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1 Should the Democrat party be outlawed?
That’s a pretty outlandish question I knew; but I’m not asking it it just because I don’t agree with their politics, no does it come from an emotional response, but rather rational thought, and pride for my country.
2/ Granted for years @TheDemocrats have been calling us “right wing extremists” based on mere opinion(emotion)and no facts.
I’m not coming from that POV.
Let them name call.
If I pose such a question it should be backed up not only with #facts but also law.
I’ll do that.
3/ so on that premise let’s get started.
I’m all about the #1a and our right t free speech, and that may protect ones hate speech but you can’t yell “FIRE” in a crowded movie theatre and hide behind the 1a. This is exactly what @TheDemocrats have been doing, and more.
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#USA #Pompeo s'est entretenu avec #LeDrian au sujet de l'incursion de la #Turquie en Syrie. "La France est notre partenaire fort en matière de sécurité internationale et nous continuerons à travailler ensemble pour nous opposer aux menaces mondiales"
#Turkey #Syria #Kurds #SDF
J'ai supprimé un tweet qui présentait des images qui ne correspondaient pas au contexte.
merci à @Azadnebi de la rectification 👍
#USA Faisant face à 1 réaction violente après avoir semblé donner son feu vert à l'attaque de la #Turquie contre les #Kurdes en #Syrie, le président #DonaldTrump a appelé la pression sur l'allié des #EtatsUnis de l'#OTAN en menaçant de sanctions sévères…
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Following the 2019 Conference the PNP President left several misleading information in the public domain. #NOWOW Here are the Facts on the LOO Presentation. #MisLEADER
While being duly elected as President of the PNP means he is free to lead the party according to his style; we will not allow the PNP to #MisLEAD the Jamaican People. #NoWOW #FactCheck
Being unable to claim responsibility for the ecomony much longer, the PNP wishes to MisLEAD the nation on the facts of our economic position. #NoWOW #MisLEAD
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#FACTCHECK: Republicans are pushing the FALSE narrative that the FBI didn't warn the Trump Campaign of potential Russian Interference in 2016.

That's a LIE.

The FBI briefed Trump and his campaign in August 2016, once he became the Republican nominee, after Lewandowsi was fired.
#FLAG: After Gaetz and Lewandowski tried to push the LIE that the FBI didn't brief the Trump Campaign of potential Russian Interference in 2016...

Jim Jordan tried to hammer it home.

This is a false narrative that the GOP, Barr, and Trump have all tried to push repeatedly.
#REMEMBER: Both Trump and Clinton were warned directly by the FBI in August 2016 that Russia could try to infiltrate or spy on their campaigns.

Trump has lied repeatedly that he wasn't warned by the FBI...and Republicans have continued to push the lie.

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Durante el 1 de septiembre, el presidente #Lopez realizó su #PrimerInformeGobMx . Aquí te compartimos los datos falsos y las medias verdades.

Agradecemos compartan este hilo.
1. El presidente #Lopez comenzó su discurso asegurando la separación del poder económico del poder político. Su grupo de asesores empresariales demuestra lo contrario. Este grupo lo conforman:
-Hank González, Bernardo Gómez, Salinas Pliego, Gutiérrez Muguerza, entre otros.
2. #Lopez argumenta que ya existe un auténtico Estado de Derecho, donde ‘Al margen de la ley, nada; y por encima de la ley, nadie’. Esto es #Falso
- Aún continúa la corrupción e impunidad. En Julio la ASF le perdonó a Manuel Velasco el desvío de 685 MPD.…
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#FTR: Trump is suggesting that Puerto Rico is a burden on the United States...because it finds itself in the path of another storm.

It's also worth noting that Dorian will likely side-swipe Puerto Rico, and directly hit Florida...which he interestingly doesn't see as a burden.
#FACTCHECK: Yet again, Trump claims Puerto Rico has received over $90 Billion in disaster aid.

That's a LIE.

That's the estimated total they'll need to fully recover.

Congress has allocated $42.5 Billion.

ONLY $14 Billion has actually been distributed.…
#PREVIOUSLY: Trump has a long history opposing disaster aid to Puerto Rico.

Then taking credit when he had to give in...

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@kylieatwood That must be misrepresentation by the Trump admin official of what Macron said.

Only yesterday Macron told Putin that Russia won’t be readmitted to the G7 as long as it continues its war with Ukraine.…
@kylieatwood French diplomat confirms: Macron never said this.

(At least not without mentioning any condition to Russia.)

Macron denies WhiteHouse reading of call:

Readmission Russia to G7 still conditioned on ending its war against Ukraine.

#G7Biarritz #G7Summit

@kylieatwood 🔎 #FactCheck: Did Trump & Macron Agree on Inviting Russia Back Into the G7 ?

⛔️ Rating: UNTRUE -- CNN relied on just one anonymous source within Trump admin

Only ONE leader calls for Russia to be readmitted to the G7 without conditions attached: Trump.…
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@real_defender @realDonaldTrump #FactCheck #TrumpsTerrorists

Donald Trump is a ”champion” at two things: kakistocracy and inciting violence. Let’s look at a few cases, shall we?

First, the violence:

36 cases invoking 'Trump' in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults…
@real_defender @realDonaldTrump Aug. 19, 2015: In Boston, after he and his brother beat a sleeping homeless man of Mexican descent with a metal pole, Steven Leader, 30, told police "Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported."

#TrumpsTerrorists #WhiteSupremacistInChief
@real_defender @realDonaldTrump Dec. 5, 2015: Penn State University student Nicholas Tavella, 19, was charged with "ethnic intimidation" and other crimes for threatening to "put a bullet" in a young Indian man on campus. “What are you, from the Middle East?” Tavella asked the student.
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As Indian administered Kashmir is under lockdown and all means of communications crippled. A lot of #FakeNews is being spread about the situation in Kashmir on social media.

@AFPFactCheck has debunked several misleading claims, a thread on the fact-checks published by AFP
@AFPFactCheck Claim: Indian soldiers firing lethal shots at militants in Indian-administered Kashmir during a live encounter.

Reality: The video was taken from a TV broadcast of a mock drill by Indian and US troops staged in 2016. #FactCheck #FakeNews…
@AFPFactCheck Claim: Protests in Indian administered Kashmir on August 6, 2019, after the govt revoked the state’s semi-autonomous status

Reality: Video from December 2018 during a funeral procession of militants killed by forces in Kashmir #FactCheck #FakeNews…
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Fin mai, une 40aine d'employés de @Qwant_FR ont lancé un "immense signal d'alerte", au motif qu'elle aurait "besoin d‘envoyer des signes forts et positifs à ses employés". Mon #factcheck, pour @nextinpact /1…
Où l'on découvre que les pbs de com' internes étaient tels que 14 salariés déploraient... "l‘absence d'index" du moteur de recherche, et que "le manque d'effort mis sur est simplement inacceptable" /2
Que d'autres déploraient également une « mauvaise gestion du budget interne (pas de livraison d'eau, café, papier toilettes pour non paiement) », ainsi que des « licences (logicielles) non payées, du matériel insuffisant et obsolète ». /3
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#Thread 👇 on misinformation spreading after the government's proposal to revoke #Article370 in #JammuAndKashmir and bifurcate the state. #FakeNews @boomlive_in (1/n)
#JammuAndKashmir: Old Video Of Artillery Tanks Being Moved On A Freight Train Revived #FakeNews #JammuAndKashmir @mstqalander @boomlive_in (2/n)…
No, This Is Not A Photo Of Pakistani Soldiers Signalling A Truce #FakeNews #JammuAndKashmir @SwastiChatterje @boomlive_in (3/n)…
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Because of Trump's Social Media Summit, @washingtonpost @PostOpinions gave @charliekirk11 of Turning Point USA space to argue why Twitter, etc., should be regulated because they are publishers not platforms. I'll #FactCheck his oped and analyze 1/…
First, Kirk is not for free speech, online or otherwise. I lay out his hypocrisy in this thread 2/
The oped: Kirk first opines "most" conservatives think they are censored online. Despite links to other claims, here Kirk has none. But Pew found in 2018 64% of GOP-ers (+ leaners) say tech companies support liberal views over conservatives. 3/…
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#NEW on @OANN: Former Pres. Bill Clinton has issued a statement responding to the recent indictment against Jeffrey Epstein.
#FactCheck: Flight logs show former Pres. Clinton taking at least 26 trips aboard Jeffrey Epstein's “Lolita Express”--even apparently ditching his Secret Service detail for at least five of the flights.
#Update: The statement specifically says Pres. Clinton accompanied Epstein on “trips” and not “flights,” suggesting there could have been 4 occasions made up of multiple stops.
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No, this is not a genuine photo of #Pakistani cricket players being frisked ahead of a match against #India
#CWC19 #worldcup2019
via ~ @AFPFactCheck…
An image purporting to show Pakistani cricket players undergoing airport security-like checks has been shared in multiple Facebook posts that claim the Pakistani players are being "frisked" ahead of a match against India. The claim is false; the image originated as satire;
3) part of it has been doctored from a 2018 AFP photograph.
Fake pic 1)
Real pic 2)
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Décryptage de #CashInvestigtion "hold-up sur nos fruits et légumes"
Est-ce qu'ils ont perdu en qualité nutritionnelle ? les lobbys de l'agriculture et des semenciers ?…

#FactCheck #France2
"Les légumes c'était mieux avant"...
"La teneur en vitamines et minéraux de l'époque" que l'on compare avec ceux d'aujourd'hui (CIQUAL gérée par l'ANSES), pourquoi cette comparaison est compliquée ?
-16% de calcium
-27% de vitamine C
-48% Fer pour les fruits et légumes
En France, les premières tables de composition des aliments ont été publiées en France en 1937 par Lucie Randoin et une deuxième édition complétée est parue en 1947 (L. Randoin, P. Le Gallic et J. Causeret, ed. Lanore)
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Trump sees everything as a zero-sum gain.

Just like he conducted his businesses, in his mind, a "good deal" is one where he wins by any means necessary...and the other party loses.

Trump thinks a "win-win" means he's losing something.

That's NOT how diplomacy and trade work...
#FACTCHECK: Now onto the substance of his claim...

Trump fails to grasp the idea that the U.S. benefits greatly from the success of our European partners...especially Germany, which produces an large proportion of its cars HERE in the U.S....

#FACTCHECK: Furthermore, following the "stimulus remarks" by Mario Draghi Trump claims "unfairly" benefited Germany...U.S. stocks are up.

Moreover, Trump has called for the U.S. Fed to cut rates, but is angry when the European Central Bank does just that.
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#FACTCHECK: The Disaster Relief bill was held up for months because Trump REFUSED to sign it if it included aid for PUERTO RICO.

It finally passed both houses, despite several attempts by loyal Republicans in Congress to block it.

Now Trump is trying to take credit for it...
#PREVIOUSLY: On June 3rd, the House passed the disaster relief bill.

58 loyal House Republicans voted against it.

#PREVIOUSLY: There were THREE other attempts to pass the Disaster Relief Bill in the House prior to the Memorial Day recess.

Each time, ONE HOUSE REPUBLICAN blocked the $19.1B package, out of loyalty for Trump.

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#FACTCHECK: I love @Lawrence, and I watch @TheLastWord nearly every weeknight each week...

But I find myself having to factcheck him, b/c of the way he highlights information that, whether wittingly or unwittingly, is MISLEADING...even if he's simply quoting someone else. [1/2]
#FACTCHECK: The poll highlighted in GQ that @Lawrence CHOSE to lead w/ AREN'T tied to the start of the "Impeachment Process."

The 65% approve vs 19% impeach/remove poll was taken at the start of the SENATE WATERGATE HEARINGS...NOT the HJC Impeachment Inquiry (in Feb 1974). [2/2]
@Lawrence #PS: Even the figures that the GQ article claims represents public opinion "when [Nixon's] impeachment process began" isn't accurate. He did NOT have a 65% approval rating in May 1973.

So these figures are ENTIRELY misleading. And @Lawrence knows better. It's disappointing, TBH.
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domani i nostri questuanti vanno a chiedere l'elemosina a bruxelles
in genere bruxelles è prodiga di brioches fresche, ma sono rimaste quelle secche e scadute
e non è detto che siano commestibili così oltre scadenza
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THREAD: The mediatic normalization of „Wacko Jacko”

A thread dedicated to how the medias - especially the tabloid press but not only - have contributed to bestialise @MichaelJackson in the public eyes over the decades #MichaelJackson #MJfam #Whoswacko
I dedicate this #Shameonyou thread to @TheSun and all tabloids that have actively contributed to spread the nickname #WackoJacko, among them the @TheNationalEnquirer, @theNewyorkpost @theDailymirror.
1) The roots of #WackoJacko : Jacko = M.O.N.K.E.Y

Let’s begin with the roots of the Jacko name with the story of Jacco Maccacco, the "accrobatic monkey" exhibited during animal fights in the early 19th century ⤵️⤵️⤵️

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WATCH: For 2-years the Democrats & Media have been lying to Americans about President @realDonaldTrump’s “Fine People” comments about #Charlottesville.

VIDEO: Sorry liberals, here’s the Charlottesville Hoax: DEBUNKED

via @YouTube
Video Credit: @rmead777 For more great videos and content follow this Patriot.
President Trump’s real comments from #Charlottesville prove the democrats and media have lied to you America.
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The Senate Appropriations committee is now discussion Senate Bill 7030 which would permit the arming of teachers. We'll keep you informed on this thread. You can also watch live here:
Sen. @SenMannyDiazJr is now introducing his strike-all amendment to the bill.
Diaz is still introducing the bill.

You can see his strike-all amendment here:…
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Gotta call this out.


The NYT tweeted that Barr said spying occurred on the Trump campaign...without any qualification, context, using "claimed' instead of said, nor a follow up correction.

And so this tweet lives on, misinforming the public.
The Washington Post did a better job...they provided context, conveyed the gravity of such an assertion, and used "thinks" instead of presenting the claim as a fact.

However, no follow up was issued when Barr clarified his claim.

And this tweet lives on.
#WATCH: Barr was ultimately forced to clarify.

First, he said that he meant "unauthorized surveillance" not "spying."


"I AM NOT SAYING IMPROPER SURVEILLANCE OCCURED. I am saying that I am concerned about it and am looking into it. That's all."
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1) Il ne faut pas commenter tous les tweets de #Trump mais celui-ci vaut son pesant de cacahuètes (de la ferme Jimmy Carter, bien sûr) Le président US s'y vante de discuter avec les chefs communistes du #Vietnam du passé militaire bidon de R. #Blumenthal, sénateur démocrate...RT
2)... tout d'abord, ce tweet apparaît surréaliste. #Trump est au Vietnam pour négocier un accord majeur avec la #CoréeduNord et en pleine journée, il n'a rien d'autre à faire que ressasser, en terre étrangère, 1 polémique avec 1 sénateur démocrate US sur 1 guerre il y a 50 ans...
3)... ensuite, alors que cette guerre du #Vietnam peut être encore 1 mémoire "vive" aux #EtatsUnis et que #Trump s'en est fait exempter pour 1 motif bidon, il ose jouer les patriotes de la 25e heure aux dépens d'un opposant politique qui, certes, s'est lui aussi peu illustré...
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