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Up, out and ready for #CPHVA19. There will be tweets. Join in. It’ll be fun! @Unite_CPHVA @UniteinHealth
The calm before the storm. At least it’s dry in here. We’ve got definite Yorkshire drizzle this morning in Harrogate @Unite_CPHVA #CPHVA19
The doors aren’t open yet but we’re busy getting ready for #CPHVA19 delegates. Lots of opportunities to catch up with old friends and new over the next two days @Unite_CPHVA @saffie @UniteinHealth
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1. I am struck again ths morning, as marches are being set up all over Britain in defense of democracy, by the way Brexit is based in attachment processes. @fotoole helps us see that. “Emotionally, Brexit is fuelled by anxiety. The great salve to anxiety is the sense of control.”
2. @fotoole, in explaining Brexit, is speaking to t same processes @ThriveApproach does: Being needs. “Being a person [a man] who was able to endure anything others cd inflict, stoical, uncomplaining.” Brexit arises out of ideas about “character”. These are all attachment themes.
3. @fotoole directs our attn to Patrick Melrose, that ultimate descriptn of upper class #ACES, which so gripped TV viewers & ACES discussn last yr. OToole is trying to help us see how t leaders of Brexit hv used pain&loss (attachment themes) to craft a false story of victimhood.
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There have been lots of critiques of adverse childhood experiences (#ACEs) approaches recently, so @PeopleValues and I have put together a thread of those we have found most useful
There are plenty of promotional materials and dedicated websites available on #ACEs too - found easily using a quick search on Twitter or Google - but critiques are not promoted as much and come from a variety of sources, so they can be more difficult to find
Please note that questioning or cautioning against particular aspects of the #ACEs movement doesn't mean we don't think it is important - generally we might just disagree on the most effective things to do and the evidence for them
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Last Friday, I received my social work records from @GlasgowCC. A pile of papers which tell the story of my time in the care system in Scotland. The process through which these records are obtained is uncaring, bureaucratic and extremely stressful.

I entered the system in 1996, shortly after my 5th birthday, due to parental alcohol addiction, neglect and abuse. I was looked after at home with social work involvement, spent time in Kinship Care & was subject to a series of Children's Hearings' orders.
Requesting your files is an important part of a Care Experienced persons' journey. They can provide a narrative of your childhood and bring a sense of identity and understanding.
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Here's the story of how my trauma put a literal hole in my abdomen.

I'm typing as I go; please forgive typos and/or wonky syntax. And try to forgive me if halfway through it I delete and/or disappear. This story, this experience are still pretty raw.
Also, let me go ahead & disclaim:

I am no one. I am an authority on nothing.

I don't have a license to practice anything but driving.

Please never construe anything I ever say as medical, legal, or other advice.

I'm telling a story.

I wouldn't listen to me if I were you.
Let's start with #ACEs.

Y'all familiar w/the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study? Published in 1998 & the basis for hundreds more pubs, which point to childhood trauma's impact across lifespan: the higher your "dose" of childhood trauma, the worse later outcomes tend to be
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Today in Salt Lake City I protested for the 70th time in 70 days.

I cried most of the 2.5 hours I stood.

It was healing.

It was cleansing.

It was so deeply—so very bone-and-soul-deep, deeply—painful.

And infuriating.

And terrifying.

Tonight, I grieved.

Today, in list after list of people who vouch for Brett Kavanaugh's honor, I heard loudly & clearly from my own US Senator:

A woman's voice does not, cannot, will not matter.

A man in power—a man with a lot to lose—can and will swiftly silence women who dare speak truth.
Sexual assault is, by definition, nonconsensual.

Survivorship, too, is inherently nonconsensual.

Survival means making room for all emotions, all stages—fear, shame, fury, empowerment, posttraumatic growth—to co-exist.

You survive or you don't—but you don't get to choose.
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To me this video on adverse childhood experiences (#aces) by @PublicHealthW is problematic.
It implies that these exposures are deterministic at an individual level. They are not.
Associations are seen at the population level & are probabilistic.
If you have experienced these exposures it does *not* mean that you will become depressed, end up in prison, or die prematurely.
The research tells us that *on average* the people in a society who have endured these things are more likely to have health problems *compared to the people who did not endure them*.
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