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18 Jun 20
More constructively: if you had a massive pot of cash for EU rail, and wanted to better use rail to reduce CO2 emissions, what should you *actually* do?

I am pretty sure this thread of mine won't get 1100 retweets like this ridiculous load of squiggles on a map, but here goes...
On passenger rail:
- start by identifying the centres of population that have massive transit between them, and rail has a low market share, and work out how to fix that. Examples: Ruhr or Frankfurt - London, Frankfurt - Paris, Amsterdam - Paris
- this is not just about new lines. It's about unblocking congested junctions and stations, and also finding ways to up speeds through heavily built up areas

- good luck sticking a 300km/h railway through the places on that map! The inhabitants will *scream*!
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17 Jun 20
A little thread on the Marcus Rashford / school meals u-turn and what it tells us about what’s in the minds of Number 10.

Even by their standards this was a bad one, so deserves a further look.
This thread is *not* about the rights and wrongs of the policy, or whether a footballer ought to do what Rashford did. Have those arguments elsewhere.

This is about why Johnson’s government reacted as it did.
That the government would u-turn on this is an anathema to how Cummings is supposed to think.

Over the years he’s repeatedly bemoaned the short termism of Whitehall, and MPs responding to the latest public whim.

And then this! 😳
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15 Jun 20
At least with Theresa May on Brexit you knew there had been some thought, some reflection, some preparation before she said anything. It might have been wrong or dangerous, but at least there was thought.

With Johnson he blurts out the first bullshit that springs to mind.
I find this really corrosive.

The intellectual laziness. The carelessness. The abject lack of understanding for those on the other side of the table. The chronic inability to put oneself in the shoes of others.
If I behaved the way Johnson does - either in my personal or professional life - I’d be a laughing stock.

No one would employ me. Friends wouldn’t talk to me or would disown me.

And yet Johnson is PM of UK through major crises.
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11 Jun 20
I am aware political prediction is a mug's game

I am aware the old rules of 🇬🇧 politics don't apply

I might be awfully premature

But one hell of a ⛈ is coming
🇬🇧 locked down late and inconsistently

🇬🇧 has been loosening erratically and without a plan (e.g. arguments over 2m ↔️ distance or not)

🇬🇧 has been late to make 😷 compulsory, months behind rest of Europe
Track & Trace 📱 is still a complete mess, and will be for some time, plus trust in the government has evaporated, making chances the system works effectively even lower

And this against a backdrop of one of the highest numbers of COVID deaths per capita in Europe
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1 Jun 20
I'm struggling with lockdown

A little thread...

Provoked by this - yesterday, a couple of kilometres from where I live
The people in that sort of inflatable boat flotilla might get away with doing that - they might have luck they are not infected, that they were not close enough to someone who was, and being outside probably lessens the risk. We don't know.
I am not doing that. That would not be my thing even in non-Corona times. But I am still self isolating and social distancing as well as I can.

But I am enormously privileged to be able to do that. My work is digital, I work from home, I live next to a park for air and exercise.
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30 May 20
OK, a tweet about something completely different...

Are any of my followers regular sellers of things on eBay?

Due to Coronavirus I have started to sell a few things on eBay, rather than Kleinanzeigen (🇩🇪's Gumtree equivalent)

My problem: people win auctions but then don't pay
This has now happened in about 40% of cases

Some of these items are old computers - not super expensive, but not cheap either

And yes, I can request payment, wait 4 days, take a case to eBay, wait 4 more, and then re-list the item

But is this *normal*?
One 10 year old laptop here (2009 MacBook A1342) has now been listed, bought, failed *3 times*

Yes, eBay does not charge for this. But it gets a bit tedious after a while

I know I can force immediate payment for "Buy it now" items, but not for auctions AFAIK
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27 May 20
Let's actually take this one apart

I can think of 3️⃣ cases of what was reported where there are outstanding questions...

Explained in the thread
Case 1️⃣

"An infectious uncertainty"
By Mary Wakefield, Cummings's wife, in The Spectator
This is a rather peculiar one I admit, as it mentions her son administering Ribena to Cummings, but perhaps more importantly she states she thinks she had COVID, something Cummings at the Press Conference denied. And neglects to mention all of this happened in Durham not London.
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27 May 20
So last night I wondered about the onboard IT systems in Cummings's Land Rover Discovery Sport

This morning let's have a look at how many times Cummings would have had to put ⛽️ in it
I initially started checking details of his car, model etc. (it's a Discovery Sport second generation - see… ) and you can tell that from this pic…
But I live in Germany. And Germany is *the* car country, right?

It turns out that DE24 News has done the *whole lot* for us already!…
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26 May 20
An interesting side issue, pointed out to me by @NeilWatsonlive

Cummings drives a Land Rover Discovery Sport

Modern Jaguar Land Rover cars have an on board telematics system that sends data on location back to JLR
How do we know this?

Because data from a similar car was used in a murder case - all explained towards the bottom here:…
Does Cummings's model have this?


The system was introduced from 2013 onwards…

And the model he has was only introduced in 2015…
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26 May 20
In light of this tweet, I have been going back over what Dominic Cummings said about his movements at the press conference yesterday, and returning to Durham (or not)

All is explained in the thread
First, Cummings's opening statement

Transcript here:…

These are the relevant parts - quoted in full
"In the last few days, there have been many media reports that I returned to Durham after the 13th of April."

"All these stories are false. There is a particular report that I returned there on the 19th of April."
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26 May 20
Let me conduct a little thought experiment for a moment

Imagine Coronavirus had not happened, and instead the Daily Mirror / Guardian had dug up a different Cummings scandal - imagine he had allegedly bribed an EU official to get info on the Brexit negotiations
How would that one play out?
Johnson would stand by his man.

Cummings would defend his conduct - that it might not really have been in the spirit of negotiation, but he was doing it for the best for Britain.
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25 May 20
So this tweet of mine, 3 days ago, was monumentally wrong.

I assumed a massive wave of critique - from Hartley Brewer via Tim Montgomery to The Daily Mail would be enough to topple Cummings. But I was incorrect.
The vast majority of Tory MPs favour their short term fortunes with the whips over the medium term prospects of the party.

Contorting themselves in a gruesome manner to defend Cummings has proven unsightly, but nevertheless possible.
The hold Cummings has over Johnson is even stronger than I had thought. Johnson's self preservation radar seems to be off, or otherwise he is even more spineless than we thought (hard one I know).
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25 May 20
This is the best Cummings timeline I have found so far - via @huge2ya…
It needs to be read together with this… by Cummings's wife Mary Wakefield, and the original report by @PippaCrerar…
The most plausible timeline is that Wakefield already had symptoms and vomiting on Thursday 26 March, so Cummings broke isolation to go to Number 10 on Friday 27 March - to then run from Downing Street middle of the day on 27th
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25 May 20
Folks, *please* be a little careful with regard to tweets being deleted by politicians and government bodies.

Yes, this is significant when it happens, but many of the purported cover ups are not that.

Here follows a little thread about how to avoid getting caught out.
Let me introduce you to Twitter's advanced search:

This is the easiest place to start to make sure you're not tricked. It allows search by date, tweets to a user etc.
Take this tweet for example:

10 seconds of searching reveals this is not true - the tweet is still up:

And the response of the person who wrote the untrue one 🤷‍♂️:
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22 May 20
These pieces about how #Coronavirus has wrecked a borderless Europe annoy me - especially when they quote Macron about opening again. France has been the biggest hypocrite on #Schengen since 2015, with DE close behind during the refugee crisis!…
Also the basic issue is this: does restriction on the movement of people make sense during #Coronavirus - yes, it does. Because it can stop transmission. The problem is closing borders is about the only mechanism states have, not least because 2015 broke that taboo.
Germany has suffered this a bit less perhaps, as with 16 Länder local restrictions for health reasons are easier to do. But elsewhere in Europe that's not so much of an issue.
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20 May 20
A few quick updates about the Mogherini - College of Europe situation

The Academic Council OKed her appointment last week, and this is pending approval by the Administrative Council next week
There has been plenty of press coverage about the issue - Corriere della Sera, Le Monde, De Standaard, Politico Europe, Libération, Le Vif etc... all listed here:
This has also led to an up-tick of signatures of the open letter - now 145…
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16 May 20
So there's been no ⚽️ in Europe for weeks... But the 🇩🇪 #Bundesliga restarts today

But for those who've never followed it, how do you choose a team?

Diagrams, and explaining German things to non-Germans are my thing... so here's "How to choose a Bundesliga team" V2
I was also asked whether I could cover the 2. Bundesliga...

This one has some pretty niche cultural and linguistic references in it!

"How to choose a 2. Bundesliga Team" V1
High res versions, and XML to make them, is available here:…

Thanks @jarrettreckse @BegleyChris @J52Wallusch @KitHolden @jon_halsall for feedback on V1, @DrJMorris14 for the politics, and @Kristaldo1907 @wiche @almostadiary for the Augsburg/Mainz corner!
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15 May 20
So the #Bundesliga ⚽️🇩🇪 is about to re-start, while games are still off elsewhere in 🇪🇺

Explaining things that happen in Germany to non-German audiences, and doing things with diagrams, is my business

So here's the "How to choose a Bundesliga Team" Diagram V1.0.0
High resolution PNGs, PDFs and draw(dot)io XML is here:…

Thanks @jarrettreckse for the idea, and @KitHolden & @sundersays for input

Happy to make further changes!

And no, unlike #BrexitDiagram, I am not putting odds on who's going to win!
The team name box for Schalke was missing in V1.0.0, now corrected in V1.0.1
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15 May 20

The Press Release from the College of Europe about Mogherini is out. It's actually longer than I had expected.

PDF here:…
Para 2 is interesting - it is happy to note Van Rompuy is not a member of the Academic Council, but neglects to mention he was the Search Committee
Para 3 is neat. It blames the delays in the process, and the limbo, on the European Commission not the College itself.
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15 May 20
A few final thoughts for now on this Mogherini stuff for now, based on @cgs_atl & @maiadelabaume's follow up for @POLITICOEurope…
The narrative being woven here by the College is this:
- because there was no consensus on which of five candidates to go for in November, none of them should be reconsidered
- Mogherini, considered on her own, was unanimously approved by the Selection Committee
But if you put all of them *together*, AND you assessed all of them according to the published criteria, I am pretty certain Mogherini would *not* have emerged the victor - as she did not comply with the criteria, but other candidates did
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13 May 20
Last night The Express wrote: "Germany’s daily coronavirus cases nearly TRIPLE - states bring back tougher measures"

Even a skim read revealed problems with the piece.

But now I have taken it apart in a blog post:…

Summary in the thread.
The tripling they speak of is not a tripling.

The raw number 933 Tuesday is 2.6x the previous day's number 357 Monday (could round to 3x).
The problem is - as RKI makes clear - much of the change is due to a reporting issue in 1 Kreis in BaWü. Account for that and the number becomes:

785 Tuesday
505 Monday
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