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22 Sep 19
Following the 2019 Conference the PNP President left several misleading information in the public domain. #NOWOW Here are the Facts on the LOO Presentation. #MisLEADER
While being duly elected as President of the PNP means he is free to lead the party according to his style; we will not allow the PNP to #MisLEAD the Jamaican People. #NoWOW #FactCheck
Being unable to claim responsibility for the ecomony much longer, the PNP wishes to MisLEAD the nation on the facts of our economic position. #NoWOW #MisLEAD
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18 Aug 19
#HappeningNow: Senator @kaminajsmith addresses the gathering of #AreaCouncilThree at the Porus Primary School. #PartnershipForProsperity
@kaminajsmith KJS: Area Council 3 it’s good to be here. It’s important that I take the time to acknowledge the leadership of the Area Council.
@kaminajsmith It is good to be here with you this afternoon. It is good to be with family. As you know, my ministerial responsibilities carry me all across the world, but truly truly – No weh no betta dan yaad.
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19 Mar 19
#NewJamaica #BudgetDebate2019 #TheBuilder

Leader & Prime Minister ⁦@AndrewHolnessJM⁩ will make his #BudgetDebate2019 presentation in the lower house today.

Stream: facebook.com/AndrewHolnessJ…
@AndrewHolnessJM "This government has done a much better job at managing the affairs of the people than any government that the Opposition has ever formed." - PM @AndrewHolnessJM
#NewJamaica #BudgetDebate2019 #TheBuilder

Leader & Prime Minister @AndrewHolnessJM admits that despite the Govt doing well, he expects no applause. He is doing his job.
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12 Mar 19
The notion is FALSE that there is nothing in the budget for the inner city and vulnerable youth. #PATH Allocations is one example. #MissingTheMark
@DrNigelClarkeJa corrects Opposition Spokesperson on Finance Mark Golding’s Inaccurate figures/interpretation of the Budget. #MissingTheMark The Small Business’ savings on #MinimumBusinessTax already covers the $5000 Flat Fee.
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