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GM of Asia & Global Community @dfinity, buidler of Web3 ecosystem & #ICP community | ex: Head of Startup @awscloud China; https://t.co/gSer3BR4Ob
Nov 17, 2022 6 tweets 5 min read
Top 10 crypto protocols out of 249 total ranked by @github commits for the past 9 months as of Nov 18 by @crypto_miso

Source: cryptomiso.com/months_9.html Image No. 1 #InternetComputer #ICP #IC
No. 2 #MINA Image
Feb 13, 2022 6 tweets 3 min read
1/ Q from IC community: several major workflows from @sonic_ooo , like DEX, mint, add liquidity , seem to take 20-40 seconds to complete. This feels slower than many other chains and inconsistent with the 2 seconds finality claim. Why is that? 2/ Answer based on feedback from @sonic_ooo team:

Indeed, there is still a lot of room for improvement for IC to achieve the claimed 2 seconds speed for Update calls, in practice.

For Sonic, these workflows all incorporate multiple steps involving Update calls.
Oct 25, 2021 23 tweets 39 min read
1/ @dfinity China presents, "DFINITY Meetup Party" at 6pm CST tonight. This is the first event organized by DFINITY China team since the 5-city road show before Genesis in May. A few hundred have signed up to attend this highly buzzed event during #ShanghaiBlockchainWeek Image @dfinity 2/ Agenda for #DFINITYMeetup1025 :

- Opening by Dom
- Keynote "Final Fantasy Before IC Singularity" by Herbert
- Global panel by @beavskis with @ORIGYNTech @OpenChat @DistriktApp @DscvrO @FleekHQ
- China panel by Herbert with @snzholding , @icpleague_com and @Astrox_Network .