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Morning everyone☕️☕️

Pinch & a punch for the 1st of the month!

Have a fantastic day, stay safe & have fun

Fed Parl is sitting

House 9-5
Fed Ch 9:30-1
QT 2-3:15ish
#Estimates & committee (times/topics in pic👇)

Watch live👇…
#auspol #qt #Bee4Fadden Image
For more #Estimates info…

House Notice Paper/Daily program + more…


All we have to do to keep the bastards honest is pay attention.
#auspol #qt #Bee4Fadden Image
What else is on today:

National Press Club #NPC
Senator Don Farrell
12:30pm ABC

#auspol #qt #Bee4Fadden Image
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Linda Burney has blasted Peter Dutton in parliament following his speech on The Voice, for providing “every bit of disinformation misinformation & scare campaigns that exist in this debate”

Dutton even said with a Voice we won’t be able to “rejoice” when we sing our N.Anthem🤦‍♂️
Angus Taylor raises point of order on “relevance” but fails.

Jim Chalmers: “What would he know about relevance?”

Paul Fletcher then raises point of order on “offensive words” & demands Chalmers withdraw.

As you can imagine, he is not made to withdraw. What a joke. #QT
Tony Burke: “if the word ‘relevance’ is now going to be unparliamentary, there’s not many words left.”
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The Academy welcomes the passing of the Safeguard Mechanism (Crediting) Amendment Bill, which creates safeguard mechanism credits and imposes a hard cap on emissions in Australia. #qt #auspol A coal-fired power station.
This is a significant step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Australia, but it cannot be the only solution. We must expand our toolkit to remove already released emissions from the atmosphere if Australia wants to make a meaningful contribution
A roundtable of experts convened by the Academy identified a range of novel greenhouse gas removal and storage approaches last year which must be considered in the broader discussion:… #emissions
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Paul Fletcher continues to do everything in his power to stop Bill Shorten from publicly announcing shocking evidence from the #RobodebtRC
Up & down he goes, but he can’t stop Shorten from delivering a punishing spill on the LNP 💥#QT
Albo says the Opposition’s insistence on always saying No is starting to
“make Tony Abbott look positive”

PM is smashing them over saying No everything, including things like funding for women escaping DV & power price relief.
The House stands in support & to show respect to 2 miners missing in the Dugald River zinc mine near Cloncurry. Thoughts with them and their families 😔
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After Angus Taylor avoids Treasurer Jim Chalmers when asking about Interest Rates, PM Albo kindly let’s Chalmers in anyway who rips into Angus Taylor for making false claims in Sky News interviews.

“He does not have a clue & that’s why he doesn’t ask me the question!”
PM Albo now hammers Nationals’ Anne Webster for asking why the government didn’t provide power price relief earlier than they did.
When she voted against the relief package anyway?
Albo hilarious here 😅🤣#QT
Apologies had to delete and re-send this last one due to loading a wrong version. 🫤

Anyway, off to pick kids up from school so I’ll crack on again a bit later.
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LNP’s Jane Hume trying to pick out problems in the current government in regards to interest rates & inflation, as she probes Philip Lowe in Senate Estimates.
Asks him what more Labor should be doing at the moment.

Lowe: “Nothing”

Hume grimaces.
Meanwhile in the House, Bob Katter up to some weird, but not unusual antics. Honestly don’t know what he’s talking about, I couldn’t work it out.
Ok so who’s up for today’s Katter challenge? Which is to Unscramble whatever the **** Katter is talking about.

He even puts on an English accent to try get the message across. Didn’t seem to help me tho. 😂😵‍💫🤔
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#QT Sussan Ley embarrassingly tries to accuse PM Albanese of scaremongering on interest rates when they went up under the Coalition, but doesn’t realise Albo at the time was quoting her now leader, Dutton.🤦‍♂️
As the PM corrects Ley, even Peter Dutton can’t hold back his grin 😂
Dutton smiles as he looks at Ley, after her horrendously embarrassing stunt, was she put up to it? Or did she pull this one out on her own? 🤔 Image
Speaker Milton Dick, not taking any of Sussan Ley’s shit at the moment, puts her on thin ice 💥 #QT
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My 15 question for @PeterDutton_MP:

1. Have you read the Langton/Calma Report?

2. Which specific points of the Calma/Langton Report did you disagree with?

3. Why didn't you attend Garma 2022?

4. Why did you walk out of the Apology to Stolen Generations?

#auspol #insiders
5. Why did you publicly support Mark Ellis, one of the "Pinkenba Six"?

6. Since becoming an MP in 2001, what have you done specifically for the First Nations ppl in your electorate? Pls provide the detail.

#auspol #insiders
7. Why did you twice refuse to consider Ken Wyatt's 'detail' on the Voice when it was taken to Cabinet?

8. When in Govt, the Coalition failed to Close the Gap, why did your party's strategies fail to Close the Gap?

#auspol #insiders
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It seems that #Zoltan has been quite busy lately!

The newest, already 5th part of his "War"-series, was published on January 6th.

In this little #thread i've summarized some of the highlights of his piece "War and Peace:

"... four “war” dispatches last year: War and Interest Rates, War and Industrial Policy, War and Commodity Encumbrance, and finally, War and Currency Statecraft. In these, I identified six fronts (..) in “macro-land” () where Great Powers were going “at it” in 2022:
"the G7’s financial blockade of Russia, Russia’s energy blockade of the EU, the U.S.’s technology blockade of China, China’s naval blockade of Taiwan, the U.S.’s “blockade” of the EU’s EV sector with the Inflation Reduction Act,
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Die #EZB zieht die Zügel weniger hart an als von manchen in 🇩🇪 gewünscht, aber signalisiert noch einen deutlichen Anstieg der Zinsen.

Mein 🧵 anbei und Statement hier:…
Die Risiken einer zu schnellen und zu starken #Zinserhöhung sind hoch. Denn die Zinserhöhungen können mittelfristig kaum etwas an der #Inflation ändern (der größte Teil ist importiert), wirken sich aber bereits jetzt negativ auf die Wirtschaft aus - siehe Baubranche.
Die Reduktion der Wertpapierbestände #QT von ca € 200 Mrd 2023 ist moderat und stellt sich gegen die Forderung der Bundesbank nach einem schnelleren Abbau. Zentralbanken werden sich auf erhebliche rechnerische Verluste einstellen müssen - nach vielen Jahren sehr hoher Gewinne.
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1) #TheEconomist 26/11/2022

Kapak resminde Türkiye’nin, Avrupa haritasında gösterilmesi içerikten daha çok dikkat çektiği hâlde söz konusu makalede Türkiye üzerine hiçbir yorum bulunmamaktadır.

➡️ Ancak #enerji krizi ve sert #kış şartları önemli olduğundan buradan başlayalım.
2) Ukrayna’ya desteği ile hayranlık uyandıran #Avrupa için madalyonun diğer yüzünde ekonomik daralma görülmektedir.

Sorun sadece ekonomik de değildir. Putin’in enerji silahı ve soğuk hava şartları Avrupa’da 100.000 ilave ölüme işaret etmektedir.
3) Şirketler açısındansa artan enerji maliyetleri üretim bakımından yeni arayışlara neden olmaktadır. Avrupa’nın yatırımları çekmek bir yana elindekileri kaybetme riski ise hiç istenmeyen bir durumdur.

Teşvik ve desteklerse ilave yük anlamına gelecektir.
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good morning happy Sunday☀️today on #Insiders are politics corros Amy Remeikis (Guardian Aus), Clare Armstrong (murdoch) and Dana Morse (ABC). The interview is with Kate Chaney, independent MP for Curtin (once held by former Liberal Party deputy Julie Bishop).
opening spiel: interest rates, energy prices and inflation. Economic and political challenges are growing. The sky is still falling. #Insiders
the federal government is “facing pressure” [from media outlets, corporate lobbyists and a decimated coalition, as Labor governments always do]. What is the government going to do about everything?!? #Insiders
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good morning☀️happy Sunday! It’s an Oz fest at #Insiders today. Rosie Lewis, current corro at the Australian, ABC radio host Pat Karvelas and 9fax (smh/Age) chief corro David Crowe, both formerly of the Australian. The interview is with federal Treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers.
Speers has penned another of his dull nothing-nothing goes-nowhere who-can-say opeds. These are always 800-word cladding on core anti-Labor CPG themes like bR0KeN pR0MiSeS or c0sT BL0w0utS or whatever vested message they land on each week.
opening spiel: bill shock, alarm, the sky is falling and the federal Treasurer has to manage household budgets apparently #Insiders
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Yhtiön tuloskuntoa arvioitaessa, jotkut pitävät tuloksesta, toiset vapaasta kassavirrasta.

Katsotaan tässä ketjussa tarkemmin ja esimerkkejä hyödyntäen kumpi toimii paremmin, ja miksi.

Suosittelen kuppia kuumaa kaveriksi 🫖

Nettotulos (tai tilikauden voitto) löytyy tuloslaskelmasta ja vapaa kassavirta kassavirtalaskelman puolelta.

Nettotulos löytyy rivinä sellaisenaan, mutta vapaa kassavirta pitää usein laskea itse:

Vapaa kassavirta = liiketoiminnan rahavirta - investoinnit

Tässä esimerkiksi #Qt, jonka tilikauden tulos vuonna 2020 oli 12,8 MEUR ja vapaa kassavirta 12,7 MEUR – 0,6 MEUR eli 12,1 MEUR.
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Thoughts on the #BankofEngland intervention… 🧵

The Bank will carry out *temporary* purchases of long-dated UK government bonds from 28 Sep to 14 Oct to stabilise the market.

The purchases ‘will be carried out on whatever scale is necessary’, but are *strictly time-limited*…
At the same time, the #MPC is pausing the start of active #QT (i.e. selling bonds bought under #QE) until 31 Oct.

This might be reviewed depending on economic and market conditions, but the annual target of £80bn of sales is unchanged, so this is a delay rather than a U-turn...
In my view, this is a sensible and proportionate response.

Of course, it would be better if this hadn’t been necessary, but the aim was to lower gilt yields and the intervention has worked: 30-year yields have fallen by one full percentage point (!) today...
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In this little story I summarize how Covid, Supply Chain, Debt, Wages, Inflation, a Eecession, Insolvency and an aging population come together to form a common solution: Crypto Assets

1) ...
So much is happening in the world. War, High #inflation, Covid, #recession, insolvancy, a debt bubble and Supply Chain problems.

All of these causes have a large impact on the world economy and therefore on your portfolio, which makes it important to understand what is going on. Image
The main consequence:

An nation on the verge of collapse and a debt bubble around the world.

As Ray Dalio said

'A nation in its last effort of strength is hugely in debt, there are internal wealth disparities and printing money seems to many to be the solution, but it is not'. Image
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I’m so glad to announce that the computational model I developed during my PhD is now a stand-alone software and has recently passed the strict review process of my favorite journal, Journal of #OpenSource Software 🤩…
Let me explain it a bit 👇
BioDeg is an #opensource cross-platform software written in #FreeFEM, C++, and Python for modeling the degradation of metallic #biomaterials and simulating the #biodegradation behavior of medical devices and #implants in #corrosion experiments.
The necessity and the details of the computational model of #biodegradable materials, which does the main simulation behind the scene, are already discussed in this Twitter thread, so make sure to have a look at it if you like to know more 🤓

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rule breaking

rampant corruption in PPE contracts

entire Church of England condemning Nazi style deportations

Queens Council writing to PM demanding dialling down of rhetoric

tory cronies appointed to public bodies

upper house crammed with #Brexshit sycophants

=Germany 1938

Elections Bill

Policing Act

Right to Protest removed

Tory ex pat donations allowed from abroad

NHS reform Bill

Secrecy Act - journalists threatened with 14 yrs in prison for reporting negatively about tories

this govt is not conservative - I keep saying this!

it is a hard-right, nationalist, authoritarian dictatorship

now ministers are openly talking about expelling CofE bishops from the House of Lords for speaking out against Rwanda deportations Image
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🐻♉️↗️↘️↔️⚠️🚩🔺🔻🧮 💰

Global Macro Review


🐻 market rallies are wicked, like a 🕷 luring the 🪰 into her 🕸

Sentiment surveys do not tell the full story; options pricing does with $SPY IVOL/RVOL at -40 with the ETF +6.6% in 6 days, right into the 😬 of #QT

Indeed, #complacency reigns supreme

But on 6/01, the FOMC will begin to 🎬 the balance sheet by 47.5B per month

💦 is already ↘️ -50B from 4/13/22 high as operation 👊🥣 removal gets under way

Chart: Federal Reserve Balance Sheet 5/25/22

Big winners on the week, vol 🌊 sellers took advantage

$VIX 25.72 -371 BPS
$VXN 32.00 -418 BPS
$RVX 30.76 -430 BPS
$VSTOXX 25.66 -300 BPS
$VXEEM 24.72 -233 BPS

Chart: $VVIX - the vol of vol fell to a pre-pandemic low
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After yesterday's correction, NIFTY PE & PB have gone down for our Algo to show one can invest 60% in Equity. In such a scenario, we would recommend out of ₹100, ₹60 can now be invested in Equity and balance 40% in Liquid.
We then do value STP of 3X over next few months till markets remain in Yellow Zone. If markets collapse to Green Zone, balance amount in liquid can be deployed in Equity immediately.

What is 3X?

60 lacs/60 mths = 1 lac is 1X
3X in this case is 3 lacs
But please remember, that after 60% investment in Equity if markets correct, for some time that portion will show negative returns for a short while. That should not perturb us as these investments would have been done at reasonable valuation Zone.
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Kunkel review, backgrounding by PMO staff & FOIs

"Advice that was sought prior to a review being undertaken—how that could conceivably impinge upon people's privacy just seems like an odd argument to make, doesn't it?"
I know about this, as it was my FOI being discussed.

First a recap.

Morrison was asked a Q about backgrounding by his media team in #QT last year (25 March 2021).
His response was to get his Chief of Staff, John Kunkel, to do a review...taking account of Dept of Finance advice.

Kunkel, made great play of Finance's advice (see extract) in his "report" - a 4 page letter to Morrison.
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We are now entering the second stage of the busting of the #everythingbubble.

On Mar 2, 2020 I laid out some thoughts for the sequence of events during and post the COVID shock. Time for a short retrospective and some ideas what may happen next.
The the initial market reaction to the pandemic and the lockdown was highly deflationary.
The easy part was predicting that monetary and fiscal policy would throw everything they had onto the “deflationary crisis”. Pointing out the chance of severe price inflation and the opportunities that lay in investing in commodities definitely was way more outlandish.
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Hello Monday!

Big week

Not only are the Ides upon us, but we have both #FOMC and #OPEX to process.

Let's dig into the 🧮!
Mixed 👜 in Asia as 🇨🇳 and 🇭🇰 🔒 ↘️ 🦠

$NIKK 25308 +0.6%
$SSEC 3224 -2.6% 🇨🇳
$TWII 17263 unch
$HSI 19541 -4.95% 🇭🇰
$KOSPI 2646 -0.6%
$IDX 6952 +0.45%

Australia ↗️
$ASX 7149 +1.2%

India ↗️
$BSE 59215 +1.2%
Europe opens with a ↗️ bias

$DAX 13872 +1.8%
$FTSE 7150 -0.05%
$CAC 6288 +0.45%
$AEX 672 -0.45%
$IBEX 8264 +1.5%
$MIB 23313 +1.2%
$SMI 11517 +0.2%
$MOEX closed for 💥🪆
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🧵 Never Assume

In 40 yrs in the ADF as a military officer, commander & strategic planner I had the duty of briefing a wide range of politicians across the political divide. Mostly those to the Govt of the day. And at the direction of the Govt:the Opposition

#auspol #qt 1/21
Those duties also included at times accompanying politicians (with a Service Chief) to overseas operations, writing briefs for #qt accompanying the Chief to Senate Estimates, preparing cabinet submissions and taking the calls of ‘staffers’

The ADF is by convention absolutely apolitical. It serves the nation via the Government. (My simplified definition)

The ADF (&Defence) prepare ‘options’ for the Government and remain prepared for a wide range of contingencies

The Govt directs the ADF

The CDF commands

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