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26 Jul
We welcome the energy and determination of those who are protesting at @Twitter’s lack of action on hate on their platform. Here is a thread from @jemma_levene for those who want to learn more and take action to fight antisemitism and other forms of online hate:
Online hate is a daily reality for too many @Twitter users. Public figures and campaigners, particularly women and those from marginalised communities, regularly receive a torrent of online abuse from high-profile accounts encouraging ‘pile-ons’ by bots and anonymous accounts
Wiley used his platform of >500k followers to launch a stream of antisemitic tweets, employing multiple antisemitic tropes along the way. To learn more about how antisemitism is propagated online, read @CST_UK’s report on antisemitic content on @Twitter cst.org.uk/data/file/4/2/…
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13 Jun
Far right activists are out in London and other locations around England. Their goal is confrontation. We'll be tracking what they're doing & sharing updates on this thread. If you have reports please share them with us in confidence via DMs.
Around 500 are gathered in Parliament Square, including Britain First's Paul Golding, and the London organiser of the far right 'For Britain' group Sam Sibbons.
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22 Feb
NEW: A group of far left & far right activists have been meeting to discuss conspiracy theories, including Holocaust denial and the idea that Israel was behind the 9/11 attack. For the last three years, 'Keep Talking' sessions have been secretly recorded.
Keep Talking was founded by disgraced academic and Holocaust denier Nicholas Kollerstrom. Speakers include conspiracy theorists and fellow travellers, such as Piers Corbyn, Gilad Atzmon and Vanessa Beeley. Suspended Labour members have rubbed shoulders with far right activists.
The full report, published on Monday, reveals how the group meets to discuss conspiracies ranging from Jewish responsibility for 9/11, to US government ‘mind control’ and the Syrian White Helmets operating as an Islamist front.
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19 Nov 19
Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party has withdrawn support from its candidate in Glenrothes after he made multiple disgusting homophobic comments, including declaring “war” on the LGBTQ community. But who are the other candidates Farage is yet to disown? <THREAD>
David Ballantine, Brexit Party rep in Edinburgh SW, labelled Islam a “child rapist death cult” and a “theocratically fascist system of governance”, and made supportive comments about far-right thug Stephen Lennon. He still has Farage's support.
Wendy Garcarz is standing in Birmingham Erdington. She shared a post that compared British Muslims to the Nazis. She still has Farage's support.
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17 Nov 19
The report in today’s Mail on Sunday that a Labour Election candidate organised and ran a secret Facebook group which advises party members, including alleged Holocaust deniers, how to beat charges of antisemitism is deeply disturbing dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7…
According to the report, Maria Carroll, who is standing in Camarthen East and Dinefwr, co-founded and administered the secret Facebook group which instructed Labour Party members accused of antisemitism on how to avoid expulsion.
Among those who joined the group are members who cast doubt on the murder of six million Jews by the Nazis and others who repeated the antisemitic trope that there is an international ‘Jewish conspiracy’ controlling politics, the economy and the media.
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24 Sep 19
The “Labour Against the Witchhunt” group held a rally outside Labour conference this evening. Attendees were asked to rendezvous outside a Ben and Jerry’s before being walked to the secret venue. We attended as part of our work to track antisemitism on the left.
Ken Livingstone, who was suspended over disgraceful comments about Zionism and Hitler, talked about Hitler in his remarks. He said, "There has been an increase in antisemitism because all this media attention on it has led to real antisemites attacking people".
Asa Winstanley, suspended by Labour over his antisemitism, doubled down, and attacked the party for adopting the IHRA definition, calling it “the bogus IHRA definition of antisemitism".
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26 May 19
WE DID IT!!! We stopped "Tommy Robinson" from becoming an MEP! 🎉
THANK YOU to everyone who voted and took a stand against Robinson's hateful and divisive rhetoric. #EuropeanElectionResults a photo of tommy robinson with his face scribbled out. underneath text says
When we began this campaign, we based it on the knowledge that it was completely possible to stop 'Robinson' from becoming an MEP, but we needed to get people out to vote.

We delivered 360,000 leaflets to households in the North West who we knew were anti-hate.
We also invested heavily in digital advertising, which saw 2.4m people seeing our targeted digital advertising over the course of the election.

All of this was possible because of more than 1000 donations made by HOPE not hate supporters to our campaign to stop Tommy.
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16 Apr 19
The far-right has not wasted a minute connecting the fire in the Notre Dame cathedral to a range of far-right conspiratorial ideas. Many suggest that it wasn’t an accident but an attack by Muslims or a consequence of Muslim immigration and a sign that the West is in decline. an image of Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, up in flames
This is an example of how the far-right is using a tragic accident and based on no evidence, putting it in a context of an ongoing conflict between Muslims and “Europeans” and stoking up Islamophobia.
Conspiracy theorist and UKIP member Paul Joseph Watson, as well as his business partners at InfoWars, suggests that the fire was deliberate.
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3 Mar 19
There’s an extraordinary story in the Scottish Mail today: UKIP activist Mark Meechan (AKA “Count Dankula”) has been given a job on a BBC programme. Here’s a thread on why this is an incredible decision for the BBC to have taken...
1. Meechan is an online "comedian" best known for a video in which he repeatedly uses phrases like “gas the jews” as a prompt to get a pug to perform a Hitler salute. He was convicted of causing "gross offence" under the Communications Act in April last year.
2. The trial made Meechan a symbol for the far right, which has capitalised on his trial. He has done interviews with 'Tommy Robinson', Lauren Southern, Gavin McInness, Milo Yiannopoulos, Rebel Media and Alex Jones.
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5 Sep 18
@Luke_Turner , one-third of artistic trio LeBeouf, Rönkkö and Turner, came under attack after speaking out against antisemitism and fascism
Individuals associated with LD50, a fascist-leaning gallery in London have flooded Turner with violent, disturbing, sinister and bigoted messages on his social media channels, some of which included death threats
One of the aggressors, Daniel Keller, spent 2 weeks harassing Turner on Twitter, saying antisemitism is “harmless” and accused Turner of “punching down” on antisemitism and fascism.
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21 May 18
THREAD: We were happy to contribute our extensive research on #GenerationIdentity to @thesundaytimes piece. GI is still a small, fringe, far-right threat but they are threat nonetheless and it is important to understand who they are. (1/9)
There’s been some legitimate criticism of the article’s headline and promotion. We agree that anything which glamorises or trivialises a far-right movement is irresponsible and in fact plays into their hands. (2/9)
We’re glad to see @thesundaytimes has removed the original tweet. It’s worth getting past the headline to the important details surrounding this extreme, far-right youth movement. Some key points: (3/9)
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