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Why is this 3 day old #Ellen clip getting promoted by @KnowHPV ??? Why haven't they even tweeted in about a year, but promoting Ellen? Why does her set look like Epstein's Island? #symbolismwillbetheirdownfall #downfall interesting 🍞
Sheep No More
MSM Role?
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🔸Más de 20 mil muertos

🔸Naim cancelado

🔸Niños sin 💊💉

🔸31 quemados en un bar

🔸Decenas de secuestros

🔸Decenas de feminicidios

🔸Asaltos con muertos diario

🔸Adjudicaciones directas

Pero quedó bonito el grito⁉

Tantita inche congruencia 😠

📌 La oposición aplaudiendo nimiedades

Avalando con tweets de apoyo al ser más despreciable que ha llegado a la silla

Neta no entienden el mensaje que dan? 😠
📌 Nada más les falta hacer una porra o algo

Se los hemos dicho varios hasta el cansancio, hacer crecer cuentas cómo antiamlo solo ayuda a posicionarlos y que después, estos mensajes de apoyo, lleguen a más gente y tengan credibilidad

Se entiende o con 🍐🍐 y 🍎🍎 ?
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Librarians across the country are seeing the emerging conversation about this book, due out in October. Please consider cancelling it.
@gallbrary noted that the cover illustration pushes a cheery & "delightful" narrative.

Many children's books depict a first thanksgiving in that way. Cheery. But that's a misrepresentation of the history. It makes it seem that Native ppl were happy as could be. Were they?
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Yesterday, #cdnmedia rolled out the #TalyaDavidson troll job w/out hesitation. Journos are trained to spot lies like this.
I don’t like the term “#FakeNews,” but the shoe fits.
Either 🇨🇦 MSM are incredibly unprofessional, or it’s part of what $600,000,000 buys you. 👎🤦‍♀️
The problem with the media pushing this story with zero skepticism, similar to what happened when they uncritically pushed the false hijab ripping story, is that even if they correct themselves and admit they were fooled, the damage is done. That is if they were genuinely fooled.
Millions of CDNs saw #TalyaDavidson pretend to be an @AndrewScheer supporter. Only a fraction of them will uncover the truth. The damage is done, thanks to journos like @davidakin giving the act legs. As the old adage goes, “falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it.”🗣🦵
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1) Here's a graphic re: how to 8chan using #ZeroNet.
2) @realDonaldTrump
Just so it's being spread, the #ElPasoShooter, 1st uploaded his "manifesto" to IG.

He then put it up on #4chan...

Yep, more #FakeNews to cover the move to #Censor #QAnon & actually, in their minds, to divide.

Has IG or 4chan been de-platformed?
@realDonaldTrump 3) The Q keeps coming up: Where's Ur proof that the #ElPasoShooter didn't post to #8chan.

Here's some sauce from the old #QResearch board which @8Notables had sent along.

The goal wasn't quelling "#Hate", save #TPTB's hatred of exposure do 2 #QAnon, @realDonaldTrump & #Anons!
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Study on 'cookie banners' finds that in August 2018 less than 5 percent of the 5,000 most popular websites in the EU provided a visible 'choice' to *decline* extensive data sharing with third-party companies (based on analyzing a sample of 1,000 notices) #gdpr #enforcement #fail
What surprises me is that still 6-8% of users go through the trouble of deselecting *several* options despite the use of #darkpatterns. More than I expected.

Anyway, if opting into non-preticked 'categories' would be enforced, almost no one would opt in.
My take on this:

If almost no one would opt in, cookie banners would disappear.

Websites & other services may then try to take the 'sell your data or pay' route. They shouldn't be allowed to.

As a consequence, some of them may then stop providing services without payment, yes.
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1) @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse
New #QAnon just dropped on #Q's #PatriotsFight board.
Text reads:
[Placeholder - [DECLAS] Exculpatory Evidence [Illegal Hold-Non_Report] FISA_T_SURV]
The #DECLAS will reveal that exculpatory evidence wasn't reported when the #FISA
2) #QAnon 3548 cont...
applications were submitted.
#FISA DECLAs holds a place in time whereby its release will give the maximum benefit to the effort 2 #DrainTheSwamp.
3) #QAnon 3548 cont 2...
Having taken a moment for thought, the "T" could be for telephone, but we know it's for far more, so that doesn't really work.
As it's a capital "T", #Trump fits nicely...

"FISA_T_SURV" = #FISA Trump Surveillance...
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Less than a month is left to the commemoration of the #HitlerStalinPact, that opened gates to the Second World War in #Europe! Those two bastards created hell on Earth or #Bloodlands to use @TimothyDSnyder term. #NeverForget… via @guardian
@TimothyDSnyder @guardian The neglected history of the #WarsawUprising. "Churchill & Roosevelt wanted to keep Stalin happy, thus they endorsed his lies about @katyn1940. Roosevelt apologized to Stalin when the exiled 🇵🇱 govmt. demanded @ifrc investigation of the crime!"… via @WSJ
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#MuellerHearing thread

1. Just saw @ericswalwell come in to listen. Great. Also saw @tedlieu mid-tweet.

Here we go. #DementiaDonald is losing it in a predictable yet enjoyable manner.

These hearings should precede impeachment. Here we go. #Mueller walks in.

Let Us Prey.
Well, maybe @RepJerryNadler is a reader :) he did call him “Director Mueller” and he did say the Judiciary Committee is willing to recommend impeachment. He didn’t use that word, but it’s what he said.

@RepDougCollins misstates the Report totally.
Narrator: the Border was not on fire. Narrator: @paulmanafort is in jail for conspiracy.
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Scenes from Memphis. No Park Police, No Statue and ironically a group of Pro-USA (Team USA types lol) are demonstrating against Confederate 901 😂. But somehow they're "commies" because they don't believe in southern Nationalism.
Pretty much all of the Hiwaymen form Arkansas are present with one PB present.
Lot of standing around by an empty statue on the sidewalk. #fail
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QDrops July 2019

Hope you all had a fantastic long holiday weekend however it’s

time to get back to work. #EpsteinArrested over the weekend, as

he entered the country, and appeared in court today.





🇺🇸 July 8, 2019 🇺🇸

Welcome Back Q: Edition

Timing is everything and it’s time for Q to return to the public eye.

Welcome back Q! Nice to see you!

Buckle up Buttercups... it’s stormy out there.





The whole #Epstein #EpstienIsland #PizzaGate #PedoGate are

very very real. It’s definitely a YUGE 🕳 🐇 but this is not a


#ThesePeopleAreSick and #TickTock their time is up!





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This is the continuation of the Books Of Q: Red, White & Q Edition

Since people are getting suspended left & right on Twitter & my

lack of storage space we are a little out of order this time. This will

be Part XXVII.

@POTUS @PhillyQ_ @beldandolo @mbees39 @love4thegameAK
🍀 March 26, 2019 🍀

QDrop #3204

📚 1_Q_2849.png 📚
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🚨2nd-largest #Ebola epidemic has killed >1,500 & is spreading toward large population centers.

John Bolton *eliminated* the position of global health security on the National Security Council.🤬

It’s not “if” it’s WHEN these deadly viruses threaten US‼️…
Congo and #Uganda do not have the resources needed to combat #Ebola and NEED our help NOW.

I’ve worked for nearly a decade to develop an effective treatment for Ebola and other deadly viruses. It’s not “if” it’s WHEN these deadly viruses threaten US‼️

🚨Deadly #Ebola outbreaks are increasing in frequency and severity, in part, due to human encroachment on remote sites harboring #Ebola and more frequent/distant travel.

This isn’t going to change, unless we take action NOW.

h/t @MelissaJPeltier
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1/ La présentation du "libra" de @facebook a pris tout le monde de court. Je vous ai préparé un petit thread pour vous récapituler toutes les infos à retenir sur cette crypto inédite qui devrait être disponible en 2020 👇 #Libra #facebook #zuckerberg #bitcoin
2/ Le projet "libra" est crucial pour @Facebook. Le groupe, dont les revenus viennent à 98% de la pub, doit se diversifier après les scandales à répétition sur l'exploitation des données personnelles (Cambridge Analytica) #libra…
3/ Facebook a commencé (au moins) dès 2017 à travailler sur le "libra". Début 2018, Zuckerberg a officialisé la création d'une équipe blockchain. Il a mis à sa tête @davidmarcus, le patron de Messenger, qui a piloté le projet depuis le début #libra…
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@ILGAEurope @EURightsAgency @OIIEurope @TGEUorg @IGLYO @NELFA_LGBT @ChristiansLGBT @MicroRainbow @stonewalluk @ORAMrefugee @LGBTIintergroup Why does this survey not respect those whose identity is simply as women, or men? You tell it you transitioned to be a woman & it then serves a list🖼️ of gender identities to choose between that does not include simply woman! #SeemsLikeTransphobia
@ILGAEurope @EURightsAgency @OIIEurope @TGEUorg @IGLYO @NELFA_LGBT @ChristiansLGBT @MicroRainbow @stonewalluk @ORAMrefugee @LGBTIintergroup 2/ Other problems include it asking if one (in UK) has reported transphobia to EHRC, which has zero mechanism for receiving such reports & doesn't respond it anyone tries by email, or twitter. And, under sexual orientation…
@ILGAEurope @EURightsAgency @OIIEurope @TGEUorg @IGLYO @NELFA_LGBT @ChristiansLGBT @MicroRainbow @stonewalluk @ORAMrefugee @LGBTIintergroup 3/…assuming that one's current sexual orientation is the first LGB orientation, when they can switch. Also, I'd guess it is ignorant of #StealthTrans, so that when it asks if one is out as trans in locations it assumes otherwise one is seen as gender assigned at birth
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Really glad to see the Corbynistas taking the announcement of the @EHRC investigation into #LabourAntisemitism in such good grace..... Oh.
Because there's no Jew-hate in the Labour Party.

Exoneration is just around the corner.

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dumb Kardashian-style palace intrigue outrage porn, courtesy of access "journalist" #MaggieDurantyHaberman right after House releases Cohen transcripts which contain DAMNING AF info about tRUmp's inner circle.
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To be honest I am concerned about Maharashtra. I have no worries on Rajasthan, Gujarat, West Bengal, Haryana, Delhi, Orissa, Karnataka, not even TN and UP but here something seems to be wrong, don't know what
More on Shiv Sena
Anyways we will see on 23 May
For them, ISL*MIC Ummah is the one and only truth
Religion before everything else.
Duffer Hindu named Communists should wake up, smell coffee and give up this degenerate ideology called Communism, which is a proxy of Isla*ism and come back to hindu roots
Aside, I think Kanhaiyya comes from a super rich family and not from poor family as projected by his media slaves.
Evident from the fact that he had enough money to purchase rental services of, for-hire Bollywood bhaands like Javed Hatkar, Sabana Ajmi, Sweara Baskhar etc.
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Brextremists constantly bang on about how impt it is for the UK to Leave the EU because it was a Tory party manifesto promise. What is true for Brexit, must presumably be true for other Tory manifesto promises, so let's see how they've done.
@LBC #PoliticsLive #newsnight #r4today
@LBC Page 15 of the Tory manifesto promised "effective" regulation of industry and markets and that govt would save £9bn through cutting two regulations for every new one created.


@LBC #PoliticsLive #newsnight #r4today #bbcpm #PeoplesVote
@LBC Page 17 of the Tory manifesto promised to regulate tax advisory firms to reduce extreme tax avoidance, increase transparency and reduce "misuse of trusts".


@LBC #PoliticsLive #newsnight #r4today #bbcpm #PeoplesVote
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Há algum tempo atrás baixei um PDF com a lista de beneficiados pela Lei da Anistia. Hoje fui procurá-lo na página do @JusticaGovBR e *o arquivo não está mais disponível*, daí comecei uma investigação, segue o fio. #opendata #DitaduraNaoSeComemora
A URL original era:… (dá pra encontrá-lo pelo Google, mas a versão em cache não está mais disponível).
Parece que o primeiro arquivo foi liberado em jan2015 (notícia:…), mas depois existiram outros.
Buscando um pouco mais encontrei um outro arquivo, de 2018, mas também não acessível (sou redirecionado para uma página de autenticação):…
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1) The first #QAnon drop occurred on October 28, 2017.
2) People quickly got to work crowdsourcing the answers to the questions that appeared.
3) Within 1.5 weeks, we already had nearly 400 questions on Google spreadsheets and Smartsheets and Pastebin -- and many answers as well.

If #QAnon is genuine...
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'US Presidential motorcade just left the heavily guarded RON, J.W. Marriott Hanoi, en route to Metropole Hotel for “some big meetings” according to POTUS in his remarks yesterday.'
This should be a 20 minutes ride. By the way, if you travel by taxi, it will take 50 minutes or so.
Best regards,
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5) #Hussein orchestrated $ shipments 2Iran. At least $1.7bil went there. The #TreasuryDept & #DOS (Bureau of Polical-Military Affairs - which links 2the #DefenseDept -Think big #BudgetAllocations) control the flow of $, but bottom line, the #Fed secretly, or not, controls $$$. It
6) can be greatly aided in the effort with an #Executive's blessings. The Office of the Inspector General has a hand in distribution & the accounting of #ForeignAid. The #GAO (General Accounting Office) investigates $ moves.
7) orgs & then be redirected to the personal holdings of the creator/s. Another secondary shuffle is the covert placement in offshore holdings 4distribution. Activities attributed to slush funds come to mind. They move in all directions as needed. These methods are in use
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