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| Bridge from Goerli to ICP and back to Goerli.

Paranic token bridge is the first application based on Omnic, supporting crosschain token transfers between IC and EVM chains.
@rocklabs_io releases Paranic on testnet a crosschain token bridge between #InternetComputer and EVM blockchains
Straight to the point;

✨ Get Goerli from faucet: or any other Faucet
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1/30 Accelerate into a new era of the internet with $ICP @dfinity: Image
2/30 What is the Internet Computer?

The Internet Computer (ICP) is revolutionizing the way we think about blockchain design.

It's the first "World Computer" blockchain providing a new foundation for the public internet. Image
3/30 The Internet Computer is powered by the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP).

The core part of the ICP is a 4-layer protocol that runs on the nodes of each subnet. These subnets operate concurrently, allowing the IC to scale. Image
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1/5 What are boundary nodes and what role do they play on the #internetcomputer?

Boundary nodes provide a public endpoint for the IC, route all incoming requests to the right subnet, loadbalance requests across replica nodes, and cache responses for improved performance. Image
2/5 Boundary nodes provides canister access through the HTTP gateway which translates all incoming HTTP requests into API canister calls, which are then routed to the right subnet. Image
3/5 The boundary nodes also provide caching to improve the performance of the dapps hosted on the IC.

The boundary nodes serving `` are globally distributed. Requests are directed to the geographically closest pool and load balanced within that pool. Image
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1/ What makes NFTs on the Internet Computer different from other chains?

The inherent properties of ICP make it the only chain where NFTs can be taken to mass adoption!

Let's break it down! 👇👇

#ICP $ICP #InternetComputer #NFT
2/ On-chain hosting

The Internet Computer can host content on-chain for just 5 USD per GB per year.

"But IPFS already has decentralized storage!" -- This is true, however IPFS is a at its core a file system, meaning you cannot request files that do not exist yet
3/ On-chain hosting cont.

This makes hosting dynamic content on IPFS extremely difficult requiring workarounds and inefficient processes

The IC isn't a file system it's a computer! So content can be easily generated on demand! Totally new to the blockchain space!
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1/3 Bringing Native $BTC to the #internetcomputer was a huge milestone. Now that is complete, what does this enable? Here are a few examples:

Spinner Cash ( - Fully Private zk enabled BTC transactions. @spnrapp
2/3 Finterest ( - DeFi Borrowing and lending with native BTC and decentralized stablecoin. @FinterestICP

InfinitySwap ( - Native BTC swapping AMM. @infinity_swap

Trax (onlyontrax .com) - NFT's to Music with BTC. @onlyontrax
3/3 CrowdFund NFT ( - Crowdfunding new dapps with BTC. @crowdfundnft
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🧵(1/4) Just listened to the latest Thanksgiving special episode of the @Neuroticpod, I recommend you do too. What a kind, personable and heartwarming chat. Something the #ICP community needs more of. Just to add my bit to their great list of things to be thankful for:
🧵 (2/4) I am grateful to be part of this community and do my small part to help fulfil the vision of the #InternetComputer. The last year and a half I have met many incredible #ICPeople both inside and outside of DFINITY.
🧵(3/4) It almost feels like a second global family that I get to hang out with every day. And just like a real family, we have arguments, which is a part of it just as much as celebrating our successes.
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Top 10 crypto protocols out of 249 total ranked by @github commits for the past 9 months as of Nov 18 by @crypto_miso

Source: Image
No. 3 #SOL #Solana
No. 4 #SushiSwap Image
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If you're a music artist, work in music or love #web3, check out what we are building at @onlyontrax - a web3 social marketplace for music, built on #ICP.

🧵 Here's a quick thread to get you started 👇
Our goal at Trax is to be the only platform a music artist needs to go from unknown to rockstar 🎸🚀

Over the years, artists have been exploited by record labels and streaming services.

Today, we’re excited to announce a solution...
A web3 alternative to centralised platforms like Patreon, Bandcamp and OnlyFans, Trax puts distribution, monetisation and fan interaction in the hands of the artists.

Here’s 5 reasons why Trax is different: Image
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There's A LOT to get excited for on the #InternetComputer. Let's review...

1. The community is building some incredible infrastructure. @demergentlabs has deployed CDKs for typescript (Azle) and python (Kybra). @IdentityMaxis is building identity solutions. @py is building Codebase (decentralized github). And many more- apologies to those I left off
The development of core infrastructure from the community is a key differentiator for the #IC that will pay dividends in the long term.
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- $ICP helps you create your Internet Identity

- No usernames & passwords

- No tracking

- Cryptographi­cally secure

SEE MORE 👇 Image
1. Without usernames or passwords
On mobile or portable HSM devices like the Ledger wallet or YubiKey, fingerprint or face recognition technologies can be used to maintain privacy and prevent cross-border tracking.
#icp $icp #internetcomputer
2. No Tracking
Users who utilize the Internet Identity identification system won't be able to be followed across applications and services.
#icp $icp #internetcomputer
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Today's a great day to talk about NFTs on the #InternetComputer!

Why do some projects sell out and others don't? If a project doesn't sell out on day 1, is it a bad project? If it does sell out on day 1, is it a good project?

Let's go through this in detail 👇
1) My experience comes from being the COO of Entrepot, launching over 50 collections.

And from being the creator of @crypto_90s, a collection that launched this week and has sold 25% percent of mint.
2) Let's start with the obvious: MOST NFT projects do NOT sell out. This is true for ETH, SOL, and ICP.

There are many collections, and the demand rarely exceeds the supply.
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What sucks about the #InternetComputer a thread….
Obviously I’m a massive #IC fan. The technology is amazing. It is the only blockchain thatmakes web3 a reality and allows non-speculative genuinely useful applications to be built ( but it isn’t without flaws so that is what this thread is about.
1. Token launch was fluffed. Initial pump and then crash was disastrous for confidence as was locking in pre-genesis investors against their will. It would have been far better to let the market clear, distribution to improve and price to find its correct level.
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HOW TO NEVER GET RUG PULLED ON @dfinity’s #InternetComputer

| A THREAD for the $ICP community |
There is a bad joke in the crypto space which says if you’ve never been scammed then you’ve never really been involved in crypto.

I’ve been scammed in 2017 for 5 figures, it was such a painful lesson that I decided to deeply understand how to never be scammed again.
When you get scammed a range of negative emotions come to you. You can feel angry, desperate, frustrated, shameful, etc. That’s totally fine and understandable, accept it.

But be proactive and make a conscious decision that it will never happen again. Learn. Improve.
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NFTs are in their very infancy.

As such, they are suffering from numerous teething problems that are hindering adoption and innovation in the space.

Below we discuss some of our views and why we believe the #internetcomputer is the solution👇

Coming from numerous different backgrounds; art, film, business and finance, we were all incredibly excited when we first heard about NFTs.

What isn’t exciting about digital ownership that is interoperable, secure and permanent?

The possibilities of tokenisation felt endless:

- Art 🖼 (of all forms)
- Real estate 🏡
- Gaming 🧜‍♂️
- Logistics 🦺
- Event tickets ✍️

(just to name a few)
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This is the launch of In Bloom Studios - we are so excited to start this journey and share our work with you all!

What are we doing?

We are looking to expand the potential of NFTs and the forms that they take.

As artists starting out, it's hard to protect your vision without compromising your work for the sake of income.

We believe there's both value and a market for young artists to share their work.

To build a community around upcoming talent, for people to support a creative's journey and be a part of the ride from as early on as possible.
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1/ Post-Genesis Roadmap for the #InternetComputer.

Check out the milestones below, stay up to date on the Roadmap page, and join the discussion.

👓 Read more:
2/ #ICP Titanium Milestone | DeFi
ETA: Mid Q1 2022

Advanced DeFi with zero gas fee AMMs, atomic swaps, #BTC API, and more.

Explore the Titanium Milestone at →…
3/ #ICP Chromium Milestone | Satoshi Release
ETA: End Q1 2022

#BTC 🤝 #ICP direct integration to bring smart contracts to Bitcoin, no bridges, BTC to DeFi.

Explore the Chromium Milestone at →…
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🔥 Sonic V1 is here! 🔥

Our genesis launch brings Sonic’s first DeFi protocol to the #InternetComputer

Start swapping tokens and earning fees by providing liquidity in the Sonic app! 🔄

Learn all about it 👇…
Looking to start building with Sonic? 👷‍♂️

Our documentation is a great place to start to familiarize yourself with Sonic’s API 🧰

Start integrating swaps and liquidity directly into your application!
🔄 Sonic Swaps 🔄

Three default swaps come with Sonic V1:


Start swapping at lightning speed in our app! ⚡️
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1/ One of the many 🔥 features of the #InternetComputer is "certified variables."

As a user, how can you trust and confirm that you are really interacting with a public blockchain — opposed to centralized Web2 tech?🤔…
2/ Certified variables allows smart contracts on the #IC to export data so it can be validated in seconds… even offline 🤯

Web assets can be validated (HTML, JS, etc). Even a COVID passport can be validated via phone app. Chain Key cryptography magic.
3/ 👓 This article offers a technical explanation of how responses from canister smart contracts running on the Internet Computer can be certified as true. ✔️
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1/ Upgrades in traditional blockchains can take months up to years, often requiring disruptive, divisive “hard forks” or centralized coordination amongst validators.…
2/ The #InternetComputer is the only modern blockchain that allows the community to vote via NNS DAO, and automatically self-upgrade.
3/ The #IC is also the only chain that directly serves interactive web content to users, and can be used to build websites, enterprise systems, mass-market internet services, pan-industry platforms, DeFi, and much more using smart contracts. 🛠️
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🆕 Metaverse section on the #InternetComputer ecosystem page:…

#IC devs are building out the true metaverse 100% on-chain with zero corporate cloud front-ends or nodes 🚫☁️ – unlocking previously impossible Web3 projects.

Only on the #InternetComputer.
🖼️ @ic_gallery - an interoperable 3D Metaverse blending GameFi and DeFi, where users can play, mint, and trade all their existing NFTs through various immersive 3D experiences on the #InternetComputer and #ETH.
🎨 @NFTStudioPoland - NFT Studio is the first to develop 3D NFTs. This means that the NFTs themselves are living 3D code, as opposed to a .GIF recording of a 3D rendered image. NFTs are being released as full games playable in a wallet, as well as other innovations.
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The Internet Computer is amazing blockchain technology with endless possibilities 🤯 — but a bit overwhelming at first. 😬

So, I decide to make it super easy.

Here’s a list of VERY easy ways to start learning about #InternetComputer:
1) Read this essay from @dominic_w. He’s the President of @dfinity, the primary non-profit organization behind the Internet Computer. This is one of my favorite summaries of what Internet Computer is, and its potential:…
2) Watch this short video. @BobBodily is not only my friend, but one of the funner, most enthusiastic and smart advocates for the Internet Computer.

In just a few minutes he explains what the Internet Computer is, and why it matters:

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对 ICP 的一些介绍的看法,欢迎讨论:
#ICP #InternetComputer
1. IC 全称互联网计算机,其智能合约(canister)可以完整地承载 web应用,包括前端和后端。其功能其实更类似于AWS、阿里云,因此可以理解为一种去中心化的云服务平台。
2. IC 由多个子网组成,每个子网相当于一条独立的区块链,部署到 IC 的智能合约会被分配到某一个子网。
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1/ @dfinity China presents, "DFINITY Meetup Party" at 6pm CST tonight. This is the first event organized by DFINITY China team since the 5-city road show before Genesis in May. A few hundred have signed up to attend this highly buzzed event during #ShanghaiBlockchainWeek Image
@dfinity 2/ Agenda for #DFINITYMeetup1025 :

- Opening by Dom
- Keynote "Final Fantasy Before IC Singularity" by Herbert
- Global panel by @beavskis with @ORIGYNTech @OpenChat @DistriktApp @DscvrO @FleekHQ
- China panel by Herbert with @snzholding , @icpleague_com and @Astrox_Network .
3/ The venue for tonight's #DFINITYMeetup1025 is Planet One in #Shanghai , a futuristic and chic e-sports themed restaurant/party destination. We thought we could do better than boring hotel function halls (meh...). It's got VR games, immersive huge screens and open bar. ImageImageImageImage
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1/ I am extremely excited to announce ICDevs is a Texas-based 501(c)3 non-profit with the stated mission of encouraging education, scientific discovery, and community building around the #InternetComputer.
2/ TLDR: Donate Now ( and help build a developer-focused, 501(c)3 tax-advantaged, non-profit focusing on the IC developer ecosystem.
3/ As I started developing for the IC, I kept running into some of the same issues around a lack of tools and technologies available to generate enterprise-level applications. As I started to build some of my own I quickly realized that there is a lot of down-in-the-mud, no-fun,
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