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Here at 12:13 pm is @UN_Spokesperson Spox Haq in the UN Press Briefing Room from which Inner City Press is banned by UNSG @AntonioGuterres. It has emailed him Qs on Tigray, #Uganda, #Nigeria, SG scam "election, #Chad #Belarus #Cameroon, #Honduras, thread below
Inner City Press asked Haq, "On Uganda, on which you have refused to answer Press' Qs about the digital ID system which excludes people from vaccination, what are UN's comments and actions if any on that Uganda has recorded its highest number of coronavirus cases
Inner City Press asked, "On Ethiopia and Tigray what are the comments and actions if any of SG Guterres on that Ethiopia's electoral board has postponed until September elections in Somali and Harari. The voting will also not take place in Tigray
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1/ Today I took the "free" (i.e. paid by taxpayers) @lead_horizon COVID-19 PCR test, also known as "Alles gurgelt!". What a painfully frustrating experience.
2/ Let's take a look at what's wrong with this test, shall we.
3/ Let's start with the good parts about the test -- it's available in English, and the testing procesure doesn't require installing any malware, it's all web-based.
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Since @CrowdJustice tried to nobble @BluskyeAllison's case, I have consistently unticked the 10% donation. But they charge it anyway. They still do. #Fail
Until @Crowdjustice supports projects for EVERYONE, including the gender critical like @BluskyeAllison, I shall refuse to donate an extra 10%. (They take a share of the donation anyway.) I asked about this since March, but the extra 10% gets charged anyway.
What is going on, @CrowdJustice?
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The Pension War Room™️ reminds you that TBF has completed the analysis about withdrawing from CPP and forming an APP. It will be interesting for sure. No doubt @jkenney is waiting to release this report until he gets control of his caucus. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
May I reiterate the only reason for withdrawing from CPP would be to say FU to the feds. There will be no enduring cost savings. (The younger AB population will give lower rates, but that will be compensated for by higher rates for the smaller group size.) #AbLeg #handsoffmycpp
Never mind the political risk of @jkenney directing investment operations (even subtly) while appointing AIMCO directors. I can't even think about it. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
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This is your daily pension announcement: @MattJonesYYC wanted AIMCO Heritage Fund 5-year numbers, well here you go. Attached is the quote from the last quarterly that shows the 5-year investment objective to be 7.1%. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
What was the 5-year AIMCO Heritage return? 6.3%, A FULL 0.8% BELOW THE GOAL.

That is annualized each year for 5 years. Think about that. Kevin often tries to confuse things by suggesting the passive benchmark is the target. It isn't. #AbLeg
I am so concerned about this unilateral GOA action is that pension policy errors don't show up for years and then are dealt with years after that.

It is so interesting to me that MLAs swear that pensions are guaranteed when that guarantee was removed in 1992. #AbLeg

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This is your daily pension announcement: Kevin's swan song appearance is below in the Heritage Fund Committee meeting. Skip ahead to 10:34 for that bit. Kevin expresses concern (remorse?) that AIMCO has been pulled into politicized areas. #AbLeg…
Well, Kevin, that is all your fault. Not the part about working with a weak and unknowledgeable minister, you couldn't avoid that. But you took AIMCO the politicized route when you supported Bill 22. You should have steered clear. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
Kevin, for instance, could have insisted that Bill 22 could have read that ATRF must use AIMCO "where value exists" instead of "must".

Kevin could have insisted that AIMCO not write any "business case" as they were clearly in a conflict of interest. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
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2003 in theory & practise docs, we are now at "update 3.0" of the Hegelian Dialectic Tool.
Last substantial "update 2.0" was tried out in 2009 (#fail).

Maybe @JHSPH_CHS can design another scenario in the coming months, w/ more love to details.

Name-suggestion: HARSH Pandemic.
Web Archive, in case you have difficulties due to Non-SSL secured connection:…
Find here the complete index, as always special thx 2 @weaponizedword1 & @weaponizedword2 for first class resources.

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This is your daily pension announcement, mailbag edition!😎Where I will answer pension question put to me by the loyal pension army!!!

First up, several questions all along the lines of: "If the NDP toss the UCP from power will Bill 22 be rescinded?"
#AbLeg #handsoffmypension
I can't say what exactly will happen but the NDP have shown they understand the issues involved and have tried (twice) to get most odious and unfair portions of Bill 22 and the AIMCO Act fixed.

#AbLeg #handsoffmypension
For me, if the public sector pension plans were obligated to use AIMCO "where value exists" then things would be fine.

I am confident that in a couple of asset classes AIMCO can provide cost-effective investment management. Not in all asset classes. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
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Falo de docker desde 2015.
Nunca esperei nada da @Docker.
Nunca ganhei uma camiseta deles.
Uns meses atrás, quando fizemos o #chamaasmina, alguém de lá entrou em contato, dizendo "good job" e que iriam mandar uns "brindes". Então, eu preciso falar se os brindes chegaram? #fail
Nunca recebi um RT da @docker.
Fiz amizades com funcionarios da Docker, pessoas incriveis.
Mas a propria Docker? Nunca.
Uma vez visitei o escritorio deles em SF, uma pá de gente falou comigo pq me conheciam dos videos. E a Docker? Nada.
Fiz UM video sobre o sensacional @sysdig la pra 2016, os caras me mandaram email, colocaram o meu video na page deles.
E na Kubecon de Barcelona, o fundador do Sysdig colou em mim e pediu pra tirar uma foto! chorei, claro! hahhaa
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updating slides for my contribution to the @lipidmaps Training School...

Wikidata currently has 18201 LIPID MAP identifiers, 3434 are associated with CAS RNs confirmed by @CASChemistry Common Chemistry
@lipidmaps @CASChemistry a bit more about this... attached is the slide I presented at the LIPID MAPS and MAP/UK Training School last week 18201 lipids: 3...
@lipidmaps @CASChemistry but this was still mostly based on earlier work, and overnight another @wikidata job ran to add ~3400 @lipidmaps identifiers, based on existing chem structures and InChIKey match, so let me post the updated numbers:
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This is your daily pension announcement: The Pension War Room™️ needs to show you just how shoddy the AIMCO "business case" was. Travis and the MLAs stick hard to two claims:
1. AIMCO has a better return pre-VOLTS
2. This will save teachers and GOA $41 mil per year
Both are not true. Here is a screenshot of the return chart from the business case that some bearded mook at AIMCO wrote. It looks like AIMCO is outperforming over the 10-year time frame. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
The mook from AIMCO (and Peter Milburn after him) fail to recognize that the 2008 return still INCLUDED CO-MINGLING OF FUNDS BETWEEN THE PRE-1992 FUND AND THE POST-1992 FUND.

#AbLeg #handsoffmypension
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Il y a qqs jours, mon smartphone a fêté ses 1️⃣0️⃣ ans 🎂🎉. J'ai un @Apple iPhone 4S depuis tout ce tps, acheté neuf à l'époque (inconscient que j'étais de pas mal d'enjeux). Je vous propose de faire un petit retour d'expérience et de voir les limites rencontrées #thread 1/
@Apple Commençons par le matos #hardware, 1️⃣0️⃣ ans, 3 batteries, 1 vitre arrière et 1 écran. Sur ce modèle un kit de tournevis suffit pour faire ces répérations. Il est facile d'ouvrir ce téléphone avec 2 vis et grâce aux tutos @iFixitFR ou d'autres de procéder aux réparations. 2/
@Apple @iFixitFR Donc après 1️⃣0️⃣ ans, tt fonctionne sans soucis (micro, haut-parleur, écran…), comme quoi pour ceux qui en doutent, l'électronique peut durer même avec quelques chutes au compteur, un plongeon de quelques secondes dans l'eau. Maintenant parlons logiciel #software, l'épine… : 3/
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This is your daily pension announcement. The Pension War Room™️will be busy next Thursday night. Feel free to sign up for a pension issue consultation with Rachel. Might I point out Travis has not held any type of consultation on pensions. Ever. #AbLeg 👇…
In fact, some UCP MLAs have now taken to apologizing for the "poor consultation" around the AIMCO decisions. You can't make this shit up.

NO CONSULTATION does not even rise to the very low bar of "poor". Poor consultation would be an improvement. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
The UCP MLAs that we have heard from all seem to be asking the questions about the roles and motivations of the civil servants at TBF. They can't believe that these public servants could mislead them in any way. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
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Buckin' #TouThao doesn't need any damned water if #GeorgeFloyd didn't get any air! We're having #DerrickChauvin's trial now, but you're not forgotten #Thao, you should've stopped the other 3 from #murdering #GeorgeFloyd, but you helped them! #ConvictThao!
At 09:30 #TouThao says he was taught #CPR at the police academy, recertified every two yrs. Why didn't he pull that skill out of his ass during #TheMurderOfGeorgeFloyd? The first thing they teach you is to take a pulse, did he take #GeorgeFloyd's pulse?
This meeting takes place in August 2020, it's warm in Minnesota in August, and #TouThao is there voluntarily, he is not under arrest, so all five of these men are #CovidIdiots because they aren't having this meeting outside and with masks on.

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Zum Nachlesen, wie die JumbaWhumba Marketing Popstar App im RBB erneut(!) versucht, eine Frau zu diskreditieren.

Initial war Journalistin @evawolfangel und jetzt ist Sicherheitsforscherin @thsStadler durch Smudo persönlich fällig. 😒

Danke @annalist für die Transparenz 👍
Was die selbst angeht?

Nicht so wirklich Lust und Laune auf ordentliche und transparente Ehrlichkeit zu setzen

Hier ein Thread von @ralf, wie sie Lizenz-Grundlagen für Nutzung von fremdem Quellcode brechen und damit die App sogar aus den Storys fliegt /2
Generell ist das alles auf sehr wackeligen Füßen. Gesundheitsdaten und sicher Entwicklung einer Plattform mit Verschlüsselung ist nicht ihre Kernkompetenz, so wie es Marketing zu sein scheint. /3
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The Pension War Room™️must work hard to get through this Stalinesque level disinformation campaign.

TBF has "briefings" and "explanations" for MLAs so they can learn about hot topics and their press lines. Some of these were on teachers' pensions. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
Either a group of MLAs (~4 and counting) confused the message, or they were given an entirely incorrect version by Athana and TBF. This is one of the problems with importing Deputy Ministers from BC. I lived through all these events and they affected my family in a material way.
There argument seems to be that because the GOA is paying the pre-1992 liability, that the GOA can do whatever they want with the post 1992 plan. Incorrect. Selective on the facts. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
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Hey Switzerland

In terms of doses per 100 people, you are behind: The United Kingdom, the United States, Denmark, Estonia and Iceland.

Source: Bloomberg @business

@LeroyBaechtold… Image
Switzerland, in terms of doses per 100, you are also behind: Serbia, Hungary, Turkey, Portugal, Morocco and Bahrain.

Source: Bloomberg @business

@JoelThuering… Image
Hey Switzerland
Hey the EU, France and Germany and others

This video is from December 20th in Israel.

By failing to roll out Covid-19 vaccinations fast you are failing to protect the health of your citizens.

It is a #fail of epic proportions.

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The Pension War Room™️ would like to announce another public appearance at the Standing Committee on Private Members' Public Bills. The meeting starts Monday morning at 8:00 AM, you can get the video link at this page 👇👇👇 #AbLeg #handsoffmypension…
If you can't watch live a recording will be available later in the day.

@yomeeks will be doing a stakeholder presentations on Bill 208, Alberta Investment Management Corporation Amendment Act brought forward by @SPhillipsAB. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
Bill 208 brings forward several changes to the AIMCO Act that are required, if not seriously overdue. It would remove the ability of TBF to issue "directives" to AIMCO. It would require the appointment of Directors to the AIMCO Board from each of the big pension plans. #AbLeg
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La première fois que j'ai vu @MaitreMo, j'étais à l'école (des avocats), on passait un exercice de plaidoirie en droit pénal (argh), sur un dossier d'agression sexuelle sur mineur (youpi banane) devant une formation composée de magistrats et d'avocats.
Ayant bien compris que la subtilité des amortissements dégressifs serait difficile à placer, dans une affaire d'un pauvre type un peu limité qui avait agressé une jeune fille handicapée mentale, sur fond de misère partagée, il m'a bien fallu y aller.
J'ai tout de suite vu que le droit pénal, c'était pour moi. Le président m'a demandé si je venais pour l'affaire de viol, j'ai répondu candidement que non, c'était l'agression sexuelle.
Il m'a demandé si c'était un aveu #fail et toi tu m'as fait un grand sourire et un clin d'oeil
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The Pension War Room brings the budget edition! A couple of observations:

First, there is less Trudeau bashing than the last fiscal update. It wasn't a good look. So good to see a slight improvement here. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
That stuff has no place in these docs. Grow up.
Second, in the "garbage in, garbage out category" we have a regurgitation of MacKinnon:
"MacKinnon found that Alberta has a lower cost of living (measured by a comparison of provincial taxes and utilities in key cities in each of the provinces) ...." #AbLeg
So MacKinnon ignored every other economist on Earth that would use a basket of goods and services to measure cost of living. (food+rent+transportation, for example) She instead said (low)taxes+(low)utilities=cost of living

Voila, we have a low cost of living in AB. #AbLeg
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(Muestra Xochimilco)
Con información de primera mano.
1. Tiempo total (pueda a puerta): 93 minutos
2. Tiempo de pie = Cero
3. Carpa ENORME
4. 30 y tantas líneas de vacuna
5. Muchas MUCHAS sillas.
6. Facilitadores facilitando…
7.- Los siervos de la nación (comprobado) no dan valor agregado.
8.- DEBEN usarse recursos del estado (en esta ocasión CDMX): Servicios médicos, vacunadores (con experiencia de 30 años vacuanando 🙄)
9.- Si no hay tecnología o funciona. Mejor no vacunen … Punto.
10.- Este modelo con ESTA CAPACIDAD debe de ser el ESTÁNDAR para poblaciones de ese tamaño. No me refiero a CDMX me refiero al BARRIO !!!
¿DE verdad pensaban que con sus “correcaminos” y dos “células” en el patio de una escuela lo harían?
11.- Esto debe funcionar las 24 HORAS.
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This is your daily pension announcement. The Pension War Room™️ recognizes that the GOA budget is imminent. Ah... remembering MacKinnon it has been so long since so little was done. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension…
Remember that Travis, in his last fiscal update said something to the effect of: "AB spends a bit more than BC per capita on education, therefore education is well funded in AB". Travis loves to start a sentence with something that is true then veer off from there... #AbLeg #fail
The truth is that BC spends the least in Canada, AB the next lowest. AB would have the lowest spending if they did not generously support private schools and busing. #AbLeg #handsoffmypension
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This is your daily pension announcement! Management Employees' Pension Plan (MEPP) has their 2019 Annual Report available. AIMCO earned return: 12.5% against a benchmark of 13.3%. Not good. Bonuses should never be paid for below benchmark performance. #AbLeg @premiamgmt #fail
Not a big problem for MEPP, after all, they are 120% funded. Interesting to note that AIMCO charged MEPP 80 bps in costs. ATRF last year had investment costs of 76 bps, Travis tell me again how Bill 22 is going to save money... @AbLeg #handsoffmypension
@JasonCoppingAB has not replied to my email about the errors he was making about pensions. MEPP is a good example of a single sponsor (ie not joint) plan. Travis is the sole authority for the plan and is responsible for deficiencies. It is also fairly small ~$5 billion. #AbLeg
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@scottjshapiro McConnell:

- Fabricated pretexts to acquit Trump, twice
- Fabricated, then moved goalposts from Garland to Barrett
- Quashed serious questions on Kavanaugh's history, perjury, debts, crimes (theft of docs, assaults) & character
- Rationalized a Ponzi scheme tax cut
- ...

@scottjshapiro - Lifted sanctions on a Russian oligarch, endorsing Putin's Ukraine invasion

- Stood by while Trump
~ created 2,000 orphans
~ tortured thousands of immigrants w/ inadequate bedding, heat, clothing, sanitation & healthcare
~ sabotaged US #COVID19 response, killing 400k

@scottjshapiro ~ rigged sweetheart, no-bid contracts for donors, like:
. Whitefish Energy who charged 6 x market prices for PR electrical grid work they couldn't do
. The border wall, at 4 x the price of the prior most expensive wall in the world / mile
. For-profit concentration camps

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