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Tony Burke is moving a censure against Angus Taylor 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

for misleading the House of Reps.. and for refusing to even answer a simple question on whether he’s aware of the document

also against Scott Morrison, for running a secretive protection racket Govt

#QT #AusPol
Christian Porter quickly jumps up.. like clock work 😒 and moves a gag motion

so @Tony_Burke will “no longer be heard”

#QT #AusPol
gag motion passes 66-73

Christian Porter has silenced Tony Burke.. from asking any further questions toward Angus Taylor

a Coalition protection racket ⚠️

#QT #AusPol
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Yesterday @AlanJones tore @ScottMorrisonMP a new one over drought funding

What surprised me was the PM, being his usual arrogant self, just doubled-down on commitments he's already made

Despite Jones' impassioned pleas, no NEW money was forthcoming from PM

#auspol #qt
Here's the PM's interview with Alan Jones 15 October 2019
#auspol #qt…
So, I decided to have a squizz at where all the drought funding is going.

I think I found the reason why @ScottMorrisonMP doubled-down & didn't or won't announce any new drought relief funding.

Basically, he's broke.

Stone cold broke. Barely a brass razoo left
#auspol #qt
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Labor in House of Reps now called for a suspension of standing orders & calls upon @GladysLiuMP to explain her position to the House.

@cporterwa responds by playing the race card, referring to Menzies govt & the White Australia Policy.

Stay classy Porter
#auspol #qt
@GladysLiuMP @cporterwa The Speaker is losing his voice

Gladys Liu nowhere to be seen

MP for Gellibrand expelled under 94A for interjecting/unparliamentary language

Porter accusing Labor of 'outrageous' slurs, has said 'Sam Dastyari' about 100 times, govt trying to make it about race
#auspol #qt
@GladysLiuMP @cporterwa MP for Mayo @MakeMayoMatter says this goes beyond party politics, appeals to govt NOT to use their slim majority to prevent this vote - notes 'we are only calling for the MP for Chisholm to give a statement to the House' [paraphrased]

Says she's 'deeply concerned'
#auspol #qt
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Prime Minister Morrison is wilfully ignoring the RBA Governor’s calls to bring forward infrastructure spending to stimulate the economy.

A thread 👇

On seven occasions since the election the RBA Governor has urged the Federal Government to use infrastructure investment to stimulate our sluggish economy, including on the weekend.…
In #qt today, the PM selectively quoted RBA Governor’s evidence before House Economics Committee last month but failed to read the next line:
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Questions in Federal #qt about Greg Hunt's approval of an MRI licence for Sound Radiology in eastern suburb of Parkside, despite many other nearby licences

@CaraEMiller CEO of Sound Radiology is the Vice President of Steven Marshall's SA Liberal Party
@CaraEMiller Here is Greg Hunt with SA Liberal Vice President @CaraEMiller #qt
@CaraEMiller This picture was reportedly from November 2017 - well before Greg Hunt approved the MRI licence for Sound Radiology…
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The company Jamland Pty Ltd is at the centre of the #grassgate allegations. Once you strip away the family companies the individual shareholders of the company are as per the graphic. #auspol
Taylor advised #QT yesterday that he declared his personal interest in the issue. There is nothing in the @GuardianAus published FOI docs to corroborate this statement.…
@GuardianAus If minutes/notes were taken at the various meetings it would be beneficial to see if any of conflict of interest was relayed/noted.
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Let's recap the govt's CURRENT scandals & fuck-ups! Note: subject to change on a daily/hourly basis.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Lying about stopping the boats - 121 Illegal Maritime Arrivals in Oct 2018, 17 IMAs in Sept 2018 & others
#auspol #qt…
Senator Mathias Cormann

Had no idea Helloworld gave him a free holiday worth $2780.82
#auspol #qt…
Senator Michaelia Cash

Refused to give Australia Federal Police a statement about AWU raid leaks from her office.
#auspol #qt…
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I believe the PM @ScottMorrisonMP has misled parliament during #qt on a number of occasions over the past week about the Australian Embassy in Israel.

Here is how I've come to that conclusion, stick with me on this

Let's start with the timeline of events so far:
Y'day, Thurs 25th Oct 2018, it was established in #Estimates that @ScottMorrisonMP made the decision to move the Embassy on Sunday 14th Oct 2018 without consulting DFAT or his Cabinet.
Later, in Hansard, PM says it was bcuz @DaveSharma wrote a 'persuasive' article in back in May.

Transcripts further down in thread.
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I've worked out the reason why PM @ScottMorrisonMP is crashing & burning right before our eyes.

Because, it's hard to soar like an eagle when you're surrounded by turkeys.

Exhibit A: Let's take a look at the Morrison Ministry and just SOME of their fuck-ups. #auspol #qt
Nigel Scullion – the Minister for Indigenous Affairs who voted for Hanson’s ‘it’s OK to be white’

O’Dwyer - #insiders appearance - talking about govt delaying banking RC
Michael McCormack – who?

Bridget McKenzie – excessive expenses claims…
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We just saw in #qt how little due diligence the 🎩 Government undertook on the @GBRFoundation

Yesterday @JoshFrydenberg said the Govt gave the private foundation the $444m because of its “fundraising history”
So, I just asked @Birmo in #qt how much money @GBRFoundation has raised in its history from corporate and private philanthropy.

Surely if they did ‘due diligence’ - he would know this. #ReefGate
And he didn’t know.

@birmo couldn’t give a figure and took it on notice.
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“Mini-thread” update on #ReefGate , @InsidersABC and the @thepmo here 👇
Yesterday I asked these questions in Senate #qt to @MathiasCormann about the @thepmo ‘s attempts to interfere in the @InsidersABC coverage of #reefgate - including if the PM @TurnbullMalcolm stood by his office’s (now disproved) claims.

Cormann took them on notice
Today I received a written answer from @MathiasCormann

Well, “response” might be a better word than “answer”

He didn’t address the main points of my questions - especially why the @thepmo told @InsidersABC something that was patently wrong
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Who in the Turnbull Government interfered in the ABC’s political coverage yesterday, this time (again) on @InsidersABC , and its coverage of #reefgate?
On @InsidersABC on Sunday, @JoshFrydenberg repeatedly refused to detail what, if any, due diligence the Turnbull Government undertook on the private foundation it gave $444m of public money without a grant application or tender process:
After @JoshFrydenberg interview, @lenoretaylor raised a point on the show:‘This process is ridiculous. How can the Govt claim that it did due diligence on this foundation, when the foundation itself said it was surprised by the offer of $444m from @TurnbullMalcolm
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