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#ClimateChange #Wildfires or #Arson ?
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Multiple pieces builds a full picture.
Here is an example:

One of these guys goes by
Banks and @Antswiththecuts
His Twitter is now deleted but images from Twitter and Instagram have been captured.
Notice the Antifa Flag folded ImageImageImageImage
Posts pictures of fires and black clad protesters.
Lives in #Portland
He follows @Cascadianphotog who supplies wat ImageImageImageImage
#PortlandProtest Related committees share suspect material.
Bottom right corner in image 1 says *Be Water Spread Fire*

•Affiliated groups and people who protest deliver water .

AntswiththeCuts is deliverig water and writes he is gping to set some fires. ImageImageImageImage
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Nobody has come "out of their homes and into the streets" in over 3 months. You may want to rethink your strategy. Portland kids marching to the ICE building #Portlandprotests
So the bouncy balls didn't work as intended...
What a bad ass exit by DHS #Portlandprotests
🇺🇸 #Portlandprotests
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At Elizabeth Caruthers Park, there is a march to the Portland ICE building planned at 8:00 PM. #ICE #AbolishICE #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #ACAB #portland #oregon #Protests #PortlandProtests #PortlandRiots
An apartment overlooking the park has BLM drawn on their window. #ICE #AbolishICE #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #ACAB #portland #oregon #Protests #PortlandProtests #PortlandRiots
Numbers are growing. The march to ICE is expected to start any minute now. #ICE #AbolishICE #BlackLivesMatter #BLM #ACAB #portland #oregon #Protests #PortlandProtests #PortlandRiots
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🔥🔥🔥PORTLAND POLICE: Suspect arrested last night for starting brush fire was arrested again after starting 6 more small fires. (See my 2nd tweet)

#ArsonExposed #wildfires #Oregon #Portland #ArsonisnotClimateChange #arson
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Is #Antifa & #BLM causing the west coast wildfires?

More than one Emergency Response source have confirmed that the fires along the West Coast are caused by dozens of arsonists. Image
Fife Police, Puyallup Police & the Washington State Patrol teamed up to make the arrest of a 36-year-old Puyallup man after he set fire to a median on state Route 167 near Meridian Avenue. #arson #Antifa #BLM…
Meanwhile, in Buckley WA... Image
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Many people are speculating about the possibility that #Antifa militants may have started the wildfires that are currently raging in Oregon, Washington and California. In this thread, I will set forth some facts for your consideration on this topic.
First of all, pyroterrorism or terrorism-through-wildfires is a real thing. Here's an academic paper titled 'Pyro-Terrorism: The Threat of Arson-Induced Forest Fires as a Future Terrorist Weapon of Mass Destruction' in 'Studies in Conflict & Terrorism'.…
In 2012, Al Qaeda's publications recommended the use of intentionally started wildfires as a method of terrorism by which to attack the United States.…
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How many America's know that are own 'government' is waging wars on us,
that the Congress and the White House regime is nothing more then 'actors' distractions,traitors that hide the real controllers.
The "assassins" are in charge,and no one is willing to stand up to them..
Pentagon-Shapped Military Fortress of Loyola,Pamplona, Spain(above)
The Society of Jesus was founded by a Spanish nobleman,
Don Ignatius of Loyola,with the blessing of the Farnese Pope Paul III.Loyola,
prior of his Order of the New Templars called the Knights of the Virgin Mary
” been in command of Spanish forces in a battle with French forces at Pamplona, Spain.
The fortress from which Loyola waged his defense was—you guessed it—in the shape of a Pentagon! Knight of Malta King Juan Carlos commemorated Loyola’s Spanish Pentagon with a stamp 1988
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ANTIFA member “MilitantMom” (filming) threatens female driver who DISAGREES with the riots! She is denied free passage on a public roadway!

Share this: Not everyone agrees with BLM-ANTIFA

ANTIFA member “MilitantMom” (filming) threatens female driver who DISAGREES with the riots! She is held against her will for over 3 minutes!

Share this: Not everyone agrees with BLM-ANTIFA
HERE is a more clear view of the entire interaction:

- Black woman disagrees with #BLM protest in #Portland last night;
- Blocked from free travel;
- That is called “arrested” / “false imprisonment” / “kidnapping”
- She was ready to defend herself
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"Smoke plumes rising tens of thousands of feet into the air over #California could be seen from outer-space ... as massive wildfires that touched off this weekend amid a statewide heatwave triggered dramatic rescue efforts for hundreds"… Image
#California: "at one point, people trapped by the flames were told to jump in the water as a last resort should the flames get too close"

"By noon Sunday, the #CreekFire was reported to be at the Shaver Lake Dam, about 5 miles from the center of the community ... Shaver appeared to be a ghost town, except for a few vehicles streaming down to lower elevations"… Image
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1. News: BRUTAL!! Trump Parody Video of Him Firing Obama Was Bumped, Never Aired at 2012 RNC — It’s Awesome! - Thread 9.6.2020 President Trump looks as young today as in 2012!… #Trump #Obama
2. News: WATCH: ‘Protesters’ Set Man on Fire with Bomb Thrown at Portland Police More Videos of Peaceful Protests…
3. News: EXCLUSIVE: Militant Leftist Tries to Kill Conservative After Memorial for Trump Supporter Murdered By Portland Antifa:

“Blood was pouring out of his ears & his nose. ”
(VIDEOS)… #Antifa #BLM #Riots #Terrorists
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1a. News: 1ST PHOTOS & VIDEO: Antifa Killer Michael Reinoehl Shot Dead in Washington State — US Marshals Attempt to Revive Him - Article & Videos: WARNING GRAPHIC Thread 9.4.2020…
1b. News: 1ST PHOTOS & VIDEO: Antifa Killer Michael Reinoehl Shot Dead in Washington State — US Marshals Attempt to Revive Him - WARNING GRAPHIC - Thread 9.4.2020…
2. News: The Atlantic Posts Ridiculous Hit Piece on President Trump and His Treatment of Veterans — President Trump Responds to Junk Report…
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Hours after @VICENews announced interview with army veteran Michael Reinoehl, where he made his case that he acted in self-defense against violent far-Right protesters invading #Portland - Reinoehl was killed by a U.S. Marshals task force outside #Olympia.…
On Aug 29th, hundreds of highly armed Trump/far-Right groups converged outside of #Portland and decided to go into the Downtown. Attendees were encouraged to conceal carry firearms. Police allowed the caravan into #Portland, focused on counter-protesters.
Among the massive caravan where supporters of the pan-far-Right group Patriot Prayer, a street fighting formation allied with the Proud Boys that frequently attracts open neo-Nazis + white nationalists. The group's main goal is to attack the Left.…
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From August 13, child gangs - BLM beanie and possibly others involved/on scene. Same night as Nancy Rommelman clips
Reposting these because they are all the same night (Aug 13). BLM beanie dude on scene here as well. Potentially Keese Love assaulting people. Same night as the Nancy Rommelman clip, posted below Same gang? Same handlers? #Portland
Continuation of the assault from August 13th (some overlap) but with some closer "in the crowd" views - BLM beanie face shot, distinctive clothing and gloves. BLM beanie was on scene of the murder the other night in Portland
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1. NEWS: HUGE! President Trump: Leftist Leaders “In the Dark Shadows” are Running the Riots and Chaos —

— Violent Leftists Were Flown in to Disrupt RNC (VIDEO)

-Thread 9.1.2020… #Trump #Rioters #Airplane #Democrats
2. NEWS: All for show Biden out of the basement, went to Pittsburgh just to give speech to 6 reporters?

Left fans outside.

All to prove Biden could leave his basement. smh.

#Biden #Basement #Pittsburgh #Pennsylvania
3. NEWS: Weird? Major News Outlets Aren’t Reporting Their Latest Polling Results After Powerful RNC…
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I've been sick since April, lost hearing in one ear, had "sudden cardiomyopathy" (aka #BrokenHeartSyndrome), then was dxd with #CongestiveHeartFailiure. I fear I will never get well. About 40% of people with #COVID19 have heart or kidney problems happen.
Trump is now shopping the narrative, created for the #RNC2020, that #COVID19 is not that big a deal & that in "99% of cases you just recover." But that is in fact, false. @CNN reported Monday just how extensive #longhaulers are now--and how they are predominantly people under 50.
Also, most #longhaulers had no #PreExistingConditions prior to getting #COVID19.
Part of Trump's re-election strategy is to diminish the impact of his catastrophic mishandling of #CoronavirusPandemic. Hence the revisionist RNC story of how he & Pence saved "millions" of lives.
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Emerged from #Kenosha hotel to put parking pass in car, saw police restraining guy, went over with colleague and officers shouted get back in hotel or we’d be arrested. Reporters are not exempt from curfew, he said, no matter what the mayor says. #Journalismisnotacrime
2/We were both wearing credentials and clothing that said “Press.” We were not arrested. An officer inside the hotel said media are not mentioned as exempt from curfew.
3/ I told the officer, respectfully, that media are not mentioned as subject to curfew, and since there’s a #FirstAmendment and #FEMA deemed us essential workers, if they don’t mention it, we’re exempt. If they do mention, it would trigger litigation. #1A
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Trump is inciting violence in the US. It is blatant and overt. When I reported on the #RNC2020 I explained that highlighting accused felons like the McCloskeys who threatened a pastor-led demonstration with assault weaponry was a tacit permission to act similarly.
Over the weekend in #Portland and the previous weekend as well, there was a caravan of several hundred cars of Trump supporters with survivalists paramilitary and others attacking protestors. This was a highly organized event. The intent was to intimidate and terrorize.
My biggest concern is for November: Will these semi-military folks be patroling the polling places in cities like mine that Trump has already targeted.
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This message by right wing extremists on #Parler is promoting more violence & applauding the murder of protesters. Two weeks ago, #KyleRittenhouse was seen beating a girl before he opened fire in #Kenosha #WI. #StochasticTerrorism
More of the same #StochasticTerrorism on #Parler . They are framing #Kenosha #WI #Shooting as #SelfDefense while using the hashtags #FreeKyle & #JusticeForKyleRittenhouse among others.
#Hashtag #KyleRittenhouse on #Parler currently with 1,924 posts. Lionizing him, writing his hagiography in real time.

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1) I believe the 100% Antifa shooting of JAY BISHOP aka AARON DANIELSON was a coded hit by the Jesuits, broken down like this:
"J" always refers to Jesuit and Freemason improper hijacking of "Jesus" and "Jehovah" or YHWH for POWER...+
#Portland #Marxist #Antifa #BLM #AlinskyFilm
2) BISHOP = Archbishop Vigano who has warned for YEARS that an occult #Marxist alliance has been operating between radical #Jesuits and Freemasonry for +60 years.

AARON = Jesuit cryptoJew hijack of concept of High Priest Aaron as "magical" spokesman between YHWH and Pharaoh.+
3) DANIEL = Hebrew Prophet Daniel whose End Times prophecy of the multi-millennial rivalry between King of the North and King of the South has been wrongly used as a BLUEPRINT for creating a #NWO by cryptoJew Jesuits and Banksters.+
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NOW: @PressSec claims "peace is restored" when @realDonaldTrump's administration "arrives in a Democrat-run city" as if cities are foreign countries.
.@PressSec is claiming credit for @NationalGuard troops work in #Kenosha. They were called up by Wisconsin @GovEvers. @realDonaldTrump did absolutely nothing.
.@PressSec says @realDonaldTrump is not scheduled to meet with Jacob Blake's family, but will meet with local law enforcement.
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1. News: Democrat Insider Details Mail-In Voting Fraud Operation: ‘This Is a Real Thing’ -Thread 8.31.20… #WhistleBlower #Voting #MailInBallots #Fraud
2. News: Indiana Rep Jim Banks Introduces “Support Peaceful Protest Act” To Prevent Rioters Arrested For Looting, Vandalism, or Acts of Violence From Receiving Federal $ Benefits… #Riots #Terrorism #PeacefulProtest
3. News: 'I am 100% Antifa': Alleged Portland shooter of Trump supporter (also an ardent BLM supporter) was previously arrested—and released—for bringing illegal loaded gun to a riot |… #Riots #Terrorism #PeacefulProtesters #Murderer
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THREAD📌I know folks wanted to tank Trump's ratings by not watching #RNC2020, but the GOP laid out their plan for the next 2months and some of you seem unaware that the #pandemic was a main topic throughout. It may look like only the unrest in #Kenosha and #Portland matter, BUT>>
#COVID19 is integral to Trump's re-election campaign. As I reported throughout the #RNC2020, #coronavirus revisionism is being led by @VP Pence, head of the #CoronavirusTaskForce. Trump stepped up this messaging over the weekend by misrepresenting the @CDCgov data.
This is perhaps the worst battle we have because Trump invalidating the mortality data--and he will keep hammering at that, make no mistake--will complicate the election. Biden and Trump are both fighting for a key voting demo: white voters 55+. And Biden needs Black voters 55+.
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BREAKING ALERT (thread): Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland speaks. #Portland #PortlandProtests
WHEELER: “I denounce the violence. The tragedy of last night can not be repeated.”
WHEELER: “For those on Twitter saying they’re coming to Portland to seek retribution, I encourage you to stay away.”
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