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#HappeningNow; @realDonaldTrump holds a press briefing.

- Progress on Vax’s going strong, distribution to begin 24hrs after approval; 100 mill doses by end of 2020.

@OANN Image
POTUS on Puerto Rico:
- $13 billion to permanently repair distribution lines
- Bringing back pharmaceutical manufacturing to PR
- funding to renovate schools destroyed by hurricane Maria
- Restoring water supplies
POTUS on Biden’s devastating history with Puerto Rico:

- Voted to move pharmaceutical production out of PR, resulting in companies moving to China.
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#HappeningNow: @realDonaldTrump holds press briefing.

- Follow instructions from local and federal authorities regarding Hurricane Sally

- Vax Distribution plan includes delivering to at risk communities especially nursing homes via Military

- Delivery of Vax’s mid Oct

@OANN Image
POTUS: Big Ten football is back. Congratulates Big 10 - adds Pack 12 needs to follow their lead.

Adds that Biden concocted a rumor Trump didn’t want Big 10 to return and berates Biden Campaign for lying.
POTUS: “The left wing war on cops” has got to stop.
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#HappeningNow: @realDonaldTrump hosts the signing of the groundbreaking #AbrahamAccords from the South Lawn.

Congratulates the UAE, Bahrain, and Israel for their historic coming together.

@OANN ImageImageImage
POTUS: Lies passed down through the generations created decades of needless tensions between Middle Eastern countries and Israel. This day is the historic step towards righting these divisive lies. #AbrahamAccords
Israeli PM Netanyahu: “This day is a pivot in history” - a new dawn in peace.

“This peace will expand to include other Arab states and end the Arab Israeli conflict once and for all.” Image
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#HappeningNow LA Sheriff's deputies stand watch at St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood, where two deputies are fighting for their lives after they were shot at the Metro Blue Line station in Compton @DailyBreezeNews @presstelegram @ladailynews Image
Sheriff Alex Villanueva, Homicide Capt. Kent Wegener, and CA Assembly members Mike Gipson, district 64 and Reggie Jones-Sawyer Sr. District 59 are scheduled to speak at a press conference starting now
"I just swore them in 14 months ago," Sheriff Alex Villanueva said of the two deputies currently recovering from surgery. One is a mother if a 6-year-old. The other is 24 years old. Their loveed ones are here with them. @ladailynews @presstelegram @DailyBreezeNews
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#HappeningNow: President Trump deliver's today's WH briefing, opening with the number of jobs added to the economy in recent months.

"We've been affected less than any Western nation..."

Says we're witnessing fastest recovery, slams Obama for slowest recovery.

#NEW: President Trump says Europe yesterday saw 50% more deaths than the U.S. and "you don't hear these statistics."

"I really do believe we're rounding the corner... we already have therapeutics out there."

#NEW: President Trump once again makes his pitch to resume in-person learning, saying less than 0.2% of COVID-19 deaths are among people under the age of 25, which the President says most had underlying conditions.

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.@A_Jafarzadeh: If anyone is surprised that #Iran’s uranium is tenfold higher than the JCPOA limits, they just need to look at the regime’s record of cheating on its obligations.
#Noimpunity4mullahs #DisbandIRGC #UNGA…
2) NCRI exposed the Lavizan-Shian in May 2003. The IAEA was allowed to visit the site thirteen months later. By the time they got there, there were no buildings, and the whole site was razed. Even then, the IAEA had found traces of HEU
#Noimpunity4mullahs #DisbandIRGC #UNGA
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Tear gas dispersed at protesters in Rochester NY, police are pushing and telling everyone to disperse #rochesterprotests #HappeningNow
#HappeningNow in Rochester NY #rochesterprotests #protests
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#HappeningNow: @realDonaldTrump holds a press briefing going into Labor Day Weekend.

- The recovery of jobs in the last 4 months have broken records; over 10 mill jobs gained back from pre virus levels.

- Auto, mortgage, homebuilding, manufacturing at all time highs.

@OANN Image
POTUS announces Coach Lou Holtz will be receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Image
WH Economic Advisor #LarryKudlow on the better than expected August Jobs report.

- factually, a lot of optimism to look at in the economy
- we are in a v shaped economy Image
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#HappeningNow: @PressSec McEnany holds a press briefing with @robertcobrien @RichardGrenell @jaredkushner @aviberkow45

Historic day - President Trump brokers Kosovo-Serbian peace deal.

GRENELL: Appeals to journalists in the room - “dig deep in this story”

President Trump urged a new approach to a stalled crisis: Economics first, politics later.

This was accomplished by an outsider. Look at the agreement.
Grenell: This has been an overcoming of a “perceived” conflict; not an actual conflict.

The people of Kosovo and Serbia are ecstatic because an outsider (Trump) challenged the failed norms head on.
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#HappeningNow: President Trump holds WH press briefing focusing on violent protests nationwide:

Slams Biden for refusing to mention ANTIFA during his speech today...saying if he can't name the problem he can't solve it.

#NEW: President Trump says Biden is "using mafia talking points" and says Democrats have "lost control of the radical Left."

"When you enforce the law, order follows. We need order ... and all of sudden they've [Democrats] lost these cities."

#NEW: Pres. Trump says his trip to Kenosha, Wisconsin Tuesday "should be very interesting."

Says the governor didn't "want us there," "but I have to see the people that did such a good job for me."

Says his visit could increase "enthusiasm" & "love for our country."

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#HappeningNow: @realDonaldTrump gives press briefing.

- Left Wing Violence across the country resulting in DOJ cracking down - over 200 arrests.

- We could solve Portland in an hour, but the mayor there won’t allow resolution of the violence.

What Left Wing Rioters did on Thursday after the RNC convention outside the White House was a disgrace.

These rioters share Biden’s talking points.

Biden’s Bizarre Speech today blames mostly LEOs - no mention of Antifa.

Biden using Mafia talking points to bend to the will of the mob - “radical left maniacs” - a mentality of “give them what they want” and they will stop. These are killers. No one will be safe under rule of the Radical Left.

We are prepared to deploy NatGaurd immediately.
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#HappeningNow: The Republican National Convention begins its third night with the theme 'Land of Heroes."

Vice President Mike Pence is the headline speaker and will formally accept his renomination for the 2020 GOP ticket.

#NEW: South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem:

"Today our founding principles are under attack."

"Democrat run cities across this country are being overrun by violent mobs."

"We [GOP] don't divide people based on their beliefs ... we respect everyone under the Constitution."

#NEW: Scott Dane, Minnesota logger and trucker, slams Obama-Biden policies that hurt his industry.

Thanks President Trump for paving the way for people like him.

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#HappeningNow: @realDonaldTrump on Obama era Iran deals
- Big mistake. Trump admin will not allow Iran nuclear plans to go on
- Admin imposed tough sanctions, eliminated world’s leading terrorists

- Operation LeGend fighting scourge of crime in dem run disasters. @OANN Image
POTUS on China Virus:
- 33% mortality rate in Europe; significantly higher than US mortality rate
- in person classes in US; likelihood of severe illness in college age demographics, same as seasonal flu
- shut down causing mortality also, perhaps more dangerous than the virus
- I don’t know much about it but I understand many of them support me and oppose the disaster of Dem run lawlessness.
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#HappeningNow: Actress Eva Longoria hosts the first night of the Democratic National Convention.

Starts off by speaking remotely to a small biz owner in Pennsylvania about the struggles he & his wife are experiencing amid the pandemic. (Thread)
Eva Longoria laments being unable to have a live convention in Wisconsin before tossing to Rep. Gwen Moore who speaks about unifying into a prosperous future under Biden-Harris.

Goes to video montage of health care workers, George Floyd protests, Biden rally.

Video shows a man who says he regrets voting for Donald Trump in 2016 and encourages people to ask themselves why they may have done the same.

"It's hard to vote for someone who has zero plan four months out from the election...Joe Biden has a detailed plan."

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#HAPPENINGNOW: @PressSec McEnany holds a press briefing.

Jared Kushner on Historic Israel-UAE Deal:

- When Trump Admin entered office, Mideast was in state of broken turmoil diplomatically
- Realized we needed a new paradigm
- Today new paradigm for Middle East realized

@OANN Image
- First time in history, Israel agreed upon map of territories. Made possible through Trump negotiations.
- negotiations between Israel and UAE really started crystallizing over last 6 weeks
- we see today a much different Middle East than when we started
NSA O’Brien:
- History will remember President Trump for bringing peace to the Middle East.
- Wouldn’t surprise me if POTUS is nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
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#HappeningNow: @realDonaldTrump holds press briefing.

In attendance; Mnuchin, Kudlow, and newest member of Covid TaskForce, Dr. Atlas.


- 300 federal judges approved in first term
- US has recovered the fastest economically compared to leading world economies

@OANN Image
Manufacturing at its highest since October 2018.

Record quarter for jobs recovery: 9 million jobs in 3 months. Image
Newest member of the WH Covid TaskForce Dr. Steve Atlas:

- Commends the TaskForce team, adds, he is particularly encouraged by the reopening schools recommendation presented by WH today. Image
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#HappeningNow: @realDonaldTrump holds a press conference:

- State/city authorities have the absolute authority to end violence and do their jobs in quelling riots
- Mayor DeBlasio should rehire LEOS who were fired without cause
- offering all fed support for those in need

@OANN Image
POTUS on the Vaccine:
- Top scientists/pharmas in country briefed WH on status of therapeutics and vaccines
- 100 mill doses Remdesivir purchased by US Gov
- Additional doses to be procured from three other vaccine candidates; up to 600 mill doses
On Covid Pandemic Recovery:
- 87% of counties in US reported declining cases
- Mortality down 7%
- 7 day average of new cases down 20%
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#HappeningNow: President @realDonaldTrump holds a press briefing.

- warns of mail in ballot fraud; cites @JustTheNews report on 500k incorrect mail in ballots found in VA
- Stock market up 358 points after this weekend

President abruptly stops briefing midway; secret service escorts him out of the briefing room.

- Currently in lockdown inside briefing room.

- Reports of shots fired 5:47pm EST
President returns to briefing:

One person shot.

POTUS Thanks Secret Service.

“We live in a dangerous world”
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#HappeningNow: @PressSec McEnany holds a press briefing.

POTUS signs EO and memoranda for Covid Relief
- Unemployment benefits 400/week, paid jointly by states
- Eviction moratorium
- Payroll tax holiday
- Extending Student loan relief

All through end of year.

@OANN Image
PRESS SEC: Dems have been fundamentally unserious about passing a Covid relief bill.
President Trump to hold a press briefing at 5:30pm EST.
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#HappeningNow: @realDonaldTrump gives press briefing.

Stim Bill:
- term limited suspension of payroll tax
- Dems want bailout of states; we’re not going along

AZ Gov @dougducey:
- model of state that used WH plan to slow infections while keeping economy functioning

@OANN Image
POTUS: AZ's COVID #'s Significant:
- 10% of hospitalizations in AZ were related to COVID
- 5% of COVID cases were African American; AZ targeting specific at risk demographics to battle pandemic

AZ has shown it can mitigate virus while safely reopening economy/schools.
POTUS optimistic America is on track to moving beyond COVID:

ZERO states have seen mortality rates increase over COVID.

POTUS on Human Trafficking: Building a border wall has helped mitigate this tragedy against women and children.
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#HappeningNow: President Trump gives Press Briefing.

- Hurricane Isaias; FEMA responsive to all states in need of assistance
- Strong indicators of economy returning faster than expected (used auto sales up, homebuilding 13 yr high, gdp projections from Atlanta Fed)

@OANN Image
- Fatalities at half levels of Apr. peak; one death is too many, this could have been stopped by China.
- Half fatalities have been from Nursing homes or long term health care centers; administration taking an especial focus to protect the elderly in these facilities
POTUS on Covid/Lockdowns:
- There will be no lockdowns. "We're putting out embers and flames." Hotspots like FL (Miami especially) and TX reporting lower case rates.
- Operation Warp Speed pushing several vaccines into final stages of testing.
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#HappeningNow: President Trump gives a press briefing.

- Virus is receding in hot spots.
- Weekly cases in AZ down 37%, TX down 18%, FL down 21%
- 18 states less than 5%
- Follow guidelines. Permanent lockdown “not a viable path forward”

- Reducing drug prices, increasing access to Telehealth... all contribute toward reducing healthcare in US by up to 80%
- Big pharma is in opposition to this. Hence the big anti-Trump pharmacy ads recently
- Massive price reduction - more than any effort in 51 yrs
POTUS on COVID's silver lining in healthcare:
- Telemedicine benefits rural healthcare
- 135 new health services now available via telehealth
- 43% of all medicare primary care visits in APR were via Telehealth
- Telemedicine benefits rural healthcare; funding provided.
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#HappeningNow: President Trump begins today's coronavirus press briefing speaking about Hurricane Isaias, which is expected to hit the Carolinas tonight before traveling up the East Coast. (Thread)
#NEW: President Trump says nationwide COVID-19 cases are dropping, but urges Americans to continue to be careful:

Says 18 states continue to have low positivity rates

"We must focus on new flare-ups." (Thread)
#NEW: President Trump says he's directing Agriculture Department, Department of Health and Human Services, and the Federal Communications Commission to "form a task force to break down barriers to rural healthcare." (Thread)
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#HappeningNow: @realDonaldTrump gives a press briefing.

- before my admin took office; millions of jobs were vacuumed out and shipped to China and the world
- today is a landmark day; we’re bringing pharmaceutical manufacturing back to American soil

- Today we have reached a historic agreement w/ Kodak to manufacture drugs in US (Rochester, NY)
- Trump admin is finalizing this deal as we speak
- Kodak will enable us to manufacture generic drugs
- Using Defense Prod. Act: $765 mill loan to launch Kodak Pharmaceuticals
The Fed Loan to Kodak Pharmaceuticals will be @realDonaldTrump’s 33rd use of the Defense Production Act.

To be paid back over 25 yrs.

POTUS: Today is the first step to building the greatest medical arsenal in the world.
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