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My unfiltered, mostly political musings. In a perpetually bad mood since 11/8/16. I regret any insults, but it seems that's how you win over 46.1% of Americans.
27 Jan
It is beautifully ironic that @DavidOBowles’s hit job on @jeaninecummins’s #AmericanDirt—in which he criticizes her book for cultural appropriation and poor Spanish dialogue—uses “Latinx” to refer to people from Latin America.… While Bowles is no doubt… /1
…a well-regarded Mexican-American author and translator w/the expertise to criticize Cummins’s work on the merits, it’s hard to take his complaints of “white saviorism” + bad Spanish seriously when he offers no evidence of it and himself uses a term almost no Hispanics use…/2
…to describe themselves.… I sincerely doubt many of Bowles’s Latino/a neighbors in the Valley use "Latinx," regardless of their education, income or immigration status; at least that’s my experience here. Indeed, some Latinos view “Latinx” as itself…. /3
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17 Nov 19
What galls me most about @EliseStefanik & @DevinNunes’s little stunt yesterday is the Right’s attempt to pass it off as a #shepersisted moment.… That’s an insult to heroic women who persisted, from @ewarren to #RosaParks. Let’s compare the two incidents: /1
@EliseStefanik @DevinNunes @ewarren During the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings, after reading a letter from #Coretta Scott King, Warren was gaveled out of order on the grounds that she’d impugned a fellow Senator. This took Warren by surprise b/c the letter had previously been entered into the Senate record. /2
@EliseStefanik @DevinNunes @ewarren Warren persisted in reading the letter, was ruled out of order by a party-line vote, and was barred from speaking during for the rest of the debate.…… She was forced to read King’s letter outside the Senate.… /3
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19 Feb 19
Was the famous #AlfredEisenstaedt photo of the sailor kissing a woman who appeared to be a nurse, in #TimesSquare, on #VJDay, a #sexualassault? Contrary to accepted wisdom of the #MeToo crowd (whose goals I support, but whose excesses I deplore), probably not. Here's why: /1
First, it’s not clear who is in the photo. Is it #GretaZimmer or #EdithShain? #GeorgeMendonsa or #CarlMuscarello? Or one of the many other men who claimed to be kisser or women who claimed to be the kissee? It matters, because, absent a victim, there is no sexual assault. /2
Absent testimony, the law does not assume a man touching a woman on a photo is touching her sexually without her consent simply based on body language. It is one thing to #BelieveWomen women's stories, but quite another to PRESUME no consent. Luckily, that is not the law. /3
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