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8. Are #Czechia & #Slovakia the #EU's New Radical Centre
for @RUSI_org…
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7. Ukraine Doesn't Need Half-Measures from the #EU
for @ForeignPolicy…
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Quienes no han dicho nada sobre el caso de #PabloGonzález, o incluso dejan entrever sospechas contra él, denuncian ahora el de la periodista chino-australiana #ChengLei, acusada también de espionaje, cuyo juicio fue este jueves en Pekín.

Veamos sus similitudes y diferencias.🧵
Detener a cualquiera, sea periodista o bombero, sin especificar los cargos, ni permitir acceso a sus abogados y familiares, es una sangrante vulneración de derechos fundamentales. Por mucho que se aleguen acusaciones de espionaje, terrorismo u otros motivos de seguridad nacional.
#PabloGonzález era un freelance (habitualmente mal pagado y sin nadie que le respalde) que cubría una guerra para medios españoles. Fue detenido por los servicios secretos de #Polonia. El CNI de #España colaboró con ellos interrogando previamente a su familia y amigos en Euskadi.
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Macron has to be the most childish global leader we have seen in decades! What happened to not recalling the British Ambassador because “we are a puppet” or whatever insult he used? He is not helping Ukraine and he isn’t implementing the sanctions!

People like Macron are why I voted to leave the EU! The #AUKUS deal could have and would have still be done as members, now he wants to punish people/nations because he was repeatedly told that what he was delivering wasn’t going to suit Australias needs! That and the fact…

…the construction was meant to create jobs in Australia not France, that had been changed to “create jobs in France” at the end of the changes Macron decided he could make. Note that he doesn’t feel like he has to follow any agreements he makes! No one says the same to him!

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#SubmarineForce - #RAN🇦🇺⚓️

➡️ Le PM Scott Morrison dévoilera dans un discours sur la « National Security » aujourd'hui et prononcé depuis la « Kirribilli House » les implications de l'invasion de l'Ukraine par la Russie qui « s'étendront inévitablement à l'Indo-Pacifique ».
➡️ Une nouvelle base sous-marine (10 milliardsAUS$ (?) soit 6750 M€) sera construite sur la côte est de l'Australie pour les futurs #SSN (#AUKUS) avec l'identification des sites de : Brisbane, Newcastle et Port Kembla (…).
➡️ Port Kembla dans la ville de Wollongong en Nouvelle-Galles du Sud remporté la majorité des suffrages pour le moment.
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This is indeed a strong signal sent to Canberra (logical after #AUKUS). But this "re-evaluation" of the 🇫🇷🇦🇺 strategic partnership does not mean the end of the cooperation. The updated 🇫🇷 strategy actually mentions 🇦🇺 as an important partner quite extensively. Few examples👇
First, the strategy clearly states that "France will pursue bilateral cooperation with Australia on a case‐by‐case basis, according to its national interests and those of regional partners", which could leave room to quite a substantive cooperation as noticed by @Rory_Medcalf.
On university and scientific cooperation and mobility, Australia is described as a "major partner" together with India, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia or Vietnam. The 🇫🇷🇦🇺 science and innovation roadmap, signed April 2021, is specifically mentioned. ImageImage
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New US #IndoPacific #Strategy!

Read full text here:…

"The #PRC..pursues a sphere of influence in the Indo-#Pacific & seeks to become the world’s most influential power. The PRC’s coercion & aggression spans the globe, most acute in..Indo-Pacific."
#INDOPACIFIC: The Region by the #s

#POPULATION: Over half the world’s people, including 58% of youth

#ECONOMY: 60% of global GDP

#GROWTH: 2/3 of global economic growth

#GEOGRAPHY: 65% of the world’s oceans &🌊 25% of its land

From the new U.S. #IndoPacific #Strategy:

"The United States is the leading international provider
of education to students from the Indo-#Pacific—nearly 68% of international students studying in the United States hail from the region..."

Read full text:…
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"freedom gas"

PDF is from mid 2020;

It's fracked gas, US taxpayer subsidised, the areas where fracking occurs in US have regular earthquakes and water sources are dangerously polluted

Costs more to frack it than sell it in USA, so they export it here ImageImage
Having subsidised this fracking with hundreds of $billions of US taxpayer money, USA were determined to sell it. It was never a viable export either, coming in at more than triple the price of Russian gas, even without transport subsidies

Marine fuel is more polluting, produces more #NO2/#CO2 than aviation fuel. Any "green saving" is obliterated before "freedom gas" even arrives in Britain, let alone remote parts of Europe

#UK #EU hate #Russia so much, they are prepared to freeze us all ImageImage
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Our digital conference 'The Indo-Pacific Operating System' begins now. First up: Lowy Institute Executive Director @mfullilove hosts a conversation with White House Indo-Pacific Coordinator Kurt Campbell. We'll be sharing highlights from the event here.
You can still join the audience - register through the link here: …
.@mfullilove introduces Kurt Campbell and asks him about his concept of the 'Indo-Pacific Operating System', and the US' long-term ambition in the region.
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Since #AUKUS and the safeguards and submarines discussion does keep coming up (see the Board's decision to include naval nuclear propulsion as a full agenda item), I thought I would put together a short resource list on the topic.
China made clear that it wants a committee established on the topic, which I can only liken to a Committee 26 which would negotiate on model para 14 arrangements. Interesting idea worth some consideration, but sure to face opposition from AUKUS countries.
As far as resources, I'd be remiss if I didn't flag the webinar that we hosted with @laura_rockwood @OpenNuclear and VCDNP Non-Resident Senior Fellow on the subject (recording and summary included).…
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Teknik #Australia untuk menenggelamkan kapal-kapal #Indonesia yang terlibat illegal fishing berujung rumit. Indonesia secara resmi menangguhkan proyek patroli maritim bersama Aussie untuk sementara. Padahal #Menlu Aussie mau ke RI. Kita bahas👇

Kepala Komando Perbatasan Maritim #Australia Laksamana Muda Mark Hill memimpin pemusnahan kapal-kapal ilegal dari #Indonesia. Tak hanya itu mereka menyita ratusan kilogram alat tangkap dan juga makanan hasil laut.

#AUKUS #AsiaPacific #Military #Maritime #Regional #Bilateral
Padahal baru saja, Angkatan Laut Australia (#RAN) dan Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Laut (#TNI-AL) telah menyelesaikan patroli maritim bersama untuk meningkatkan keamanan di seluruh perbatasan laut kedua #negara.

#AUKUS #AsiaPacific #Indonesia #Australia #AUSINDO #Military
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The #ASEAN disunity over AUKUS

The #ASEAN sees #aukus pact increases geopolitical risks in the region, as #aukus is aimed at countering rising Chinese belligerence.
The rise of partnerships in the region, which are not ASEAN-centric causes them concern.…
2/ How have various #ASEAN countries reacted to #aukus ?

They've not reacted in unison. Each member expressed its own views. The divergence in opinion was quite apparent.
Brunei did not speak about it.
Indonesia expressed caution with AUKUS.
Malaysia appears astonished. Image
3/ #Vietnam is more open to #aukus “All countries strive for the same goal of peace, stability, cooperation, and development” & nuclear power can be harnessed for development.

The #Philippines is more welcoming of the #aukus though President #Duterte sounded contradictory. Image
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The US Military thinks it’s been ‘clever’ with this verdict but actually shows how lost they have become.

If it’s ‘acceptable’ to target people without evidence they are dangerous, it means their ROE must allow for indiscriminate killing. For ‘show’.
I’ll explain..
The one ‘out’ the US had is this disgraceful incident would be if the weapon system misfired, or operator failed to hit the target he was aiming for.

But by admitting they hit the ‘correct’ target, it shows that their ID standards are not based on the necessary high standards..
Missile strikes are justified only in either ‘self-defence’ or if the target as positively identified as a Member of an Organised Armed Group.

Otherwise it’s murder under both US and Afghan law…
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What should we expect from the Macron-Biden meeting later this week in Rome? In this @TheNatlInterest piece, I try to put into perspective the ongoing diplomatic row between Paris and Washington over #AUKUS. A short 🧵 on the main takeaways 👇…
If you think that the 🇫🇷🇺🇸 diplomatic tensions over AUKUS are only a bilateral matter over the loss of a submarine contract, then you’re mistaken.
The AUKUS crisis is actually revealing of a larger trend in the transatlantic relationship, with Washington increasingly focusing on its competition with China sometimes at the risk of overlooking Europe's role and interests.
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"The biggest source of corruption in Afghanistan", one American official said, "was the United States."

We knew that in 2013

If you read the 2013 story about Afghanistan, it doesn’t take much imagination to think the CIA may do similar things in other countries.
How did the US come to ‘own’ Australia as the result of a few key figures?
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Does it matter if 🇺🇸-🇨🇳 rivalry is referred to as "Strategic Competition" instead of "Great Power Competition"?

Yes! When coupled with recent actions, it tells us the direction of 🇺🇸 foreign policy towards 🇨🇳.

For background, this week the Biden administration confirmed that it will be using the phrase "strategic competition" to refer to its approach towards 🇨🇳…
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1/12 Australia hasnt ratifd Interntnl Covnt on Civil & Political Rights OHCHR.Neither have #AUKUS partners.Article 20: Prohibits by law,any advocacy of national,racial,religious hatred that constitutes incitmnt to..hostility,violence(IE prohibitd to use propgnda to incite war)
2/12 Cld there be a more perfect Article? Isnt that a wonderful prohibition? Well,3 #AUKUS Nations haven’t ratified. #Murdoch & assoctd oligarchs want it that way. We’re owned by him & defence industries who profit enormously from WAR. That’s why we we’re partners! We’re ownd!
3/12 Together we were mobilisd into #Iraq & #Afghanistan. Now conservative think tanks,funded by #Murdoch & defence industry companies are banging the ‘drums of war’ vs #China! If it sounds like we’re spoiling for a fight, it’s because our Govt wants that!
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French foreign minister @JY_LeDrian testified yesterday at a French Senate hearing on the implications of #AUKUS. An important discussion with French Senators which will be followed by other hearings. A 🧵 on the main highlights 👇
First, minister Le Drian presented in detail the Franco-Australian Future Submarine Program. An intergovernmental agreement was signed in December 2016 and then a Strategic Partnering Agreement in February 2019.
The production was supposed to start in 2023 and the first submarine to be delivered by 2033/2034. Le Drian noted that the program included an industrial partnership with the U.S. with Lockheed Martin in charge of the weapon system.
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The comparisons being made between #AUKUS n the India US civil nuclear deal (#IUSCND) of 2005-08 are not warranted just because nonproliferation questions apply to both.

But both stink.

Love India #AUKUS people but hate their governments. Be warned.

Quick read thread 1/20
#IUSCND was civil cooperation between non allies. #AUKUS is a pact between hardcore military partners. The object n purposes of the two are entirely different.

Comparing the 2 is like comparing apples n oranges.
Whatever the stated goals, the US gained a vassal state like India because of the #IUSCND. India got its ego pumped but has significantly lost its integrity as a serious player in international relations.
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Thread: Today I want to talk about remarkable coincidences. #AUKUS

I decided to look up the Australian Govt's Submarine Advisory Committee. It was active once so I thought I see if it still was.

Yep it is active and new members were appointed in May 2021....strange.

Strange that I didn't see a press release about these appointments.

Even stranger when last time around some members were getting $600+K to sit on it.

But there it is, govt directory 👇 says SAC had 3 good folks recently appointed to it.…
I decided to check out Kirkland H Donald's CV given the previous $600+K contract was given to him.

I assume the recent SAC listing is a transcription error - but who knows.

Anyway Kirkland H Donald is Chair of the Board at
Huntington Ingalls Industries.
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If anyone still thinks the US are the good guys of the world consider the case of Catherine Gun.

She was a principled officer at GCHQ before the Iraq War, who (rightly) took exception to the fact the UK was tasked by the US to gather incriminating evidence on UN officials.
The reason the US wanted incriminating evidence on the UN officials was because they represented the ‘balance of power’ in the UN Security Council, and the US intended to Blackmail them to vote for war in Iraq.
That is the US was getting the UK to break the law, and be complicit in blackmail, in order to launch a war that would kill and displace (eventually) millions of people, in order to achieve US ‘foreign policy objectives’ (invasions that bring domestic electoral success)
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This is👇a good representation of 🇫🇷 perspective by great ⁦@SylvieKauffmann
My 2 related cents:
In the 21st century what defines the power status is i.a the number of allies a state has, but also its ability to mobilize their support quickly.🧵 1/9…
So in theory after Brexit France is significantly stronger than the UK – as potentially it can mobilize allies from the EU quicker, while the UK doesn’t have this luxury anymore – and its allies are first and foremost America’s allies 2/9
However, France “lost” the submarine case to #AUKUS, because in the Pacific it appeared to be alone. The EU has been nowhere around. The submarine contract wasn’t an European endeavour, but solely a French one, in spite of ex-post claims by French politicians 3/9
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A US Foreign Agents Registration Act filing shows our Morrison engaged the services of fmr US Navy Sec, Don Winter, to lay the groundwork for the 18 month #AUKUS study.

Winter seems to have been engaged by Morrison via Burdeshaw Assocs.…
Burdeshaw have done well recently winning Aust Govt tenders and providing Sovereign Naval Shipbuilding advice to both Dept of Defence and PM&C.
The ABC in March this year reported that Winter was working as a special advisor to the PM.

Unclear whether the PM&C $1.5m contract to Burdeshaw relates to Winter's role as special adviser.
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'Siri, show me in one image the relationship between #COVID19 conspiracy theorists, fascists, and far-right grifters.'
Under the terms of the #AUKUS treaty & British common & United States constitutional law, I'm obliged to share:

Anyway, here's Putin's No.1 Aussie/Cossack fanboy Simeon Boikov w some bloke called John(?):
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