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Kiwibuild - fail
Child Poverty - fail
Immigration - fail
Transformative Govt - fail
Open and Transparent - fail
Economic Growth - fail
Business Confidence - fail
CGT - fail
Trains - fail
Regional Development Fund - fail
Trees - fail
Road toll - fail
No more taxes - fail
Pike River - fail
Oil and Gas Industry - fail
Free Speech - fail
No Strikes - fail
Fees Free - fail
Elective Surgery - fail
Understanding America - fail
Claire Curran - fail
Mega Fightery - fail
2019 Budget 'Hack' - fail
Trevor Mallard (rape) - fail
Phil Twyford - fail
Kelvin Davis in the House - fail
Grant Robertson 2019 Budget - fail
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(1) Mini-thread about the leftist government of New Zealand.

I'm grateful to fellow patriot @QNarrative for increasing my knowledge about this, when I haven't put much time into NZ politics lately bc the Trump Era is so much more fun to cover.

#MakeArdernGoAway #nzpol
(2) Labour party PM Jacinda Ardern's live-in boyfriend is a former TV presenter. In NZ a "partner" has the same status as a spouse & Labour supporters treat the couple as if they're married.

I didn't realize Clarke Gayford potentially has a court record for cocaine charges.
(3) I may be taking a risk writing about this here but I'm merely repeating allegations made by others. There's more: this screenshot appears legit: Image
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1/ The CDC have recently updated some of their guidelines.

The NZ Defence Force continues to gain more powers over kiwis in response to C19.

Here are some of the CDC guideline updates, compared to NZ's C19 response.👇

#nzpol #WakeUpNZ
2/ On the 24th of July the CDC indicated that patients no longer need to undergo testing in order to end their isolation.

Yet Jacinda is happy to double the length of time someone has to stay in quarantine, as an 'incentive' if they refuse to get tested.…
3/ “You do not necessarily need a test unless you are a vulnerable individual or your health care provider recommend you take one” - CDC

NZ's C19 Health Response Bill can make it mandatory to get tested as directed by someone appointed by the MoH/Crown…
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COVID-19, layered defense, and our border.

Many people seem to be criticising National's proposal about requiring a mandatory negative test before boarding a plane to NZ, often on the basis that positive cases will slip through. Here's why that doesn't matter.

#nzpol #covid19
1/40 When defending against a risk with potential for extremely adverse consequences (e.g. nationwide lockdowns, deaths, long-term health problems, major economic damage), the first thing to realise is that *no* single defensive measure is infallible.
2/ Given that even the best possible defensive measures do, in practice, have at least a small probability of failure, what matters most is decreasing the *overall* probability of adverse consequences. Ultimately, the risk profile of the whole system is what matters.
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By request - a quick overview of some of the managerial problems with the govt response to C19. A long one sorry, and obviously very incomplete - I'm one person, and this is what I can recall off the top of my head in half an hour. Long thread sorry.

1/ So, from the start. Back in January, it was clear that this might merit some attention, or might be nothing much. Spending a couple of grand to put a few people in a room brainstorming possible scenarios for if it reached NZ, or became a major global threat, would have been a
2/ good idea. Also implement distance sitting options for Parliament, because we need that regardless of C19, and incapacitating the executive in the middle of a crisis is an extraordinarily bad idea.
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If you, like many others,
feel that things in the news and
social media just don't add up,
take the time to understand how and
why you have these feelings.

You're in the middle of dozens of
military-grade I.I.A. reality hacks.
A prescient current example case study....
Reality hacks?
All our major political parties, "big Govt", "foreign Govt", "lobby group" & MSM media are doing this to us, 24x7, often in whats called a "lockstep" of narrative twisting.
Replace "fireworks factory" or "fertiliser storage" with "Iranian rocket facility" etc
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#nzpol as Transformers, a thread 1/n
Jacinda Ardern - Optimus Prime
An instantly recognisable symbol of authority, morality, kindless, and competence. Had the Matrix of Leadership thrust upon her.
Grant Robertson - Ultra Magnus
Likely first choice for leader if anything happened to Optimus. The strategic brains of the Autobot war effort.
Winston Peters - Quintesson Judge
Many faces, as old as time itself, doesn’t have an agenda other than perpetuating its role dominating the other Cybertronian races and taking revenge on those who overthrew him millennia ago.
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Read my report on PLA's access of NZ's military technology/knowhow via our companies & universities, in breach of our laws, international obligations--and national interest.
Released to @NZParliament on 23/7/20, then published @TheWilsonCenter #nzpol…
I first published on this topic August 2018 @nzherald
At the time, I urged NZ universities to partner with NZG to uphold academic freedom & intellectual property rights, while dealing with the security concerns.…
My report on PLA accessing NZ's sensitive technology is a follow up to my 2017 paper detailed CCP political interference activities in NZ politics, which are having a corrosive, corrupting impact on our institutions.…
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Counterpoint: Only out-of-touch weirdos living in 2015 use generic hashtags like "#nzpol".
* and they are all bad people who should be cancelled #nzpol
why would you tag a tweet as a political tweet wtf else would you be tweeting about anyway
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Lucky? I think there is an inkling of totalitarianism brewing just below the surface. #nzpol…
Totalitarianism is in part defined as a system of Govt that “exercises an extremely high degree of control over public & private life” often involving “widespread personality cultism” & “all-encompassing campaigns in which propaganda is broadcast by state-controlled mass media”.
Totalitarianism is often characterised by among other things “massive censorship, mass surveillance, limited freedom of movement (most notably freedom to leave the country)”
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Ok few points to be made here on best practice #media reporting on #sexualviolence. 1) When you bring up age/age gaps when those concerned arent underage, you should explain factors relating to power & control. Age gap (when they aren’t underage) isnt an issue in of itself #nzpol
2) Sending a sexual image to a person that is not your partner, wife, husband etc is not a crime. Sending a NON-consensual sexual image IS. Focus on the latter please. Don’t even mention partners, it’s just irrelevant moralising #nzpol #media #sexting #sexualviolence
3) Avoid and confront moralising (assumptions we make about who is & isnt a good victim, what rships should & shouldn’t look like) as it contributes to #rapeculture. It can play into victim blaming narratives, is heteronormative & extremely unhelpful #media #nzpol #sexualviolence
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I'm a Travel Agent and I would like to address the people saying that we shouldn’t let NZers come home and "Why didn't they come home earlier?", “Why don’t they just stay overseas?” & “Our government has handled this poorly” ... #nzpol
I spend the majority of my work day helping people who are having to use their savings and paying $2000+ for a one way flight home because their visa is expiring only to have that flight get cancelled over and over again. I cry every week.
They haven’t worked for months and can’t afford the rent they’re paying. The reason these people haven’t come home sooner is because THERE ARE NO FLIGHTS. The are none.
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Super Yacht "Dancing Hare" formerly "Lady Ghislaine" is in Westhaven Marina Auckland. Sovereigns are on the way to board this ship!!!

#globalPEDOpandemic #DrainTheSwamp
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#nzpol For those that are FOR socialism:
TEACHER FAILS ENTIRE CLASS: An economics professor at a local college made a statement that she had never failed a single student before, but had recently failed an entire class. That class had insisted that socialism worked and that
no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer.
The professor then said, "OK, we will have an experiment in this class on this plan". All grades will be averaged and everyone will receive the same grade so no one will fail and no one will receive an A....
(substituting grades for dollars - something closer to home and more readily understood by all).
After the first test, the grades were averaged and everyone got a B. The students who studied hard were upset and the students who studied little were happy.
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In my view what is most significant about the #nzpol PM’s comments today on the NZ #GeorgeFloydProtests isn’t the comment that NZ may move to L1 soon after cabinet (yes this defuses opposition) it was the progressive political confidence with which she tackled the key issues 1/3
She made 3 important comments 1) she acknowledged the ‘horrifying’ nature of unfolding events in the USA, 2) she acknowledged the urgency that youth especially feel about that situation & the connection with experiences of racism/ extremismin NZ & concern about arming police 2/3
3) NZ PM made clear her position against routinely arming police. This differs from more equivocal approaches eg Ihumatāo & matters as it steers a path in a potentially tense situation: impt, progressive leadership which, whether or not her opponents like it, is needed just now
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#NewZealand @jacindaardern why didn't you sign the joint statement on #HongKong with the US, UK, Canada and Australia? You don't really agree with freedom and democracy at the cost of renminbi? #jacindaardern #turnardern #nz #nzpol #5eyes - 1=4eyes…
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@jacindaardern is not especially successful at anything except image management. Two years leading a government of scandal, failure, and waste... yet 89% personal approval. A dithering, reactive response to #Covid19... yet a reputation for proactivity and speed. /1 #nzpol
As we all play to our strengths, so does she. Image management is her consuming focus and her primary decision-making yardstick. And she gets a lot of praise and respect for the result from the media and political commentariat across the spectrum. She should, shouldn't she? /2
Surely such personal popularity is politically impressive? I argue no, because her audience makes it very, very easy. /3
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THREAD: Tomorrow's #RebuildingTogether Budget will be a defining moment for New Zealand, and for Jacinda Ardern's Govt because it will have impacts for generations to come.

#nzpol #budget2020 #GreenCovidResponse #BuildBackBetter #ClimateChange…
We're looking for Govt to prioritise future-ready projects over 'shovel-ready' in the Covid recovery Budget. With unprecedented sums on the table, we have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to get a jump on the other existential crises we face.
Jobs are a priority, but they need to be created in the right industries. We need more people working in growth areas like renewable energy, sustainable transport and #regenerativeagriculture, which have a clear future in a post-#Covid19 world.
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Thought I would take a look at the CV of the person who wrote this horrendous article from left wing propaganda & fake news site "The Conversation" The author is one (Dr.) Suze Wilson, Massey University. CV below #nzpol…
The doctor seems to be the perfect example of old saying- "those who know something about something, are found doing it. Those who don't really know anything about that something, are found teaching about it." Another know-all lefty who has never made up a paycheck in her life.
A grand example of the staggering decline in educational standards when someone with very few real qualifications in what she is teaching gets to be a highly paid lecturer at one of NZ's most highly rated universities. (well it was once anyway, before lefties took over education)
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(1) Thread: Who am I? 🥝🇳🇿🇺🇸💃

Just updated my Twitter bio, again.

People are still placing party politics ahead of saving lives.

Saving my life. Saving your life.

There must be #NoPoliticsOnTheBoat at all.

#COVID19nz #StayHomeNZ #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe
(2) I say #NoPoliticsOnTheBoat because this Houston woman made a Facebook post in 2017 during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Around the same time I decided to identify as a Hurricane Watcher bc emergencies expose policy strengths & weaknesses & I am a policy wonk.
(3) If you're new to... me... then you'll need this info.

As a child, I wanted to be a policy analyst. It's my calling, my vocation. I achieved my goal & worked in Wellington, NZ for many years.

Unfortunately I had to "medically retire" just as my career was taking off.
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(1) Thread:

Welp. New Zealand's COVID19 situation is getting really bad. We don't have high numbers to show for it, yet.

But we do have a tiny health system, & some extremely worried doctors. They say we will soon be like ITALY.

And our government refuses to listen to them.
(2) I've been following COVID19 news since around the 20th of January IIRC. Might have been a bit before that, not sure.

I have seen the signs all along that the NZ govt wasn't going hard and fast, as it needed to.

I think it's too late now. I'm actually at peace about it.
(3) I've been self isolated as a precaution for 5 days. We are well stocked, we have very good morale (one of us can remember WWII, for example.)

I'm doing everything I possibly can to stay safe & keep my family & friends safe.

Very blessed to have these people in my life.
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9 years in opposition. 2 years in Govt. Endless reports, commissions. A mass shooting. Secrecy & cover ups. Ignoring experts & report recommendations. Sex scandals.
Laughable #'s of houses built and trees panted.
Then the "let them eat infrastructure" year of delivery.
1. Aim
I'm really not "left" or "right" & have lost faith in those failed, loaded terms.

I'm a humanist and I believe in politics as
taking common sense approaches that
a) unify
b) benefit us all
c) protect our sovereignty
d) give us our freedoms of thought & speech
The "old politics" are corrosive & don't serve us well now.

It relied on an informed electorate, a functioning and investigative media, a non corrupt Police & Legal system and a State system that responsive and not entrenched in same as it ever was. It required transparency!
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National is currently campaigning as if they have no desire to win the upcoming general election. Their actions do not align with that ideal, and lack the coherency and strategy needed for victory.

Long thread sorry.

#nzpol @paulabennettmp @NZNationalParty
1. Persuasion required.
2. National looks electable, but...
3. ...they don't look desirable.
4. National has no message.
5. National feels worse.
6. Voters need a reason to move. National isn't providing it.
1) Persuasion required. In order to execute on its ideals and stated policy, a party must be in power as part of the government, not in opposition. That means winning an election, which means persuading voters that you are the preferred choice to represent them.
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