today (Salmo salar) and not any of the Pacific salmon species (various Oncorhynchus sp.). 1 of these species is making in-roads into this side of the Atlantic (the PINK salmon), but that’s a whole other story A pink salmon
3. Why do salmon receive so much attention, in comparison to other fish species? @SteveOrmerod put it very well:
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There is no point in arguing about employment today; there is a lag between tightening and the #HOPE cycle. Claims and UR didn’t rise until 4Q of 2000 and 2007. Until then people thought “employment was strong” … just like today. #macro #employment
If claims and the UR aren’t rising by mid 2023 then you have an interesting discussion. #macro
Proof is in the charts (and pudding). #macro $SPY
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Love your stuff @AndreasSteno but I have to emphatically disagree with your conclusion here. It wasn’t peak CPI that lifted stocks, it’s was Fed rate cuts followed by a HUGE eco recovery (PMIs 🆙, claims ⬇️), as CPI happen to peak, that did it IMO. Charts (2) speak for themselves
PMIs are only trending one direction for a while - same for housing. Same reasons we called BS on the market rally in August - wasn’t consistent with EVERY other market low
Just watch housing starts and ISM new orders. No new bull markets until they are rising (or about to do so). #macro $SPY
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