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@Wil_Anderson: ''Jarrod's the sort of God-botherer I enjoy being bothered by.'' Co-initiator @LoveMakesAWay & @InVersePodcast, Founding CEO @CommonGraceAus.
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9 Aug
When worship leaders provide the background music for Trump’s brand of white supremacy, every Christian needs a ‘come to Jesus moment’. #portland
Discernment is an essential part of discipleship.
If you cannot discern between forces that dehumanise, demonise, devalue and dominate others, versus the Spirit of God who humanises and delivers us from all-domination, we cannot be a disciple of Jesus of Nazareth.
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10 Jul
@vanbadham @nathan_forster A quote from Dorothee Sölle, “I am often impatient when believers ask me: ‘Are you a Marxist?’ The best reply I can think of is a counter-question: ‘Do you brush your teeth? I mean, since the toothbrush has been invented?’ How can anyone read Amos and Isaiah, and not Marx...
@vanbadham @nathan_forster ...and Engels? That would be absolute ingratitude toward a God who sends us prophets with the message that to know YHWH means to do justice...
@vanbadham @nathan_forster ... Are we not obliged to use every analytic tool that can help us to comprehend injustice and at the same time reveal the victims of injustice as the possible forces for change that can break the spell of oppression for both the oppressors and the oppressed?...
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3 Jul
I understand this tweet is pushing back against White Americans and talk of “gun rights” and other ridiculous claims. Yet in the context of the majority world we *must* uphold real human rights.

If you can’t read your Bible & have a passion for human rights, you are dangerous.
In the global context of the majority of people suffering under poverty, oppression and injustice, human rights has become a protest against this reality.
Human Rights is hearing the cries of the oppressed and responding. The denigration of Human Rights is the denigration of human dignity.
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12 Jun
Please: stop saying “these are dark times”.

No. It’s been dark. For sooooo long.


It’s time to let your light shine. Don’t pull your punches. Swing like you want to knock down all injustice.
I see that, “Rage, rage against the dying of the light” stuff.

I appreciate the poetry.
But it’s a misdiagnosis.
It’s the darkness that is dying, not the light.

This moment needs more than reactionary rage. It needs fierce revolutionary light.
At a time when valleys are being lifted up and mountains are being made low, be part of a people that are telling mountains to move.

Please, for the love of all that’s holy, do not get in the way of this GREAT LEVELLING.
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22 Jul 19
**God-bothering warning**
There is so much ugly that claims the name of Jesus that seems completely devoid of the content of the Gospels. So I just want to take a moment and say why I so love Jesus. Why his name sounds like music in my ear, the sweetest Name on earth.
• his creative and often confrontational compassion
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12 Jul 19
**about to God-bother warning**
The term “Mission” is very loaded. I’ve been thinking about the experience of contemplative prayer for a decade, and the healing-nonviolent-power of Christ that is experienced in prayer, and how this power transfigures, disarms and decolonises any consideration of “mission”.
The term “mission” in Australia is quickly associated with “Missions” and “missionaries”, calling to mind the very complicated and complex realities of colonisation, dislocation, denial (and demonisation) of culture, relocation, place and (coercive) power.
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10 Jul 19
Some thoughts on prayer.

There is a little line in the Rule of St. Benedict that says,

“If you hear [God’s] voice today, do not harden your hearts.”

I want to confess why it is tempting, some may say sensible, to harden your heart from the voice of God.
If prayer is just a place to project pathologies, a form of control, a seeking to conjure, a coercion of our will again the rest of creation, there is no danger in ‘hearing’ in prayer.
Echoes of our ego offer no threat. Projecting our pathologies in babbling will only fortify walls and validate the vision of our Babels.
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8 Jun 19
Cheap takes on Calvinism... My former mentor Noel Vose (RIP) and I met at a gathering of an Anabaptist House Church network I helped start in the early 2000’s. We would meet for Bible studies and to pray together. He was incredibly supportive of the commune I started...
On one occasion I made a comment about Calvinism to which his response surprised me. “Jarrod, have you actually read Calvin himself?” I had read a lot about Calvin yet in Anabaptist keeping I let my yes be yes and just said, “no.” Noel smiled and got up and went to the shelf...
He came back with Institutes. “Homework”, he smiled.

I was fascinated. The sheer brilliance. Unlike @Bruxy or @theboyonthebike, I never went through a “Calvinist phase”. I read Calvin as a card carrying (Kingian/charismatic/hesychastic Catholic Worker) anabaptist.
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27 May 19
Ok. I’m not sure where to start. With the Sicarios? Or with Pablo Escobar? Or with the prison reform? Ok. When’s the last time you were rocked to your core with what it means to love? I’ll start here...
My mate Graham says, “I want you to meet my friend from Mexico while he is in town, you share a lot in common.” Um, no...
No former State Attorney General has said that my ministry has caused, "Homicides have decreased by 80%, Kidnappings have been eliminated 100% and extortions are down 90%" in the “murder capital of the world”.
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14 May 19
Dear politicians,

Jesus talks about hell more than anyone in the Bible *but* says nothing about sexual orientation. Yet Jesus says to hell with those religious types who ignore:

⚠️The poor
⚠️The refugee
⚠️The destitute
⚠️The sick
⚠️The prisoner

(Yep, Matthew 25)
In the lead up to the #AUSVote19 election when people are half quoting Bible verses, here’s a handy little guide when you hear Christians say, “Yeah, but who are the poor and the rich really?”

I like to defer to Jesus’ half brother James who says explicitly who the poor are.
According to the book of James the poor are:
⭕️ workers defrauded of wages (5:4)
⭕️ the suffering who cry out (5:4)
⭕️ those in humble circumstances (1:9)
⭕️ those without a welfare safety net (1:27)
⭕️ the destitute (2:2,15)
⭕️ discriminated against (2:3-4,6,9)
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22 Mar 19
It is a week since the terrorist attack in New Zealand. It’s also a week since my friend who had being doing so well in recovery, and in a masters program in university, was found dead in my aunt’s house.

It can be very hard to grieve well. Be gentle, with yourself, and others.
On that, I’m aware that I have been, (hopefully uncharacteristically), angry in twitter.

There is a place for anger yet, for me at least, it’s in no way helpful to be online.

I’m aware I responded to quickly to @mbird12, and there may be others.

I ask your forgiveness.
I’m just going to share a few thinks I need to hear often after 15 years of seeking to love (with my complicated self) and live with hurting people struggling addictions, C-PTSD, post-prison, homelessness or seeking safety in a new country after surviving war.
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17 Mar 19
Christ is not killed for telling us to love each other. Christ is executed for exposing the Powers that Be in their idolatrous, murderous lies, and inviting us into a living alternative:

God’s love.
Revealing God’s love to the end, even an end on a Cross, Jesus exposed the Principalities and Powers at the cost of his life.

We fear what such love would cost us, so we reject it out right, or sentimentalise it so it’s emptied of its revolutionary power.
Of fear of the cost of the way of the Cross is why we don’t risk Resurrection.

We dare not name the Herrods as foxes, so we see so little transformation.
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15 Feb 18
I did not expect the ending of #BlackPanther to hurt with Coates' almost nihilistic realism that I first felt at beginning of "Between the World and Me", but it did. That, the Tim Hardaway reference and Ryan Coogler's nod to Spike Lee's spinning dolly cam. 👌🏽🏆
I wish you could have been there for the opening in my neighbourhood with my son and I surround by other locals and heard the excitement from local aboriginal kids as the movie started. Their identification meant they shared in the representation and it moved me deeply.
With the release of #BlackPanther film I want to address some important but forgotten realities of the Black Panther Party (in 🇺🇸 & 🇦🇺) and confront some of the lies. The history has much to teach those of us committed to nonviolent organising for justice.
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