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28 Oct 19
Is exposure to totalitarian influence via the #coproratisation of academia inevitable? A still somewhat on-going story that kept Czech media busy earlier this month (yet seemingly underreported in English) suggests that's not necessarily the case. An independence-day thread. 0/
\1 Home Credit, a subsidiary of the Czech-owned (but NL-registered) conglomerate PPF with major activities in China, had driven the Czech turn towards the PRC (jamestown.org/program/united… q.v.). On 30 Sep, it signed an agreement to become the ‘main partner’ of Charles Uni in Prague.
\2 Earlier in Sep, HC had called coverage by the uni-linked @sinopsiscz project of Chinese criticism of the company sinopsis.cz/cesky-kral-lic… ‘fake news’. The uni partnership stipulated both sides would avoid damaging each other's ‘good name’. a2larm.cz/2019/10/home-c…
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17 Oct 18
\0 CCP influence on #nzpol: Zhang Yikun #张乙坤 and his United Front links (cf. ). Member of the Standing Committee of the 6th Hainan CPPCC ('13-'18), according to (e.g.) the Puning Chamber of Commerce szspnsh.com/NewsView.aspx?… (cf. hainanzx.gov.cn/zxgk/zxgk/2016…).
\1 On the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the United Front system, cf. jamestown.org/program/united… and especially the work of Gerry Groot @zuoluogu lowyinstitute.org/the-interprete…
thechinastory.org/yearbooks/year…. Zhang was on the Hainan province ctte of the #CPPCC.
\2 In other words, while he established #nzpol contacts that would lead to discussion of Parliament seats for $, Zhang held a PRC political appointment. Seemingly unknown in English before this thread; sometimes acknowledged in Chinese, e.g. by the AKL consulate in '13. #内外有别
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26 Jun 18
\0 #BRI and its disdiscontents: while in NZ #PwC、United Frontlings、pollies、their families、cacademics tirelessly tout Xi's project, others begin to realise its consequences. How long will it take for them to volte-face & reinvent selves as #nuanceds?
\1 Take, for the sake of the argument, one Jason Young of @nzccrc. In '15, he was apparently invited to some #Xinjiang BRI event in and liked it just fine. As per 曹参赞's retroactive #CorrectGuidance—“you will listen!” And sit up and listen they did. #WIN thepolicyspace.com.au/2015/25/57-chi…
\2 So that was '15, OK. But not a year ago, he was telling the People's Daily he believed China would certainly “further globalise”. Very stable genius! (It will take one to back pedal from all this BRI-luv.) world.people.com.cn/n1/2017/1021/c…
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