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Dr Power, PhD. Scientist in parasitology at #GlasgowUni (#Plasmodium/#malaria) @ucddublin & @UofGlasgow alumna. IRL - SCO - USA - SCO 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Jun 22, 2021 22 tweets 19 min read
And now at #ParasitesOnline21 Day 2, we have our 2nd session on Gender and Racial Equality in Science, with @rejoicePhD telling us about "Centering Diverse Voices and Grappling with Racial Inequities in #Parasitology." Image Not only has #COVID19 disproportionately effected minority communities in the US, but #parasites have too. Here is just one article describing the problem of #hookworm in the US South:… #ParasitesOnline21
Jun 21, 2021 33 tweets 27 min read
And that's @BSPparasitology's #ParasitesOnline conference just started with an address from @BSPparasitology President, Prof Maria-Gloria Basáñez of @imperialcollege! Delegates come from 53 countries worldwide! What a great week to come! #Parasitology ImageImage The first #ParasitesOnline Plenary Lecture is from Prof Philippe Guérin of @IDDOnews who is telling us about "Exploring the re-use of existing data for poverty-related diseases: a scientific or an ethical imperative or both?". #Parasitology @BSPparasitology Image
Jun 7, 2021 66 tweets 51 min read
So brilliant that #GEM2021 registration was made free this year! Awesome talks during Session 1 already! Wendy O'Meara discussed identification of #malaria reservoirs in Kenya! Check out the work in… #Plasmodium Xue Li also gave an excellent talk on spatial analysis of parasite population genomics during #malaria elimination efforts on Myanmar, citing samples collected during this incredible study:… #GEM2021 #Plasmodium