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Feb 15 7 tweets 3 min read

A funny thing happened on the way to the anti-doxing forum....

Zionist lobby and WhatsApp groups have sought to silence journalists and artists who hold a pro-Palestinian viewpoint. Image Albo and Dreyfo's reaction, rather than seeking to rein in the covert influence of these groups, is to rush through anti-doxing laws after the membership lists of said groups were leaked and published. Image
Jan 3 18 tweets 4 min read

A few words about the early history of Australian journos and politicians going on junkets funded by various arms of the Israel lobby. The v good article by @crikey_news in November 2023 (updated mid-Dec 2023) listed the names of various Australian journos and politicians who've gone on relatively recent "journalists' missions" and assorted "fellowships" to Israel

The article is here:…
Dec 24, 2022 40 tweets 14 min read


18 Xmases ago, Scott Morrison disastrously headed up Tourism Australia. He was there Dec 2004 - Jul 2006.

Then he got sacked.

That really should've put an end to Morrison being let near any future public or government role - ever. During his "stewardship" at Tourism Australia he wreaked havoc:

* ran a tender process which awarded a contract to M&CSaatchi for the "So Where the Bloody Hell Are You?" campaign

* lied to the Senate about the KPMG report into the tender

Dec 21, 2022 9 tweets 4 min read

Many questions still hang over the $18+m grant the GG wanted for his pet project - the Australian Future Leaders Program

Answers to QoNs tabled today, suggest the GG was up to his arm pits in it....

With @RonniSalt Take the GG's address to as series of Roundtables held on 17 May, 2021

Throughout, Hurley refers to "my proposal" and "call for assistance" from those that attended.

Yet Senate estimates has heard he was "arm's length" at least on the funding arrangement.
Aug 18, 2022 11 tweets 4 min read

Today I heap praise on David Hurley, the ex PM - pSyChO MOrrison, the Office of GG and PMC for:


Take a bow.

Never heard of it, I hear you say? Oh come on. 2/ F2022L00240 is the regulation that will make $18m of taxpayer's money go to the Australia Future Leaders Foundation...and once that $18m river of gold runs dry there will be $4m each year thereafter.

That you've probably heard of:
Jul 28, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
I previously wrote lots on the Building Better Regions Fund & how corrupt it was.

Now it's official:

"65% of infrastructure project applications approved for funding were not those assessed as being the most meritorious in the departmental assessment process".

A lot of pork. I also highlighted how the "butterfly effect" was activated in Rd 5 to hide the govt's deceit and evade Ministerial overtunrs/discretion from being documented.

The ANAO agreed:
Apr 11, 2022 12 tweets 5 min read

Kunkel review, backgrounding by PMO staff & FOIs

"Advice that was sought prior to a review being undertaken—how that could conceivably impinge upon people's privacy just seems like an odd argument to make, doesn't it?" I know about this, as it was my FOI being discussed.

First a recap.

Morrison was asked a Q about backgrounding by his media team in #QT last year (25 March 2021).
Sep 30, 2021 6 tweets 4 min read
Thread: Today I want to talk about remarkable coincidences. #AUKUS

I decided to look up the Australian Govt's Submarine Advisory Committee. It was active once so I thought I see if it still was.

Yep it is active and new members were appointed in May 2021....strange.

#aukus Strange that I didn't see a press release about these appointments.

Even stranger when last time around some members were getting $600+K to sit on it.

But there it is, govt directory 👇 says SAC had 3 good folks recently appointed to it.…
Sep 27, 2021 8 tweets 4 min read
A US Foreign Agents Registration Act filing shows our Morrison engaged the services of fmr US Navy Sec, Don Winter, to lay the groundwork for the 18 month #AUKUS study.

Winter seems to have been engaged by Morrison via Burdeshaw Assocs.… Burdeshaw have done well recently winning Aust Govt tenders and providing Sovereign Naval Shipbuilding advice to both Dept of Defence and PM&C.
Aug 31, 2021 33 tweets 9 min read


A thread that deals with the FOI process and Scott Morrison’s sacking from Tourism Australia [TA].

Warning: long thread, contains (attempted) humour & music & some new information as well! You have to be pretty shitty at your job to get sacked as the head of an Aust fed govt agency.

It’s a very small and select field.

So come on down Scott Morrison, the only person who managed it and went on to become PM.
Dec 30, 2020 5 tweets 2 min read
Twiggy's Minderoo Fdn during the pandemic bought $29m of PPE equipment + $170m of testing equipment, all via a new subsidiary - First Sourcing and Logistics Pty Ltd.

Rev from sale of testing equipment ($170m) + only $5m from PPE equipment.… Image The Govt paid $189m (assume GST accounts for the difference). Image
Aug 20, 2020 8 tweets 4 min read
Hey Senator Bragg, I've noticed you've recently got a few gifts/donations from Churchill Advisory Pty Ltd - a registered lobbyist at Fed govt/NSW govt levels.

What's the go? I couldn't help but notice that Churchill Advsiory has a number of financial and technology clients.

I couldn't help but notice that Senator Bragg chairs the Senate Select C'tee on Fin Tech and Regulatory Tech.
Aug 16, 2020 4 tweets 3 min read
So what do the Bahamas Petroleum Company, Home Affairs & ABF have common?

Dr Gogna

* CMO, Home Affairs
* Surgeon General, ABF
* Director, Health, Safety, Environment & Security (HSE&S) and Government Relations, Bahamas Petroleum Company.… ImageImage Dr Gogna seems adapt at developing relevant Covid19 protocols, according Bahamas Petroleum, it's the reason he was brought onboard. This comment from Simon Cotter the CEO of Bahamas Petroleum. Image
Jun 6, 2020 9 tweets 3 min read
THREAD: COVID-19 COMMISSION - Gimme a B, Gimme a C, Gimme a G

The almost unaccountable Covid19 Commission really needs some more scrutiny.

Take the $0.5m tender it awarded to Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for a month’s work of “business administration” services. @murraywatt raised it in the sen ctee & the response by the dep CEO of the Commission was enlightening.

BCG got the gig because they did pro bono work for the Covid19 Commission, and Nev and his mates decided they should then get paid. Don’t believe me, read the transcript:
May 22, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
And here's Nev Power's payday contract...Friday arvo special.....discrepancy with previously published PM&C figure involves addition of GST. Image Plus an EA too Image
Feb 6, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read

Re: $150m #sportsrorts female change room program exposed by the Guardian today.

This program is actually funded by Dept of Infrastructure, not Dept of Health where the other #sportsrorts program, nominally overseen by Bridget McKenzie, was funded.

See below Image This implicates both the PM and Deputy PM as being part of the rorts. The PM announced this program on 30 March -so he knew all about it.…
Feb 6, 2020 4 tweets 2 min read
Congratulations Michelle Landry on new ministerial job, will go down in the anals of hsitory.

Riddle me this, your register of interests says you have a residential unit in Griffith ACT. NB not investment but residential.

Yet you claim travel allowance when in Canberra? ImageImage Now Mark Coulton, same for you.

Residential apartment in Canberra, but yet you claim travel allowance when in Canberra? ImageImage
Jan 9, 2020 7 tweets 4 min read

Indiana Jones to the rescue?

Twiggy's $50M commitment to bushfire resilience is a part partnership with Conservation International.....possibly upscaled to $500m with donations from elsewhere.

CI has as its Vice Chair, Harrison Ford However, it might not all be beer and skittles, or Indy riding into town.

Conservation International is not without its critics for its past behaviour and work with Chevron, Monsanto and Shell. Mind you that was 8 years ago.…
Jan 2, 2020 13 tweets 5 min read


In May 2019, Morrison won an unlikely election victory, significantly propelled to office by the campaign trickery of Crosby Textor (CT).

CT not only operate as dark arts masters for the LNP and UK Tories, they also run traditional lobbying services. This includes cutting backroom deals etc and have tentacles in many other countries…..including very recently in India.

I only highlight this because of Morrison’s trip to India this month. Morrison’s staff is full coal loving and former CT staff…
Nov 14, 2019 11 tweets 5 min read
@RonniSalt #angusgate #grassgate

Meet John....John Auer. John is a farmer from Tubbut in Vic, near the NSW border. We can't show you John's face...oh hang on a sec we can.

When John's not busy farming he's plotting to kill Australia's native wildlife,especially eagles. You see John is the "mastermind" behind the deaths of at least 406 wedge tailed eagles over the period 2016-18. John, coached his farm hand, Murray Silvester, on how to poison the majestic raptors. The full stories are here:…
Nov 7, 2019 7 tweets 3 min read

Seems an appropriate day to remind folks about the dirty tricks of Tim Wilson and Geoff Wilson of Wilson Asset Management (WAM) re: franking credits.

They colluded to set up the stoptheretirementtax website.

Tim, at the time was chair of Standing C'ttee on Economics. Tim and Geoff are distantly related, and Tim has investments with WAM.

Tim hopped into bed with a firm he had investments in to create a website that opposed Labor's policy. WAM also opposed Labor's policy.

The website was created on 31 October 2018.