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24 May 18
1/ THREAD: As stated earlier in relation to today’s Bloomberg report on Bitfinex/Tether, I intend to continue reporting and clear up some misconceptions that exist. I focus on the first misconception here, relating to the alleged Bitfinex owned bank accounts.
2/ The misconception cleared up in the Bloomberg piece is relatively small, but significant in more than a few ways that will become clear in time. Here’s the link to the article, I’ll add some detail to it below.…
3/ Previously, it was reported that Bitfinex has a bank account in Poland, under the name of Crypto SP Z.O.O. – SP Z.O.O. is Polish for LLC – a company in turn owned by Crypto Capital Corp. It was reported as a shell company for Bitfinex, but this is not the case.
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14 Feb 18
THREAD: Some takeaways from the article published today by @FTM_nl on #Tether / #Bitfinex (article is in Dutch). I worked with @thomasbollen on the research behind the article and the leads that provided were followed up by Thomas. Hope you’ll read & share…
1/ The article first discusses many, often separately reported, facts about Tether and Bitfinex, i.e. Paradise papers, loss of banking, break with audit company, +800m tethers in Jan,, and adds all sorts of details to provide an in-depth longread.
2/ While doing research into Tether and Bitfinex, we stumbled upon an ING bank account. The article particularly describes results of subsequent research steps taken by Thomas on this Dutch link. It provides some new insights, the main takeaways are outlined below.
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