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#Sexualassault ActionSA in Limpopo says in a country that is experiencing an alarming increase in gender-based violence and femicide cases, it detests the rape allegations brought by different women against the party’s suspended Gauteng secretary Abel Tau. MM Pic:
This comes in the wake of a #sexualassault charge laid against Tau last month before he was suspended by his party pending the outcome of a disciplinary hearing. MM
#Sexualassault According to reports from a Sunday newspaper, a former ActionSA member alleged she was raped after Tau told her she will get any position in the party during the party’s local government elections campaign activities in 2021. MM
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ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO SPEAK UP! I WAITED 7 YEARS FOR THIS. TWITTER DO YOUR THING. Cant find her twitter but here is the facebook and instagram! #spreadawareness #sexualassault ImageImageImageImage
PROOF ImageImageImageImage
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1. Pune, MH: 40 yr old Raees Sheikh working for Zomato molested 19 yr old engineering student when he came to deliver her order. He touched her inappropriately and kissed her twice on the cheek. Arrested.
2.Bangladesh: #HIndu children in BD are forced to study Quran by their teachers, touches #Hindu girl students inappropriately and forces them to convert to Islam. No action by 'secular' BD govt.
3. Gurugram, Haryana: Spa operator, Jhuma and her aides Rubel Iqbal, Sadam Hussein and Rupa arrested for forcing a 14 yr old girl into prostitution.
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"What were you wearing when you were sexually assaulted, and can you send us a picture of it?
This is the question @CalgaryPolice have just asked a woman more than 2 months after she reported this assault. It gets worse. Follow this thread. 1/7
#yyc #rape #abpoli #ableg
2/7 When first reported to @CalgaryPolice more than 2 months ago, the police didn't even ask for or try to acquire evidence or document the bite marks & bruising. Fill out a report online they said & we will get back to you. They did...a couple weeks later #yyc #calgary #abpoli
3/7 @CalgaryPolice took so long to follow up with the bar on video evidence that the bar had long since deleted the footage. Despite being told that the sexual assaulter had been told that the assault had been reported to police they took more than 2 months to talk to him.
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On July 21st, I’ll go LIVE on the #μltradelic podcast (@UltradelicHQ) to discuss @michaelpollan’s new @netflix series #HowToChangeYourMind. Why? #HTCYM clearly failed to address the growing #epidemic of #SexualAssault within the #psychedelic community. #MeToo

A Thread 🧵 ImageImageImage
2/ Back in May of last year, @michaelpollan publicly discussed his belief that there is “value” in “inoculating the public against inevitable negative stories” about #psychedelics including “sexual abuse in the treatment room” 🚩 🚩 🚩

Inoculate = make immune to, right? 🚩 🚩 🚩 Image
3/ In 1963, Bob Dylan poetically asked listeners across the globe

“How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn't see? [...] How many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry? [...] The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind.”
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1/ @michaelpollan's highly-expected @netflix series #HowToChangeYourMind just premiered! 📺🍄 Despite near-universal praise, #HTCYM is rife with errors & borders on historical revisionism 🤥

A critique 🤔🧵 #LSD #MDMA #Peyote #Mescaline #Psilocybin #Mushrooms #Psychedelic @MAPS
2/ Before I get started, I'll give everyone a little bit of background information. @michaelpollan released a non-fiction work entitled "How to Change Your Mind" in May of 2018. Before the end of that year, his book about #psychedelic drugs became a @nytimes bestseller. Image
3/ @michaelpollan achieved massive coverage for this self-described "mental travelogue" of his #psychedelic experiences. Soon enough, Mr. Pollan became a prominent figure w/in the so-called "Psychedelic Renaissance". In the process, he gained a rather interesting reputation. Image
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We're waiting (since April) for the @PoliceServiceNI to answer our FOI on #sexnotgender in searches & crime stats. An @ni_wrn member sent us a policy (SI0321) showing male officers who "ID as women" can strip search females. No exception made for minors.…
@PoliceServiceNI @ni_wrn After the new UK Home Office guidance that forces should record sex based on birth cert or GRC, we asked what was PSNI policy in regards to recording sex of suspects and victims, and suspects right not to be searched by an officer of the opposite sex:…
We asked whether the @PoliceServiceNI would be changing policy following the new guidance. They said no, and have now added that it is unlikely that they will. But they have not answered the specific questions regarding searches and statistics.
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#NZ This is a long thread on the issue of harassment & threats made against #WomenInLeadership, primarily #WomenInPolitics.

⬇️ Reviews incidents over time, highlights the danger & escalation of #misogyny & the real life consequences on the personal & our democratic institutions.
This thread is being woven, the week Michael Cruickshank was sentenced to jail in #NZ for threatening to blow our #WomanPrimeMinister’s head off & to “..wipe you off this f---planet”- Also arrested this week Richard Sivell who has allegedly been posting threatening messages.
Here you can take a look at #OnlineAbuse ~ ⬇️ is a really useful article by @shesource & @WMCLive that names online hostile behaviour, how it is that #Women are targeted, & explains why “online harassment exists on a continuum with offline violence”…
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I’ve just found out my friend/mentor/person I love/ person I look up to…..

Is an abuser.

A 🧵

Someone has just told you that the person you know, the person who is your friend, your mentor, your confidante, your loved one, your family member, your associate, your colleague, your volunteer, your fundraiser, your boss, your priest, your therapist, your teacher

is an abuser
What do you do?

Believe the victim. That’s how it goes, right?
Believe the VICTIM.

But this doesn’t SOUND like the person you know.
This doesn’t sound like the person you love, respect, look up to, admire, rely on, depend on, collaborate with.

This doesn’t sound like them.
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THREAD: Everything is connected.

And so many of our modern societal problems & issues stem from disconnection.

This thread is about both connections b/w socio-cultural issues (connecting the dots) & also about connections between people. Those 2 things are connected.

What we have here is human disconnectedness caused - in part - or at least greatly contributed to - by technological (over)connectedness. Another big contributing factor, I believe, is our traditional gender norms around #masculinity.

Think about the phenomenon of employer “ghosting” during an interview process when they aren’t giving a candidate the job. I’ve learned it is quite common these days to not let that person know. You just stop communicating.

#ghosting #recruiting #HR

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/18/2022…
Euler’s 243-Year-Old ‘Impossible’ Puzzle Gets a Quantum Solution | Quanta Magazine…

#EncodedInformation, #QuantumMechanics, #EulerPuzzleSolution, #Mathematics
Transmission T-026: Eric Maskin on mechanism design for the market | Santa Fe Institute…

#MechanismDesign, #ExtraordinaryCircumstances, #ComplexityScience
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توفّي، أمس الأحد، الأرشمندريت #بندلايمون_فرح، وسيُدفَن في جبل آثوس في #اليونان حيث نُفي لمدّة خمس سنوات بعد الحكم عليه بقضايا #تحرش بقاصرين والاعتداء الجنسيّ عليهم.
#لبنان Image
وكان قرار النفي قد صدر العام 2017 في دير سيّدة #البلمند، بعد أربع سنوات على إصدار مطران #جبل_لبنان للروم الأرثوذكس جورج خضر قراراً بانعزال الأرشمندريت داخل دير سيّدة حماطورة الذي كان يرأسه في كوسبا- #الكورة، ومنعه من أداء الخدمة الكهنوتيّة أو استقبال الزوّار.
مع وفاة #بندلايمون_فرح، تطوى صفحة «راهب» #متحرش، لكنّ صفحة ضحاياه ومعاناتهم لا تزال ربّما مفتوحةً، هم الذين تجاهلتهم المحاكم المدنيّة، ولم تمنحهم المحاكم الكنسيّة إلا حدّاً أدنى من العدالة.
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1. Gender neutral services do not work for women who have suffered #DomesticAbuse #sexualassault. A thread about a woman who stayed at one of our refuges and her experience
*posted with permission
2. Eleanor (not real name) reached out for help to a service for victims of #DomesticAbuse. Her male advocate met her in person. He said in a meeting that she was flirtatious. She immediately felt like she had done something wrong.
3. Her instinct was that he was interested in her sexually but after he said she was flirting she immediately thought it was her fault. He then proceeded to breach other professional boundaries by messaging her inappropriately about other things not related to #DomesticAbuse
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Defense Secretary @SecDef Austin:

"We will work with Congress to amend the Uniform Code of Military Justice, removing the prosecution of sexual assaults and RELATED crimes from the military chain of command."

Related crimes = appears to be a significant limit here.
2. The next line in @SecDef's statement also suggests his support is limited to sexual assault and specifically related crimes.

#UCMJ #SexualAssault #PassMJIIPA
3. Link to @SecDef's full statement, which is specifically tied to the recommendations of the Independent Review Commission on Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment.…
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This has to be one of most effective analytic takedowns of another side's argument.

Jeh Johnson wrote a deeply flawed piece opposing @SenGillibrand @SenJoniErnst's legislation on #SexualAssault in military.

This by @rachelv12 is a master class.👇…
2. One example

Johnson rhetorically claims: "A military commander must have legal authority over those in a unit...The two must be inseparable."

VanLandingham with the facts: "Demonstrably false given the thousands of U.S. military commanders" without any such legal authority.
3. "Mr. Johnson...warns that Congress shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken, and should leave everything but sexual assault crimes alone.

Fact: Court-martialing Black service members at a rate twice that of their white counterparts is a broken system in need of repair. Period."
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Allegations of sexual harassment against a commerce teacher in PSBB School, Chennai have surfaced on social media. (1/n)
#PSBB #PSBBschool #SexualAssault
Several students of #PSSBB school came forward to share their experiences and what followed was a volley of sexual harassment cases by the said teacher. (2/n)
The teacher had been allegedly making lewd comments, slut-shaming and touching girls for years now and the situation got worse with online classes. (3/n)
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[THREAD] on Sexual Assault Awareness Month (#SAAM) & #PTSD by @kavita1010


Get Ready with Kavita (Ep 11)

Kavita does her #GRWM routine & talks about important topics.

Comment with topics for #SayftyEducates IG Reels!…

*TW: #SexualAssault, #PTSD

We all put on a face for the world, like armor. But, beneath that armor, can lie trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).…

Prof. @karestankoenen, @HarvardChanSPH on PTSD:
1️⃣ 2X likely for women
2️⃣ 30% US cases b/c of sexual violence

PTSD symptoms (@MayoClinic):
🚨 Intrusive memories
🚨 Avoidance
🚨 Neg changes in thinking
🚨 Changes in physical & emotional reactions…
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“A bad faith act indeed,” read the statement of @rights_4_time partner the Palestine Trauma Center, reacting to the proposed cuts to our network project, which they have put countless hours into.
The announcement was a shock, as PTC staff were already “stretched thin...adapting [Mental Health] care in the context of COVID-19.”
“Cancelling the project renders Palestinian time & attention given to the project useless, & is ultimately a disservice to our community of children and educators” wrote our partner the @AjyalFoundation, upon news that @rights_4_time could be scrapped, downgraded, or cut short.
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Hi #fundraisingtwitter. Some people seem confused as to why I, and may others, consider Mr. Ahern's comments and sessions offensive. I've had some genuine questions, so let me do my best to explain here.
Last month a conference called "Inspire Webinar Series" came out featuring a series of fundraising "legends". @_David_Lacey rightfully pointed out that 19 of the 22 panelists were white men. It was called out on Twitter and LinkedIn for being insulting.
Some speakers like @ToastFundraiser upon learning this stepped down. Instead of following suit, Tom Ahern wrote this post that included the words "In half a decade or less, the same worth of "listening-to" speakers won't be male or white." He also told everyone "F U" at the end
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1. 🧵 Thinking of the family of #SarahEverard waking up to the horrible reality of her loss today. I recently spoke with a male interviewer about #GenderEquity & he was shocked when I spoke about not feeling safe as a woman. So I told him about my experiences... #TriggerWarning
2. When I was in college I was out for a run one day in the local woods. I heard a sound behind me and looked back and saw a guy running after me. No big deal right - he's probably out for a run too? Except he's wearing jeans, a suede jacket and boots...
3. I feel that stab of fear (that every woman has felt at some stage) & pick up the pace but I'm near the end of my session and tiring fast. He's gaining on me & I realise I can't outrun him (despite the fact I've represented Ireland in athletics) he's a man and he's just faster!
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This is what happens when you report your assault in the @USMC He admits his guilt and then is retained by the Commanding General after everyone else recommended do not retain. @RepSpeier @SenGillibrand @KamalaHarris @SecDef this is bullshit. #metoomilitary #sexualassault
@CMC_MarineCorps you better make a phone call. This is completely UNSAT
Heyo! Friendly reminder what constitutes sexual assault. 👇
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020.This part is called: Ending Violence Against Women
Only one party has a specific plan to end the scourge of violence affecting women & non-binary individuals.This strategy includes reauthorizing #VAWA & fully enacting it’s protections. 1/11
#Democrats are committed to ending sexual assault, domestic abuse, and other violence against women. 2/11 #DemPartyPlatform #ViolenceAgainstWomen #VAWA
#Democrats will act swiftly to overcome #Republican #obstructionism and reauthorize and expand the Violence Against Women Act 3/11 #DemPartyPlatform #VAWA
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Living Under a Death Threat:"Is it real?" That's the question from media mgmt when assessing an online/physical threat to journalists. The real question? "Will someone act on this threat?" The next dean @FAMUSJGC82 @FAMU_1887 this came to me at my home. Be ready. #FAMU133YEARS 1/ Image
This is a death threat. Received at my home in March 2020. Just as I was getting ready to go to court to get a cyberstalking injunction against some @FAMU_1887 "colleagues" who used #fakenews and #smearcampaign to #collude w @FAMUSJGC82 to get me fired. Or killed. 2/
This death threat came to my home...and threatened me, my family and another colleague. Why you ask, would someone want me dead or out of the way? And it's clearly @FAMU_1887 related because of OTHER MURDERS OF OTHER DEANS?!?! Are you reading this? @FAMUSJGC82 #FAMU133YEARS 3/ Image
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Here is the thread for Protests Against the Caste Oppression and the Sexual Assaults from all over INDIA 🇮🇳 on 2nd October 2020 (02.10.2020)

The threat of the pandemic is still very real. So if you can't go that's okay.
Just Amplify!
Get over your numbness and get on to the streets, a pandemic is scary but the current situation this country and especially the women of this country are going through is much more scarier.

Time: 5 PM | 02.10.2020

Location : India Gate

A call by Concerned Citizens of India
Delhi : India Gate @ 5PM
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