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Disbelief levels as measures by leverage premium continue to look good now. In order for me to actually believe #tether is done extracting $, I want to ideally see both dotted blue lines hold on an hourly closing basis. #bitcoin

Not advice
And in a truly perfect world, someone other than Michael Saylor or Elon Musk announces they bought all the spot $BTC that left Coinbase in the last 2 days.

Larry Ellison? A friend of Elon, big Tesla stake and definitely on the crazy side of executives plus a billionaire...
So far so good. Both levels tested, both held for now 💪🏻. Not advice

Now - can we get Larry to announce please?

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Bitcoin cannot replace the banks… via @financialtimes… #Bitcoin #IRC Smart Contracts.
Transcript of secret meeting between Julian Assange and Google CEO Eric Schmidt
Friday April 19, 2013 #LoftMiles
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Short thread on #macro drivers #bitcoin & #crypto are facing right now. $BTC $ETH

While #tether not immediately being wound up now, Yellen speaking negatively or Square buying definitely impacted price this week, there is a larger picture we should bear in mind & watch closely:
Due to other news in cryptoland, the larger macro picture (which, IMO was and is the main driver of #bitcoin since March 2020) has been a bit under the radar.

There are several future uses of the #bitcoin #blockchain, but it's current main use is vaccuuming up USD the Fed prints
$BTC is perfect for it. It is digital, fast (in comparison to Gold), very hypable and it has absolutely no intrinsic value yet without the speculation around it. So when the Fed started printing in response to #COVID, in order to prevent a new Great Depression, it rallied.
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[THREAD] Tether Price Manipulation Scheme!

This detailed thread will dive into the realm of #Tether, and explain everything you need to know about this controversial coin. 

The public deserves to know the truth about Tether's role in manipulating #Bitcoin prices for years now.
For the last several years, Tether and Bitfinex have been swarmed with dozens of controversies.

This thread hopes to share the light on what’s actually going on, and assist the public in avoiding massive losses from this ticking time bomb and fraud scheme.
Stable Coins are cryptocurrencies that claim to be pegged to another asset, usually the U.S dollar. With double the volume of $BTC, Tether is the most popular on the market.

The issue with Tether is there is zero evidence that suggests they are fully backed with the U.S dollar.
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#Silver #Gold #Platinum #Comex #Shadowcontracts UPDATE!

#Silversqueeze/#PSLVChallenge edition!

With interesting data on $PSLV and $SLV shorts. Data first, analysis below! 👇

#WSS #Wallstreetsilver #PSLV #goldsqueeze #platinumsqueeze #Fintwit @WallStreetSLVR @Galactic_Trader ImageImageImageImage
First the one everyone wants to know: #Silver.

77 shadowcontracts, meaning +385,000 ounces found and put up for delivery *this month*, before the delivery wall hits in just a few days. Calendar says "last day of delivery 26th of February" - these ounces will be delivered by then
Preliminary rollover of -10,8k which'll go up to ~-11,5k in the final report. I've seen these numbers before and it was expected, the question is, is that gonna happen more?

To hit the previous record of ~16k, they need to shed another ~32k contracts in 4 days.
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We can obviously continue to dip endlessly more and #bitcoin usually has a second shoe drop after the first one, but as I said about 1 hour ago, I do not personally believe the bull market is over and leverage desperately needed to be re-set. And it has.
#tether premium and leverage premium both went from $400 and more to negative so the initial speculative "excess" has been eliminated. I am good with being long now.

None of this is advice. I use low leverage and I do not invest more than what I am able to lose. DO NOT COPY.
These two tickers have been extremely helpful in understanding how to time dip buying and how long to stay short.
Article contains some more info. NEVER ADVICE:…

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This fine.

#tether premium & leverage premium in #bitcoin are huge atm.

So much fuel for more dump. Image
Never seen this correct so fast. Literally dumped from $52k to below $47.5k in seconds after I had typed this up. #bitcoin leverage should now be broadly re-set. Image
As expected. Financing can still be cheaper of course, but the speculative excess has been cleansed entirely and funding is back to normal. #bitcoin Image
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.@Nouriel says @michael_saylor a coke addict.

@elonmusk is Bitcoin manipulator criminal

#Bitcoin = No income, No Use, No utility, No intrinsic value, Pure Speculative, Worth 0, Pump and dump, Wash trading, Manipulation by tether, Total scam.

#Tether is a criminal enterprise
Video is From. Friends and Foes of Crypto React to Tesla’s BTC Buy, Bitcoin’s Rally and CBDCs…
@michael_saylor Why did you block me. Those are not my words.
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1/ I love learning about the markets. There are some brilliant people I’ve found on Twitter who have provided great insights (among others):


But this thread is (mostly) about @profplum99

2/ Mike has an encyclopedic knowledge of market history. This interview by @DiMartinoBooth (who I also have a lot of respect for) puts that on clear display.

Mike’s explanation of passive investing and its effects on the markets was eye-opening.
3/ According to research conducted by Anadu et al for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, passive funds made up 48% of US equity assets under management in March 2020. That number was just 14% in 2005. Meaning 8.6% annualized growth over 15 years.…
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By now I’m sure most of you have heard the superb, milestone #Bitcoin debate between @nic__carter and @profplum99 on the @ttmygh podcast. 1/

A Thread 👇

Here's a link if you haven't:
Of all the points discussed, there is one immediate concern that must be addressed: #Tether. It’s easy to have a knee-jerk response in anger to @profplum99 for making the challenge, but his concerns about whether there are sufficient reserves backing #Tether are noteworthy. 2/
Furthermore, Nic does not dispute the broader reserve concern, pointing out this it is unknowable at this moment.

It’s time to “hone the sword” once and for all and strengthen the case for crypto by determining whether #Tether is actually being counterfeited to... 3/
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📈 Tem uma categoria no mercado se BENEFICIANDO de toda NOVELA em torno do #Tether (USDT).

👉 Stablecoins ALGORÍTMICAS 👀

🏅 A liderança tá vaga. A competição, quente 🔥

👁️ Já CONHECE? Sabe por que estão em ALTA?

Segue o fio (ou clica aqui no link)👇
⚖️ Stablecoin -> um token com valor pareado ao dólar (ou outra medida).

🤖 Algorítmica -> cujo preço independe do colateral garantido (é movido por uma oferta circulante que expande/contrai).

🚨 ANTES de prosseguir: nada disso é recomendação de investimento. Image
📅 O #Tether foi a 1ª stablecoin a ganhar tração.

Surgiu na Omni (sobre o #Bitcoin) em 2014.

🧵 Já se enrolou bastante em 7 anos de vida.

⚰️ Na indústria é praticamente dado, que, em algum momento, deixarão de existir.

As questões são “quando” e… “p/ onde o $ em USDT” vai?
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#Tether/#kraken/#USDC/#BUSD/#HUSD Watch!

We really need a sweep, i'm losing too many characters here on the intro.

Tether's up to $24,8 billion supply - lackluster to say the least. Volume's cratered.

#Fintwit #bitcoin #BTC $BTC #ETH $ETH #USDT $USDT $USDC $BUSD $HUSD
Their lack of printing has to be compensated somewhere.

Well, it's not #BUSD. That has been going sideways.

$BUSD volume's cratered the same.

MEANWHILE; I wonder when #Tether/#USDC called upon BUSD's dollar reserves to make due. Also no weird price floor action here, nope.
It seems to be #HUSD that's covering for the pack, as it's the only one of the #Stablecoins still going up in marketcap. Considerably, too.

AND, as opposed to $USDC, $BUSD and $Tether - $HUSD volume has EXPLODED!

As i said. #Huobi = the Asian connection.
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The biggest #bubble of our lives:
- Retail makes prices at the margin by buying OTM calls on sh1t #stonks
- #Tether prints USD backed with #bitcoin and loans & it’s fine
- “It’s a software co” EV maker is larger than almost all #software companies
- Digital images sell for >$300k
- People now make videos explaining they don’t need to work jobs because they buy stonks when they go up
- $ETH is undervalued on basis of cashflows for transactions that token holders have zero claim on
- #Ripple dumping on you is fine because they have $XRP fans in Japan
- #Restaurants & Small #businesses go bankrupt because of #lockdown and slow gov’t help but it’s fine
- $HTZ tries to do a cap increase out of chapter 11 because #robinhood
- A Company does reverse stock split and people brag about gains on per stock price basis on social media
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#Tether watch!

🚨 IT'S TIME! 🚨



#Fintwit #Tetherscam #bitcoin #Ethereum #BTC $BTC #ETH $ETH #USDT $USDT #XRP $XRP #USDC $USDC #BUSD $BUSD #HUSD $HUSD
Once it's fullscreen on desktop, rightclick > view image and twitter should show the full format. It's on my website as backup. The short of it:

ALL stable coins are backed by the SAME reserve! EVERY stablecoin shows mainly or even ONLY *Tether* flowing into it!
The USDC Audits are *FRAUDULENT* just like the 2018 Tether audit was. It reads exactly the same as the Tether audit did, only a bit more refined, and they found a willing criminal organization, Granton & Thornton, to run cover for them. It's no coincidence it started October 2018
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Let's hope this is what Paolo is trying to achieve... #bitcoin $BTC Image
Well done Paolo. Maybe we can be friends again 😉. #bitcoin $BTC

Not advice Image
Almost made it back to $34k resistance. Really hope we can get past and leverage & tether premia would seem to allow that, but I am just going to be not so greedy and take a bit off here. Should improve leverage premium 🙈. Not advice. #bitcoin $BTC
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#Tether watch!

Yknow what. I think i've located Tether's missing billions.

So far, we've only *assumed* $BUSD and $USDC went up because of organic demand.

But... They didn't. It's Tether, again.

#Fintwit #bitcoin #Ethereum #BTC $BTC #ETH $ETH #USDT $USDT #BUSD #USDC #Binance ImageImageImageImage
Also i have questions why $USDC used to fluctuate so much, and then suddenly, stabilized. Same pretty much goes for $BUSD.

Well, they're supposed to stabilize, as stable coins right?

Well... yeah... But because of #USD... Not other #crypto. ImageImageImage
I think you can feel this coming!

Wait for it!



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So... #bitcoin up $800 in seconds after this. #tether doesn‘t move price, right?... but if this isn‘t the last print it sure marked the bottom nicely. Go figure
We‘re going to need a lot more though...
Simultaneously people aren‘t so high on leverage anymore it seems and #tether premium coming into printable range again 💪🏻

Now we just need to be sure Paolo won‘t let us down and send lot‘s moar!
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Really guys? Come on... #bitcoin
Finally. Let's see if it holds. #Bitcoin
I can't keep live tweeting this. If you want to see these two premia in tradingview, the symbols are:



#bitcoin #crypto
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People still using leveraged positions to bet on the turn around in #bitcoin price.

Earlier during this bull market it was often Spot that led the charge...
.. and it was frequently a good mix of leverage and spot pushing higher. Since yesterday, it has been a case of no spot demand and leveraged contracts continuously trading $100 above spot price. At the same time, $BTC price in $USDT is at a premium to real USD, meaning...
...#tether would be risking the peg if they went full #brrrr here. I could be wrong, but I think this either needs $USDT bitcoin premium to go negative or for leverage to fully re set (can be achieved through large new spot orders too) in order to really turn around.
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More on #tether. Just listened to the podcast with Paolo and Stuart done by Peter McCormack. I thought it was informative, but there were significant issues. I will first summarize the relevant part of Q&A (and paraphrase), then provide my interpretation.

1/ Are you shareholders in Deltec bank? A: They do not disclose investments.

2/ What is your KYC process? A: Stuart clearly read off a statement prepared by their lawyers.
3/ Why can $USDT be issued on weekends? A: Because they already have the funds but this is when the customers require/want them or receive them.
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Okay. So in the middle of #bitcoin $BTC dalalilama to $40k and beyond, while we are all (including me) exceedingly happy... Humor me and think about #tether for a moment. Let's do it together:
We know that there are "scientific" papers out there that allege that $USDT prints drove $BTC price in 2016/17 and we also know those have been disputed in some ways by other smart people. I have read those disputes and I can see their point too. We also know that...
... @lawmaster, a guy that many people would say is highly trustworthy in this trustless industry (myself included) has "testified" that he has spoken to more than 10 (I think) people who have successfully redeemend money from #tether. We have also seen irregular balance...
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The latest #OCC guidance allowing settlement through #stablecoins is exciting but with many side effects. There are threads that link it to the #Bitcoin price and ATHs, #Tether ,#Libra , #JPMorgan #WallStreet , #DCEP. I'm watching out for 6 aspects 👇1/n
1 - What most have caught on to is that stablecoins getting linked to banks will eventually make them more regulated and justify full AML/KYC disclosures. This will eventually be required everywhere, not just in the US. Another impact would be on reserve management..2/n
2 - There are few credible audits on the reserves of stablecoins. This will have implications for the #Bitcoin price. Many are aware that Bitcoin rice pumps are often correlated to heavy #Tether minting and movements from whale wallets. 3/n
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1/ Ever since my #tether thread, crypto diehards have alleged that Tether printing is just market-driven.

More investors = more demand = more #tether being generated.

There is no strong evidence for this.

In fact, in this thread, I argue the complete opposite. 👇
2/ The following comes from a paper published in July 2020, with my additional commentary.…
3/ [..] large entities have gained centralized control over the vast majority of operations in the cryptocurrency world, such as centralized exchanges that handle the majority of transactions and stable coin issuers that can control the supply of money like a central bank.
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Basically going to bed now so I can’t make this a long thread, but re #bitcoin $BTC price here (32k):

- Funding rates are apesh1t crazy
- Futures heavily contango
- #tether price > spotprice in real $ (implying harder for Paolo to keep pumping)
- Orderbooks quite empty
- Price action looks similar to a blow off top (short capitulation)
- Bubble roof target almost met (its 5% off the current ATH)
- all the action took place on holidays (lower volume)
In summary - this could very well have been the local top that leads to one of $BTC s patented 30% reversals. I still think $23-24k will be tested, but maybe $27.8k is enough. I watch funding rates mostly to see if we have kicked excess leverage or not. Invalidation: new ATH
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