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1/🧵Russia's invasion of Ukraine has prompted a massive humanitarian crisis. For many the feeling of helplessness is overwhelming 💔.

Here are some great ways to help (some not even requiring any money).

Please retweet & share 🇺🇦🌻💙💛#Ukraine #StandWithUkraine #HelpUkraine Image
2/🧵Ways to help include donating to Ukraine via a registered charitable organization, donating money /goods / points / miles, fundraising, volunteering, attending rallies, contacting MPs, fighting disinformation online, etc. 🇺🇦💪#Ukraine #HelpUkraine
3/🧵Money is still the most effective gift.

Most charities prefer donations of cash due to issues with donated goods (logistical hurdles, custom regulations, transport costs, lacking capacity of nonprofit teams to sort the goods, carbon footprint, etc.). 💲🇺🇦#GiveMoney #Ukraine Image
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Journalists have corroborated identity of suspected #Portland mass shooter: a man with a history of advocating for the murder of left-wing protesters, follower of Andy Ngo + fan of Proud Boys + Kyle Rittenhouse. Was denounced in "Furry" subculture for violent, far-Right views.
According to @oregonlive, Ben Smith - who was not a 'homeowner' - owned several firearms and expressed an intense 'dislike' for antifascists, Black Lives Matter + the houselelss.…
Within the "Furry" subculture, Smith was known and denounced by many for his far-Right views which often embraced calls to violence. Here's a thread:
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We are #LIVE in #Minneapolis covering a rally in solidarity with #Portland where six people were shot and one killed on Saturday night during a protest in support of Amir Locke…
The person who was killed on Saturday in Portland was known as T. Rex. Comrades of hers say she took part in a lot of mutual aid work, and made people laugh and smile.
"If people want the protests to stop, then we need some fucking justice, that's gonna be the thing to make the protests stop. Driving into protests with cars isn't gonna make us stop, coming and showing up with guns to try and scare us isn't gonna make us stop, we will grow.."
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After 2 years of being openly accused & attacked for a fabricated lie I have proof that people in the Portland Protest movement on twitter do manipulate media to suit their means. In this post they claim I only used a white fist by blocking out the rest of the ethnic colors, ImageImage
to try & spin the tired, false narrative that I'm a "insensitive white boy who is clueless at BLM" 🙄
Ive caught @pissbloc openly lying & fabricating a tweet of mine to fit thier false narrative about me & using it as valid evidence.
Thats the exact thing I've been saying many people in the Portland movement do the last 2 years. LIE! But the portland twitter echo chamber said I was making it up, I'm a lair & I am endangering the movement. Messed up part is pissbloc thought this post was a joke...
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Differences between #Portland #Oregon & #Budapest #Hungary

No tent camping and *far* fewer homeless

*Much* safer

*Much* cleaner and no mounds of trash everywhere

Virtually no guns

No riots

Statues exist

Currently open for business
It’s difficult to explain to people just how bad the city of portland has become. This is made worse by gaslighting and partisanship.
Interesting how “lived experience” and “testimony” is only viewed as legitimate if it comports with the predilections of the reader.
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#Antifa event in #Portland declared a Riot. Not much in the way of video as it's a "no camera" event
Smashed windows at #Antifa event in #Portland
Cops fleeing into JC from #Antifa in #Portland
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Shots fired in downtown Portland #Portland
Saw this person prior to the shooting holding his gun in one hand and clip on the other. He later put the clip in and pointed his gun at counter protestors.
Portland police on the scene
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Right-wing thugs with the Proud Boys have gathered in Portland. They got chased out of downtown and are now rallying in the parking lot of a shuttered Kmart. Their hate is not welcome here. It's a small crowd of violent people. #DoJustice
The Proud Boys had planned their hate rally to start at 2pm. So far all we’ve heard is a request from an organizer asking for help finding his iPhone. Wonder what is on it...
The Proud Boys have seemingly taken over this park lot. No @PortlandPolice here. Plenty of these guys. ⬇️
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Against a backdrop of far-Right murders + ongoing violence, the Proud Boys have continued to call for the direct targeting of activists, journalists + non-Trump supporters in the #Portland area - even to the determent of the their own movement. A thread. CW - Violent images.
Violent rhetoric from the Proud Boys is nothing new. Here is #Sacramento based Proud Boy Jeff Perrine calling for immigrants heads to be "smash[ed]...into the concrete," while at a rally in #Portland.
This same rally brought out Unite the Right attendees and neo-Nazis who through up Hitler salutes, along with Proud Boys, militia members, and supporters of Joey Gibson.…
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After 5 years of murders + violent assaults, the Center is calling for people to stay home + give up the streets of #Portland this Sunday - to except a 'new-normal' of unending fascist violence after years of police open collaboration. A thread on why mass opposition is crucial.
This Sunday, far-Right groups are planning to once again rally in #Portland in August. Posters online have described their desire to engage in violence and "cleanse" Portland.
A year after Charlottesville, white nationalists, Proud Boys, and militia groups - led by Joey Gibson - rallied in #Portland. Later it was discovered that a far-Right group was found by police posted on top of a roof top with long-guns, but let go.…
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Christian Anti-Abortion event tonight in Salem Oregon.

A group of #Antifa showed up in black bloc to disrupt the event. So far they've been largely unsuccessful, currently there is a large number of guys are facing off with them protecting the event
Small scuffle then #Antifa throws a block of ice at the Christian event. Still pretty calm and just facing off

Some of the guys protecting event are the same people who protected the Christians at the event on Sunday in #Portland
Some familiar faces from #Portland #Antifa are there.

Antifa "sex worker"/"journo" Alissa Azar, last time she left Portland for an Antifa event she got knocked out after spraying a woman with bear mace
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Proud Boy leader Tiny Toese directed far-Right brawlers in the streets of #Portland last night. Toese has a history of advocating working with racists, attacking counter-protesters + the public + getting a free pass from local police to engage in violence. A thread. CW: slurs.
Toese has a long history of working directly with the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer and American Guard. In this video, he argues that the far-Right needs to unify with neo-Nazis and white nationalists.
A #Portland neo-Nazi leader stated in the PSU Vanguard that Toese called him personally to to thank him for standing with Patriot Prayer and the Proud Boys to attack antifascists.…
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Short interview clip with from stream in #Portland, @thebcpreacher's son on #Antifa throwing flashbangs, using mace, and throwing fireworks

stream :
Some fireworks thrown in #Portland as the Christian event winds down and #Antifa groups reportedly start targeting people going to there cars

from Villain Report stream -
Community members have more or less formed their own riot squad in the face of literally zero police precise as #Portland #Antifa attack Christian worshipers exiting an event.

Fireworks and some bear mace was used as well

from Villain Report stream -
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Small clash in #Portland today between #Antifa and right wing groups.

Some pepper spray and paint balls were exchanged, police sitting comfortably
Video from earlier today of #antifa attacking
Another clip from earlier showing #Antifa throwing things into a crowd with children in it.
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$100.00 REWARD.

Lost dog. 17th St., Lambert & SE Rex. Sellwood. #Portland

Name: Lilly.
Female. Fixed. 5lbs. Black. Long hair.

Please post here if you find her.
Find my cousin’s dog and I’ll also take you out for a night of drinks.
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Analyzing June new home sales & pricing figures from our monthly builder survey. As one builder noted: “It’s not fun to be a builder anymore.” Lumber relief is nice but pick your poison on other issues. Market commentary from across the country to follow...
#Richmond builder: “It's not fun to be a builder anymore. Cost pressure is killing us. Not only will builders like myself who take 12-24 months to build a house lose margin from increases, but the affordability is becoming a major issue.”
#Atlanta builder: “Costs have driven up prices & we’re no longer preselling. We will not sell a home until frame stage, so our sales numbers are off for June while awaiting framing stage.”
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(November 2016) "Video: Crowd rushes in to stop rioter smashing a transformer in the Pearl District #Portland #PortlandProtests" -- via
(May 2017) "#MayDay rioters now setting fires in the middle of downtown Portland" -- video via
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Proud Boys And Antifa Clashing

#Portland | #Oregon
Short Clip From Antifa.. Retreating From Pepper Spray
#Portland | #Oregon
Moments Before.. Proud Boys Don't Take Jokes Very Easily After Live Streamer Attempts To Lighten The Situation...

#Portland | #Oregon
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GOTTA TAKE A STAND: I hope my fellow journalists know what’s happening out here in the Pacific Northwest.

Hard to keep @MrAndyNgo down.

@aaja @aajaseattle @aaja_pdx

#Portland #PDX #Seattle
The images of journalist Andy Ngo being targeted and brutalized by a violent mob is truly disturbing. It could have happened to any one of us in the field. As a fellow Asian American journalist in the Pacific Northwest, I stand with Mr. Ngo during his recovery and urge others...
in the journalism community to publicly condemn this on going hate and harassment. As minority journalists trying to fairly and accurately cover our communities, we also need law enforcement and elected officials to refocus efforts to protect journalists on the front lines.
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"Richard" was just arrested in #Portland on a federal warrant by DHS/Federal Protective Service. Was in #antifa black bloc.

Arrested where #Antifa had planned a direct action in #Portland tonight (Terry Schrunk Plaza)

Fairly certain the arrest is one Richard T. Hernandez (56). Previously arrested for spitting in a security officers face during an Occupy #Portland event (…)
Another arrest was made by PPB and Multnomah Sheriff.

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Amid historic rise in shootings in #Portland, gun violence prevention advocate Pastor Hennessee is holding a community call to action. Other community & faith leaders and elected officials from @multco & city of Portland are also speaking
@tedwheeler calls gun violence an epidemic and says more needs to be done.
Protesters showed up at Vancouver Avenue First Baptist and yelled at Pastor Hennessee. Immediately after speaking Mayor Wheeler had to get ushered by security out side door.

We were confronted & law enforcement officials confronted as we left building to get to our car.
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On #ThisWeekInFascism, armed Proud Boys threatened #Portland residents while doing security for local GOP event, neo-Nazis get push back after harassing Jewish + LGBTQ community in #Florida, White Lives Matter fails again + so much more!…
Armed and drunken Proud Boys threatened local #Portland residents while providing security for the Multnomah County Republicans, who hosted a recall event after their local leader dared to call for "diversity" within the party.…
According to @KELLYWEILL, the local Republicans did not disclose the nature of the event to the local church that they rented, and hired a team staffed by known Proud Boys to do security for the event.…
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A number of bills in state legislatures are limiting civil/criminal liability of drivers attacked by "protestors"

Thread to show examples of #Antifa/#BLM blocking roads and attacking/harassing drivers

Samuel Young shooting at a fleeing driver in Aurora
James Marshall shooting a disabled vet and single father in the head in Alamosa Colorado.…

He survived after 3 weeks in a coma. Marshall was charged with attempted murder, assault, etc

Trial set for Aug 30th currently.

People at a Provo Utah event organized John Sullivan (1/6 Capitol #Antifa) shooting a driver.

Jesse Taggart was charged with attempted aggravated murder.…

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Possible #Oregon State Police excessive force incident in #Clackamas. #Portland #BLM

The full story and witness interview about the horrific incident in #Clackamas: #PortlandBLM #PortlandProtests
@davenewworld_2 disturbing video and full story here:
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