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Don’t Believe the Establishment’s Cash Ban Lies and Propaganda

#auspol #qldpol #sapol #vicpol #wapol
#taspol #nswpol #brexit
#nzpol #qanon #BDS

Don’t Believe the Establishment’s Cash Ban Lies and Propaganda

#auspol #qldpol #sapol #vicpol #wapol
#taspol #nswpol #brexit
#nzpol #qanon #BDS

UN Report Shows US Forces Kill More Afghan Civilians Than ISIS & Taliban...Combined | Zero Hedge…

#auspol #qldpol #sapol #vicpol #wapol
#taspol #nswpol #brexit
#nzpol #qanon #BDS
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First 75% of your article comes across as jealous, demeaning, (of @Liz_Dotcomm), spiteful, & like you have a superiority complex, @katenewtonnz.

Your claims (on left) re Internet Mana are an ignorant regurgitation of spin. Minto (on right) shredded them.

It's an incredible shame that @RadioNZ employs reporters who are so bored by historic, precedent-setting court proceedings, to "cover" (term used loosely in this instance) them. Perhaps they could find someone who is actually interested in/intrigued by the case to write about it?
For sure the "I'm-so-bored-by-this-I'm-too-good-for-this" air of reporting on Kim's case tracks back to @toby_etc's similarly-framed (but even less diligent) efforts for @thespinoffTV so I get that your reporter is maintaining an industry-standard (poor) legacy of #nzpol coverage
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"People within #GCSB have become addicted to that relationship with these bigger players, so they're happy to sacrifice the rights of New Zealanders and move the society of NZ in a very strange direction in exchange for membership of this international intelligence agency club"
"It is a network of patronage that exists internationally and operates without proper oversight of government... having looked at the development of the Five Eyes alliance over that long period of time & how govts actually behave in practice.. it is all backroom deals" - Assange
"Covert intelligence agencies are designed to operate outside of proper scrutiny and outside the law and so they cannot be trusted and the people who get into bed with them in any significant way also cannot be trusted."

From 'The Moment of Truth'

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1 In New Zealand, rights to free speech are under immense threat after the strange attacks in Cristchurch a month ago. It means politically correct speech, virtue signalling & internet censorship as the arrested gun man was labelled a "lone wolf - white supremacist" by the cops.
2. There are many strange things about the shooting - it was kind of like our own 9/11 moment. In a number of ways it appears to be linked to the USA and the Mueller report and investigation into Donald Trump and your bog standard global elites. We're part of the Five Eyes.
3. Comey, Clapper, Clinton, Obama and many others were all regular visitors here. The super-wealthy have been buying land in NZ and building bunkers - some of your richest and most powerful citizens fly into Queenstown on private jets and are choppered off all the time.
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(1) James Shaw, co-leader of NZ's far left Green Party was attacked today by a man now in Police custody. Shaw is reportedly uninjured.

I detest political violence of ANY kind. I hope this incident is not used to portray his peaceful opponents negatively.

#NZpol #jobsnotmobs
(2) Media coverage of this thankfully minor assault reminds me of the assassination of British Labour MP Jo Cox in 2016.

She was killed by a man who was having some kind of mental illness episode and who also opposed her pro-EU anti-Brexit views. It was just before the vote.
(3) When a politician is assaulted or murdered, today's already insane media environment goes completely off the deep end.

It does not matter who the person is or what they believe. Violence is wrong, and it is bad for the country.

And, lying about it is bad for the country.
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Why protest a few bottles of water? Former Mayor Vicki Buck says it best "The application from Cloud Ocean was treated as a variation to an existing resource consent , when in my view it should definitely have been treated as a completely new consent.
The old ( unused ) consent related to Kaputone Wool scouring, was apparently specifically for wool scouring, (and interestingly according to people who worked there was never used to the full). Nor was it a fully consumptive consent in that the water was used for dilution
rather than taken and used 24/7 for 365 days a year. Most importantly it was from the very shallow aquifer (Aquifer 1) at about 30metres which is not an aquifer that interferes with our drinking water aquifer in any way.
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Well I truly did not expect that. Attending a Friday night lecture on the anthropocene (yes my life is that sad) and an elderly man stood up to ask a question. Forgive me but he looked like so many elderly men who have stood up to correct me about climate change & why it’s a hoax
He began, ‘as an elderly man I look at the rise of the #metoo generation of women finding their voice to speak against decades of abuse, & I look at the likes of Pell & those who defend him & I listen to the children striking against what it is my generation of men have done’
he continued ‘I wonder if they have children what will they tell say about the mess & corruption my generation created’ & at that other men in the audience just quietly nodded, or wiped tears-pretty stunned to see pakeha men just be quiet & reflective-no defence/anger/explaining
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Now that its being proven (over and over again) that what I was telling everyone was happening to me up to 2014 was in fact happening to me, I would like to take this opportunity to say @dpfdpf - if not outright complicit - you are a massive asshole for smearing me for it #nzpol
They say have grace in your time of victory or whatever but quite frankly - to hell with that. Many people in #nzpol owe me an apology for the way they treated me when I was a solo mother being targeted and it will be very interesting to see who has the integrity to proffer one.
And no I will never forget those who by contrast stood by me through it all even BEFORE there was mountains of evidence to prove it, but they will be thanked privately and cherished forever.
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Beatings, robberies, abductions & rapes of women happen EVERY SINGLE NIGHT in Auckland City.

Most are unreported, almost all never result in arrests let alone in convictions, the NZ Police are often complicit in hushing it up & middle class hand-wringers should wisen up #nzpol
Get out there and interview some of the girls on the streets @paulapenfold & @Alisonmau and then interview the NZPC. Find out how "safe" Auckland really is.
I knew a lot of girls on our streets and not one single one of them hadn't been abducted/raped, most more than once.
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\0 CCP influence on #nzpol: Zhang Yikun #张乙坤 and his United Front links (cf. ). Member of the Standing Committee of the 6th Hainan CPPCC ('13-'18), according to (e.g.) the Puning Chamber of Commerce… (cf.…).
\1 On the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and the United Front system, cf.… and especially the work of Gerry Groot @zuoluogu……. Zhang was on the Hainan province ctte of the #CPPCC.
\2 In other words, while he established #nzpol contacts that would lead to discussion of Parliament seats for $, Zhang held a PRC political appointment. Seemingly unknown in English before this thread; sometimes acknowledged in Chinese, e.g. by the AKL consulate in '13. #内外有别
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NZ media who are reporting on the Court of Appeal finding against @KimDotcom & omitting to mention Kim has an avenue of appeal to the Supreme Court, are irresponsible in my view & should urgently amend their reporting accordingly. #nzpol
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