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THREAD: Important report by @hopenothate about how anti-Muslim racism has become the No1 driver of far right support. Over a 1/3 of Britons now believe that Islam is a threat to the "British way of life". This is frightening: how did we get here?…
Here's a discussion by our director @omaromalleykhan on @BBCRadio4 about what #Islamophobia is and why it needs to be understood and addressed as "anti-Muslim racism"
And in this @NewStatesman piece our deputy director @Zubhaque argues that anti-Muslim racism has grown because liberal elites (incl media and politicians) have been "complicit" in the growth of anti-Muslim prejudice under the guise of "free speech"…
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So @jkenney told @charlesadler: "I'm opposed to #Islamophobia. I've said that countless times in the past."

Okay… let's run a little Twitter experiment. #abpoli #canpoli
Here's how many times he's just used the word "Islamophobia" in 33,200 tweets.
Hmm, maybe his preferred term—as is mine—is anti-Muslim. After all, it's far more humanizing.
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Allegedly the event at Eton Rd Masjid was "a massive success" 🤔 Looks more like a tiny group of #PVE wallahs to me. 1/
There we have Elizabeth Arif-Fear of the Interfaith group Nisa/Nisham in the front row sitting next to Sara Khan. Rashad Ali at the back. They claim to represent the majority of Muslims 2/
The Islamophobic #FarRight is rising in the UK & Europe, but these people won't be talking about the biggest funders of the far right being pro #Israel groups, as exposed by Spinwatch, Al Jazeera & even the Times of Israel. 3/…
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Investigators recovered 23 rifles & shotguns, & found 3 IEDs in the home of 1 of the suspects. Each suspect is charged w/ the intent to use the IEDs to attack #Islamberg, a community of #Muslim families. This isnt the 1st time the community's been targeted…
In 2015, #Tennessee minister, Robert Doggart, plotted the deadliest attack on US soil since 9/11, against #Islamberg. No terrorism charges were brought against him. He was recorded saying "& if it gets down to the machete, we will cut them to shreds.”…
Just last yr, a number of far-right, anti-Muslim groups led by the American Bikers United Against Jihad, organized an event to harass & intimidate the small community of 200 ppl:…
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THREAD 1. Since posting about #HolocaustMemorialDay , encouraging us to remember where hatred leads - #Srebrenica + #Holocaust genocides for example + standing up against #antisemitism #homophobia #Islamophobia #racism etc, I have been trolled
2. Who are these trolls? They are sick, narrow minded bigots of the Muslim faith (+ one Islamophobe). What have they been saying? Well I've been called: shabbos, House Muslim, House Arab, sellout, Zionist, shill for Israel + accused of attacking the right to free speech
3. Free speech and antisemitic speech are two different things. I reported this bigot because he is a bigot and Twitter clearly agreed with me. Free speech is not the right to promote hatred. I did call someone a nutjob I admit and got told I was demonising others
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The irony of Gove thanking a *Dr* Ibrahim for treating his son is truly spectacular. Ibrahim is, of course, an Arabic name. Whether or not Dr Ibrahim is Muslim himself, his name indicates Muslim heritage. (#Islamophobia THREAD)
In 2006 Gove published Celsius 7/7, a book in which he claimed:

"There are many Muslims, across the globe, within Europe and in Britain, who share the basic ideological assumptions behind the jihadist worldview."
One chapter in the book was titled 'The Trojan Horse'. The chapter's ideas inspired far-right terrorist Anders Breivik, who cited them in his fascist manifesto '2083: A European Declaration of Independence', which he published hours before murdering 77 people in Norway.
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.@CAIRNational Hypocrite, Wilfredo Amr Ruiz (@AnalistaInter), Linked to Group Championing White Supremacist David Duke…
Ruiz “founded the chapters of Puerto Rico and Connecticut of The American Muslim Association of North America (AMANA)” and is “currently acting as its legal advisor.” According to AMANA, Ruiz has been the Director of its Puerto Rico chapter.
Ruiz has also been the Executive Director of AMANA’s sister charity, American Muslims for Emergency and Relief (AMER).

Outside of its Islamist existence, AMANA and its President, Sofian Zakkout, are notorious for championing white supremacist leader David Duke.
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Turkish officials say the country has reached its limit and its borders are, to all intents and purposes, closed.…
The EU paid Turkey roughly $3 billion to accept deportees…
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马(Ma) is famous surname of Hui Muslim. When our ancestors had to make Chinese name, they tried to hold Muslim memory. The speak sound of Chinese马 is ma, like Mahmoud Malik and Mohammad these Muslim names. So 马(Ma) is the most welcomed by Hui Muslims.
On the other hand, many people are cavalry in Hui Muslim ancestors,they love their partners. The meaning of 马 is horse in Chinese.
Our ancestors ever brought Muslim name from middle East and central Asia. They had to make their Chinese name before 600 years. It’s Ming dynasty(1368—1644). That is a story like what is happening in #Xinjiang today.
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Sad to see this video promoting #Islamophobia / anti-Muslim sentiment from #Poland is still doing the rounds.

Sad they have weaponised #Jesus as a tool in their hostility.

"Poland to Muslims: Here, Jesus is our King so get out"
#Islamophobia in #Poland stems from an irrational hostility, based on
constructed myths and stereotypes about Muslims, largely pushed out by the mass media.

It has little to no basis in reality. (Say the experts)
Muslims in Poland constitute less than 0.1% of the total population, yet a recent survey found Poles believe 7% of their country is Muslim

The above video shows thousands marching on the streets to stop the 'Islamization of #Poland'

#Islamophobia = irrational fear & hostility
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1/ 25/09/18 your Twitter front page was captured and saved on The Internet Archive… This capture shows that on the 10th and 14th September you retweeted posts from account @scorpiodog72
2/ @NA_TVDNY this capture shows you Liking a tweet by @scorpiodog72 that you were tagged in.
3/ Both of your unique URLs are linked by Retweets and Likes from each of your accounts. It is not possible for anyone other than the account users to leave such a unique digital footprint.
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Last night, why did Nadine Dorries spread a nonsense story from 2008 by an Anne-Marie Waters supporter, who considers Tommy Robinson to be a "truth teller" (before deleting)...

It is worth noting it was about Muslims (1/?)
ICYMI: When Sadiq Khan talked about hate crime, Nadine Dorries had the audacity to ask him about grooming gangs. Now, what makes Sadiq Khan have any responsibility for grooming gangs?

Playing to far right tropes about Muslims is #Islamophobia (2/?)

ICYMI: Nadine Dorries was disappointed that Boris' de-humanising comments about Muslim women who wear the burqa being "bank robbers" and "letterboxes" , "didn't go further"
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9/11 is a tough mixed bag but ultimately it’s all hard.

A reminder that we are complex beings and although trauma makes it more difficult, we can hold multiple competing thoughts at once. /1
I continually feel a lot of complicated thoughts about the traumatic event that terrorized entire people’s and lost us so many brave emergency responders. I abhor the violence & bigotry bred from that trauma that continues to be pervasive. /2
I have complicated feelings of deep gratitude that a teacher rushed our history class in front of a TV to watch the 2nd plane hit in real time. I think abt how seeing that terrorism in that moment differed from my countless hours analyzing terrorist acts in the military /3
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Some stats on the coverage of #LabourAntisemitism in UK national newspapers:

• In seven years from 2009-2015, there were just 212 articles with the words #Labour and #Antisemitism appearing in the same sentence
• In the three years since there have been 2,053

• In those same three years, there have been a total of 3,740 articles containing the word #Antisemitism
• So 55% of all articles mentioning #Antisemitism have mentioned #LabourParty in the same sentence (since 2016)
• 2009-2015 it was less than 7%

On the flip side:

• 2009-2015 there were just 41 articles with the words #Conservative and #Islamophobia appearing in the same sentence
• In the three years since this has risen, but only to 92

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1. Following the latest horror headline, I think it’s important to say / reiterate that being Jewish and the daughter / granddaughter of refugees makes me doubly, or maybe triply or quadruply, terrified of the proliferation and normalisation of #Islamophobia
2. That’s not to say that I’m not also very scared of the rise in anti Semitism - that would be impossible given what’s happening in say Hungary, Austria and Poland, and the acceptance of eg Soros conspiracy tropes here.
3. But the reach and respectability of #Islamophobia is really on another level. The lazy dismissals of its very existence because ‘Muslims aren’t into a race’ reach right into parts of the supposedly progressive left, although obviously spearheaded by the right.
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Subject? HATE.
I apologise for nothing. Life was what it was.
1) When a pup in NI, I was quite partial to practising my kissing skills, finding motivation like nothing else before.
Unfortunately, I'd not be one to let 'religion' be a barrier, in my pursuit of glory.
2) This was a problem, back in the dark days.
When you came from an 'estate', known for being a 'stronghold' of one 'side' or other, it was frowned upon & tended to lead to violence of some sort.
God was irrelevant.
3) I remember walking a young lady home, one Saturday night, as one did.
I'm guessing anywhere between 16-18yo, so 1986-88.
I'd got into pubs from 13yo, as most local bouncers were 'locals'.
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Our #ThursdayThoughts on #Islamophobia are about #Dawah. Read our thread & check our NEW factsheet on Dawah here:…
Dawah is an Arabic term w/ a range of meanings generally understood to signify an invitation (definitions here:
#Dawah activities include acts of charity and proselytization
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Today's #WednesdayWisdom: READ our thread on #Jihad based on our new factsheet. Read all Bridge's factsheets here:…
Jihad is an Arabic word meaning "struggle" or "thrive" often used to describe personal, spiritual efforts to follow God
The majority of Muslims agree that the concept details activities describing inner spiritual struggle to be better for the sake of God
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