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A lot to agree with here. NFTs are generalised ownership records not just jpegs. But on the #IC they can be even more than this. They can be object capabilities, fully featured programs in their own right or even worlds.
BTW Object capabilities are keys 🔑 they can be handed to people to let them use your car 🚗 (software). This is a rich model that people haven’t really fully explored wrt NFTs.…
With BC/IC The car 🚗 itself can be an autonomous thing that key 🔑 holders can control rather than an external thing where rights are given to notional owners by the good graces of their true controllers, and indeed the car itself (canister/SC) can be transferred.
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What sucks about the #InternetComputer a thread….
Obviously I’m a massive #IC fan. The technology is amazing. It is the only blockchain thatmakes web3 a reality and allows non-speculative genuinely useful applications to be built ( but it isn’t without flaws so that is what this thread is about.
1. Token launch was fluffed. Initial pump and then crash was disastrous for confidence as was locking in pre-genesis investors against their will. It would have been far better to let the market clear, distribution to improve and price to find its correct level.
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HOW TO NEVER GET RUG PULLED ON @dfinity’s #InternetComputer

| A THREAD for the $ICP community |
There is a bad joke in the crypto space which says if you’ve never been scammed then you’ve never really been involved in crypto.

I’ve been scammed in 2017 for 5 figures, it was such a painful lesson that I decided to deeply understand how to never be scammed again.
When you get scammed a range of negative emotions come to you. You can feel angry, desperate, frustrated, shameful, etc. That’s totally fine and understandable, accept it.

But be proactive and make a conscious decision that it will never happen again. Learn. Improve.
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It is extremely easy to scam people in crypto, and since growth = opportunity, much more of this will be coming to the #IC ecosystem very soon

So let's dive into best practices to protect yourself from would be scammers on the IC 🧵👇
1. NEVER give anyone your seed phrase.

Giving someone your seed phrase gives them unlimited access to your wallet. Essentially complete ownership. So best practice is NEVER give anyone your seed phrase.
2. NEVER add a device to your internet identity unless you absolutely 100% trust it

Adding someone as a device gives them complete control over your entire internet identity. Apps, NNS, wallets, etc.
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🧵Videos by popular artists, government officials, priests and Amhara elites advocating for the annihilation of Tigrayas.
1. #Debebe_Eshetu (Artist): Let us annihilate the day time hyenas and sanctify ourselves. We will be blessed if we exterminate the Tigrayans.
2. #Andargachew_Tsige: Ethiopian-Born UK citizen telling government forces: "I am telling you the truth; we must be really brutal to the Tigrayans; we must annihilate them entirely with cruelty."
@DavidAltonHL @helenhayes_ @10DowningStreet
3. Elias Wendimu, #Tsehay_printing CEO
Putting the #Tigrayans into concentration camps are acceptable act of responsible govt. For example, the US incarcerated Iraqis and Japanese throughout the US-Iraq war and the Second World War respectively.
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There are quite a few name services popping up on the Internet Computer right now: @icnsid @ic_naming and others.

These services remap an ICP address to a human readable ".icp" name.

But what exactly is an IC name service? And how should we proceed as an #IC ecosystem? 🧵👇
A name service is as simple as an object mapping ICP addresses to human readable ".icp" addresses. This means that (if supported) I could receive ICP at bob.icp instead of some crazy long ICP address. This is convenient and makes it less likely to mistype an address.
The biggest and most widely used name service on Ethereum is ENS. And Coinbase supports it. So this is how it works.

1. Go send ETH on Coinbase
2. Put in my ENS
3. Coinbase looks up the actual address from the ENS and enters it into the send field auto-magically

Pretty cool!
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#ICP 的上的 NFT 真的非常好玩,作为原生的 Web3 基础设施(智能合约具备内存和存储),NFT 合约内不仅可以存储全部元数据,还可以直接嵌入业务逻辑,乃至整个游戏,真正加密原生的 NFT。

同时 #ICP 的原生 Web3 应用将给 NFT 提供海量的应用场景。
ETH 的 NFT 很好,但仍有需要进步的地方:

- 过高的交互门槛,居高不下的手续费;
- 元数据不在链上,NFT 的效用场景也无法验证和组合;
- 受限于智能合约有限的可编程性,无法自由创作出更创新的加密原生的作品。
IC 作为原生 Web3 的平台,提供了许多 NFT 的新特性:

- 0 gas,低进入门槛与零交互成本;
- Web3 原生,元数据与业务都可以放入 NFT 合约;
- 无限扩容性能,Web 级别的响应速度。
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NFTs are in their very infancy.

As such, they are suffering from numerous teething problems that are hindering adoption and innovation in the space.

Below we discuss some of our views and why we believe the #internetcomputer is the solution👇

Coming from numerous different backgrounds; art, film, business and finance, we were all incredibly excited when we first heard about NFTs.

What isn’t exciting about digital ownership that is interoperable, secure and permanent?

The possibilities of tokenisation felt endless:

- Art 🖼 (of all forms)
- Real estate 🏡
- Gaming 🧜‍♂️
- Logistics 🦺
- Event tickets ✍️

(just to name a few)
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Ik ontdekte dit vanaf het begin & kritiseerde de #Voorspellingen + 't HELE #Beleid. Nù nóg❗️

KabinetsBeleid Corona:

>400 LOCKDOWN dagen
30.000 #DODEN
100.000 #LongCOVID via @NOS
3 - 4 #BOOSTER PRIKKEN / jaar =

>45 Miljoen #mRNA-prikken
#Miljarden €€ naar de #Pharma-#Maffia.

+ (👇👇) 23 DODEN per miljoen prikken:
45 x 23 = 1.035 #Prik-#Doden & >5.000 Ernstige #Bijwerkingen.

Dood door Schuld / Wanbeleid / OPZET ⁉️
Minimaal 2-4 jaar.
#MinderCOVID of #ZeroCOVID-#Beleid
versus het #FALENDE:

"Laat 't #Virus #Rondrazen tot de #IC's overstromen en trap dan pas op de #LOCKDOWN #Rem" #Beleid.
"#Groepsimmuniteit" door #Vaccinatie te midden van 'n #Pandemie creëert HONDERDEN #Mutaties.
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Hoe graag we het ook willen en hoeveel beter we er ook voor staan dan eerder, de #pandemie is niet voorbij: dit is niet de laatste golf of de laatste variant.

Dit enthousiasme over “het einde van de pandemie” mag het belang van een lange termijnplan niet ondersneeuwen.

We staan er echt beter voor:
- veel mensen nu beschermd tegen ernstige ziekte door #vaccinatie (plus #booster) en/of (tijdelijk) door doorgemaakte infectie
- ondanks enorm veel besmettingen beperkt aantal 🏥 opnames en weinig #IC opnames

Zorgen die blijven:
- grote kans nieuwe varianten met mogelijk ernstiger ziekte 🎲
- onbekend effect op #LongCovid, #hartvaatziekten en andere langdurige effecten #omikron of andere varianten en effect vaccinatie daarop
- elke 📈 opnames door #COVID ➡️ extra uitgestelde zorg

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链间可组合性,目前也就看到了 #ICP 有个优雅的方案。绝大多数公链的共同点是都至少有个基于 ECDSA 的账户体系,即通过私钥签名即可发起转账。而 #IC 的 Chainkey 等密码学解决方案能够让 #Canister(智能合约) 持有一个私钥。私钥并不存在 Canister 里面,而是通过所有节点的聚合签名得到最终签名。
拿以太坊举例,这样外部账户(通过私钥控制)能够拥有和合约账户相同的功能,在这个外部账户的私钥是仅仅在 #IC Canister 控制的情况下 。而Canister 在什么情况下会签署以太坊交易,则完全有 Canister 逻辑决定。相当于给部分外部账户增加了一个智能合约功能。
绝大部分公链跨链到 #IC 如此简单之后,#IC 会成为绝大部分公链的 Hub。从 #IC 跨回去也很简单,只需要用一个 48 bytes 的公钥去验证节点共识后生成的签名。
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#IC fans

Finally, we are very close to tapping in the liquidity of #BTC. There is no doubt this will generate immense value.
But what about the integration with #ETH? How will this integration help both the #IC and #ETH? A thread 🧵👇
First of all, by direct integration we mean that #ETH smart contracts can directly call into canisters on the #IC, and that the #IC canisters can directly call into smart contracts on #ETH. Canisters will be able to hold $ETH, no trusted third parties or bridges!
At the moment, dapps on #ETH have frontends that live on centralized clouds. Websites served by canisters can securely interact with general canisters on the #IC, so if these canisters can interact with smart contracts on #ETH, dapps on #ETH can be made end-to-end decentralized.
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Ook in @radboudumc nemen de opnames van #COVID patiënten toe.

Grootste deel is opgenomen door COVID of met ontregeling onderliggende ziekte door COVID.

Het deel waarbij COVID geen invloed had op de opnamereden was bij ons 23% in de afgelopen 3 weken.…
Na weken van langzaam verder afschalen op onze #COVID verpleegafdeling en #IC kwam net het verzoek om volgende week het aantal bedden op de COVID verpleegafdeling op te schalen.

Niet onverwacht en nog beperkt maar we hadden stiekem de hoop dat het nog even niet nodig zou zijn.
Ook nu nog zijn extra verpleegkundigen van andere afdelingen nodig voor de patiënten op de COVID afdeling waardoor niet alle geplande zorg door kan gaan. Landelijk is er wel meer OK capaciteit beschikbaar maar hier helaas juist wat minder vanwege uitval OK personeel door COVID.
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hieronder te zien dat bij ongeveer 60% van de #COVID19 🏥opnames afgelopen week de reden van opname wel degelijk #COVID19 was
bij ~20% heeft COVID een onderliggende ziekte dusdanig opgestuwd dat 🏥opname nodig was
En bij ~20% was er "toevallig ook COVID"
je ziet grote verschillen per leeftijdsgroep

in de groep 20-39jr is 44% opgenomen "met COVID"

als je naar de absolute aantallen kijkt, zie je dat de groep 60-79j nog steeds het grootste is. Logisch: hogere leeftijd is meer kans op 🏥 opname door #COVID19
dezelfde data maar dan voor de #IC
links: percentages %
rechts: absolute aantallen 🧮

ook op de IC: grootste groep is 60+

[dank @rivm ]
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Studie uit meerdere 🏥 in Nederland waaronder collega’s @radboudumc : patiënten die mediaan 18 dagen op de IC lagen door #COVID
van 246 patiënten had na 1 jaar:
➡️ 74% lichamelijke klachten
➡️ 26% psychische klachten
➡️ 16% cognitieve beperkingen

Gemiddelde leeftijd 61 jaar
71,5% mannen
Gemiddelde BMI 28

2/3 had nieuwe lichamelijke klachten, meest voorkomend:
- vermoeidheid 56%
- verminderde conditie 39%
- gewrichtspijn en -stijfheid ieder bij 26%
- spierzwakte 25%
- spierpijn 21%
- kortademigheid 21%

30,6% had klachten in twee domeinen
10,5% had klachten in alle drie domeinen (lichamelijk, psychisch, cognitief)

Van de mensen die voor IC opname werkten had 58% na een jaar nog problemen met terugkeer naar hun werk.

3/ Image
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1/ One of the many 🔥 features of the #InternetComputer is "certified variables."

As a user, how can you trust and confirm that you are really interacting with a public blockchain — opposed to centralized Web2 tech?🤔…
2/ Certified variables allows smart contracts on the #IC to export data so it can be validated in seconds… even offline 🤯

Web assets can be validated (HTML, JS, etc). Even a COVID passport can be validated via phone app. Chain Key cryptography magic.
3/ 👓 This article offers a technical explanation of how responses from canister smart contracts running on the Internet Computer can be certified as true. ✔️
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1/ Upgrades in traditional blockchains can take months up to years, often requiring disruptive, divisive “hard forks” or centralized coordination amongst validators.…
2/ The #InternetComputer is the only modern blockchain that allows the community to vote via NNS DAO, and automatically self-upgrade.
3/ The #IC is also the only chain that directly serves interactive web content to users, and can be used to build websites, enterprise systems, mass-market internet services, pan-industry platforms, DeFi, and much more using smart contracts. 🛠️
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🆕 Metaverse section on the #InternetComputer ecosystem page:…

#IC devs are building out the true metaverse 100% on-chain with zero corporate cloud front-ends or nodes 🚫☁️ – unlocking previously impossible Web3 projects.

Only on the #InternetComputer.
🖼️ @ic_gallery - an interoperable 3D Metaverse blending GameFi and DeFi, where users can play, mint, and trade all their existing NFTs through various immersive 3D experiences on the #InternetComputer and #ETH.
🎨 @NFTStudioPoland - NFT Studio is the first to develop 3D NFTs. This means that the NFTs themselves are living 3D code, as opposed to a .GIF recording of a 3D rendered image. NFTs are being released as full games playable in a wallet, as well as other innovations.
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Als we de zorg willdm ontla2dan moeten er wel genoeg #Zuurstofapparaten voor thuis zijn.

Voor patiënten die naar huis worden gestuurd, met een #Zuurstofapparaat, zodat er weer ruimte komt in het ziekenhuis, raakt de #Voorraad snel op!
We hebben inderdaad voor de komende periode een GROOT probleem, want de verwachtingen is NIET dat dit binnen een paar weken al af gaat nemen.

Sterker nog, waarschijnlijk gaat de vraag naar #ZuurstofVoorThuis alleen nog maar toenemen de komende weken!
Daar lijkt het ook op als je kijkt naar de laatste cijfers, want eind oktober zaten er 1000 patiënten met een #Zuurstofapparaat thuis en nu, precies een maand later gaat het inmiddels om 1700 (!!) patiënten.
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Hoe zit het met het aantal gevaccineerden en ongevaccineerden in het ziekenhuis? Aan de hand van deze afbeeldingen leggen we het uit. 🧵
2/7 Hoe meer mensen zich laten vaccineren, hoe beter we beschermd zijn tegen het #coronavirus. Van alle 18-plussers heeft nu naar schatting 88,7% minimaal één vaccinatie ontvangen en is 85,2% volledig gevaccineerd.
3/7 Een #vaccinatie beschermt goed tegen ziekenhuisopnames. Bij een klein deel van de mensen werkt vaccinatie minder goed tegen ziekenhuisopname. Bijvoorbeeld doordat zij onderliggende ziektes hebben of bepaalde medicijnen gebruiken.…
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1 op de 4 kinderen overleden aan #COVD19 had géén onderliggende aandoening.
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Why I #RejectTheJointInvestigation

The joint investigation into human rights abuses in #Tigray that @UNHumanRights & @EthioHRC conducted is fraught with serious limitations; does not satisfy the minimum standards, and as such should be rejected.
Here is why: 1 /24
1. The involvement of a national body to investigate a situation, which is marked by gross violations of human rights & humanitarian norms; and committed in a politically polarized society as current #Ethiopia is unprecedented, including in @UNHumanRights 's experience 2/24
2. There was no good reason to involve the @EthioHRC in this endeavor. In fact, it was the sheer insistence of the #Ethiopian regime that forced the @UNHumanRights to accept the arrangement as a last resort. No other explanation is provided on z matter. This is suspicious. 3/24
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1/ @dfinity China presents, "DFINITY Meetup Party" at 6pm CST tonight. This is the first event organized by DFINITY China team since the 5-city road show before Genesis in May. A few hundred have signed up to attend this highly buzzed event during #ShanghaiBlockchainWeek Image
@dfinity 2/ Agenda for #DFINITYMeetup1025 :

- Opening by Dom
- Keynote "Final Fantasy Before IC Singularity" by Herbert
- Global panel by @beavskis with @ORIGYNTech @OpenChat @DistriktApp @DscvrO @FleekHQ
- China panel by Herbert with @snzholding , @icpleague_com and @Astrox_Network .
3/ The venue for tonight's #DFINITYMeetup1025 is Planet One in #Shanghai , a futuristic and chic e-sports themed restaurant/party destination. We thought we could do better than boring hotel function halls (meh...). It's got VR games, immersive huge screens and open bar. ImageImageImageImage
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#ESCCongress When coronary angiography is not enough: @RaberLorenz turns on the light with #OCT
🔦ACS-⬆️resolution of OCT -gold standard to ID thrombus, ID unclear culprit, ACS aetiology, rule-in & rule-out
🔦Stent thombosis
🔦Optimize PCI
@mirvatalasnag @Hragy
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