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On Celsius Ultimately Going Public…Or Not

"First it's not a given that we are trying to go public. There's a lot of very successful and profitable private companies that just pay their shareholders dividends. BITFINEX is a great example…"

"BITFINEX had a hack a few years ago…and they raised. Anyone who invested in BITFINEX back then…made at least 50, maybe even 100X their money. #BITFINEX is still a private company but it pays its shareholders dividends every year…"

"You don't need to go public to benefit from the investment."

"it depends on the market. It depends on what kind of capital we need and things like that. We don't have dates that i can tell you: here's a date for listing."

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Web sitem yayına hazır:

Yazılarımı blog sayfamda güncel olarak takip edebilirsiniz.

Bu #Flood altında yazılarımı ve sitede "Kaynaklar" kısmına ekleyeceğim "kriptoparalar" ve "blokzincir teknolojileri" ile ilgili yararlı kaynakları takip edebilirsiniz.
2. Blog sayfasında: yazılarım yer alacak,

Kaynaklar sayfasında;
- Kriptoparalar,
- Akıllı sözleşme geliştirme,
- Akıllı sözleşme güvenliği,
- Yararlı Bültenler ( @LibraryDefi @kripto_kurator @BanklessHQ gibi)

gibi başlıklar altında yararlı kaynaklar olacak ve güncellenecek.
3. “Big Brother is Watching Blockchain: Blockchain Gözetim Pazarı"

- Blokzincir gözetimi neden önemli?
- Blokzincir gözetim pazarı neden hızlı bir şekilde büyüyor?
- Gizlilik açısından yansımaları neler?

#Privacy #Blockchain #Analysis…
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ثريد هتكلم فيه عن بعض المعلومات اللى بيقدمها الموقع عن #البيتكوين و #العملات_الرقمية الاخرى:
(1) Futures And Perpetuals Open Interest:
الفائدة المفتوحة المجمعة من #Binance و #BItMEX و #Bybit و #Deribit و #FTX و #Huobi و #OKEx .
تابع (1)
قد يشير ارتفاع OI وارتفاع السعر إلى الجشع والاستدانة المفرطة.
و يشير انخفاض OI وانخفاض السعر إلى الخوف وخفض المديونية.
يشير ارتفاع OI وانخفاض السعر إلى الاتجاه الهبوطي.
يشير OI فى الاتجاه العرضى والسعر المرتفع إلى ارتفاع للاسعار بحالة FOMO.
(2) Futures And Swaps Liquidations:
توضح التصفية liquidations المجمعة للعقود الآجلة للعملات المشفرة والمبادلة .
وحاليًا المنصات المتاحه #BinanceFutures فقط.

(3) Perpetual Swap Predicted Funding Rates:
معدلات التمويل المتوقعة:
والأسعارفى هذا الجزء هي أسعاراخر 8 ساعات
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Quite the thread; so tags first.
#Bitcoin #BTC $BTC #Tether #USDT $USDT #Coinbase $COIN #USDC $USDC #Binance $BUSD #BUSD @Bitfinexed @BennettTomlin @LucaLand97 @Tr0llyTr0llFace @TESLAcharts Image
Where to start with this one. I guess first some background information on one of the biggest frauds of the Dot-Com bubble in Germany: Infomatec.

This was a company that was basically pumping its shareprice with "ad-hoc announcements", meaning literally just lying. ImageImage
Now, after reading some articles today on Bitfinex's CEO, i thought i'd have a go at trying to find out more about this guy. A quick google came up with a reddit post people probably have seen before, attached below. I've also reattached the linkedin profile that link leads to. ImageImage
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Okay. So in the middle of #bitcoin $BTC dalalilama to $40k and beyond, while we are all (including me) exceedingly happy... Humor me and think about #tether for a moment. Let's do it together:
We know that there are "scientific" papers out there that allege that $USDT prints drove $BTC price in 2016/17 and we also know those have been disputed in some ways by other smart people. I have read those disputes and I can see their point too. We also know that...
... @lawmaster, a guy that many people would say is highly trustworthy in this trustless industry (myself included) has "testified" that he has spoken to more than 10 (I think) people who have successfully redeemend money from #tether. We have also seen irregular balance...
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1/ A #bitcoin ETF will be launched in 2021
2/ $BTC will keep rising in price till the Fed stops their current round of quantitative easing, but IF/when it stops, people will be surprised at how negative it will be for any kind of assets despite a roaring economy
3/ Security standards for #token become more aligned globally and raising money via token that have equity-like rights will become a generally accepted way to raise early capital for companies
4/ $ETH will mark a new ATH in price, but scalability will become more of an issue
5/ #Binance, #Bitfinex, #Tether or #Bitmex will not survive 2021
6/ $UNI will be investigated as a security - the outcome is extremely hard to predict, but volumes on #uniswap won't suffer
7/ #Ripple will be convicted in court for securities fraud
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Took 2y longer than expected, but #Bitfinex cold wallet is finally being drained. 57k BTC outflow in 70 days. Will it hold or finally spiralling out of control? #Bitcoin Image
Another 12k gone... let's start a countdown? 113.5k left…
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#cryptocapital #gts #RIP . . with much more important things going on. I havent checked my alerts
#globaltradesolutions monitor pulled the pin. Liquidation approved on 26 Feb. The register dates lodgement at 27 Mar. Im a bit rusty on Swiss insolvency law....
but I'd say monitor found no assets, doubt #cryptocapital #panama was revived....pretty hard to recover funds without entities being in good standing let alone being more degrees of seperation than kevin bacon from the $$ ImageImage
Summary of Swiss liquidation process…
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#tcabank #cryptocapital #bitfinex #nesobank
It always amazes me how mistakes proliferate. Not sure where the typo originated from but the polish company is not "NESP" its NESO SP Z.O.O (as in the subsidiary of ImageImage
But I do know where mispelt "Rondell Monroe" originated from #bitfinex filing for discovery in relation to #tcabank. They managed to make 3 mistakes in the one name. Rondell should be Rohndell, Rhon should be Rohn and Clyde is actually Caleb. ImageImage
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So I must have missed this one....old news now. back in Aug 2018 a lazy $1million aka 1,280 bitcoins were stolen from a #bitfinex customer. Anyone know how this panned out? Image
The timing reminded me of #bitfinex soapboxing over the recovery of 28 BTC which was to be distributed prorata to thousands of legacy users (aka SFA). Image
by contrast 1280 is 45x more than 28 or if you prefer 28 is only 2.2% of 1280.

when they gonna blow their trumpet for this bloke
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So hows this for a reboot #tcabank is now #newfinancemarkets either 'limited' or 'trust' Image
But its not really new. in fact it was originally called RST Capital and has been used to run several scams over the years. it even was a contributor to the collapse of the danish GXG public market (Asia Finance, virgin gold >$5B+) Image
David Allen Richer (Panama) has a colourful history Image
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Remember when #merlin was telling his shareholders that they would have the funds back safe and sound in a jiffy? As predicted it was total bullshit. Now #bitfinex are thowing a hail mary seeking discovery from #tcabank which of course isn't a bank. Its only a lazy $300m. Image
Underpinning their legal crusade is the attached letter from a fake bank signed by a former minion confirming the funds in a twice removed unrelated company. When I first read the wiz's affidavit - it was almost perfect. I mean perfectly fucked
tbh I was unable to imagine a scenario not only more incompetent and problematic to recover your funds but more red flags than a communist rally. I was so wrong...if this was a book it would be awesome. Image
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1/ #Bitfinex & #Tether systematically take apart the NYAG's latest claims:

-ECPs are foreign entities
-No personal or subject matter jurisdiction
-No NY customer has suffered
-Tether has never had a problem with redemptions. Period
-USDT has not been proven to be a commodity
2/ The ECPs are all foreign entities:

"Bitfinex and Tether do not transact with any New York ECPs. All references to New York-based trading or virtual currency firms … refer to foreign entities"
3/ No NY customer has been identified by the OAG as having suffered any loss or harm from the CryptoCapital problems or the Bitfinex/Tether loan transaction
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1/ A few observations on #bitcoin, #tether and #crypto regarding what happened in the last 30 days or so. $BTC $ETH
2/ Obviously we all saw that, despite the unwillingness of #tether to provide an audit, there now seems to be enough public or non-public information available to the NYAG for them to allege that $USDT were, at least for a time, not backed up with USD.
3/ Furthermore, the cited conversation between Oz and Merlin shows beyond reasonable doubt (to me) that the #bitfinex/#tether complex engaged in market manipulation to avoid what would be a black-swan event for them
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1/Given the recent news around #tether and #bitfinex, we wondered whether the more professional BTC investors would become more cautious - presumably inclined to take the @NewYorkStateAG action as no ordinary #FUD the retail crypto is so used to brushing off. Not really, it seems
2/In the wake of #Fidelity or #TDAmeritrade offering trading and storing of bitcoin, #CME futures is still the biggest market for US institutions to get exposure to #bitcoin price action.Commitment of Traders reports by #CFTC reflect trader positions by end of business on Tuesday
3/Reports come out every Friday to avoid market abuse. @krugermacro suggested using them as a proxy for institutional adoption, which was also referenced in the influential recent report by @tuurdemeester and @MLescrauwaet. We've also been tracking COT positions. Take a look
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If I had to guess, my likelihood is 60/40 that the top of this run is in for #bitcoin. Always can be another squeeze up to the $6k area of course, but my personal opinion is that last move was caused by bots (and FOMO) blindly following what amounts to a bank run on #bitfinex
If you actually read the NY AG allegations and then drop the idea that this is just some crusade against #crypto from evil regulators but accept that they probably have something to back it up, coupled with missing audits from #tether it seems pretty obvious what happened:
#tether and #bfx are one firm. They printed $USDT without having the actual USD to back it up. Then they used these to buy $BTC and push up its price. As is to be expected, if you call the shots and know where price will go, you can profitably speculate.
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A quick summary of the wp:
-At least 95% of the unfrozen funds will be used to buy back and burn the #LEO. iFinex has the right to do so in the following 18 months

-If they get back the hacked #bitcoin, at least 80% of it will be used to buy back and burn the token, 18 months
-LEO will be a key part of the iFinex ecosystem

-Lower trading fees, the different layers of discounts are explained in details in the wp 📰
-Discounts when taking out loans

-Discounts for deposits & withdrawals, see details in wp

-Lower fees for #Bitfinex derivatives trading

-Same benefits for Ethfinex & Eosfinex
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Brief reality check on what caused last 10 days of #bitcoin upside. Sure seems driven by #tether fear and people moving their money off #bitfinex $USDT (on a potentially bankrupt exchange) into $BTC and out to a safe place. Funds may not be #SAFU. Below #bfx to #bitstamp premium.
According to @thetokenanalyst, #bitfinex had net #bitcoin outflows of 112,500 $BTC since #tether news broke. That's 620m USD roughly. Assuming #bfx data accurate it would be entire traded volume in BTC to stablecoins since then. Bankrun in slow-motion with no one around noticing.
Further point on this - I have never seen positioning in #bitcoin on #bitmex be so Bullish (ie 1.7x Longs/Shorts) but at the same time seen mex futures in such strong backwardation (ie discount to present). Means market really wants $BTC now, but in three months - not so much.
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#Bitcoin Short-Squeeze Warning:
The chances of a short-squeeze is relatively high. It also looks like the longer we remain in sideways above $5,200 the more likely the shorts will get as dangerously high as the August or December 2018 squeezes $BTCUSD $BTC
Bitcoin Bitfinex shorts still adding up and the Premium has reached an all time high today. Time to watch closely: We either pull back hard from $5,800s to $5,300 or experience the squeeze by end of day tomorrow #Bitcoin #Bitfinex #Tether $USDT $BTCUSD
The short-squeeze played out nicely. However, shorts remain quite high which means we will be heading higher over the weekend to $6,700-6,800 on Bitfinex or $6,400-6,500 Bitstamp before a major pull back. #Bitcoin #Bitfinex $BTCUSD $BTC #Crypto
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Latest news: #bitfinex token will be named LEO, it’ll be a hybrid model of #bnb & #bfx
In addition to the logic of #bnb token, #bitfinex will repurchase and burn the tokens with the unfrozen funds in the future #usdt
The total amount is $1b, so far amount received for it is $500m #usdt
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1/ STUNNED but not surprised by #Bitfinex #Tether news out of #NewYork. I'll let other cryptolawyers analyze it but here are two macro thoughts: (1) There's a big double standard here. (2) Exchanges, clean up your act--cryptographically prove your solvency
2/ First, the double-standard. Why didn't the NY AG throw the Martin Act at Merrill Lynch for doing something actually quite similar from 2009-12? Seriously, why the double standard??? Quoting the SEC's press release here:…
3/ "The maneuver freed up billions of dollars per week from 2009-12 that Merrill Lynch used to finance its own trading activities. Had Merrill Lynch failed in the midst of these trades, the firm’s customers would have been exposed to a massive shortfall in the reserve account."
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THREAD: Some takeaways from the article published today by @FTM_nl on #Tether / #Bitfinex (article is in Dutch). I worked with @thomasbollen on the research behind the article and the leads that provided were followed up by Thomas. Hope you’ll read & share…
1/ The article first discusses many, often separately reported, facts about Tether and Bitfinex, i.e. Paradise papers, loss of banking, break with audit company, +800m tethers in Jan,, and adds all sorts of details to provide an in-depth longread.
2/ While doing research into Tether and Bitfinex, we stumbled upon an ING bank account. The article particularly describes results of subsequent research steps taken by Thomas on this Dutch link. It provides some new insights, the main takeaways are outlined below.
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$BTC (#Bitfinex ) Parabolic Curve formation, I don;t know where it will end but when its start correcting it will be very ugly. #Bitcoin #Parabolic #RISE
$BTC (#bitfinex) Some selling now but still within Parabolic Curve. #Bitcoin
$BTC (#Bitfinex ) Parabolic Curve working so far. #Bitcoin #parabolic #curve #pattern 😬😬😬
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