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The situation in #Pakistan. A quick update.

PM #ImranKhan's government is shaken by inflation and shortages, some out of its control but compounded by poor planning & governance. Here, long queues can be seen in some cities for govt-rationed sugar & flour in #Ramadan.
#Pakistan is currently divided between urgent issues and sideshows. Government is finally expediting vaccinations; the professionals at @OfficialNcoc are at it. But Govt also continues to push PM #ImranKhan's agenda against #France, #West on #Islamophobia.
One of the biggest sideshows in #Pakistan today is the explosive interview of a former spy chief who has blown the lid off alleged abuse of spy services by PM #ImranKhan to target his political opponents. Check this trend: #BashirMemonLeaks.

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#Pakistan FM seeks #Iran's support for PM #ImranKhan's agenda on #Islamophobia & #France, amid signs no #Muslim country so far supports this agenda.

In his public statement, Iran FM #Zarif has politely indulged Pak FM on this issue but without a clear commitment to this agenda.
#Pakistan Foreign Minister @SMQureshiPTI in #Tehran called on #Iran to support PM #ImranKhan's agenda on #Islamophobia & #France. He also invited #Turkey & #KSA to join in.

Seems difficult. Iran enjoys good ties w/ France. And so does Pres #Erdogan now.

FM @SMQureshiPTI in #Tehran said he will seek #Turkey Pres #Erdogan's support for PM @ImranKhanPTI's anti-#France agenda.

He might get little support beyond lip service. Presidents @RTErdogan+@EmmanuelMacron recently had recently had a good meeting:

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I had asked @EthzemaLeader the following question after his controversial/deliberate remark against #IslamicBanking/#InterestFreeBanking (as it is called here in #Ethiopia). I have today watched another video of him where he tried to "Clarify" but continued to insult us more.
First of all, he has tried to defend that he is not an #islamophobe by bringing #Muslim audience & that his grandmother was a Muslim. This is the same reply many persons give when they are confronted with their #Islamophobic attitude. #BerhanuNega is no different.
You can have #Muslim parents, lived with #Muslims fasted #Ramadan, eaten #Dates or #Sambusa etc you can still be an #islamophobe. One can claim to be a Muslim but in reality be the most #Islamophobic person that hates #Muslims and #Islam. It is a lame excuse!


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Let us face it, the recent coordinated media campaign against Pantami to label him by all means a sympathiser of jihadists and terrorists are products of a grand population of Nigerians who are unschooled outside their learned religion and simply #islamophobia at play
Dr Pantami is an Islamic scholar. He serves as a Member of Shari’ah Board of Jaiz Bank. He was also a Shurah member and Deputy Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Shari’ah (SCS) in Nigeria
Dr Pantami is a Jumu’ah Chief Imam who has been leading the Jumu’ah prayer for over 20 years in Nigeria and the United Kingdom. He still preaches in the mosque and does Tafsir during Ramadan. He is your typical Muslim devout. His trousers are jumper, in line with the Sunnah
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With the advent of an election the “Pasmanda” narrative suddenly picks up steam.
This thread explores how the so-called ‘Pasmanda Movement’, now hijacked by garden-variety #Islamophobia applies narratives to fragment already dispersed Muslim electorates, as a political tool.
“Pasmanda” is a term of Persian origin which literally means “those left behind”, or simply; “backward”, “oppressed”, “discriminated against”.
It could represent any economically or socially marginalised segment of society.
It has no basis in caste, or indeed religion.
Latter day “Pasmanda” activists have co-opted this narrative to propagate caste divisions and practices in Muslim society and claim that caste is sanctioned within and legitimised by the Quran itself. A claim that is antithetical to the foundational principles of Islam.
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Embattled PM Imran Khan hints he might lose office in a disjointed live address to the nation where he digressed into a long lecture on poverty+corruption & linked a rebellion against him within the ruling #PTI to a heroic struggle for #Pakistan's future/1
Imran Khan appeared incoherent and angry, blamed opposition politicians for a rebellion targeting him personally from within his #PTI party. He offered little details on this conspiracy, vowed to resist whether he remains in power or not. /2
Imran Khan's TV address came as his govt moved a #VoteOfConfidence in Parliament from today to Saturday as chatter increased that he's unsure of the situation, has asked his aides to do the homework to avoid surprises, & likely banned party lawmakers front leaving the capital./3
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The @Conservatives know that their cynical & inflammatory culture war is not just divisive, but extremely dangerous.

The head of Historic England says employees have received many threats.

The unhinged Tories & their media backers are going full Trump.
Last year, Britain’s top lawyers wrote to Priti Patel to express their concern after a man with a large knife entered a London law firm & launched a “violent, racist attack” was said to be directly motivated by Patel's irresponsible comments.…
Since 2018, Europol, the FBI & MI5 have all said that FAR RIGHT TERROR PLOTS ARE MULTIPLYING FASTER THAN ISLAMIST ONES, yet a #PREVENT review is to be led by grotesque hard-right crank William Shawcross, who describes gay rights & climate change as "PC".…
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Since 2018, Europol, the FBI & MI5 have all said that FAR RIGHT TERROR PLOTS ARE MULTIPLYING FASTER THAN ISLAMIST ONES, yet a #PREVENT review is to be led by grotesque hard-right crank William Shawcross, who describes gay rights & climate change as "PC".…
Shawcross adores #Murdoch, & has written of a “vast fifth column” of Muslims in Europe who “wish to destroy us”.

PREVENT stats show that in 2020, 30% of people deemed to be at risk of hateful #radicalisation came from Islamic backgrounds, 43% were potential far-right extremists.
17 human rights & community groups say they will boycott the #PREVENT review in protest at the appointment of Shawcross, because "the UK government has no interest in conducting an objective & impartial review of the strategy".…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 02/21/2021…
This Blizzard Exposes The Perils Of Attempting To ‘Electrify Everything…

#blizzard #electrified
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Watching Kesari after lot of reluctance. Pathans in 1897 shown Lynching a woman like Taliban did in 2000. What an Islamophobic portrayal by Bania @subhashchandra owned Zee TV. Pathans are shown as dark and ugly savages. That’s how islamophobia was peddled all along by Bollywood
Saragarhi was a Pathan homeland occupied by British but in the movie Sikh Soldiers who were mercenary occupying forces of Imperial British Army are shown to righteous. And indigenous Pathan as villains. That’s how Art & cinema is used to distort history & indulge in #Islamophobia
Same British who butchered Indians in Jalianwala Baugh Amritsar were okay in #Kesari Saragarhi because Pathan and Muslims have to be shown as villains. That’s the parameters for Hindutva filmmakers. That’s how history & cinema is diverted & twisted to create hatred for Muslims
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Which term should we use when reporting on hate against Muslims and Islam? @anmolirfan22 takes an in depth look into the debate between #Islamophobia and #AntiMuslim hate:…
For more information on #Islamophobia and #AntiMuslim Hate have a look at the resources produced by our project @GetTrollsOut…
For information on reporting ethnicity and religions check out our guide:
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5 Myths About Muslim Women

A Thread


@kparveen2005 @Raza_AKhan
Myth 1: Islam justify Violence agaisnt Women

Debunked: Islam Justify Kindness between spouses Not Violence

Myth 2: Muslim Women Cannot #Divorce !

Women have assured protection in #marriage & ways to seek divorce & seperations


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Complementing 2020's observations of #Covid19SL… did a quick survey of pandemic's coverage on #Facebook. Worth noting that after Oct. '20, cases/deaths saw a much greater & very troubling spike in #SriLanka than 1st half of year…
Searched for කොරෝනා, Covid, Covid-19, Coronavirus, quarantine, නිරෝධායනය, cluster, පොකුරු,, ප්‍රජා සම්ප්‍රේෂණය, සම්ප්‍රේෂණය, community transmission terms amongst the ~2,300 pages on #Facebook I study, from 1 Jan to 31 Dec. Some snapshots of data follow. #Covid19SL #lka #SriLanka
Bewilderingly (though caveats follow in this thread) content/conversations (measured by # of posts published) pegged to these terms *declines* over 2020, even after emergence of far deadlier 2nd wave post-October. Distraction, strategic silence & denial emerge as leitmotifs.
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This day was inevitable. Indian Muslims always lived in La La Land. They bad mouthed real well wishers & slept with the enemy who never considered them as part of them. In Gulf, Indian Muslims were busy with Javed Akhtar & Sonu Nigam. Never interacted with South Asian diaspora
Now when Indian Muslims are thrown to wolves it’s Pakistani & Bangladeshi Muslims with whom they kept distance are the only ones feeling their pain. None of the people who they invited for Eid Milan. Qawali & Mushaira are there for them. Such people invoke wrath upon themselves
Indian Muslims never spoke for Kashmiri Muslims. Distancing from separatist was understandable but we never even bothered to highlight their human rights violation & rapes carried out by forces. We could have sent them humanitarian help we didn’t. Our silence made us complicit.
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A review of #Islamophobia in 2020:

The #COVID19 pandemic exacerbated Islamophobia around the globe. From #India to the U.K., #Muslims were accused of spreading the virus & evading lockdown orders.
For #Muslims, the environment meant not only being disproportionately impacted by a deadly virus but also facing targeted discrimination from those in power:…
Islamophobia in #India in 2020:
Politicians & right-wing media continued to promote anti-Muslim rhetoric & tropes, while Indian Muslims & rights activists protested against discriminatory legislation (#CAA), which rendered Indian Muslims 2nd-class citizens.
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Contributed to @Guardian Podcast 'Today In Focus': The murder of schoolteacher Samuel #Paty who had shown his class #cartoons of the prophet #Muhammad has rekindled a debate in #France over #secularism & the state’s role in regulating #FreeSpeech. (21'-29')
I emphasise that we can discuss the general problem of hateful #cartoons about the Prophet #Muhammad & his Muslim followers that spread collective guilt & humiliate often underprivileged #minority communities beyond acts of barbaric #terrorism. #Racism #Islamophobia #CharlieHebdo
I think that @EmmanuelMacron acted in a manner that was rash & unstatesmanlike following the vile murder of Samuel #Paty. He has effectively incorporated #cartoons mocking #Islam into its domestic policies. He defended them as part of French culture & #France’s global image.
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Spoke to @Guardian podcast about growing up in post-War #France... that is post-#Algerian War of Independence, still v. much in living memory. The War’s legacy is perceived in all kinds of aspects of modern life, still blighted by the #colonial experience.
A point that is easily overlooked by foreign observers is that the 2nd most influential party in #France now was founded by far-right nationalists who wanted to keep #Algeria French. #LePen's FN -now called the Rassemblement National -is openly racist, islamophobic & antiSemitic.
In his '#Separatism' speech @EmmanuelMacron was sugar-coating #reactionary policies based on the premise that 5-6M French #Muslims can’t be trusted to manage their own affairs & required surveillance at all times.The emphasis was that Islam is a chronic #problem around the world
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My piece on the despicable propaganda advanced by @EmmanuelMacron when,in a letter published in a British outlet,he used #eugenics parlance to describe underfunded suburbs full of #Muslims as “breeding grounds for terrorists in #France”. #Islamophobia @FT…
Delivering lines straight out of a Trump #fakenews generator,@EmmanuelMacron claimed,w/out any evidence whatsoever,that there are “districts where small girls aged 3or4 are wearing a #fullveil,separated from boys [..] & the rest of society,raised in hatred of France’s values”.@FT
Never mind that forcing someone to wear a #burqa is an imprisonable crime in #France,as is child abuse & radicalising minors.Bizarrely,in an era when cameras are everywhere,there were no images to back up @EmmanuelMacron's words abt these infant sociopaths.0 prosecutions too. @FT
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The rise of Global Toxic Islamophobia in the early 2000s.
A Thread.
Let's go back to 1978 a coup takes place in Afghanistan and a pro-USSR government comes into power and establishes the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (DRA) (1978-1992). Image
In response to this, the US and UK with the help of Saudi Arabia and China recruits and trains islamic militants in Pakistan and Afghanistan which will later become the Mujahideen. These militant groups protest and fight against the new Soviet backed Afghan Government.
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#Macron is a #rothschild stooge 🤓 "Rothschild’s Slaughter Ships”
Coercive Engineered Migration: Zionism's War on Europe (Part 4 of an 11 Part Series)…
#French consul In #Turkey suspended for boat sales to migrants (2015)
Footage secretly filmed by France 2 TV shows Francoise Olcay selling dinghies and life jackets to (muslim)migrants hoping to reach the Greek islands.

#French honorary consul sold boats to migrants in #Turkey
When the official was asked if she was aware that her actions were illegal, she indicated that there were hundreds of Turkish officials involved.…
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#Pakistan #UN #Karachi #Islamophobia

Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mahmood Qureshi of Pakistan has called on the UN to respond to the "escalation of Islamophobia".
The publishing of blasphemous cartoons in the world is sensitive, he said, adding that the French President's irresponsible remarks have fuelled certain behavior.
Qureshi stressed that under the pretext of freedom of speech, no one has the right to hurt the feelings of millions of Muslims.
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Yesterday, we have witnessed the handing over of the 1st operational licence to the first full-fledged #InterestFree Bank #ZamZamBank which is a historic milestone in the #Ethiopia'n Banking industry. #IslamicBanking #IFB #FinancialInclusion
#ZamZam 1/n Image
After the promoters of #ZamZam initiated the idea to the #NBE a directive was issued in October 1, 2011 to allow conventional banks only to give the service along with their commercial services. The #NBE's decision has saddened many. 2/n

#InterestFreeBanking #FinancialInclusion Image
11 Banks has so far started the service in a window model. Currently, these banks combined has mobilized more than 60 Billion Birr in deposits through 5+ million accounts. It is a huge amount compared to the low attention & investment given to #IFB by all stakeholders. 3/n
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Ali (18) a Pakistani arrested by police in #ParisAttack for a radical Islamist terror stabbing spree wherein 2 persons were seriously injured. Exposing Ali, a #Pakistan origin radical Jihadi terrorist held in #France is not #Islamophobia (Fact: where there is terror there is Pak)
The fact about most Pakistanis is scratch beneath the surface & the veneer of liberal, educated intellectuals disappears. Ultimately they are all different versions of #HafizSaeed. Sadly own Wagah mombatti brigade wallahs took so long to understand this reality about Pakistanis.
The shero shayari Mushairas, aman ki asha are all a facade to take Indians (ever so willing) for a ride. The soft spoken Oxbridge diplomats, journalists & actors are just a more polished version of Jihadi #HafizSaeed the moment you question them on the K-Bogey. Seen it 1st hand.
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The largest Muslim organisations in Harrow have united to demand Conservative Councillor Kamaljit Chana be removed after he said “Muslims are violent” & “I do not like Muslims” #Islamophobia

@hasvo_harrow @HarrowMosque @SLMCCUK @hujjat @sicm_mahfil_ali…
Their full letter to @HAConservatives is available here… ImageImage
The Muslim organisations make it clear this is not a one-off, citing inaction following Islamophobia by MP Bob Blackman & Cllr. Anjana Patel

This shows a serious concern amongst Muslims about #Islamophobia within the Conservative Party in Harrow, reflecting the national picture
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