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What % of #EHR text is directly duplicated from a prior note?

6 yrs
100+ mil notes
33 B words
192 B characters

Duplicated text ⬆️ from 33% in 2015 to 54% in 2020

Blocking copy forward is not the answer. We must reimagine #documentation… ImageImageImageImage
Also - we (the authors) paid out of pocket to publish this piece on @JAMANetworkOpen so that it would not be behind a paywall. We need more resources (aka funds!) for open academic research 🙏🏽
Documentation burden directly impacts #burnout for clinicians as well and it does so disproportionately between disciplines & gender

@evebmd and I talked about this with @DIVURGENT @ShaneDanaher & @trentrosenbloom @techguy…
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😫 ever felt totally exhausted by the career you’ve chosen?

😫 ever feeling stuck in a job that you’re meant to love?

😫 ever feel a little despondent about your work?

Check out this free webinar on #COACH #BURNOUT. Sign up here 👇🏿…
If you want to know a little more about coach burnout, check out this episode of the #EightyPercentMental #Podcast episode with @NutritionDanny.…
...and this epsidoe of the Leave Your Mark #Podcast in which @coachblueprint1 and I spoke with @builtbyscott about Burnout and Wellbeing in Sport.…
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So a few days ago, I asked a question about burnout and the replies were pretty revealing - thanks to everyone who replied for their honesty in talking about this stuff.

#Burnout is much more than just feeling a bit worn out.
Settle in... 🧵

Burnout is far more than just feeling worn out, or a bit over-stressed.

It is a complex and ongoing syndrome with three major characteristics...
1. Feelings of emotional and physical exhaustion.

Often this is described as being overwhelmed by everything, not having the energy to make even the simplest of decisions.
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Humanización, atención centrada en la persona, experiencia del paciente..., no pueden seguir sonando como discursos simbólicos o una tradición de buenas intenciones.…
Hilo... Image
Hay que pasar a la acción con recursos y acciones que el profesional de a pie pueda entender y llevar a cabo, confirmando después mediante evaluación, sus bondades y resultados.
En un momento donde el escenario de la atención sanitaria ha desdibujado a sus principales actores, el paciente y el trabajador sanitario... Image
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Burnout is much more than being too busy or overwhelmed. Did you know there's 12 stages of burnout? 🔥​​​​​​​​

A Thread🧵

(based on the work of psychologists Herbert Freudenberger & Gail North)

#burnout #burnoutrecovery #mentalhealth
1. Your excessive ambition compels you to prove your worth
2. Work feels like an addiction & you can't "switch off"
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Aufklärung über mentale Gesundheit beinhaltet oft diese Botschaft: "Psychische Störungen denken sich Menschen nicht aus. Sie sind echte Erkrankungen". Ich verstehe diese Idee und ich teile das Anliegen. Aber manche Verkürzungen zu diesem Thema können zu Problemen führen. 1/
Es ist kein Zufall, dass #Psychotherapeut*innen Störungen (engl. disorders) diagnostizieren, Ärzt*innen aber Erkrankungen (engl. diseases). 2/ Image
Es fehlen im deutschen differenzierte Begriffe wie im Englischen: Begriffe wie #condition und #disorder haben eine andere Bedeutung als #disease, #sickness und #illness. Die ICD erscheint (genauso wie das DSM) auf Englisch und wird dann übersetzt ins Deutsche. 3/
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Stellt euch mal vor wir hätten eine #Regierung die die richtigen Entscheidungen treffen würde. Ein Thread!
Stellt euch mal vor wir hätten ein #Tempolimit! #VerkehrswendeJetzt
Stellt euch mal vor wir hätten ein bedingungsloses #Grundeinkommen! #BGE
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1. Ter informatie. Wij hebben onze apotheekhoudende #huisartspraktijk overgenomen op 1-12-'98. De praktijk was toen nog gevestigd in 't onderhuis. In februari '06, konden wij ons nieuwe praktijkpand openen, als vleugel aan de nieuwe WoZoCo. Heel groot & toekomstigbestendig. >
2. Heel toekomstbestendig, volgens alle deskundigen, die wij geraadpleegd hadden.
Heerlijk werken.
Optimale situatie, 't praktijkpand grenst aan onze achtertuin en praktijk uit ons huis dus.
Top! >
3. Maar toen werd 't takenpakket van de #huisarts steeds meer uitgebreid, dus ook meer ondersteunende collega's.
POH-S, POH-GGZ, etc., etc.
Met veel puzzelen lukte 't amper, zeker sinds #COVID19, met onze noodzakelijke #huisregels, lukt 't eigenlijk niet.
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Wir Lehrkräfte erhielten heute einen #Brief - von unserem Ministerpräsidenten Herrn #Kretschmann und unserer KM Frau #Schopper. Vielleicht endlich die gute Nachricht, dass im dritten Jahr der Pandemie die längst überfälligen und unerlässlichen #Schutzmaßnahmen 1/n
wie #Luftfilterpflicht, #Maskenpflicht, #Testpflicht und #Impfkampagne an Schulen installiert werden? Von der Politik ist ja derzeit überall davon zu lesen, dass man alles dafür tun werde, dass Schulen offen bleiben können. 2/n
Was ja ganz in unserem Sinne wäre. Denn, ehrlich gesagt, wir Lehrkräfte wollen und können nicht nochmal so einen Herbst und Winter stemmen. Wir sind ausgelaugt, ausgepowert, müde, am Rande unserer Kräfte, teils längst weit über dem Limit. Einige sind seit Monaten
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Les député·es #NUPES (et autres) ne sont pas seulement des élu·es qui portent un projet politique, ce sont aussi des employeurs à la tête de petites TPE… et iels ne sont pas toujours exemplaires ! Alors comment être un bon #patrondegauche ? Petit thread 👇👇👇
Pour mon livre « C’est pour la bonne cause » j’ai étudié des petites associations employeuses. Un univers professionnel particulier : ce n’est pas seulement un monde du travail, c’est aussi un monde d’engagement. Tout comme le monde du travail politique. Quelques enseignements👇
Les salarié·es associatifs, comme les collaboratrices et collaborateurs parlementaires, travaillent « pour la cause ». Iels sont intrinsèquement motivé·es, font « don de travail » et acceptent des conditions de travail dégradées. Attention au #Burnout
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While the past couple of yrs hav undoubtedly been challenging for physicians & everyone in healthcare; it seems the acute on chronic overwhelm and toxic stress is what has led to significant amounts of moral injury, burnout, and for some of us trauma.
As a result dissatisfaction is high and so is attrition. We are struggling right now—healthcare is struggling.

But we can do this better. I know we can, and I know this personally as I found myself with severe #burnout not too long, suffering from #Morallnjury & #Trauma.
Much of my ability to recover was due to my learning with #Lodestar helping to develop more insight into trauma mitigation & trauma responsiveness. The work has been both life & perspective shifting, giving me a renewed commitment to rebuild an equitable healthcare system.
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Jason definitely struck a nerve for many of the #PharmEd & #TwitteRx folks. This is something we’ve discussed quite a bit in Maryland, but it sounds like a larger @ASHPOfficial / @ACCP task force is needed. A few thoughts… (🧵1/10)
1st: I am very proud to be a #pharmacist & love mentoring pharmacy students & residents on research projects every year…but…the large majority of PharmD grads *do not* have the knowledge/skills to *lead* a research project. We have to acknowledge that. (2/10)
2nd: (Trigger Warning ⚠️) A decent number of faculty members & clinicians are not strong research mentors. Even a faculty member with a PhD can struggle mentoring residents, because mentoring is a skill that needs development - but we just expect it as a given. (3/10)
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🧵 #Thread
Since discovering I’m #ActuallyAutistic I’ve realised energy, empathy and emotion aren’t infinite.
If I keep exceeding my limits I’ll meltdown, shutdown, or #burnout.
Self-awareness, boundaries and regulation are vitally important to wellbeing, and survival.
One of the challenges is recognising when my reserves are running low.
This often only becomes apparent when some tiny thing, like temporarily misplacing my phone, causes great distress.
It’s an early warning sign, an indicator that some kind of urgent action is necessary.
For those of us who have parenting or caring responsibilities taking time out to prioritise our own needs is often very difficult.
This applies to exacting employment situations too.
Even if the option of self care exists, we may deny ourselves if we don’t feel we deserve it.
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1/🧵 I DARE YOU 👍

When we’re busy, relationships become I-It & should be “I-Thou”

How can we fix it?

I asked him 4 Questions:

What’s your favorite song, hobby, food, pet’s name?

Do this for 1 WEEK. How does it change the way you SEE & CARE for others?

Read on…(pic w perm)
2/ Hecame to our ICU service over night after his spinal fusion.

He would only be w us a short time & would then be gone. So why dive deeply into his history??

Because he’s an ENTIRE PERSON.

So every minute with him is a gift. What did I learn?
3/ His favorite 🎶 is anything by the Eagles. Hobby is cars. Food is Thai. Pet is a “white golden” named Hondo!
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Après avoir un peu récupéré de l'intense session d'approbation du résumé pour décideurs du rapport du groupe III du #GIEC, je voudrais partager quelques réflexions.

D'abord, sur le contexte de ce rapport.
🧵⬇️ Image
C'est un rapport préparé depuis 3 ans par 278 scientifiques de 65 pays différents.
Voici la liste des auteurs du rapport, avec une diversité d'affiliations (la plupart du secteur académique, quelques uns d'entreprises privées et d'ONG) :…
Pour chaque scientifique, vous pouvez d'ailleurs accéder facilement à leur liste de publications dans les journaux scientifiques, par exemple via
Cela permet de différencier une personnalité qui exprime une opinion d'un travail scientifique (peer-review)
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Important & sobering read by Jennifer Abbasi, featuring @patientrev Fellow, Dr. Mark Linzer, on
#burnout, #mentalhealth & #primarycare.
Summary 🧵 1/5 via @JAMA_current part of @JAMANetwork
The #healthcare workforce is feeling hopeless. This is incredibly worrisome.
Scary stats:
20% of MDs want to leave practice
60% are burnout
20% know a colleague that has considered/attempted/completed suicide.
We are NOT OKAY. 2/5
@JillianHortonMD @AlikaMD @KatharineSmart
What makes us feel burnout & hopeless: Not being valued or supported.
More than words are needed.
Organizations need to think seriously about how to relieve exhausted staff & give space and time to heal.
Think structures & systems, not just workshops & modules.
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This is a short story about academic burnout, compassion, and when your brain insists that your limb is gravely injured when, in fact, it is not. THREAD 1/17 #AcademicTwitter #burnout
I’ve had to say no to a lot of things recently. Not because I’m not generous (I am), or because I’m making a stand against overwork (I should), but because, I’ve found myself in a situation where burnout has fairly dramatic physical consequences 2/17
See, I recently had the fun* experience of a relatively minor injury developing into something more sinister (*not actually fun). Pain, swelling, inflammation - these are signals that your body is injured and needs to heal. Except sometimes, they’re not. 3/17
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🧵VERY IMPORTANT NEW STUDY pub in @bmj_latest focused on 140 US med schools & 30K med students looking at #burnout in people with intersectional identities.👩🏿‍⚕️🧑🏾‍⚕️🏳️‍🌈 Bottom line: We are likely underestimating harm.

#MedTwitter #MedEd #WomenInMedicine #LGBTQ Image
"Study’s major finding is that a higher proportion of students with multiple marginalized identities report mistreatment and discrimination. Students with all three marginalized identities (female, non-white, LGB) had the largest proportion."
#MedTwitter Image
"Additional pressure marginalized groups face to represent their communities or contribute to diversity efforts at their institutions and experiences of bias and discrimination likely contributes to the effect observed with this dimension of burnout."👩🏿‍⚕️🏳️‍🌈 Image
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Burnout is an epidemic.

It ruins careers, relationships & mental health.

A study by Deloitte reported a staggering 77% of workers have experienced it at their current job.

But it doesn't have to be this way, says @NathalieRach.

Her Top 4 strategies for avoiding #burnout.
1/ Seek inspiration

Quite literally everything is more difficult if we don't believe in WHY we are doing it.

From careers & fitness, to academic pursuits, spending the time upfront to identify our purpose & motivation can provide us the tailwind we need when things get tough.
2/ Invest in connections

Research shows that deep, personal relationships can impact our physical & mental well-being as much as fitness, sleep or nutrition.

We should treat them this way. Be honest, be vulnerable & seek a few deep, quality connections over many shallow ones.
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J'ai le plaisir de vous annoncer la sortie le Jeudi 7 avril prochain de mon livre "Dans l'enfer de l'hôpital" chez @robert_laffont

1/6_ Témoigner de l'engagement sans faille des internes et interpeller sur la situat° de l'hôpital que le #COVID19 n'a fait qu'aggraver Dans l'enfer de l'hôpital, ...
2/6 Témoigner pour montrer ce qu'il se passait vraiment derrière les chiffres des hospitalisations en #réanimation ou de décès qui ont rythmé nos vies pendant deux ans.
3/6 Témoigner sur nos conditions de travail quand on disait qu'on manquait de tout : de #masques, de #tests, de #lits, de personnel.
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un jour #optimistic,
un jour #pessimestic,
toujours #lipstick

"It’s not Maybelline, but maybe Emmanuel #Macron isn’t born with it"
"Look how much the boy king’s subjects are spending on his pretty face while the working man suffers."
@EricMorillot une itw de la maquilleuse de #macron ? 🤪
i miss #lipstick
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Amidst increasing attention to the #mentalhealth of health workers, we explored how #stigma is understood/enacted in #MedEd. We learned that things are a lot more complicated than we thought. 🧵

@jelenapole @juveriazaheer @rachaelpack89 @MedEd_Journal…
We know #stigma can prevent help-seeking due to the risk/repercussions of disclosure. This topic has been well researched. See the article below and work of @drjessigold @KGoldMD for more details /1…
Yet, the pandemic has brought the hero narrative to the fore, a sentiment meant to praise workers, yet may stifle conversations about distress, burnout, and help-seeking. See the important work of @drbreenheroes for more on this and Dr. Breen's story/legacy. /2
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Burnout en UTI
Al final de la 2 ola de #Covid con @LeoTumi @PabloCanavessi vimos que el personal de UTI se encontraba con 97% de #Burnout
🤯Miedo a la muerte
🤯Guardias eternas
🤯Bajos salarios
Cuales son los síntomas?Hijo dedicado a los colegas de @SATIarg
Cansancio emocional: no teníamos ganas de levantarse del sillón por estar exhaustos de tanto trabajar. El #covid aumentó nuestra carga de trabajo y además por el escaso número de especialistas de UTI tuvimos que trabajar más horas y más guardias
Insomnio: nos costaba dormirnos o nos despertábamos antes
Llegábamos a la guardia como si no hubiéramos dormido nada. Al principio era intermitente, luego pasaba siempre. Algunos tomaban pastillas para dormir 😴
Preocupación por los pacientes, la familia, contagiarnos, morir
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1/🧵 Seeing Differently in #COVID ICU Care 👁

The world tells me “stuff” & “freedom ” bring happiness, yet neither suffice or satisfy.

If I reject chances to serve my suffering patients, I am left bereft.

Merciful care brings healing & provides joy all around.

What is #Mercy?
2/ My working definition of mercy is my willingness to dive into the chaos of another person’s life & provide lifting & healing.

Often as an ICU physician I do the former but not the latter.

That is, I dive into their #chaos without admitting I don’t know what’s right for them.
3/…but without performing actions that lead to lifting and healing of my patient’s spirit & mind, what I’m doing is dispensing false mercy.

eg, If in #COVID, I make the lungs 🫁 my whole goal, sedate & depersonalize someone for too long, I beget new diseases.

#PICS #LongCovid
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